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Collector Tips By Collectors One good old tin coffee sign approx. 6” x 18 to 28”. Harold Waltz PH: 207-723-6694 Kids Play 1950 Tip Top Bread Cardbrd Bang Gun. Red Blue stars 2 sides. B. Galbraith, 421 Vanderbilt Rd., Connellsville, PA 15425 Peanut Butter Pails, good graphics & Moses Cough Drops 5 lb tin in cond. 8+. Send photos to Steve Music at FREDDA1111@MSN.Com Early paint cans with printed labels in exc or better condition – Irene Davis 757-894-1218.

Ad to be two lines or a maximum of 128 characters in length (includes spaces and punctuation). Ad should contain what you are looking for. Be specific as to item, date, condition. Include your email address or phone number. Include your name, if you wish. Not for Commercial Use – collectors only please.

Cost: $35 per issue, send ad and check to payable to: Donna Weir, 8366 Timber Ridge Rd., Effingham, IL 62401. Antique Back Roads is not responsible for any of the content of the ads or in any way responsible for the sale or purchase of the items. Antique Back Roads is not responsible and has no obligation to resolve disputes between the buyers and sellers. Any disputes or conflicts should be resolved directly between the parties involved.

Clocks: • While WD-40 is wonderful for loosening all types of stuck/rusted bolts, NEVER use it to free the gears on a clock or to oil the clock. When WD-40 is applied to the brass works, it becomes more like a varnish and gums up. Ends up costing you more money to get the clock fixed. • Old electric clock pam style clocks… if when you plug them in they run backwards, just unplug and turn the plug over. Framing Tips - Framing important documents and prints: Use a framer who will use acid free mat board and acid free materials. Use ultraviolet or UV blocking glass to protect again harmful rays. Do not put any artwork in direct sunlight even with UV glass. Striping Paint from Metal - Drop the piece in boiling water then dip into cold water. The paint should peel off.

All tips should be tried on a small back area before starting. Please be aware that every period or printing production used different dyes, paints and inks. Submit your tips to

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