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Come to all of our work weeks in 2016!

June 13 – 17, and September 5 – 8! Register: June Volunteer Work week is just around the corner! Join us June 13-17 as we continue to work on improvements to Weston, help build the 2015 class gift, and other projects around campus. Please register as soon as possible so that our wonderful cooks can start planning and preparing. Register at



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Reunion is now in September and this Reunion Volunteer Work Project we celebrate 40 years of reuniting friends, creating new bonds, and renovation/beautification to Antioch College. Celebrate the labor of love September 5-8 and register at today.

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

On Wednesday, September 7, the Office of Alumni Relations will celebrate alumni volunteers and the Antioch facilities crew for all you do to keep our campus beautiful and help us improve. Dinner registration is included with Volunteer Work Project registration. Come for Reunion Work Project and stay for Reunion 2016—Theater & Performance, September 8-11. We hope to bring a true thespian and festival feel to Reunion. Attend a workshop focused on a specific area of performance or you can find yourself in the middle of a circus or performance art piece. The schedule includes Dance, Scene 1, Voice, and Between the Lines. And of course, celebrate the anniversary classes! Volunteer Housing: Thanks to the efforts of the VWP rustic housing is available in West Hall during both the June and September work weeks. Housing can be requested during registration. Contact or 937-767- 2341. Have you been getting our volunteer work project emails? Email is often the best way we communicate about upcoming work projects. Please contact to make sure we have your email.”

MARCH: TO BEE OR NOT TO BEE? The Antioch Amphitheater, had a problem.

The “benches” for the theater are constructed with hollow core concrete slabs, the ends of which have open holes that became the home of bees, wasps and other critters to the

displeasure of those attending the regular outdoor performances. Evelyn LaMers and others working with the Alumni Work Project crew last March designed a circular screen insert that would block the holes in the slabs. Because of the irregular nature of the ends of the slabs and the difficulty of designing a circular screen

plug, other designs were proposed. I suggested a single screen attached to the face of the slab ending and covering all four holes and attached with a silicone caulk that would hold the screen in place. This solution worked and I took up the task. The project took over a month of part time work because the application of the silicone caulk and I require nice warm weather to work. David Scott, ‘72

One Morgan Place Yellow Springs, OH 45387


THE THEATER, CONTINUED..... The Foundry Theater was flooding. It was bad. I thought that if we could address the subgrade wall somehow, we might be able to mitigate the moisture to some degree. Fall quarter 2015 was spent emptying what was left in the shop in an effort to expose the entire wall. The remaining work tables, lumber, and various brica-brac had quickly become a mold farm. By the time winter had made itself apparent and conditions too cold to work in, we had filled 4 dumpsters with material from that area. Metal and other recyclable materials were set aside for disposal at a later date. And then we waited. Plans were made to address most of the areas that were receiving water. The west wall would have mortar repair. The wall cap needed to be resealed. The grading around the building would be corrected. The lone remaining area that needed to be addressed was the shop, but due to funding and use issues, it was to remain as is.

Enter Alumni Volunteer Work Project to save the day! I frequently tell most people I come across that most of the work in the theater is due to the AVWP. From the interior and exterior painting, the flooring, and the cleaning (not to mention a drop dead beautiful dance floor), it was AVWP that did a huge percentage of the work. In fact, from the reopening to June 2015 work week they did 1,761.5 hours of work in the Foundry alone. That’s roughly $200,000 in labor if you use the prevailing wage for construction workers in this area. In 2 days, the AVWP took care of a problem we had been dealing with for over 8 months. They were able to patch the wall with hydraulic cement and 2 coats of Drylock paint. Not to mention all of the wall prep as well: scraping, cleaning, and washing. I waited several rains to call the project a success, but I can say with all confidence that the wall is in fact a wonderful success. This quarter students will begin to makeover the space into a new workshop space for props and scenery with a little space left over for storage. Join the AVWP in June! -Amanda Egloss

Hey March Volunteers!

Those of you who worked on the Weston Fire Escape Door Project, let it be known that the doors were installed and they look very nice. I have been painting, gluing, installing glass, etc. during free moments for the fast few weeks. Plenty of time for the paint to dry since the weather here has been a bit wintry. It was finally nice today in Yellow Springs, sun and blue skies, and the doors were ready! So four of us crawled out onto the fire escape and put in the last screws. All your very fine efforts have paid off! -Tom LaMers

IT’S TIME TO GET YOUR SHIRT ON! Over a social hour at the March of 2015 Alumni Work Project, a ragtag bunch of Volunteers came up with a good idea. Let’s have a T-Shirt to commemorate our work! The design celebrates the efforts of all of us Alumni Work Project Volunteers in bringing the College together—from bits to pieces to the whole. It’s a wearable statement of our participation. It also continues AVWP’s 2012 recognition and award of the J.D. Dawson Alumni Award for “those who have contributed in a significant way to Antioch College…” They are soft, American Apparel shirts in a light seafoam green, suitable for both work and daily living. It’s a limited edition, so get yours while supplies last. Order here: vwptshirtfundraiser


I was thinking last night that there are two favorite times for me in the kitchen—one when it is peaceful and quiet first thing in the morning, and the other when everyone is there and it is anything but peaceful and quiet. I love the feeling of the large VWP family hanging out together. And everybody seems to love the Cheese Tart we make, so we’re sharing the recipe for your own enjoyment. Make it for yourself and then join us at the next work project to enjoy this treat with friends!

Cheese Tart Please use an ordinary cookie sheet. This is approximately the same amount as you might use for a regular quiche. Use either pâte brisée or regular pastry. Now, for the filling: 3 whole eggs 3-4 dl full cream 400-500 gr. Gruyère If it’s too thick, add a little milk or half and half (We would double this for a large cookie sheet or if we’re using bacon for Quiche Lorraine)

March VWP Newsletter  
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