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The Case to Support an Endowment Campaign for

The Antique Boat Museum

Museum’s Mission The mission of the Antique Boat Museum is to collect, preserve, exhibit, and interpret objects related to the history of boating in North America and to enhance public understanding and appreciation of the contributions of the St. Lawrence River region.


Museum’s Vision The vision of this Museum is to be a hands-on experiential cultural institution with strong links to other educational and cultural communities. We keep faith with our mission by not only caring for our collections but by interpreting the historical, cultural, economic and technological contexts of these artifacts for a broad range of audiences. In so doing we enrich the social and economic fabric of Clayton, the North Country and North America.


Increase Endowment & Funding by $14 Million Our Board of Trustees has made the commitment to raise funds to complete our 2006-2011 Strategic Plan and to build a robust endowment that will assist in funding the Care of our Collections, Education and Public Programming, Accessibility, Sustainability, Human Resources and Marketing. Our $4.6 million dollar endowment and special funds contribute less than 8% of our $1.8 million dollar Operating Budget. It is the goal of the Board to increase that contribution to 30% which means increasing the endowment and special funds by $9 million. In addition, the Museum will need to raise $2.5 million to fund our ability to establish a strong Canadian presence. The Board also recognizes the importance of sustaining Annual Giving, so over the next five years we will need to raise $2,500,000 to sustain Annual Giving at present levels.


Increase Endowment for the Care of the Collections Care of the Collection has been greatly enhanced by the construction of the Lou Smith Library and Link Archives, the twenty thousand square foot Don Doebler Collections Storage Facility and the McNally Yacht House. The moving, cleaning and cataloging of our collection of 320 boats have almost been completed. Gaining intellectual control of the archival collection upgrading individual archival storage, cataloging and computer accessibility - is essential and on going. This cost and the cost of maintaining and insuring our collection - skiffs, sailboats, canoes and ride boats - exceeds $75,000 per year.

$1.5 million will endow our Collection to assist funding:

Completion of moving and cataloging of Collection Accessibility, maintenance and care of our in-water fleet Continuation of processing the archival and library collection which includes: Sparkman and Stephens, Evinrude, Garwood and Hearst Collections


Increase Endowment to Implement Public Programming Currently, the Museum serves 470 students at two local elementary schools and 1,500 students on field trips. We offer beginning and advanced sailing classes for juniors, as well as for adults and families and although we have doubled our sailing fleet, our classes are full. Camp ABM features St. Lawrence River and 1000 Islands themes. In addition, camp and sailing scholarships are available for local students. The primary goal of our Education and Public Programming - inspired by our collection and infused with the history and geology of this great River – is to amplify those lessons to more visitors and in more schools to a greater number of students.


Increase Endowment to Implement Public Programming These programs have been funded from the Homer L. Dodge Education Endowment and the New York State Council on the Arts, However, the New York State Council on the Arts funding is vanishing and to maintain and grow our Education and Public Programing we will need to increase the Homer L. Dodge Education Endowment by $2,500,000 to assist in funding these programs.


Increase Endowment to Implement Public Programming We seek to increase the Homer L. Dodge Education Endowment by $2,500,000 to assist in funding:

Curator of Education Expanded Museum curricula and programming in more elementary schools Family Boat Building Sailing program for all ages Kayaking for all ages Homer L. Dodge Lecture Series Curator of Exhibits & General Collections Installation of new exhibits in Coffin and Gordon Galleries, 2012 Installation of exhibits in Launch Building, 2013 Insatallation of interactive exhibits in 2014 and beyond 8

Endow Edward John Noble Historic Stone Building’s Watercraft Conservator The work in the Edward John Noble Historic Stone Building is experiential and essential to the mission of the Museum. Watercraft Conservator Mike Corrigan is completing the planking on Wild Goose in preparation for turning her over and reinstalling her decks. This living exhibit makes the Edward John Noble Historic Stone Building one of the Museum’s most popular destinations. Visitors can also hear nearby sawing and hammering coming from La Duchesse. The lounge deck is being prepared for new flooring and a proper drainage system and under Mike’s supervision, this work is being augmented by skilled carpenters.


Endow Edward John Noble Historic Stone Building’s Watercraft Conservator Meanwhile in the Mary Street Boat Shop, Boatbuilder Andy Knapp, is working with Mike to prepare Pardon Me for varnishing by first making transom, stem, frame and rib repairs. He will then strip the hull to bare wood, one half of the boat at a time, in order to exhibit the finished side while the other is repaired. There is also a viewing platform and walkway to safely view the restoration work.

$1 million will endow the Edward John Noble Watercraft Conservator for the ongoing restoration of Museum boats including our prized Noble Boats:

June, a 28 foot Leyare designed and built number boat (#3) from 1910 Snail, the Museum’s 33 foot signature Baby Gar built in 1927 for E.J. Noble Miss Behave, a 16 foot Garwood speedster built in 1935 to the design request and suggested specifications of E.J. Noble


Increase Endowment to Maintain Museum’s Campus In the last ten years the Museum has invested in seven major capital projects, adding five new buildings; the Fred Thomas Skiff Livery in 1999, The Gold Cup Building in 2001, The Haxall Library & Exhibition Building in 2003, the Don Doebler Collection Storage Facility in 2006, the McNally Yacht House and Shoreline Restoration Project in 2007. In addition we constructed the Pier for La Duchesse in 2005 and completed the River Campus Master Plan renewal in 2009. The collective maintenance on the campus is growing incrementally each year and therefore

$2,000,000 is needed in the next five years to endow the maintenance of the Museum Campus to assist funding:

Maintenance of thousands of feet of shoreline, breakwater and docks Maintenance and care for the Museum’s campus and exhibit buildings Maintenance of off campus Storage Facilities 11

Raise Funds to Implement Greater Accessibility The staff and Board have long spoken about the need for the Museum to be more accessible to the public from building access to exhibits and public programming. Installation of paved paths, planting of heirloom gardens and native trees have been completed on riverside campus. $500,000 is needed to fund completion of the Master Plan on the south side of the Campus to:

Enhance Mary Street Entrance Narrow Mary Street, plant trees, install banners Incorporate with community River Walk Complete Mary Street Parking lot, plant trees, install sprinkler system Build Parking lot behind Boat Building Shop and Gold Cup Building. Plant gardens, trees and install sprinkler system


Raise Funds to Implement Sustainability It is the goal of the Board that the Museum exercise proper stewardship for our special corner in the world; from preserving the River that spawned the Museum to developing strategies for our buildings, exhibits, and events to consume less energy. $500,000 is needed to assist in funding:Â

Installation of geo-thermal & solar panels to reduce dependence on fossil fuel Installation of illustrative and exhibit quality media to teach Sustainability Insulation and low cost ventilation of Haxall Building Installation of energy efficient exhibit lighting


Increase Endowment to Assist Marketing The goals of our marketing plan are to increase public awareness of the Museum and the 1000 Islands. Professionals tell us that to market the Museum adequately it will cost $100,000 a year to utilize web technology, radio, television and multi-media exposure. $1 million is needed to assist funding marketing to:

Increase general admissions Increase attendance for special events Increase enrollment in educational programs Increase effect on the economic viability of our greater community Increase outreach to Canadian Community


Increase Presence in Canada Less than two miles from the Canadian border, which twists in serpentine fashion through the 1000 Islands of the St. Lawrence River, the Museum is committed to being an international educational Museum. Working with a multi-disciplinary and international consulting team we have investigated the potential of establishing a Canadian Campus. $2.5 million is needed to endow the Museum’s ability to pursue and solidify opportunities for establishing a strong Canadian presence and Museum campus.

To that end the Museum has invested in a corporate structure for opening a Canadian Campus. We continue to work closely with our Canadian affiliate, the 1000 Islands Antique Boat Museum Trust, to collect and display Canadian Boats. Of the seven Trust Board members, five sit contemporaneously on the Museum Board. 15

Sustain Annual Giving As we build the Museum’s endowment over the next five years, it is absolutely critical that we maintain Friends of the Museum Annual Giving which funds our Curator of Exhibits, Curator of Education, Curator of Watercraft, Facilities Supervisor, support staff, and seasonal employees, as well as our annual publications. To sustain level Annual Giving, $500,000 will continue to be needed each year for the next five years.


S U M M A RY What is needed to build the Museum’s Endowment and fund Annual Giving

 $ 500,000 to implement Master Plan & Accessibility  $ 500,000 to implement Sustainability  $1,500,000 to endow Care of the Collection  $2,500,000 to increase Education Endowment for Public Programming  $1,000,000 to endow Watercraft Conservator  $2,000,000 to endow Museum Campus  $1,000,000 to endow Marketing  $2,500,000 to endow a Canadian Campus  $2,500,000 in Annual Giving $14,000,000 Total for Endowment and Annual Giving Goal


Table of Gifts to Raise $14,000,000 Gifts Needed

































Annual Giving (many)

$500,000/year x5





Public Programming Department Lora Nadolski,

Curator of Education

Jessica Phinney,

Curator of Exhibits and General Collections

Lora is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of St. Lawrence University with a BA in History and a minor in Education. She has taught at Cincinnatus Central School and coached alpine ski racing. Lora joined the Museum in the spring of 2005 and as Curator of Education, she plans, organizes, and administers education programs in the local elementary schools and for Museum visitors of all ages. She also instructs in the summer children’s program (Camp ABM) on the nautical history of the St. Lawrence River and local culture. She oversees the sailing program including the hiring of instructors as well as assisting the Public Programming staff in considering the educational parameters needed in all exhibit design and construction. She also oversees the volunteer program and the training of volunteer docents. Her longer-term goals are to expand on-water activities for visitors by making available kayaks and other non-powered boats; to author and publish a curriculum guide for K-12; and to offer more adult courses in boatbuilding. Jessica grew up in Clayton and at an early age developed a deep love for the 1000 Islands, its rich history and heritage. In 2002 she was awarded the St. John Fisher College’s Presidential Scholarship. While at St. John Fisher, she discovered a passion for museums while interning at the George Eastman House. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BA in Anthropology in 2006 and enrolled in the State University of New York at Albany, where she received her Master of Arts degree in 2009. From 2008 to 2010 Jessica served as part time Director of the Ulster Country Historical Society in Kingston, New York. Jessica returned to Clayton in 2010 to pursue a lifelong dream of educating others about the 1000 Islands through research, writing, and exhibit development. She was appointed Collections Assistant at the Museum and became Curator of Exhibits and General Collections in July 2010. In this capacity her goal is to help visitors understand that boats are not just objects, but to see them as metaphors that help us understand the region, its history and culture.


Public Programming Department Emmett Smith,

Curator of Watercraft

Mike Corrigan,

Watercraft Conservator

Andy Knapp, Boatbuilder

Emmett Smith recently returned to the Museum as Curator of Watercraft. His discipline in artifact care is informed by a BA in Ethics from Hampshire College and several years of professional practice. He has written for WoodenBoat magazine and authored publications for the Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle. Prior to his appointment, Emmett served as consultant to The Center for Wooden Boats to improve curatorial practice and performed project management for Northwest Seaport in Seattle. As a boatbuilder, he learned his skills at Salmon Falls Canoe where he gained experience with wood-canvas canoes and small boats and has subsequently worked on classic wooden boats of all kinds including several historic vessels. As Curator of Watercraft, Emmett’s primary responsibilities are the intellectual control and physical care of the Collections. Mike grew up surrounded by boats while summering on Horseshoe Island in the 1000 Islands. He graduated in 1994 from the Northwest School of Wooden BoatBuilding in Port Townsend, Washington where traditional wooden boatbuilding is taught. His class built a number of small tenders and two full keel sailboats. From 1995 to 2009 Mike operated the Wolfe Island Boatshop where he built and restored a variety of craft from kayaks, canoes, tenders large and small sailboats and large and small powerboats. He also built the York Boat that was featured in the documentary rowing trip down the Mississippi ( In 2009 Mike joined the Antique Boat Museum as full time in-resident boatbuilder and in 2011 he was named Watercraft Conservator. Andy Knapp grew up in Clayton and attended Lake Placid School of Art in Lake Placid. He began his career as a marine carpenter at Hutchinson Boatworks, Alexandria Bay, and then moved into finishing carpentry, custom millwork and cabinetry. He has also done fine furniture restoration, preservation and conservation for the past twenty years. He has been retained by the Museum for the major restoration of Pardon Me. 20

Board of Trustees Our Board of Trustees has instituted sound governance, a more diverse Board with a strong committee structure overseeing strategic planning, rigorous financial and fiduciary oversight for each Museum Department. Bud Ames Don Babcock Lisette Cooper Kathleen Cross, Treasurer Bob Easton, Chairman Judy Foster Dan French Fritz Hager Marv Hart Lee Hirschey Harold Johnson, II, Vice Chairman Teddy McNally Tony Mollica Allan Newell, Secretary

Joe Pal Gene Porter, Honorary Mark Quallen Paul Regan Dave Richardson Melissa Ringer-Hardy John Simpson Jack Stopper Rick Tague Ian Tatlock Justin Taylor, Honorary George Textor Trey Vars Norma Zimmer, Honorary


International Advisory Council The mission of the International Advisory Council is to broaden the Museum’s circle of influence and to be an important national and international voice in shaping the future of the Museum. Council Members represent various regions of North America and will serve as ambassadors for the Museum. Council members Council identify relevant issues in their respective regions, as well as introduce individuals of influence to the Museum. John Allen Bud Ames Lee Anderson, Chair Calvin Carter David Coffin, Honorary Chair Kathleen Cross Michael Davies David Doebler Bob Easton Dan Ferguson Judy Foster Jim Hewitt Elliott Hillback Lee Hirschey Harold Johnson Teddy McNally

Robert McNeil Eric Mower Allan Newell David Olson Joseph Pal Michael Ranger Albert Reilly Nancy Seeley Frenk Shumway Britton Smith Jeremy Smith Mary & Stephen Smith Kermit Sutton Ian Tatlock Donald Textor



John MacLean, Director

Office of Endowment 810 Riverside Drive 315.686.4104

Barbara Maddocks, Director of Leadership Giving 23

The Case to Support an Endowment Campaign for The Antique Boat Museum  

The Case to Support an Endowment Campaign for The Antique Boat Museum

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