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Antigua & Barbuda | The Beach is Just the Beginning

June 2011



Tracee Beazer & Paulo Barrett

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Expedited Weddings Elopers Welcome Over the Moon in Barbuda

Kellie Pickler and Kyle Jacobs

The Look of Love

Kellie Pickler on Ellen

Say I Do ~ Kyle Jacobs


“And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” - John Lennon and Paul McCartney “Happiness is when you value each day as if it were the first day of your honeymoon and the last day of your vacation.” - Bill Cosby “The roses, the lovely notes, the dining and dancing are all welcome and splendid. But when the Godiva is gone, the gift of real love is having someone who’ll go the distance with you. When the limo breaks down, this someone is willing to share a seat on the bus.” - Oprah Winfrey “The longest sentence you can form with two words is ‘I do” - Marilyn Monroe


EDITOR’S Travel Pad The Romance is back. All hail the Royal wedding. William and Kate have helped to restore faith in marriage among many skeptics, while setting trends that many couples will follow. Yet, the million dollar question remains: “What makes for a successful marriage?” The consensus: “the secret to a good marriage remains a secret!” What we do know is that it takes hundreds of tiny strands to intricately bind a couple together through shared values, experiences and memories. The build up to the location of the royal honeymoon will also impact couples’ decisions in selecting the “right” destination to begin their lives. In times past, honeymoons lasted longer, the outside world was shut out, and couples devoted more attention to bonding with each other. Restoring this honeymoon model might just help marriages get off to a better start. I once heard someone compare honeymoons to anesthesia used by dentists. “Laughing gas” also known as “sweet air”, like honeymoons, creates a sensation that protects against pain and fear of anxiety. It can ease the experience when we are doing something that may be scary or uncertain, but turns out to be quite manageable and for our own good. Antigua and Barbuda has provided “sweet air” for many couples over the years including the royal, rich and famous. With no residency requirement to get married, this destination is the perfect concoction for an unforgettable experience for couples at any stage of the relationship. Ultimate seclusion and pampering, pristine beaches, luxurious accommodations and laid back charm are just some of the special elements that help pave the path to paradise. Without giving names, many proposals, engagements, secret weddings and covert love affairs to a royal honeymoon have blossomed here. For these love islands, June is the Month of Romance, a time when commitment between couples is celebrated. For those who are dating, engaged, recently wed, celebrating many years together or the anesthesia is wearing off, a visit to our shores will ignite passions and keep romance revving. In Antigua and Barbuda, romance is always in full bloom! Derede Samuel-Whitlock, Director of Tourism, USA Antigua and Barbuda


THE ROMANCE -------------------------


of U.S. couples do not rely solely on the bride’s family to pick up the wedding tab


of couples in the U.S. live together before the wedding


of couples in the U.S. get married before the age of 30


of couples date for more than 3 years before getting married


get married in the month of April


From Vintage Vows to a Bevy of Song Birds


hrough the years, Antigua and Barbuda has attracted a following of famous and celebrity couples who have discovered various love nests throughout the destination. While the anesthesia may have worn off for some couples, for others the romance has blossomed and they have managed to keep the love alive.

Though weddings and honeymoons may be similar all marriages are different. Antigua and Barbuda has hosted the gambit. From celebrated love affairs to modern love. Many couples have bonded and many continue to reenergize their relationships in the “Romance Capital of the Caribbean.”

American idol country singer, Kelly Picker and Kyle Jacobs eloped at Jumby Bay on New Year’s Day



Admiral Horatio Nelson and Lady Hamilton at Nelson’s Dockyard Lord Codrington and a slave Sally Morgan at Highland House, Barbuda Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton vacationed at their summer home at Body Pond Princess Margaret and Lord Snowden honeymooned at Clarence House Spike Lee proposed to his wife Tonya at a villa in English Harbor Maria Shriver and Arnold Schrwaznegger honeymooned at Jumby Bay Mariah Carey and Nick Canon fell in love at Jumby Bay Backstreet Boy, Howie Dorough and Leigh Boniello honeymooned at Sandals Grand Resort and Spa

Novel Nuptials ----------------------------Today’s modern couples want to create the ultimate wedding experience that captures their creativity and individuality. As we say in the Caribbean “Turn you hand and make fashion.” Almost any request to customize a wedding experience can be sourced locally or flown in upon request. (Items brought in may be subject to import duties and should be discussed with local coordinators to determine feasibility). Many experienced local wedding coordinators go beyond the standard


romance options to help today’s couples articulate their vision and self expression. By integrating authentic island elements and themes, enjoy outstanding, Caribbean trademark events. From a hip hop to off shore islands, via pirate ship or yacht, a taste of old world charm or intimate wine tasting or cooking classes. There are many discoveries for photos or play dates. Let the romantic vibe be the guide with these unique themes that characterize Antigua and Barbuda.

Photo Ops or Play Dates

Made for Romance Antigua ------------------------------

Run of the Sugar Mill – Betty’s Hope, a former full scale sugar plantation with twin towers Bird’s Eye View – Zip line Canopy tour or Helicopter tour Spicy Hot Sauce – Susie’s Hot Sauce (private label available) Green Space – Mount Obama, Body Ponds, Fig Tree Drive Estate Home - Rent a celebrity home like Giorgio Armani, or Eric Clapton

Barbuda -----------------------------Heritage – Martello Tower – a 17th century fort

Mating Birds – Frigate Bird Sanctuary Pink Carpet – The pink sands of Princess Diana Beach Cavern Chic – Caves at Two Foot Bay, Lobster Feast – the twist on a clam bake at the Barbuda Outback


Love Tokens with Local Flair One of the thrills of a destination wedding is finding authentic gifts, trinkets and tokens to personalize the wedding day experience. Consider beachcombing for unique shells and treasures from the sea. The national fruit, the black pineapple, symbolizes hospitality and is always a great gift for the welcome or rehearsal dinner. A wallet-sized wedding photo is always a good memento, but merchandising this photo with pink sand, sea shells, local stamps, samples of local rum put the couple’s signature on the event and elevates memories of the wedding experience. Authentic local are ideal for a couple’s gift exchange, gifts for the bridal party, goodie bags or favors. Travel agents can also use these special treasures to gift the couple, family members or anyone who helped to close the deal on this dream experience. These trinkets, though small, go a long way in saying “thank you.” Here are some recommendations from the Buzz team: A&B BUZZ: JUNE/2011

5 & 10 yr English Harbor Rum Cost: 750 ml US$40 for 5 year/ $84 for 10 yr Contact: Antigua Distillery Ltd. Tel: 268 480-3200 Email: Available at: leading supermarkets or at Company Headquarters on Friar’s Hill Rd.


Susie’s Hot and Fruit Sauces - private label (e.g. America’s Hottest Couple) “Burning Desire”

Warri Board

Antigua and Barbuda’s National Board Game Cost: US$50 (foldable & lightweight) Contact: Tel: 268 782-4462 Email:

Cost: 5 oz US$8 Tel: 268 480-3200 US: (954) 447-7569 Available at: Vendor’s Mall, com Heritage Quay, Things Local Available at: leading supermarkets and Unique Arts/Crafts Shop Nelson’s Dockyard, English Harbor and hotel gift shops

Sister Glo’s

Rosmac’s Garden Tour

Cost: 1.5 oz bottle US$ 3.50 Contact: Tel: 268 4601426 or 728-8809

A range of preparations from the herb garden – from mosquito bites to hypertension Tel: (268) 462 8216 or (268) 729 0242 Email:

Jams, Jellies, Marmalades, Fruit Cost: US$45 Concentrates & Chutneys

Available at: most local supermarkets or Aaron’s Farm, Swetes Village

Available at Rosmac’s Garden, Johnson’s Point

Table Manners A Culinary Review of Hospitality in Antigua and Barbuda Cost: US$100 Contact: Tel: (268) 725 5433 Email: Available at: Best of Books, St Mary’s St. and Royal Palm Court, St. John’s

Miguel’s Holliday Tour to Prickly Pear

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM Cost: US$85 p/person Phone: 268-460-9978 or 268-772-3213 Email: Book online A&B BUZZ: JUNE/2011

Love and Basketball

-------------------------NBA Player Announces Engagement from A & B A&B BUZZ: JUNE/2011


ndiana Pacers’ basketball player Dahntay Jones and his fiancÊe Valeisha Butterfield while vacationing in Antigua and Barbuda, conducted the official photo shoot to announce their engagement. The shoot began at Jumby Bay with a stop at Lighthouse Bay via helicopter. Valeisha and Dahntay were met on arrival by Councilwoman Dorcas Beazer who heads the Tourism Committee of the Barbuda Council. The couple enjoyed a Day moon, one of the options within the Barbuda Moons Romance Package.

The photo shoot captured the history and culture of Barbuda including 17th century fort, Martello Tower where the couple planted a tree. The couple also stopped by Uncle Roddy’s Restaurant to enjoy a lobster lunch and even learned how to play Antigua and Barbuda’s national board game of warri. Jones visited the basketball court in Codrington Village, population 1500 and met with some young players. Jones said “Follow your passion for the game. I am enjoying my time in here in Antigua and Barbuda and I am happy to see that basketball is big here. Basketball has opened up many doors for me and if you follow your dreams you can also have a career in basketball.” The bride-to-be, Valeisha Butterfield who had a successful career in communications before joining the Obama Administration in 2009, has been offered several media opportunities to feature their wedding.

The couple’s engagement will be covered by Essence Magazine and Uptown Magazine, as well as a number of online publications. According to Valeisha, “We had considered getting married in Antigua and Barbuda and I can only imagine how spectacular it would have been. But we are extremely happy for the opportunity to experience ‘a little bit of paradise’ as we prepare for our wedding this summer and we plan to come back very soon.” US Director of Tourism, Derede SamuelWhitlock, believes that Antigua and Barbuda will receive significant exposure. Tourism Ambassador Michael Warner of Egami Consulting was instrumental in targeting the couple through his Ambassador Referral Program. With no residency requirement to get married, Antigua and Barbuda has a competitive advantage in hosting Caribbean destination weddings.



June Love

--------------------Barbuda Broadway Actress Weds at Home roadway actress, Tracee Beazer and her husband Paulo Barrett, one of two Destination Wedding couples experienced Two Islands, Two Hearts, One Love‌. This Barbudan descendant whose credits include appearances in Hairspray, Memphis, and Gypsy, exchanged nuptials in Antigua at Villa Colibri at Pigeon Beach and spent a 5-night honeymoon at St. James Club. The couple traveled to Barbuda to enjoy a Day Moon and help launch the Barbuda Moons Romance Package.



The Groom’s

Fondest Memories 1) Our pool party at Colibri House after the rehearsal dinner 2) Watching Tracee come down the steps in her dress 3) The SPEECHES! 4) St. James and the staff for a great honeymoon 5) Helicopter ride to Barbuda 6) Getting to meet Prime Minister Spencer 7) Being on Good Morning Antigua Barbuda TV!

The Bride’s Biggest Moment of Relief

Trashing the Dress!


Trash The Dress? This phrase will give most brides shudders, but photos from this experience growing post nuptial trend designed to demonstrate finality and commitment. can be “the icing on the cake.” This is a memorable, expressive, breathtaking way to capture the emotional life of the wedding. These aren’t your mother’s wedding photos, but high-end photography that creates contrast and artistic self-expression for modern couples. During a photo shoot, still clad

in her wedding attire, the bride posed “waist deep” highlighting the various shades of the blue Barbudan beaches. Tracee let loose, rolled around in the sand, and unleashed the dress in the calm waters. “We thought that this would be a unique way to express what we mean to each other and to capture our emotions in spectacular high quality photos that will last a lifetime. I can’t think of a better way to memorialize this important event in our lives.” Tracee Beazer


TRASHSTRUCTIONS --------------------------

Things to Pack for the Trash the Dress (TTD) Experience “Trash the Dress” symbolizes the final farewell to the wedding dress and singlehood. The bride’s imagination is the only limit. Couples who consider this experience should pack a bag of supplies that will enhance spontaneity. Tracee donated her dress to the Barbuda Council and it will be used in future promotions. Brides may want to consider how the dress can be repurposed as art and a conversation piece and become more than an heirloom. Here is a checklist of supplies that brides should pack for the TTD.


Hair moisturizer

Bed Sheets (screen for a quick change)


Sun screen

Comb, brush, head band

Insect repellent

Change of clothes and underwear

Make up (touch up basics)

Flip flops

Lotion or skin moisturizer

Trash Bags


Barbuda Moons Romance Package Tracee Beazer and Paulo Barrett will become the face of the Barbuda Moons Romance Package. Arriving via helicopter at the historic Martello Tower, the couple experienced a “Day moon,” a day trip featuring authentic Barbudan experiences. Taken before, during or after the honeymoon, this is designed to help couples relax, unwind and keep the romance alive. The Barbuda Moons Romance Package offers a range of adventures in landmark settings throughout Barbuda. Day moons, Baby moons, After moons, Multi moons or Full moons can be customized to suit couples’ tastes and budget. They can select air or sea transfers from Antigua, accommodations, tours, meals and entertainment, for day trips or longer stays. Visit for more information Barbuda Tourism 268-562-7065



Reasons Couples Like Barbuda

1. To trade-in “bar hopping” for “island hopping.” 2. Enjoy diverse experiences: from “gloating” at Lighthouse Bay to “glamping” under the stars in a luxurious outdoor tent 3. Absolute solitude: two heart beats and four footsteps 4. A daily eco pedicure - a mile-long walk on a pink sand beach

5. To discover that “pig-out’ means unlimited seafood, but does not rule out pork loin or venison from the feast. 6. The groom has warmed up to the “dubious shades of pink” – from bubble gum sand to fuchsia sunsets 7. To enjoy mating season during the slow season, even if it only applies to Frigate birds


T. 1 268 562 4523 C. 1 268 728 0792 E: Exotic Floral, Antigua is the destination’s leading floral boutique. Offering ultra modern or contemporary floristry for all occasions, Charissa Abbott and dedicated her team create the perfect ambiance for any bride’s dream day. Discover stunning arrangements designed by this local artisan for the entire wedding party and center pieces that add the wow factor for any event.

Colombian Emeralds International W: T: (268) 462-3462 E:

Official Wedding band sponsor for the Antigua and Barbuda’s Annual Destination Wedding. Colombian Emeralds International ( CEI ) Antigua’s leading jewelers assure every customer that within each of its gemstones, whether they be emeralds, diamonds, sapphires or rubies, lie the color, clarity, cut and rarity to convey exactly the right sentiment for that special moment. Shop at any of our three store locations: Heritage Quay, V.C. International Airport and the newest location at the Sandals Grande Resort & Spa. Our Brides & Grooms are celebrated during the month of June with exquisite wedding bands, such as our Scott Kay collection another exclusive at CEI . A private viewing can also be arranged at your convenience…it’s all about Romancing YOU. CEI offers great savings and couples are excited about the latest collections: Damiani, Delatori and Charriol. “We understand the importance of being a good corporate citizen and we play an active role in local events and tournaments.” Eliane Matthews, Marketing Manager. Mindful of the importance of preserving the environment the CEI “LOVE GREEN” will be launched later this year in partnership with several local organizations. A&B BUZZ: JUNE/2011


n the lead up to Romance Month, tourism officials took a closer look at the Destination Wedding and Honeymoon market, one of the stronger niches of the tourism product. A cross section of stakeholders involved in the sales and marketing, planning and execution of weddings and honeymoons came to together for a roundtable discussion with the main goal of establishing dialogue to help align in-market sales and promotions with local operations. A panel of industry experts from the United States and Canada led the discussion and reviewed best practices, strategies, market performance, average matrimonial spend, trends, and competitive threats in the weddings and honeymoon market. Held at the Antigua and Barbuda Hospitality Training Institute (ABHTI), participants from the hospitality sector included independent and affiliated wedding planners, general managers and small property owners. A cross section of vendors and retailers from travel, transportation, food service/catering, jewelry, floral design, hair and makeup, cake makers, web design and entertainment were in attendance.


Derede Samuel-Whitlock, Director of Tourism, USA, Dave Cox, Caribbean Bride. Publisher/Creative Director Moderator. Derede led the discussion by establishing parameters for discussion. It was noted that whereas the average age of North American visitors to A & B is 51, couples today get married at around age 29. It therefore called for new strategies to address the preferences and expectations of today’s modern couples. The discussion began with a presentation of the anatomy of Gen Xers’ purchasing decisions.

of this destination magazine that features everything you need to know about getting married in the Caribbean. Dave brings a wealth of knowledge about the state of the industry, economic impacts, weddings trends, the competitive Caribbean landscape, couples’ preferences and techniques and how to translate vision to reality. Visit

Erica Henry-Jackman, Sales and Marketing Manager,

Nancy Kozlowski, Dream Vacations Unlimited. A Canada. Erica presents unique attributes of Antigua and veteran travel professional specializing in Leisure Travel and Destination Wedding and Honeymoons. A major strategist and networker, Nancy has utilized her diverse business skills to build a strong client base in the Greater Chicago area. Not surprisingly, she is a big fan of the Oprah Winfrey Show, a major breeding ground in acquiring leads and new business. In addition to having the highest attendance record as member of the audience, Nancy has actually been featured three times on Oprah. Two months before the close of the legendary talk show, Nancy was awarded the LOL award for her reactions as the biggest Tom Cruise fan.

Barbuda’s as a destination wedding and honeymoon venue and some of the destination’s competitive advantages. She explores several destination marketing strategies and programs to support the destination’s promotional efforts.

Daphne Hoytt, Senior Vice President, MSL Group, NY.

One of this year’s destination wedding brides. Daphne is a Senior Vice President MSL, the third largest PR Firm in the United States. She brings over 12 years of experience in large-scale consumer awareness and grassroots education programs, product launches, advocacy development and relationship-building, celebrity management and diversity marketing. She shared her experiences in planning her destination wedding in Antigua and Barbuda and provides her professional analysis of the wedding and honeymoon product from the perspective of an educated consumer. Her presentation was likened to “when the doctor becomes the patient.”

What today’s couples are looking for and the main information sources they tap into to make decisions; The potential for growth and additional employment in the weddings and honeymoon market in A & B; Common challenges that vendors face in providing services; Ways to strengthen the service industry to maintain competitive edge; Government support and incentives to enhance service, and improve process Enhancing A & B’s profile as a Wedding and Honeymoon Destination. Coop Marketing Tools, Branding, Website, Industry Partnerships and Alliances. Code of Ethics. Game Change: Integrating technology and social media A&B BUZZ: JUNE/2011

How has the economy affected the wedding and can do for them. Many otherwise savvy brides have been planning their dream weddings since preteen years, but honeymoon market?

just don’t know how to go about it. They are not willing Dave: During the economic downturn, weddings and to experiment or compromise and look to their planner to honeymoons was one of the better performing market help simplify the process and assist them in making the segments. As we cautiously look toward economic best decisions. recovery, the outlook for weddings and honeymoons is very promising and it is expected to remain fairly lucrative. How do couples evaluate the price/value Couples, however, are more careful in making decisions. proposition in planning their weddings? So planners can no longer be loyal to particular vendors since many couples will do their own research and get to Dave: Today’s couples want to create a unique wedding know vendors and often present their own vendors list and to do something that has never been done before. At and set their own terms. Couples are looking for deals the same time they are more educated and demand more and pay careful attention to the numbers. It is critical that for their money. providers remain focused and increase their knowledge I encourage wedding planners to be innovative and and creativity. recommend local products and services to ensure that they add a wow factor to the destination wedding or How has business changed in the wedding and honeymoon. Couples must feel that the package has been tailor made for them. honeymoon market? The concept of green weddings or the DIY brides, have Dave: The biggest change is the increased use of emerged as well. We have to educate couples who may technology and available media. This can help players stay want to integrate green products, but the cost may be in the game. Brides are savvier than ever and have shifted prohibitive in the Caribbean, where few green standards their priorities. Their access to information and inspiration or incentives are in place. But couples want to be involved is vast. “They can pull together a ‘vendor dream team’ in in the process. It is a badge of honor for many of today’s a few quick clicks—something that a few short years ago brides to say “I did this or I was able to do that.” was one of a wedding planner’s biggest assets. The Knot survey emphasizes the importance of technology. Nancy: During the consultation, I try to get as much “From using social media to communicate wedding details background as possible about the couple to be able (a 78 percent increase since 2008) and creating/sending to create a package where orchestration and project save-the-dates or invitations online (a 40 percent increase management are as critical as the design elements. I ask since 2008) to using an online RSVP service (a 31 percent questions about their childhood, how they met, favorite increase since 2008), or setting up personal wedding films and interests to suggest and plan events and themes that will have deeper meaning and emotional value. I websites (a 23 percent increase since 2008), encourage hoteliers to stage little highlights continuously. Nancy: It is a buyer’s market and couples look to their Stock the mini bar with their favorite bubbly and snacks. coordinator to come up with the master plan. It is important Ask the couple to send photos or the wedding invitation to focus on a couple’s individuality, to help them maximize and have these framed in a local theme to create a their budget so that it will result in a unique, fun wedding personal touch when they arrive. Create goodie bags that reflects them personally. What wedding planners can and include photos, maps of tours or samples of spa provide that resonates powerfully with today’s couples is products to send couples home on a high note. the luxury of time to enjoy the wedding planning process I also create value by minimizing logistics and the hassle of travel. I will call ahead to make sure that the hotel has and help minimize stress. all of the details, copies of passport, credit card to avoid Erica: Couples today want to create the ultimate a tedious check in process. Limo service, VIP “meet and experience and they must see the value or benefits that a greet” to help couples navigate immigration queues and travel agent or planner brings to the table. I do not believe spa treatments, upgrades where possible to help couples that wedding planners had to present their case as much in distress. Consumers are smart; they are demanding more the past. Couples must connect with what a good planner value for money.


Erica: It is important that we cater to couples’ individuality and help them manage their budgets in a manner that allows for a unique experience that reflects their personality and at the same time add value. Many local stakeholders have already begun to offer couples the option of more customized packages noting a significant shift in couples’ preferences in planning their weddings. Many couples look for more a la carte, day-of, month-of services instead of full services because of the perceived value of a customized package that was created for them..

Ultimately what must stakeholders/vendors bring to the table to meet couples’ demands? Nancy: The benefit of hiring a travel agent or wedding planner is to save couples time and money. We sweat all of the small stuff for them and guide them. Knowledge is a vital tool, so it is essential to be as informed as possible. I encourage all decision makers to diversify and educate yourselves. One way to do that is to explore opportunities in the industry. Many wedding professionals have used the recent economic situation to update or upgrade their educational and professional credentials. The ABC is a resource for foundational programming, networking, business skill development, and wedding trend ideas from industry leaders. Dave: I agree that knowledge is power in today’s market. Keeping track of what’s happening in your geographic market as far as consumer spending, trends, and competitive threats is important. Look at how much consumers are spending, not how much your competitors are charging. People are looking at their events more critically and spending their money in areas that are most important to them and have the biggest impact on the event. Smart vendors are investing heavily in training to differentiate themselves with service and creativity. Erica: Increased education and training programs for sales managers, joint marketing programs, Internet-based marketing and increased use of technology and effective use of available media are some of the strategies that I would were proposed to ensure that the destination remains “in the game.”


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------------------------------Includes: Wedding coordinator, Bridal Bouquet, Grooms Buttonhole and Decorated ceremony area, Registrar, legal fees & officiant, wedding cake (single tier) Packages start at US$455 / Renewal Of Vows $355; Renewal of vows includes all items of wedding package less the marriage license and certificate. Honeymoon Packages/The Hawksbill Hotel Book 7 Nights, All-Inclusive in Superior Seaview Room or above and receive Complimentary Honeymoon Package. Includes: Romantic champagne breakfast for two and surprise gift.

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------------------------------Enjoy a taste of luxurious romance with double hammocks under the palm trees or couples’ treatments in the Blue Spa. Our wedding coordinator tailors arrangements to meet couples’ needs. Costs and inclusions: Wedding Celebration – starting at $750 and includes registration and application fees, marriage officer’s fee and the wedding license, private car to the registrar’s office, the registrar to perform the ceremony. Also included: wedding cake for two and a bottle of Champagne after the ceremony. Mix and match a plethora of extras including: hair and make-up, floral arrangements to fireworks on the beach. Highly attractive rates in May and June.; Tel: +1 268 484 0000 or


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“Signature Champagne Cocktail Yes I Do” Wedding Package June 1, 2011 to August 31, 2011. Prices starting at $52,999 Includes 6 nights in the Grand Suite for the bride and groom, Three nights for up to 12 people, including two Junior Suites and two Master Suites, All meals and beverages for all guests during their stay, One roundtrip helicopter transfer for the bride and groom to and from Antigua , One way transfer for the extended party to or from Antigua via a private plane, Arrival welcome champagne for all guests and more. Visit or Call 1-(888)-214-8552 (Toll Free) or


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------------------------------Elite Island Resorts

The Elite Island Resorts is now offering 40% -50% off travel now through Nov 1, 2011 Honeymoon Packages:

St James’s Club and Galley Bay Champagne and Flowers in your room upon arrival

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BUZZ MAIL BAG | FEEDBACK FROM BUZZ READERS “Just wanted to let you know that I love the monthly newsletter! Great way to keep agents updated, it’s easy to read and navigate around...Will make sure it gets out to the members. ” Susanne M. Leo The Travel Collaborative A Member of Tzell Travel Group 617-497-8186-work 617-257-1373-cell And President of the Boston CTO Chapter “Love it, thank you. This is awesome! It is great. Looking forward to the Romance Issue! Take care. ” Brenda O’Neal With This Ring Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Travel Agency 1306 Glenn Street Homestead, PA 15120 412-461-6832 Facebook: With This Ring Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Travel Agency “Dear Mr. Fenton, Congratulations on your Newsletter. I hope that it is a resounding success and I would like to take this opportunity of wishing you all the very best and if there is anyway Valley Creek Hotel & Fitness Centre can help not only in promoting your Newsletter but if offering prizes trip/vacations to your readers, we would be more than happy to work with you. Best Wishes once more “ Anetta Simon-Williams Office Manager Valley Creek Hotel & Fitness Centre Tel 1 268 722 0310 or 1 268 783 4851 Email: info@valleycreekhotel Hello BUZZ Readers! We enjoy hearing from you. Share your clients’ extraordinary adventures and discoveries or a local story in Antigua and Barbuda that has provoked thought or inspired you to take action. We are here to answer your questions Send your e-mail to info@antigua-barbuda-org


BUZZWORTHY Romance Month Rewound A & B officials “say yes to romance” during the Month of June in an effort to claim a slice of the $74 billion wedding industry in the US and $50 billion in Canada. Antigua and Barbuda celebrates June as Romance month to promote off-season tourism specials for wedding, honeymoon and romance business and to boost the destination’s reputation as a premier venue to keep romance in bloom. Romance Month was launched to strengthen Antigua and Barbuda’s competitive advantage of not requiring residency for couples to get married. The Celebrity Destination wedding is one of the main highlights of the program and each year, a lucky couple receives an all expenses paid wedding (conditions apply) compliments of sponsors and stakeholders in A & B Romance Month targets couple at every stage of the wedding life cycle from the engagement, wedding, honeymoon, anniversary and renewal of vows. Our goal is to get couples to make repeat visits to Antigua and Barbuda. Romance Month presents an opportunity to cultivate repeat guests and brand ambassadors for life,” said Derede Samuel-Whitlock, Director of Tourism, and USA. Antigua and Barbuda offers the perfect romance proposition —365 pristine beaches, two island experience and many nontraditional venues and themes to celebrate romance. All of the destination’s romantic assets are positioned in an all-inone package that offers: romance adventure, cuisine, spas, culture and shopping. Hoteliers and other stakeholders create romance-themed deals in June, since special offers are likely to catch brides’ attention, as they aim to create the wedding of their dreams. A&B BUZZ: JUNE/2011

Tourism officials are hoping that the mix of traditional and off the beaten path experiences” for couples and that Romance Month will appeal to couples who are already thinking outside the traditional wedding box. With great savings, it is hoped that incremental business will be generated in the off season. Although the global economy is still in recovery mode, we believe that the wedding march will go on.

Actress Vivica Fox makes a celebrity appearance at Destination Wedding 2006 Award winning performers Kenny Lattimore and Chante Moore made waves in a “love duet” at Destination Wedding 2007. Fashion designer Indashio makes a celebrity appearance at Destination Wedding 2009. Award winning performers, Faith Evans and Ginuwine plant “trees of love” in Barbuda following moving performances at the “Love is All We Need Concert” in 2010


His and Her Salon Treatments Contact 268 461-9696 Email:

This modern salon located in St. John’s provides hair and makeup, manicures and pedicures for brides, grooms and the entire bridal party. Staci is one of the top stylists on island, providing versatility, consultations, one stop experiences and most importantly house calls for today’s bridal parties. With more than 10 years in the business, Staci is versatile and enjoys styling today’s modern or traditional brides. Her husband, Lal provides haircuts, grooming, and primping for grooms allowing couples to get side by side pampering as they prepare for their special day. Staci shares her thoughts about the island salon experience. What advice would you give to brides who engage the services of a local stylist? A bride’s hair and makeup are as important to her look as her dress and unfortunately many brides do not make it a priority and often compromise their look. Nothing can ruin a wedding and photos as much as a bad hair day. Brides should make an effort to speak with the hair and makeup stylist prior to the wedding day to discuss what she likes. Or even better to discuss what she doesn’t like. It’s essential that the stylist has a clear picture of what is desired by the bride. After all this is her special day. What hairstyles do you recommend for brides marrying on a beach or an outdoor venue? The best hairstyle for the outdoor/ beach wedding depends a lot on the weather on the day of the wedding... If the bride had initially planned on wearing her hair down and on the wedding day it’s uber windy, she might consider pinning some if not all of her hair up. But whatever the weather condition is, ample hold is necessary. But no bride wants stiff crunchy hair... The bride has to trust her stylist to deliver the beautiful, timeless look she knows she deserves. Stacey often sticks around for touch ups and hair fixes to ensure that the couple’s look is perfect during the initial photo shoot. A&B BUZZ: JUNE/2011

DESTINATION WEDDING | SUPPORTERS/SPECIALIST Photo Fantasy, Antigua Photography by Ted Martin

Contact 268 – 726-1348 Email: Photos are at the center of wedding memories and we offer two very different perspectives, giving couples opportunities for self expression while delivering candid yet professional, high quality photos. Relying on his experience and knowledge of the island, Ted creates unique vignettes to tell the story using highend photography. Utilizing unexpected settings and exceptional views and backdrops, Ted creates photo opportunities to capture couple’s most ardent moments. His photos create rich imagery in a sharp, expressive, breathtaking way. “I try to capture the emotions of the wedding day through high quality photographs that tell the story and provide a lifetime of memories. Raw emotions, happenings of the day and the couple’s “best side” all help to create images of a confident and radiant couple.”

Photo Album Options

Wedding photography can be presented in several formats. Ted still likes the old fashioned wedding album and video. He admits that new media is a convenient means to document a couple’s big event: Digital Slideshow: Transitions and montages are presented with background music, text and other special effects. Website gallery: Online photos can be customized into a beautiful slideshow that matches the look, feel and setting of the wedding.

Ted’s Top Photo Ops 1. Overlooking Dickenson Bay 2. Russell’s near the cannon at Fort James 3. Shirley Heights/Lookout 4. Wallings Dam 5. Valley Church 6. Dow’s Hill Interpretation Center 7. The Rocks at Devil’s Bridge 8. Buba’s Hideout Overlooking the rain forest 9. Little Ffryes and the Sleeping Indian 10. Barbuda’s Pink Sand Beaches A&B BUZZ: JUNE/2011

DJ No Limit Destination weddings are the global coming together of friends and family and today’s DJ’s must have a worldly orientation to get the party right. Wedding music is an emotional magnet that must address cultural, generational, geographical differences and just preferences for various genres of music. DJ No Limit talks about his strategy for mixing the best of yesterday, today and tomorrow in harmony with island beats to give the event authentic ambiance that creates a party of a lifetime. Songs are organized by: First Dance: Couples first dance as husband and wife. A very subjective topic and I encourage couples pick the music for the first dance way in advance. Most couples give considerable thought to the selection of the perfect song in the early planning stages and may just need to pare down choices. Set the Tone Play current chart toppers in the first half hour that most will recognize. “I’ve Gotta Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas This is a good time for guests to “get their own party on” by playing unofficial anthems of Antigua and Barbuda “Island in the Sun” by Ambassador Rupert Blaize or “Antigua Nice” by Tizzy

Generational Classics

that cut across most generations – a dance floor filler

“I Want You Back” – The Jacksons “Day-O” - Harry Belafonte

Action Songs

Love Classics

Recognizes “how things used to be.” For the couple’s parents, older family members and business associates, this is a dance down memory lane.

What A Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong) At Last (Etta James)

Refrains that provoke group participation. Couples get a chance to interact with friends and family through choreographed actions, steps or movements.

Last Dance

Dollar Whine - Byron Lee Electric Slide - Marcia Griffith

Last Dance (Donna Summer) New York, New York (Frank Sinatra) Save The Best For Last (Vanessa Williams) Unforgettable (Nat King Cole / Natalie Cole) I’ve Had The Time Of My Life (Bill Medly & Jennifer Warnes)

Songs for the Ladies

It’s all about the bride and her girl power. bride bonds with bridesmaids and girlfriends in a final salute to single life.

Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it) – Beyonce I’m Every Woman – Whitney Houston

The last song of the night for the Bride & Groom and their remaining guests. A chance for everyone to link arms, kick their legs and sing one last time.

Antigua & Barbuda | The Beach is Just the Beginning

Antigua and Barbuda Buzz - June 2011  
Antigua and Barbuda Buzz - June 2011  

Antigua and Barbuda Buzz - June 2011