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London International Antiquarian Book Fair 2017

Antiquariaat De Roo

London International Antiquarian Book Fair 2017 Visit us at booth B08 Olympia Exhibition Centre Hammersmith Road London W14 8UX United Kingdom

1 June 2 June 3 June

1pm - 8pm 11am - 7pm 11am - 4pm

All items listed in this Fair Catalogue are complete and in good condition, unless stated otherwise. Prices are in GPB, (ÂŁ). The descriptions are shortened to fit the catalogue-format. For the full description and multiple images, please visit our website www.derooboeken.nl Item on the front cover: No. 201603

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- Bibles - Theology - History - Church history - Handcoloured works

Dear clients and fellow book lovers, We are very pleased to be able to present you our list for the London International Antiquarian Book Fair 2017. This year we will exhibit for the second time on this book fair and we are looking forward to exhibiting our highlights and meeting you. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Kind regards, Bart de Roo & Nancy de Bruin

About us: Since 2004 we are established as Antiquariaat De Roo in Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands. Our offer is specialized in old and rare books from before 1800. Most of these books concern theology, church history and history but also related subjects like handcoloured works. Antiquariaat De Roo features a unique competence in providing books in the Netherlands and abroad for especially collectors, investors, Christian readers and those with an interest in old and rare books.

10165 BIBLE / Gutenberg, Johann Biblia Sacra. New York, Pageant Books 1961 Deluxe facsimile edition in two volumes of the famous Gutenberg Bible. The set is bound by the Alpha Bindery in New York and is in very good condition both on the inside and outside. Copy No. 180 of 1000 numbered copies. (The colophon states: ''This is the first Gutenberg facsimile ever printed in the United States and only the second in the world. The reproduction derives from the Insel Verlag edition which was based on the copy in the Koniglichen Bibliothek in Berlin and the copy in the Standischen Landesbibliothek in Fulda, considered by authorities to be the most beautifully illuminated of the 47 copies known to exist. The text pages have been printed by lithography and the illuminated pages by sheet-fed gravure. The paper used is 100 per cent rag content made especially for this book. This edition has been hand bound in two volumes and is limited to 1000 numbered sets, of which 996 are for sale.'') ÂŁ 3.800,-

201528 VAN LIESVELDT BIBLE De Bibel inhoudende het oude ende nyeuwe Testament. Antwerpen, Widow Jacob van Liesveldt 1560 Louvain Bible printed by the widow Van Liesveldt. Complete with the folding map of the Holy Land by Van Liesveldt and numerous woodcuts in the text. Both the frontispiece and the engravings are exactly the same as Van Liesveldt used in his edition from 1542 and before. Bound in contemporary vellum binding with medieval writings in red and brown. (Despite some small water stains both the text block and the map are in very good condition.) ÂŁ 7.500,-

9965 N.T. / Erasmus, Desiderius Nouu(m) testame(n)tu(m) omne: Basel, Pamphilius Gengenbach 1522 Rare small edition of the Latin translation of the Greek New Testament by Desiderius Erasmus, 1466/69-1536. The translation by Erasmus was the first ever printed non-Vulgate version of the Bible in Latin and became very popular going through numerous editions. However, this edition is the only one that was printed in such a small format. Besides the Bible text it contains a dedication, a preface and the 'Argumentum’ by Erasmus. The work is illustrated with 3 woodcut decorative panels and a woodcut on the title page, depicting the descent of the Holy Spirit on Mary and the disciples, 8 woodcuts within the text, each placed at the beginning of a Bible book and depicting the accompanying author, and 3 woodcut tail-pieces. Several capital letters are handcoloured with red paint. Each of the woodcuts is handcoloured and in case of the woodcuts within the text also heightened with gold. The work is bound in an attractive blind-stamped pigskin binding, which closes with 2 clasps on straps. Both the front and back cover and the clasps are decorated with a matching floral design. A beautiful and charming copy. (Some wormholes in the binding, a single wormhole within the text throughout the text block and some very small ones in the bottom corner of the final pages. Without the final blank page, occasionally some waterstains, the corners of a few pages have been restored. With many old underlinings and annotations in the margins and several entries on the flyleafs. Each chapter is rubricated with a leather strap.) H. 11 x L. 8 x W. 4 cm. £ 22.000,-

201704 SILVER BINDING / Prayer Book / Psalms The book of Common-Prayer. WITH: The Whole Book of Psalms: collected into English metre, by Thomas Sternhold, John Hopkins, and others. London, Moses Pitt, Peter Parker, William Leak, Thomas Guy/London, Stationers' Company 1680 An extremely rare Book of Common Prayer (with non-metrical Psalms) and a metrical Psalm book, nearly the first products of Oxford University's "Bible Press," here in an extraordinary silver-filigree binding. Illustrated with 45 engraved plates. The work is bound in a beautiful contemporary silver-filigree binding with 2 silver-filigree clasps. (Trimmed close to the text, in the prayer book occasionally shaving part of a catchword or signature and with two small tears into the Psalm book text. Further in very good condition. The binding is also very good, with one of the hundred or so leaf decorations having lost its filigree and with the foot of the spine bent. If there was a headband at the foot, it has been lost.) ÂŁ 6.500,-

DK-11 BIBLE / Psalms Biblia dat is de Gantsche H. Schrifture. WITH: Het Boek der Psalmen, nevens de Gezangen. WITH: Evangelische Gezangen. Haarlem, Johannes Enschede and Sons 1780 Dutch Bible containing the Old and New Testament, the Psalms and Hymns -with musical notation- and the Heidelberg Catechism. Bound in a beautiful leather binding, decorated with two 20 carat golden clasps made by H. Steenbergen, Amsterdam 1791. The clasps are richly decorated with biblical scenes, with Moses on the top clasp, Aaron on the lower clasp and on the hasps the 4 evangelists with their accompanying symbols. (The rest of the Forms which usually follow after the Heidelberg Catechism in this edition have never been present in this copy.) ÂŁ 5.000,-

201530 EARLY BIBLE / LYRA, Nicolaus de Biblia Latina cum postillis Nicolai de Lyra et quaestionibus eiusdem contra judaicam perfidiam et additionibus Pauli Burgensis. Nürnberg, Anton Koberger 1493 Incunable edition of the Latin Bible containing the Old and New Testament with the commentary of Nicolaus de Lyra. Besides De Lyra's Postillae the Additiones of the Spanish bishop Paul of Burgos c.13531435, followed by a reply on this Additiones the Defensarium or Responsiones from the Franciscan Matthias Döring c.1390-1469. This commentary was printed for the first time in 1471/1472 which makes it the first printed commentary on the entire Bible. The commentary of De Lyra is considered to be a mark in the field of exegesis, not only for its completeness (which was not common in medieval commentary tradition) but also because of its use of Hebrew exegetical scholarship and was used by generations of scholars, among which John Wycliffe and Martin Luther. £ 46.500,-

10088 Luther, Martin Der CI. Psalm, Durch D. Mar. Luth. Ausgelegt. Wittenberg, Hans Lufft 1534 (= 1535) The first edition of the exposition of Psalm 101 by Martin Luther, 1483-1546. The titlepage is decorated with a large woodcut border, depicting among other things the Good Shepherd and the coat of arms of Martin Luther, Philipp Melanchthon, Johann Bugenhagen, Casper Crucicer and Justus Jonas. (Slightly browned throughout, some waterstains and a few annotations in an old handwriting in the margins.) £ 1.900,-

201553 PRINTBIBLE Taferelen der Voornaamste Geschiedenissen van het Oude en Nieuwe Testament. 's Gravenhage, Pieter de Hondt 1728 Printbible by Pieter de Hondt, containing 214 engravings by Gerard Hoet, Arnold Houbraken and Bernard Picart with accompanying text by Jacques Saurin. The printbible contains 2 frontispieces and 212 engravings from which 29 double full-page, the text is beautifully decorated with engraved capital letters and large head- and tail-pieces, these also depict the concerning biblical scenes. (Spine-ends somewhat split, the entire work is printed on imperial paper.) £ 3.500,-

10111 BIBLE / Luther, Martin Biblia, Das ist: Die gantze Heilige Schrifft Alten und Neuen Testaments, Teutsch Herrn D. Martin Luthers, Seel. Ulm, Eliae Kühn, and Christian Ulrich Wagner 1714 Firm copy of the illustrated Ulm Luther Bible, containing the Old and New Testament and the Apocrypha, richly illustrated with handcoloured woodcuts from Matthäus Schultes. The plates are all contemporary handcoloured and include a portrait of Eberhard Ludwigs, the Duke of Würtemberg, an elaborately engraved frontispiece, 133 woodcuts in the text and some tail-pieces. The Bible is bound in a beautifully blind-stamped leather binding, decorated with different kinds of tooling and rolls. (The text block is slightly browned throughout, the first few and final 6 pages are soiled, the margins of page 249/250 of the N.T. are worn. Lacks 3 of the 8 brass corner-pieces, the clasps and the lower leather strap are renewed. Some of the final engravings are only partially coloured. With a written family register of the family 'Zöch' dating from 1769-1823.) £ 11.500,-

201529 ‘FORGED’ EARLY BIBLE De bibel int corte ghetranslateert. Wten latine ende walsche. Antwerpen, Claes de Grave, and at Brussel, Jan van der Noot 1513 First edition of this paraphrase of the Bible, also called History Bible. The work contains parts of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha with all kinds of miraculous tales woven into it, originating from the Medieval lore. Due to its content this postincunabula is regarded as a curiosity in the printing history of Bibles in the Dutch language. Le Long mentions in his standard work that he suspects that the work is tracked and bought by the Catholic clergy to cover up the prove of the forging of the Word of God. Because of this the work is extremely rare and of this edition only 2 other copies are known worldwide. (Folia 103 reinforced, titlepage in facsimile, lacks folia 6, 37 and 158. The capital letters are highlighted with red paint by hand. With some sixteenth century annotations in the margins of folia 136 and 137.) £ 12.500,-

9782 Coccejus, Johannes Psalmi Davidis CL. Hebraeus textus ex optimorum codicum fide editus est. Franeker, Idzardi Alberti, and Johannis Arcerii 1646 Psalm Book in the Latin and Hebrew language on facing pages. The Hebrew Psalterium with a translation in Latin by Coccejus was used to teach the Hebrew language at the University of Franeker. £ 4.000,-

9801 Verga, Salomon ibn / Verga, Judah ibn / Verga, Joseph ibn Shevet Yehudah Amsterdam, Salomon ben Joseph Proops 1709 Hebrew language account of the persecution of the Jews in different countries and times, in particular during the Spanish Expulsion. The work is a compilation of three authors, it is partly taken from a work of Judah ibn Verga, enhanced by Salomon ibn Verga and completed and edited by his son Joseph ibn Verga. It contains the description of 64 persecutions, besides narratives of many disputations and an account of Jewish customs in different countries. 64 folia. Rebound half Cloth, 8° (Browned throughout.) £ 800,-

9794 Prayer Book Seder Hosha'not. Kefi minhag ashkenas u-kifrat minhag kehilateinu Amsterdam. Amsterdam, Naphtali Herz Levi, and his son-in-law Kosman 1748 (5509) The second edition of this very rare Hebrew prayer book, containing prayers to be said at Succoth, according to the Ashkenazic rites and especially for the rites of the Amsterdam community. 16 folia. Contemporary half Vellum, 8° (The sewing is partly loose, late 19th century marbled paper on the contemporary wooden boards. With the ownership signature of E. Dünner, a descendant of the famous rabbi J.H. Dünner?) £ 800,-

9858 POLYGLOT BIBLE / Walton, Brian (ed.) Biblia Sacra Polyglotta. WITH: Biblicus Apparatus, Chronologico- TopographicoPhilologicus. London, Thomas Roycroft/Apparatus: ZĂźrich, Heinrich Bodmer 1657 (colophon Vol.2: 1655, Vol.3: 1656) / Apparatus: 1673 6 volumes, (portrait, frontispiece, 14, 49, 102, 2) 865 (1), 889 (1) 29 (1), 447 (1) 389 (1) 227 (1) 149 (1), 87 (4) 128 23 (1) 20 159 (1) 390, 983 (1), (2) 72 56 98 80 196 140 24 58 36 36 96 (2) p. Contemporary Leather with 7 raised bands, decorated with gilt, large Folio + Apparatus, (6) 570 (6) p. Contemporary Leather with 6 raised bands, Folio (Page 1B1 and 1B2 of volume 1 are switched, volume 2, 5 and 6 have some wormholes in the margins. Many worn pages of volume 1 and 3 are restored, because of this text loss on several pages. The spines of volume 5 and the Apparatus have been restored. The front and back covers of volume 2 and 4-6 are decorated with the coat of arms of Jean-Baptiste Michel Colbert, 1640-1710. His ownership-entry can be found on the titlepages of the same volumes.) The fourth and most extensive edition of the great Polyglot Bible, also called the London Polyglot, or the Walton Polyglot after the compilator Brian Walton, 1600-1661. This edition of the Polyglot includes the text of the Bible in 9 different languages, Hebrew, Samaritan, Aramaic, Greek, Latin, Ethiopic, Syriac, Arabic, and Persian. All of the texts which are not in Latin are accompanied by Latin translations and all are arranged side by side or one over another on the two pages open before the reader. Volume 1 is illustrated with multiple engravings in the text, a portrait of Brian Walton, a frontispiece, 2 plans, a map and 3 engravings, all double-page except 1 plan. Included is an extra volume by Brian Walton, the Apparatus, which contains parts of the Polyglot such as codices, chronologies, proverbs, and Holy Land details. Despite its flaws a firm and complete set of this influential work. ÂŁ 33.500,-

10067 Cowper, William Anatomia Corporum Humanorum centum et quatuordecim tabulis &c. Leiden, Johan Arnold Langerak 1739 The first Latin edition of one of the finest anatomical works of the eighteenth century by the English surgeon William Cowper, 1666-1709. The work was initially published by Cowper in English with the title 'The Anatomy of Humane Bodies' (1698), and was an almost direct copy of the 'Anatomia Humani Corporis' (1685) by the Dutch surgeon and professor of anatomy Govard Bidloo, 1649-1713. The large anatomical atlas is illustrated with a frontispiece and 115 full-page engravings, of which 2 folding engravings. The plates depict the human bodies of adults and infants in living form and different types of dissection. All of the plates are accompanied by a description of the depicted dissection on the facing leaves. The plates are very sharp and detailed and despite the subjects displayed they provide a tasteful representation of dissection. With good reason called one of the most beautiful anatomical atlases of the eighteenth century. (The pages are occasionally soiled, mostly in the margins, some of the plates are reinforced on the verso, the Appendix is reinforced in the margins, rebound half leather binding. Otherwise a good and firm copy.) £ 8.500,-

9775 VOC Printing Press edition / Bronsveld, Sigisbertus Abrahams van Catachismus, Ofte Onderweyzing in Christelicke Leere. Colombo, ‘s Comps: gewoone Drukkerye, by Johann Bernhardt Arnhardt 1754 Rare first edition of the Catchism in the Tamil language, printed by the VOC Printing Press at Colombo with Dutch prelims. (Stained in the lower margins, rebound leather binding.) £ 6.350,-

201603 Brandt, Geeraert La Vie de Michel de Ruiter. Amsterdam, Pieter and Jan Blaeu 1698 The first French edition of the biography of Michiel Adriaansz. de Ruyter, 1607-1676. The work is written by the Dutch historian Geeraert Brandt 1626-1685, and describes the life of the Dutch Admiral De Ruyter and provides a maritime history of Holland from the year 1562 to 1676. This copy is illustrated with the same series of prints which is found in the Dutch editions, containing a frontispiece, a portrait of De Ruyter, 7 folding engraved plates by Bastiaen Stoopendaal, and 1 full-page engraved plate by Joseph Mulder. The portrait and the 7 folding engravings are late handcoloured in a very attractive way. The spine of the binding is richly decorated with floral and ornamental designs, both the front and back cover with the coat of arms of the Duc de La Rochefoucauld, the family La Rochefoucauld was and is one of the most famous noble families in France. ÂŁ 6.350,201701 NEWSPAPER The Illustrated London News. Volume Ist from May 14 to December 31, 1842 & January - June 1843 & January December 1844-1860 London, William Little 1842-1860 Continuous series of the famous Illustrated Londen News from the first issue of 1842 until 1860 [missing July-December 1843]. The Illustrated London News was the world's first illustrated Weekly News Magazine, its inaugural issue appeared on Saturday, 14 May 1842. The newspaper is very richly illustrated with hundreds of woodcuts in the text and numerous full-page engravings, thus marking a revolution in journalism and news reporting. A firm set with very good interiors. ÂŁ 10.000,-

9787 MAP De Bello Belgico decas prima Famiani Stradae Rom. Soc. Iesv. Rome, Francisco Corbelletti 1632 Handcoloured engraved map depicting the 'Leo Belgicus'. The map shows the Netherlands and Belgium in the shape of a lion and is contemporary handcoloured in a very attractive way. The map was published as an engraved titlepage in the 'De Bello Belgico Decas Prima' by Famiano Strada, 1572-1649. The first state of this famous map. Measurements: (map) 31 x 22,1 cm. (including frame) 50 x 41 cm. ÂŁ 2.950,-

10179 GOTHIC GOSPELS / Junius, Franciscus Quatuor D.N. Jesu Christi Euangeliorum Versiones perantique duae, Gothica scil. & Anglo-Saxonica. Amsterdam, Janssonius-Waesberghe 1684 Second Junius' edition of the 'Codex Argenteus', a Gothic translation of the Gospels ascribed to bishop Ufilas, or Wulfila, who lived in the fourth century. Franciscus Junius the younger 1591-1677, was a skilled scholar in many disciplines, with a special interest in the Gothinc language. He was the uncle of Isaac Vossius 1618-1689, who owned the original manuscript of the Codex for some time. Junius copied the manuscript and later published the four gospels in Gothic and Anglo-Saxon. His edition is the first printed edition and was made using especially made Gothic fonts. The work is printed for the most part in parallel columns and is accompanied by a 'Glossarium' which contains a useful vocabulary of the Gothic words found in the Codex. (The final pages are very slightly browned, otherwise a very good and clean copy.) ÂŁ 2.950,-

9911 N.N. De Testamenten Der XII. Patriarchen Jacobs Kinder(en). Antwerp, Willem Sylvius 1569 Extremely rare Old Testament Apocrypha containing the testaments of the 12 sons of Jacob. This apocryphal piece was originally created around the second century by Jews who converted to Christianity. The testaments contain the last words of the dying patriarchs with a description of the patriarchs life, mostly concluding with prophetic visions. This is probably the second edition printed by Willem Sylvius, other known Sylvius editions are from the year 1562 and 1570. The work is almost entirely set in Civilité type. The only known copy of this edition. (Slightly browned throughout, 2 holes in the first flyleaf. Provenance: This copy was owned by the famous Isaac le Long and later by professor J.I. Doedes.) £ 8.000,-

10197 VOC Binding / Ursinus, Zacharias Schat-Boeck der Verklaringen over den Nederlandtschen Catechismus. Amsterdam, Johannes van Ravesteyn 1664 Explanation of the Catechism by the reformed theologian from Germany Zacharias Ursinus, 1534-1583. This explanation of the Catechism was one of the standard works aboard the ships of the Dutch East India Company (VOC). The front cover of this copy is blind-stamped with the VOCM-monogram which means that it was provided by the VOC Chamber of Middelburg. The Chamber of Middelburg exported one book to every three books the Chamber of Amsterdam exported. Usually the books for the ship’s chest were also provided from Amsterdam. Due to these reasons books with the VOC-monogram of the Chamber of Middelburg are exceptionally rare. (The binding is slightly worn on the edges, top spine-end lacks a small piece of leather, lacks the portrait of the author.) £ 2.950,-

10187 N.N. The Book of Common Prayer. WITH: The Liturgy of the Church of England. Illustrated with Fifty Nine Historical and Explanatory Sculptures. WITH: The Whole Book of Psalms. WITH: A New Version of the Psalms. Cambridge & Birmingham, John Baskerville/London, Edward Ryland 1762/1755/1762/1762 A beautiful copy of an English Church Book, containing the Book of Common Prayer illustrated with 59 engravings, the Psalms by Sternhold and Hopkins and a new version of the Psalms by Brady and Tate. Bound in an attractive mid-19th century binding of black with ochre coloured flamed tortoiseshell with gilded silver double clasp, 8 corner-pieces, 4 hinges and a head- and tailband. The silverwork bears no marks and is decorated with a matching cut-out design, featuring various ornaments and little flowers. (Some pages are slightly browned. The work is kept in a custom-made leather-covered case.) £ 6.300,-

9459 BIBLE / N.T. / Psalms Le Novveav Testament. C'est a dire, La Nouvelle Alliance de nostre Seigneur Jesus Christ. WITH: Les Pseavmes de David, Mis en rime Françoise, par Clement Marot, et Theodore de Beze. Avec la Prose mise à costé. WITH: La Forme des Prieres Ecclesiastiqves. Charenton, Antoine Cellier 1659 The French Geneva version of the New Testament followed by the Psalms of Clement Marot and Theodorus Beza, and the Forms. (Wormholes in the front and back of the text block, because of this some of the text lacks. Bound in a very attractive vellum binding, richly decorated with gilt ornaments.) £ 850,-

201542 LUTHER BIBLE / HOOGHE, Romeyn de / SANTEN, Dirk Jansz. van Biblia, Dat is, De gantsche H. Schriftuure. Interleaved with: Alle de Voornaamste Historien des Ouden en Nieuwen Testaments. Verbeeld in uytsteekende Konst-Platen. Amsterdam, Jacob Lindenberg 1702/1703 Dutch Luther Bible containing the Old and New Testament and the Apocrypha. The Bible is interleaved with the printbible by Romeyn de Hooghe. The total work is illustrated with 3 frontispieces, a portrait, 5 maps and 138 engravings with ca. 800 illustrations on them. All of the frontispieces, maps, engravings, vignettes and capital letters are beautifully handcoloured and heightened with gold by the uncrowned master of the late 17th century Dutch colourists, Dirk Jansz van Santen. Van Santen was an unsurpassed artist and made beautiful pieces of art out of numerous book illustrations. Typical for his colouring is the abundant use of gold, the use of vivid colours and also the distinctive red border around the engravings. ÂŁ 130.000,-

10134 N.N. The Book of Common Prayer. WITH: The Liturgy of the Church of England. Illustrated with Fifty Nine Historical and Explanatory Sculptures. WITH: The Whole Book of Psalms. Cambridge, John Baskerville/London, Edward Ryland 1762/1755/1762 A beautiful copy of the Book of Common Prayer illustrated with 59 contemporary handcoloured engravings. Although the Book of Common Prayer and the Psalms are printed by the famous John Baskerville, the highlight of this work is without doubt the Liturgy which contains an engraved frontispiece, an engraved titlepage with a large coat of arms and 57 engravings by Simon François Ravenet, Charles Grignion, Gérard Jean Baptiste Scotin, Peter Charles Canot, William Wynne Ryland. The engravings are interleaved in the Book of Common Prayer and all contemporary handcoloured in a very attractive way. (The spine-ends are partially restored, some staining in the margins. The book was displayed open for some time, therefore there is a crack in the spine and the two pages in the middle are browned.) £ 8.000,9881 BIBLE / Psalms Biblia, dat is De Gantsche Heylige Schrifture. WITH: Het Boek der Psalmen, nevens de Gezangen. Amsterdam and at Haarlem, Nederlandsche Bijbel-Compagnie 1884/1870/1870 Staphorst chainbible containing the Old and New Testament, the Psalms and Hymns and the Forms. Attractive binding, decorated with 2 silver clasps, 4 silver cornerpieces, 2 silver chain holders with a ca. 1,5 meters long silver chain. (The spine-ends are slightly worn.) £ 1.500,-

201503 Basnage, Jakob 't Groot Waerelds Tafereel. Amsterdam, Jacob Lindenberg 170X Beautifully handcoloured edition of the large printbible 'Groot Waerelds Tafereel', with the frontispiece, 1 portrait, 4 maps, numerous vignettes and the 140 engravings from Romeyn de Hooghe. All 140 engravings with a total of 800 different images, vignettes, and maps are contemporary handcoloured and heightened with gold. The colours that were used are still remarkably bright and the engravings and some of the text have been richly decorated with accents in gilt. The printbible is bound in a contemporary gold-stamped leather binding, the spine has been skillfully restored with preservation of the contemporary back strip. ÂŁ 60.000,-

9880 BIBLE / Psalms Biblia, Dat is De Gantsche Heilige Schrifture. WITH: Het Boek der Psalmen, nevens de Gezangen. Amsterdam, Nederlandsche Bijbel-Compagnie 1777/1780/1828 Staphorst chainbible containing the Old and New Tesament, the Psalms and Hymns and the Forms. Rebound binding, decorated with 2 silver clasps, 4 silver cornerpieces, 2 silver chain holders with a ca. 1 meter long silver chain. The margins of the final pages are a bit worn, some waterstains in the front. The inner side of the top clasp is engraved with the initials PH and the bottom clasp with 1789. ÂŁ 1.500,-

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Catalogue London International Antiquarian Book Fair 2017  

Catalogue London International Antiquarian Book Fair 2017