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Sweets for the Sweet the sturdy building is the home of four generations of the Schmipff Family. Most visitors to the candy shop and 50’s soda fountain stop in for some of their famous handmade candy. Favorites such as Fish Candy, Horehound Drops and original Cinnamon Red Hots are local favorites. In fact the Red Hots are Schimpff’s oldest continuously made candy. All of the candy is made with the original turn-of-the century machines. The candy shop is decorated with early candy molds. The Schimpff’s traditional favorites are the hand-dipped Modjeska, a caramel-covered marshmallow treat named for the famous Madame Helena Modjeska. Walking into the store will bring back childhood memories as you smell the old fashioned candy, such as root beer barrels. In 2001, the Schimpffs expanded their building on the right and added a candy demonstration area and a candy museum. Collectors from all over visit the museum and are in awe of the collection of candy memorabilia that the Schimpffs have collected and have on display. Old candy cases are full of old candy tins, salesman sample kits, candy containers, candy signs, store displays, candy boxes and the list goes on and on. The history of candy lives here in the Schimpff’s building. If you are anywhere close to Jeffersonville, it is worth the visit to see

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their collection and get a traditional sundae and soda from their soda fountain. They even have cherry and chocolate Coke. Then stroll through the walkway and marvel at the way candy was made and things that have been lost in history. Their museum is just to the back of the store and you will be amazed at the boxes, tins, signs and cases which are on display. Allow enough time to circle the room at least 5 times and you will still miss something. Schimpff’s Confectionery is located on 347 Spring Street, Jeffersonville, Indiana. Their hours are Monday – Friday 10 to 5 and Saturday 10 to 3. Visit them also on line at

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