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October 2011

Concierge Issue

A&B Buzz List:

Top 25 Resort Features

The Concierge List:

Tips on Planning Your A&B Getaway


Vacation Versatility in A&B

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Now, New, Next. 5 Hotel Perks of the Future

Cover: Sugar Ridge Resort A&B’s Sweet Spot


Top 25 Hotel Features

The BUZZ LIST honors 25 hotels whose

distinctive features have helped to shape A & B’s image, generate significant media coverage for the destination and capture the interests and imaginations of many visitors Elements We Love. See which hotels made the FINAL CUT on our first annual BUZZ LIST – distinctive features that make for a spectacular vacation experience. Here are just a few of the comments that we received from tastemakers, travel agents and guests who have visited A & B Hotels. Jumby Bay: Textural spaces with a confident edge…… a polished approach that exudes luxury and comfort. Curtain Bluff: “A wooden wine cellar with a technological heart……Impeccably tailored, futuristic and multisensory.” The Inn at English Harbour: “The rooms were simple in construction but the precision craftsmanship of the furniture could not be missed! There is simply no other way to create the bed of your dreams.” Rock Cottage, Blue Waters: Graceful design with a modern spirit. This is a brilliant space that bucks conventional trends.” Lighthouse Bay: Our aerial view of the property was breathtaking. The property is expertly conceived and executed as a multidimensional setting for modern comfort. Hermitage Bay: A serene, harmonious, sustainable, life-enhancing environment injected with a sense of romance and adventure. We would love to hear from you. Tell us about your favorite hotel or hotels you have heard about in A & B. A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

1. Best Spa Experience, Jumby Ba 2. Best Slumber Experience, The Inn at Engli 3. Best Organic Kitchen Garden, Hermita 4. Best Wine Cellar, Curtain Bluff 5. Best Resort Welcome, Lighthouse Bay 6. Best Secluded Villa, Blue Waters Re

See who else made the list. Read the full s

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y Resort esort

tory on page 42

BUZZ PIRATIONS: Inspiration for today’s valued A&B Specialists

A good guest is almost invisible, enjoying him or herself, communing with fellow guests, and most of all, enjoying the generous hospitality of the hosts.” Hotels resemble an omnibus or train, always filled with different types of people who all expect personalized service. There is no hospitality like understanding. He who practices hospitality entertains God himself. A core service that cannot be ignored in the hospitality industry is live communication “in person and voice.”

A&B BUZZ – October, 2011


The pleasures of autumn! Almost perfect Indian summers by day and fresh, crisp

air at dusk. As the green hues of the leaves begin to morph into spicy shades, it sends a signal that Fall Fashion has arrived. Many communities are abuzz with family activities and weekend festivals and the last thing on the minds of travel mavens is planning their winter getaway.

Getting to A & B has never been so convenient and affordable. Just in time for Thanksgiving, American Airlines will launch non-stop service, four times a week from New York’s JFK, on November 17. Reliable service on Delta will continue three times a week from JFK and once a week from Atlanta and Continental Airlines with continued daily service from Newark. With this level of seat capacity, fares to A & B are expected to remain extremely competitive. Many hotels offer a free night on a 7-day booking and others have created competitive packages. In this issue, A & B Buzz becomes the Concierge, introducing new accommodations, dining and shopping recommendations and tips on cultural attractions, amenities and perks. A & B’s weather, tipping culture, dress code, and the unique traditions of locals are explored. The goal is to inspire and entice prospects to take advantage of savings. Visitors will discover how to get more value and personalized service by striking up dialogue with courteous hospitality staff. Fall is the perfect time to lock in the right price and value that will make an A & B vacation that much more rewarding. Those in search of an immediate getaway can take advantage of an array of savings in October through early December. We will also focus on all aspects of planning the trip to ensure that visitor priorities and expectations are met. This may just be the time to look beyond all-inclusive options, to consider some of the ultra exclusive properties or even villas. Some hotels also offer unique experiences such as sailing or fitness instructions. Whether you choose to travel with a large group for a family reunion, a significant other on a romantic getaway or even if you decide to go solo, we will review the many options in accommodations and entertainment, showcase legacy and new age properties and even celebrity estate rentals that are available in A & B. Congratulations to Curtain Bluff and Jumby Bay for once again making the T & L (Travel + Leisure) list of top 100 Hotels in the World. Renowned for world class service, modern amenities and unique perks, these signature properties continue to be the destination leaders, uncompromising in luxury and unmatched in the service that they deliver. We look forward to welcoming you to Antigua and Barbuda. Sincerely,

Derede Samuel-Whitlock, Director of Tourism, USA Antigua and Barbuda

A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

General Info: 305 E 47th St. Suite 6A New York, NY 10017

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BUZZ Worthy Events 2011


December December 4-10 – 50th Annual Antigua Charter Yacht Show December 9 – Heroes Day December 25 – Christmas Day in the Dockyard December 26 – Boxing Day December 31 – Nelson’s Pursuit Race organized by the Antigua Yacht Club


November 1 – Independence Day November 11 – First Annual Antigua Film Festival (11/11/11) November 12-13 – JHR Caribbean Annual Regatta hosted by the Jolly Harbour Yacht Club November – Antigua and Barbuda International Literary Festival

A&B BUZZ - October, 2011

BUZZ Worthy Features

A&B Concierge Checklist

A trip to the A & B is truly a vacation in paradise.

Few other destinations offer as many beaches, guaranteed sunshine, a myriad of adventure and cultural experiences, topped with convenient access from North America. Careful planning is the key to unlocking an exciting experience and a bounty of savings in A & B. Once the best options in accommodations and activities have been narrowed down the final step in booking your A & B vacation is a “sea” breeze! Budgeting

The first step should be creating a budget to determine how much money you/your client will spend on the entire trip. Spending should be broken down into broad categories, such as travel, food, accommodations, shopping, and activities. This will help determine the best places to stay and things to do.

Getting Info

A & B offers many discoveries and unveils many surprises with the “split” personality of the twin islands that make up this destination. It may be a much different experience than you imagined and research is recommended to establish realistic expectations about the appeal of the destination, value and service levels. Barbuda is the 7th least known destination and worlds away from Antigua -- offering seasonal hunting, bird watching and caving. Consider your interests and how you would like to allocate your vacation time – reading, active sports or sightseeing.

Narrowing Choices

Is your trip designed to be a romantic interlude or honeymoon, family vacation or a wild weekend adventure? The accommodations you choose will influence the vacation and how priorities and expectations are met. If convenience and affordability are high on the list, choose an all-inclusive resort. If freedom and independence are more important, consider renting a guest house or villa. Mode of travel must also be carefully weighed. While most visitors immediately think of boarding a plane, three times as many visitors come to A & B via cruise and the more adventurous traveler may consider chartering a yacht.

When to Go

Time of year is a major consideration. Those afforded the luxury of choosing when to go have quite a lot to consider -- weather, festivals, tolerance for crowd levels. Discounts in accommodation and travel costs will also help determine the right time to travel. Remember that the high season falls between mid-December and mid-April, which is when crowds will be biggest, and prices will be highest, but the weather will also be nicest. A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

Booking Your Trip .......Finally

On-line travel booking has exploded in recent years with many booking engines to choose from. The option of using a travel agent in your area who is an A & B specialist should be considered. Contact us at for a referral. Some hotels encourage you to book direct, making calls and reserving everything yourself. As you're counting down the days, learn more about the island by reading various travel guidebooks and online blogs such as TripAdvisor and on Issues such as currency exchange, language barriers and cultural differences will not be an issue since everyone speaks English, North American media is accessible and US currency is widely accepted. BUZZ

A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

BUZZ Worthy Features

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous in A&B Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, a television series that aired in syndication from 1984 to 1995, featuring the extravagant lifestyles of wealthy entertainers, athletes and business moguls. Hosted by Robin Leach, former homeowner at Jumby Bay for more than a decade ended each episode with a wish for his viewers that became his signature phrase, "Champagne wishes and Caviar dreams.“ Leach often showcased the destination during the show and helped get word out about the luxury that can be enjoyed in A & B. Many celebrities continue to make A & B their second home, or their choice getaway. Click here for a flashback video of the famous theme song

The economic crisis has not spared the rich and fam-

ous. Although their losses in many cases are calculated in astronomical sums, for the most part, the wealthy have not been deterred. Many continue to select luxurious vacation options in A & B that match their preferences and tastes. Oprah Winfrey is a frequent visitor and big fan of the destination’s crystal clear waters and laid back charm.

‘When I want crystal-clear Caribbean water and perfect palm trees, I return to her playground on Antigua’ -- Oprah Winfrey List of Playgrounds of the Rich A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

Oprah Winfrey is met by Former Tourism Minister Hon. Harold Lovell upon her arrival in A & B

The Honorable Silvio Burlesconi, Italy’s Prime Minister has been a homeowner at Emerald Cove on the Eastern coast of Antigua for more than 10 years Actor Timothy Dalton is also a frequent visitor and has a home in the English Harbor area. A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

BUZZ Worthy Features


Eric Clapton Lists his 45 acre Estate in Antigua Rock 'n' Roller Eric Clapton, now in his 60's, is offering his 45-acre estate on Antigua for rent at $50,000 a week, according to a New York real estate brokerage firm. The home, known as "Standfast Point," was built in 2000 at a cost of about US$14 million. The 10,000-square-foot complex, on a hilly area on Antigua’s northwest coast, offers spectacular views from its elevated vantage point of neighboring islands Montserrat and Guadeloupe. There are covered terraces, outdoor dining areas and two pools. The home has vaulted wood ceilings and decks. It sleeps up to 14 people and comes with a full staff.

Eric Clapton has owned a home with a commanding view on the South East coast and has been a resident for more than 20 years.

The property is Clapton's winter home. Barbara Japal, an agent with Carlbrep Villas Antigua, who is working on the Antigua listing for Eric Clapton pointed out that no renters will see the music room on the property, but many of his travel mementos and items from his art collection decorate the buildings. Clapton is signed to appear at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concert at Madison Square Garden in New York October 30th. That evening Eric Clapton is scheduled to perform with Buddy Guy. Ozzy Osbourne, Jeff Beck, Jerry Lee Lewis, Annie Lennox and Lenny Kravitz are other guest stars signed to perform.

A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous in A&B

A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

BUZZ Worthy Features

Armani Giorgio Armani’s Home in Antigua Fashion designer Giorgio Armani has taken his impeccable design sense to his Antiguan home overlooking Galley Bay Resort, which he gave an Armani makeover. Armani who frequently brought his yacht to the island, decided to set up house on the island about 7 years ago. Giorgio Armani reportedly has investments on the island but also states that he is interested in preserving the island's resources. The home is not available for long term rentals but can be rented upon on request for special events at about US $10,000. Giorgio Armani has a second home on the west coast of Antigua overlooking near Galley Bay Resort.

A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous in A&B

BUZZ Notable Quotables “After a very disappointing holiday in St Lucia, we chose Antigua for February. First sight of our room (Galley Bay Resort) and we thought we had arrived in St Lucia again by mistake as it looked like a run down shack but when we got inside it was lovely. Lovely big comfortable bed.

Will Smith

Food was fantastic and the staff were delightful. This hotel is a fabulous location and if you are looking for a peaceful, relaxing beach resort, this is the one.”

“We were looking to just go somewhere really secluded—sit in the sun, read a good book, get taken care of, and be truly alone,” the Oscar winner told Travel + Leisure a few years ago. That's how we ended up at Jumby Bay.”

Hilary Swank

Antiguan Cricket Meets American Football American Football player, Eli Manning seemed to be enjoying himself at a 20/20 Cricket game at Sticky Wicket, Stanford Cricket Grounds in 2009. More than a billion viewers watched the tournament live all the way from the USA to India. Cricket is thought to be the second most popular sport in the world. BUZZ A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

BUZZ Worthy Features

6 Perks of Solo Travel to A&B


As a lone traveler, you become more curious and active in your new environment.

You are responsible to no one but yourself. Every wrong turn or misstep is yours – and yours alone. With a beach bag and iPad for company, traveling alone can be one of the most rewarding challenges you can choose to take on. It forces you to be confident in your choices. Every decision is based upon your own sense of self-belief. There is no need to fill the empty gaps of time with desperate, painful dialogue; rather you can retreat into the deepest recesses of your mind and imagination. A & B is often associated with romance and as a result has typically attracted couples in search of a getaway. But in recent times, the destination has attracted many singles, who want the solo expedition. . The destination offers many options for those who want to immerse themselves in singlehood and discover the rich history, exotic cuisine and amazing adventure of these twin islands. A&B BUZZ – October, 2011


Captain Your Own Destiny Traveling alone allows you to experience ultimate freedom. You can choose to satisfy your every desire or indulgence. Safety, reliable transportation and friendly people are key elements that will entice visitors to enjoy complete freedom on the destination’s less crowded beaches. Solo travelers can indulge in an array of cuisines. Foodies can begin at their trek at the local market on a Saturday morning where a host of local produce and fare are available. Wander the shores or hit a beach bar without a travel partner pouting in annoyance. Lunch and dinner options are in abundance along the shore or inland at The Larder on Friar’s Hill road or at Hemmingway’s or Bambula in downtown St. John’s. C&C Wines at Redcliffe Quay is the ultimate place to meet locals and share stories with other imbibers. The time you lay your head on the pillow or decide to rise is your prerogative. There is no need to sacrifice any plan for the sake of compromise.


The Personal Challenge There is no one to seek counsel or rely upon, and so trusting your own instincts becomes a necessary survival skill. If the first step of travel is to take the plunge into the unknown, then snorkeling or scuba diving on the shores of a deserted island, just may be the challenge that makes you stronger. Want to soar like an eagle? Try the zip line canopy tour that takes you through the rainforest. Tours like the Wadadli Farm are self-guided and you can travel with others but hang by yourself. You are responsible to no one but yourself. Thus, every wrong turn or misstep is yours – and yours alone.


Connect with Your Inner Self Everything taste better, shines brighter, and seeps deeper into your bones when all you have are your thoughts and a notebook or a good beach read. You become a sponge, absorbing every detail and sensation of a new location. The intensity of your aloneness magnifies this privilege. At Devil’s Bridge on the northeastern tip of the island, the breakers create a rhythm that unlocks curiosity and meditation and can lead to deeper insights about the wonders of nature and the mystery of mankind.

The sensation of being connected in a world so vast and varied can lead to feelings of rejuvenation and reconnection. The majestic views and sunsets, deserted beaches to read or meditate, yoga classes and spas help to demonstrate why solitude can be the joy of being alone. The solo traveler can revel in the long-lost freedom of becoming ‘one’ with the landscape. A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

BUZZ Worthy Features


Leave Baggage Behind Taking the road with a companion (or a hoard of them) often means that you’re packing excess baggage and remnants of home along with your guidebook. As a solitary traveler, observation becomes a major means of entertainment. A visit to Nelson’s Dockyard whether alone or part of a tour, allows you to take in the Georgian architecture and or relics of this former British naval yard. Take as many photos as you please without being lost in conversation about the latest gossip from back home.


Meet The Locals As a lone traveler, you become more curious and active in your new environment and more opportunities to experience the culture. Savor the flashing landscape and the customs and language that make the people in A & B so unique. Your invisible sign stating “Approachable” often guarantees more personalized service and great conversation. Join a workout group, familiarize yourself with the language barrier, make new friends. Toss the guidebook and discover off-the-beaten path adventures, cuisine and local products.

A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

6 Perks of Solo Travel to A&B


See With Clear Eyes Whether or not you travel with others can also affect the “eyes” with which you view the journey. The desire to please and be accepted, most especially by those whom we consider our peers, is an innate and almost inescapable social need. In essence, personal time is doubled when you travel solo. At Sugar Ridge Resort, there are packages for those in search of an intensive fitness retreat. Personal trainers, instructors and chefs are included. If taking tennis lessons, you can demand the coach’s undivided attention. US tennis Tennis Week at Curtain Bluff is the place for a doubles match with a stranger, and a chance to connect with an exclusive group with those to “play and travel.”


A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

BUZZ Worthy Features

Take a Tip Tipping is fairly standard throughout the Caribbean, and, you may encounter various industry-specific taxes and service charges. When you know the appropriate amount to tip in A & B you be able to show your appreciation for good service by tipping accordingly. Carefully read your bills and the fine print, and don't hesitate to query the friendly island staffers about unfamiliar charges. Hotels When perusing hotel rates, keep in mind that hotels in A & B add a government tax of approximately 10.5 percent in addition to an average 10 percent service charge to the price of the room. There may be other charges for items not included with the room such as special amenities or upgrades. High-end resorts or luxury hotels may charge surplus fees up to or beyond 20 percent. If you ask, employees at a hotel reservation desk will gladly provide details of these taxes and fees. If your particular hotel does not add service charges to the final bill, tipping is acceptable for employees such as bellhops and maids. A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

Generally, Caribbean bellhops expect $1 to $2(USD) per bag as a flat rate, but this rate increases as the class of the hotel does. A minimum tip for hotel maids is typically $2(USD) per day, and, just as with bellhops, tipping standards may be higher in more expensive hotels. Consider keeping smaller bills in an easily accessible location for quick tipping. Many Caribbean all-inclusive hotels and resorts expressly discourage tipping. Your accommodation rate generally includes all tipping and service charges, although "allinclusive" may mean different things at different hotels. Consult your travel agent, hotelier, or reservations clerk concerning the finer points of your all-inclusive package.


Most restaurants often incorporate an automatic gratuities charge into the final bill, which is usually 10 percent of the total cost of the meal. Additional tipping is at the individual's discretion. . If a tip is not automatically included in your final bill, you should leave 10-15 percent for servers and either $1 to $2(USD) per round of drinks for bartenders or 10-15 percent of the total bar tab. If you are particularly delighted with your service, you may want to leave more than 15 percent.


Taxi service is available throughout A & B and taxis adhere to fixed government rates. Also 0depending on where you are on the island, you may have to pay either per car or per person. Nonetheless, you should establish a flat fare with the driver before service begins. It is customary to tip taxi drivers approximately $1 to $2(USD) for in-town fares. Plan on tipping more on holidays, after midnight, and on Sundays in the Caribbean.

BUZZ A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

BUZZ Worthy Features

10 Ways to Maintain Polish During an A&B Getaway

Up Do Teaser

The Inn at English Harbor The on-site masseuse Nichola knows just how to knead away those stress knots at the spa which is open daily from 9am – 5p.m. A stylist and barber are available on request.

A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

A & B is known as a fashion forward destination in the Caribbean with modern amenities including trendy gift shops, spas and salons to meet the most discerning tastes. Guests who plan to visit Antigua and Barbuda for a wedding, honeymoon or to celebrate a special event, will find many options at their fingertips.

Shrug On or Off

Gift Shop at Carlisle Bay The gift shop for the fashionable and fabulous – This quaint, mini-boutique offers an array of carefully selected international pieces. One can find swimwear, hand embroidered clothes, hand bags, leather sandals, lingerie and linen from luxury designers such as Isabelle Fraysse, La Perla (Italy), Helen Kaminski and Vilebrequin straight from St. Tropez.

Hotels recognize that guests need to manage their time and have amped up on-site high level services that allow guests to maximize beach time and adventures and still get primped and ready for their special celebration.

Mind and Body Stimulant

The Garden Spa at Hermitage Bay Hermitage Bay, known for its relaxing and eco-friendly atmosphere offers a Garden Spa for its guests. Influenced by the ancient eastern concept of Chakra - treatments which are by appointment only may be enjoyed at the spa itself, or the privacy of your pool suite or or in your beachfront cottage from 10am – 7pm. For holistic spiritualists or for persons who desire to be more in touch with themselves, the spa offers Dorissma color rituals and facials, signature siddartha couples massages as well as a dawn meditation on the hotels spa deck Monday – Friday at 7.30 am. 1 hr yoga classes and pilates are also offered on property. Individual sessions can be scheduled at your leisure for an additional fee.

Manicure Maintenance

Galley Bay Nails that are well maintained and lacqured, send a clear message that you are mindful of your appearance and you are “Still Styling” even on vacation. Nail the perfect look while enjoying perfect views in this quaint salon and spa. Any hand, foot or nail care service will comes at an affordable price and costs anywhere between $15 $45.

A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

BUZZ Worthy Features

Accessories Splash and Splurge

Color-Coded Couture

Pile on the Baubles

Refine your Facial Canvas

Jumby Bay The boutique offers a mix of timeless and trendy finds from a bevy of international fashion houses. Balance any silhouette with bags, shoes and other accessories that will enhance the soothing breeze of the Trade Winds and the romantic sunsets that this property is known for. Sandals Resort featuring Columbia Emeralds International. Find even more romance among the range of precious stones and metals. From classic settings and design to more trendy, versatile accessories.

A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

Jolly Beach Resort The Gift shop at Jolly Beach is on Target. Laid out like the famous namesake chain- preppy, handcrafted and affordable finds bring color and an electrifying island effect to any look. The Palms Wellness Center at the Jolly Beach Resort also offers a variety of services that contribute to one’s overall wellness and wellbeing. Their most popular treatments are the renewal mineralizing body wraps that are guaranteed to detoxify, hydrate, reenergize and soothe.

Blue Waters Nothing says I am energized like a radiant, even skin tone, especially after hours of sun worshipping. Make up artist Stacie to the rescue to bring out the strongest elements to balance your inner beauty.

10 Ways to Maintain Polish During an A&B Getaway

Blowout Investment

Sugar Ridge Calming frizz will have a calming effect on your nerves and make that special celebration even more enjoyable. Stylist Markis Allen and his assistant Anita can pamper your locks with a range of Aveda products that will create bounce and shine for strands of any length.

Glam up your Touch-up

Gift shop at St. James Club More than likely you will whip out a compact or make up bag at the dinner table. Choose from several options that could pass as an accessory upon your return home.

BUZZ A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

BUZZ Worthy Features

Sugar Ridge: Designing the Sweet Spot An interview with Interior Designer Charmaine Benjamin-Werth

BUZZ: Tell us about your background in interior design and your involvement in local projects like Sugar Ridge? CBW: I graduated from International Fine Arts College in 1989 with a degree in Interior Design. Soon after, I returned to Antigua and at that time, not many people here understood what an interior designer did. I look at myself as more of a "lifestyle architect". I worked with a wide array of professionals across many disciplines. My involvement with Sugar Ridge involved - chefs for tableware, bartenders for glasses, landscapers for plant selection and placement, and housekeeping for linens. On my latest project, I have worked as the interior designer, art curator, and if called upon, will A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

also work as the event planner for the housewarming party. I love working on projects holistically. BUZZ: What was your inspiration for the look and feel of Sugar Ridge? Was there an overall theme and how were you able to create that theme? CBW: The design brief was one word: SUGAR. My focus while creating the design was to translate it (sugar) in every possible incarnation‌ Colors like caramel, vanilla, molasses and citruses mixed with an array of tantalizing textures recalling sugar cubes, sugar cane stalk, citrus, honeycombs and crystals to help me create spaces that are warm and welcoming. I also wanted to suggest the pleasurable sensations evoked by sugar and take full advantage of our Caribbean heritage.

Meanwhile, the clean, contemporary edge of the design kept it fresh, and the rustic touches helped keep it grounded. I commissioned my daughter, Yensa, who is a photography student at Brooks Institute to shoot graphic images of Betty's Hope, a former sugar plantation and worked with photographer Jennifer Meranto to shoot the sugar cane that grows on the property. I am always looking for new and innovative products and artists, but I am loyal to many of my suppliers. BUZZ: Which designers (local or international) have influenced your work and sense of style? What are some of the projects that you are most proud of? (Any famous clients or other hotel projects) CBW: I adore the bold, opulent, yet fun designs of Kelly Wearstler and the clean sophistication of Kelly Hoppen. Locally, I have done work for a few local hotels -- Pineapple Beach, Curtain Bluff, Carlisle Bay, Jumby Bay, and Bavaro Hotel in the Dominican Republic. BUZZ: How would you describe the property at Sugar Ridge? What are some of the elements that make this property unique? What were some of the strengths and challenges? CBW: Sugar Ridge is perched upon a hillside bordered with sugar cane and lush flora and fauna, the resort features 60 rooms that wrap around the property, featuring panoramic views to the south and west of palm-lined beaches and the turquoise Caribbean Sea. The design fuses modern contemporary style with A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

BUZZ Worthy Features

A modernist style is evident in much of my work, which leans towards warm uplifting undertones characteristic of the Caribbean. BUZZ: If you could design a special suite at Sugar Ridge for anyone, from anywhere in the world, who would that be and what would the room look like? CBW: I would choose my Aunt Dorothy who recently lost her sight through diabetes and she can only see bold colors and shapes. She is a great lover of Jazz and would travel the world to enjoy and discover new artists. I would design an indoor /outdoor suite with water features and bold art and sculpture, aromatic gardens, laid back opulent lounge-like furniture upholstered in luxurious textured fabrics. I would also include an easy to use high-tech surround sound system that is voice activated. the rich history of the region. The fact that it is not on a beach makes this hotel unique to Antigua, but not lacking. The rolling hillside and lush landscaping gives a serene feel to the property. The views of the beaches are there and less than a 5 minute walk away. One plus is less sand flies. BUZZ: How would you characterize your design strategy and sense of style? CBW: First on my list is meeting the needs of my clients, while respecting and understanding the visions of the architect, engineer, and the accountant. In terms of style, I draw upon the region's uniqueness and diversity to obtain an inspiring contemporary reinterpretation of Caribbean design. A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

BUZZ: Please recommend three design elements of the Sugar Ridge Project that visitors can integrate into their own home design? CBW: Printing photographs on canvas. All the art in the guest rooms and reception are photos that were blown up and printed on canvas that was gallery wrapped. Mix it up‌ Use primitive furniture with sleek modern pieces. It adds interest. Play with scale, but keep it simple. Often times, an over-scaled piece looks amazing in a space, but make sure that the piece is complementary to the rest of the setting. To learn more about Charmaine and her work go to: or BUZZ

Antigua Beats Go On!

Most nightlife revolves around the destination’s hotels. If you’re interested in checking out the hot local club scene, be sure to arrange for round trip taxi service for your comfort and convenience.

Grand Bay Casino, Sandals Grande Antigua

The most elaborate gambling joint on island is Grand Bay Casino which is connected to the Sandals Grande Antigua Resort in Dickenson Bay. The casino offers weekly entertainment.

King’s Casino

Another popular gaming site is found at King's Casino at Heritage Quay (tel. 268/462-1727), and is the only casino in St. John's proper. Entrance is free and no ID is required. You must be 18 to play.

A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

Steel bands, limbo dancers, calypso singers, folkloric groups -- there's always something happening by night on Antigua. Your hotel can probably point you to where to go on any given night. The following clubs are reliable hot spots. Shirley Heights Lookout

The best place to be on a Sunday afternoon is the bar and restaurant at Shirley Heights Lookout at Shirley Heights (tel. 268/728-0636). Beginning at 4pm, a barbecue is offered here, followed by a reggae and steel-pan band for dancing later in the evening. Celebrities such as Chuck Norris, R&B singer Bobbie Brown, Sting, Whitney Houston, have joined the island's largest and most free-form social event. Many visitors arrive in the early afternoon, grab a BBQ dinner and rum punch and get ready to take in some of the sharpest sunsets from the rear courtyard. Sunday's $15 cover charge includes the first drink.

The Coast

Antigua's hippest local nighttime venue is The Coast, Heritage Quay, St. John's (tel. 268/562-2678), drawing both islanders and visitors to its precincts where they are entertained by Antiguan live bands in a raucous setting of good times with plenty of drink and local specialties. No admission is charged.

Rush Nightclub & Connors Sports Bar

Another venue is Rush Nightclub & Connors Sports Bar, Runaway Bay (tel. 268/562-7874), open Thursday to Saturday. Resident DJs entertain the mostly young crowd with hip hop, soca, reggae, and R&B music.

Abracadabra Restaurant & Disco Bar

In English Harbor, the joint is always rocking at Abracadabra Restaurant & Disco-Bar, Nelson's Dockyard tel. 268/4602701” Abras” as the locals call it, is known for it’s House and techno music. Trattoria such as homemade pastas and fresh seafood, even lobster from an aquarium, launch the night, which becomes a dance party as the evening progresses. There's always something happening here: live jazz, reggae performances, even costume parties. Check it out. A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

Antigua Beats Go On!


Admiral’s Inn

Admiral's Inn (tel. 268/460-1027) is a barefootfriendly kind of place. You can always play a game of darts and there's live music Thursday and Saturday nights, usually a local 14-piece steel band. Try one of Norman's daiquiris (the island's best), and ask the bartender about the famous guests he's served, from Richard Burton to Prince Charles.

The Life Bar

Another much-frequented English Harbor watering hole is The Life Bar, Nelson's Dockyard, VHF #68 (tel. 268/562-2353), the most popular spot for visitors arriving aboard yachts. There is nautical atmosphere and a wooden pier that anchors the action. On occasion, it's West Indian party time, with live local group performances.


The most authentic British pub at Nelson's Dockyard is Mainbrace (tel. 268/460-1058), with darts, of course, and fish and chips, and on some nights live jazz. The pub is part of The Copper and Lumber Store Hotel.

Russell’s Seafood Bar and Grill

Live entertainment can be enjoyed on Fridays and Sundays at Russell’s Seafood Bar and Grill at historic Fort James, Beach (tel. 268/462-5479).


A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

Hotel Perks of the Future Pillows that smell…on purpose

Pillow menus are catching on. If your needs for a pillow go beyond whether its hard or soft or non-allergenic, the W Hotels is among several chains offering pillow menus with an assortment of special body and neck pillows. The Conrad chain’s pillow menu decidedly kicks it up a notch, however, with pillows that might be filled with water or equal parts duck down and duck feather. And if you require a pillow with a distinctive scent, the “Cold and Flu” pillow soothes the ailing traveler with the smell of eucalyptus, among other aromas, and the “Romance Pillow” is “fragranced with vetivert, patchouli, ylang ylang and sandalwood to encourage romance.”

Workouts your way

If getting to your hotel’s gym is unrealistic you can try some old-school ways to stay in shape on the road, but if you know your only shot of getting exercise is a quickie in-room workout, several hotels offer workout “kits.” Hilton Garden Inn loans guests a kit with hand weights, a yoga mat, and Pilates bands. Omni hotels provide guests free use of similar kits and for a daily fee - $14.95 a night - you can have a treadmill in your room. Some Marriott’s offer “walkstations” - a treadmill with a desk attached or desk with a treadmill attached, depending on how you look at it. If you feel the need to multi-task, it may help to know that the treadmill’s maximum speed is 2 mph

Toys for tots

Travel with kids typically come with pre-trip arguments that center on which toys to pack. Certain toys are too bulky or too important to risk losing. Both Omni and Loews are among chains that offer free toys upon check-in. A hotel will often team up with a merchandiser - Loews has a deal with Fisher Price, for instance - that enables the property to offer free branded stuff. Likewise, a beach destination Holiday Inn surprises kids with free pails and shovels - emblazoned with the Holiday Inn logo.

Pampering for pets

Kids aren’t the only little ones that expect pampering on a trip, and W Hotels offer a pet welcome kit upon check-in that includes a pet toy and treat. The hotel also provides such in-room amenities as a custom pet bed in which Fido will find a treat as part of the hotel’s pet bed turndown service. At Kimpton’s Sky Hotel in Aspen, pampering includes dog walking a service that’s become more readily available at pet friendly hotels. The Nine Zero in Boston is among properties where you can book your pet a massage, since travel stresses out dogs, too.

“Free” food for a flat fee

A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

If you’d rather not pay an extra fee for a nicer room, consider forking over a bit more to use your hotel’s business lounge, whose free meals can also translate to big savings. Depending on the chain and the city, adding lounge access to your hotel bill might be upwards of $50 or more a day, but weigh that against the cost of the hotel’s overpriced breakfasts and bar food and the fee won’t sting as much. Business lounge meals are often hot and plentiful as are dinner-hour, late night snacks and free booze. BUZZ

“Spiffy and Fluffy Beaches”…but who does the cleaning Meet Tristan Hines! Just one of the personalities who work to keep Antigua’s beautiful beaches spotless. Many never guests think about it, but before they get up, “beach brigades” are up an about working to make sure that the sand is fresh and ready. Handmade tools are fashioned to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Tristan drags a doubled-up chain-link fence and rope contraption that simultaneously cleans and rakes the sand in front of the Sandals Grande Resort to “icing sugar” consistency. “I invented this,” Tristan shares modestly. “I used to rake, but it was too slow.” Hines is long gone by the time most tourists ever step on the beach. Most visitors to Antigua never think beyond the pristine beaches to how they are maintained. But every day seaweed, rocks, garbage, shells and shell fragments wash up on shore with the tides and

constant wave action. This stuff has to be raked up – or fenced up, as the case may be – and hauled away to restore that perfect beach visitors expect. The constant tramping down the sand all day long by tourists also means beaches have to be regularly fluffed up to be kept looking 100 percent. Antigua touts itself as island of sea and sun with 365 beaches – one for every day of the year. And beach cleaning is taken seriously. A & B joined in celebrating International Coastal Cleanup Day on September 17th. Many volunteers took to the beach to remove all forms of debris from the shores of several stands around the island. The ocean’s health is also important to A & B from the standpoint of the supply of sea food that is relied on to support the local restaurants. The destination known for its abundance of seafood is taking efforts to maintain ocean quality. BUZZ

A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

A&B Weather January – June Minimum Temperature

January – June Maximum Temperature

July - December Minimum Temperature

Temperatures in A & B are almost always

moderate due to a constant ocean breeze, with very little seasonal variation. There are no significant variations in annual rainfall. Whether you enjoy exploring tropical rain forests; sailing through the lagoons; or surfing against the wind and waves, you will find A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

July - December Maximum Temperature

Annual Rainfall (inches)

weather in A & B to be predictable and comfortable. A & B is fairly with minimal risk of prolonged inclement weather. Its land is relatively flat with the highest point just over 1300 ft. in Antigua and 400 feet in Barbuda. The destination boasts scores of beautiful beaches and lush landscapes, particularly along Fig Tree Drive on the Southern side of the island. BUZZ

A&B Clothing Etiquette Warm weather and an easy going attitude are

just some of the more attractive features of A & B and many people have trouble anticipating “What Not to Wear in Paradise.” Vary your wardrobe with a combination of functional travel attire for touring, semi semiformal for dining and elegant apparel for evening entertainment. Lightweight fabrics and natural fibers such as silks, light cottons, and linens are the best choices.. Easy-wear made from lightweight fabrics allow for the ubiquitous sea breezes and provide comfort for lounging. Tropical showers dubbed “liquid sunshine” by the locals, fall from time to time and can come and go quickly and unexpectedly. Weatherproof clothing such as light rain gear and all weather clothing, work well for these occasional showers. Generally speaking, beachwear is considered inappropriate attire in shops and on town streets and should only be worn on the beach. If traveling for business, you'll be dressed appropriately in a tropical weight suit. Dining Attire Dining rules and attire are similar to North American standards and you will find that what you are accustomed to back home is the norm in A & B. The more casual the establishment, the more casual you can go with your clothing, making sure to remain semi-modest. The only time a bathing suit is acceptable is at a walk-up food stand on or very near the beach. High end restaurants typically have a dress code, often requiring that men wear suits and ties and women dress in formal wear. If you are unsure of the dress code, call the restaurant in advance. While you're on the phone, make sure to make (or confirm) your reservation. Restaurants fill up quickly for dinner in the Caribbean, especially during the high season, so it is always best to play it safe and make a reservation. BUZZ

A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

Nisbet Plantation Beach Club, Nevis

Curtain Bluff Resort, Antigua

Star Employee Exchange Programs As part of its ongoing staff

development and training, Curtain Bluff Resort participated in an employee exchange with Nisbet Plantation Beach Club in Nevis. Both Caribbean beach resorts have been consistently recognized among the world’s best hotels, including the recent 2011 Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards. Nisbet ranked No. 1 and Curtain Bluff was No. 10. “Our staff members returned with fresh ideas, new friendships and greater knowledge of the hotel industry from experiencing first-hand, another resort’s operations, which are being shared with the rest of the Nisbet team” said

Jamie Holmes, general manager at Nisbet Plantation Beach Club. Last year Curtain Bluff participated in a similar staff exchange with another 5-star property, Cap Juluca in Anguilla. Concierge Manager, Sheila Harrigan-Davis, and 2009 Employee of the Year, Bartender Patson Williams, participated in a tenday exchange program at Curtain Bluff Resort. Sous Chef, Garfield Simon, and waiter, Terry Francis, from Curtain Bluff, spent ten days in training at Cap Juluca. The initiative was spearheaded by Cap Juluca’s General

L-R: Sheila Harrigan-Davis, Gary Thulander and Patson Williams A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

Manager, Gary Thulander, and Managing Director of Curtain Bluff, Rob Sherman, as part of the training and development activities for both properties. Sherman, Managing Director at Curtain Bluff for the past 25 years said, “Cap Juluca is one of the finest resorts in the Caribbean and a friendly competitor of Curtain Bluff for many years! I find giving exposure to our people is the best training any member of staff can receive. Working in a first class establishment like Cap Juluca, they will bring new, fresh, ideas back home and hopefully share their knowledge with the rest of the team”. BUZZ

GM Gary Thulander and the Curtain Bluff Employees

A Dozen Smart Packing Tips for A&B “When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money.”

– Unknown

store the details of your emergency 'lost card' telephone numbers in your web based email account so you know 1 Check weather reports, plan clothing for who to contact if your any special events and credit card or ATM card is lost or stolen. This take into account the way, even if you lose length of time you will everything, you have be traveling and pack immediate access to all accordingly. Also you should have a your all important back-up plan to ensure information. You can even email the details that travel documents, page of your passport credit cards and other valuables are secured. to the embassy or consulate when applying for a new one. 2 Pack clothes for comfort, confidence and 4 Choose luggage that photo sharing. You will want to look great in the is light and the amount pictures taken in A & B of luggage you should carry depends on what to create lifelong you can lift by yourself. memories. Rich hues and vivacious colors are Handbags/carry on bags should be always in season. Cotton, linen and other preferably strolley. Backpacks natural fibers are the keep your hands free. most comfortable Remember to keep the choices. Whereas heaviest items at the daytime attire in A & B is fairly casual, dining is bottom of the backpack a bit more formal. Most so that your shoulders don’t hurt. businesses require Also consider writing patrons to wear shirts your home and and shoes. destination address (and mobile number if 3 Security and Keeping you have one) on a selfDetails Safe adhesive sticky label to Scan your passport, stick INSIDE your passport photos and luggage in a visible paper tickets (if not the place. If your luggage is ‘E’ type) in. Store this in lost and the baggage your web based email label has come off, at account. You can also least the airline can still

figure out whose luggage it is.

5 Split up your

valuables Split up your bank cards, cash, travellers' cheques and credit cards as much as possible in different pockets, your bags and wallet when packing. In case you do get robbed, at least you won't be strapped for cash (unless you have all your bags AND your wallet stolen of course!).

the clothes will also get less wrinkled. Fill in the gaps between the rolled clothes with small stuff like undies or socks or deodorants.


Pack two to three pairs of light-weight pants such as khakis. Jeans are an option, but are bulky and will not be as comfortable or cool as you explore A & B.


Pack a T-shirt for each day of your trip, and perhaps one extra to throw over your 6 Keep any medication bathing suit as you're and important papers in heading down to the your carry-on bag. On pool or beach. long flights with multiple stopovers (especially if 10 Pack two pairs of flying via London, LA or light weight shorts for other major airports), those extra-hot days. packing a fresh change of clothes is a good idea 11 Pack a sweater or as bags tend to get delayed or lost on long jacket for chilly nights and a cashmere throw haul, multiple stop or shrug for more flights. You don't want to end up stuck without romantic interludes inair conditioned medication, clothes or restaurants. your important papers even if it is just for a few days. 12 Pack one or two chic dresses or suit jackets and slacks for fancy 7 Roll Technique Somehow it seems that nights on the town and high-end restaurants or bags will hold more if casinos. the clothes are rolled rather than folded. If BUZZ you roll in tissue paper, A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

BUZZ Worthy Features

Now, New, Next in A&B Accommodations

A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

Now: Curtain Bluff Curtain Bluff an all-inclusive resort, founded in

1962 has been elegantly modernized over the years, but still exudes old-school Caribbean charm. This veteran family run business located on a bluff overlooking the village of Old Road, features two strikingly different beaches. -- one along the Atlantic Ocean and the other along the Caribbean Sea. Guests enjoy picture-postcard sea views and authentic cuisine, Smiling staff many of whom hail from the neighboring villages take pride in meeting the needs of the most discerning guests. A spontaneous program of “whatever the kids want to do” is laid on in an apparently seamless fashion, allowing parents to relax The resort’s inclusive package is considered a relative bargain on the luxury end. What has set this family-run five-star resort apart is, quite simply, the service. “Name recall” among the meticulous staff simply blows guests away. The atmosphere is intimate and conducive to relaxation and recreation. With a strong tennis culture, the courts at Curtain Bluff are modern and tropical – bordered by palm trees, overlooking a spectacular beach. These are just some of the reasons that set Curtain Bluff apart and why generations of guests return for several decades for family vacations and special celebrations. Guests are passionate about the luxurious and unique escape that Curtain Bluff continues to offer after 50 years in the business. A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

BUZZ Worthy Features

A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

Now, New, Next in A&B Accommodations

New: Nonsuch Bay Resort & Spa Nonsuch Bay Resort is set on forty acres of lush, landscaped gardens and tropical vegetation with ocean views and its own secluded beach. It's a luxury private resort of beach cottages, villas and apartments offering residents and visitors an authentic Antiguan experience. The accommodation is built with an emphasis on natural materials and great care has been taken in maximizing the space and privacy of every home.

Offering an authentic Caribbean experience, guests enjoy snorkeling, boating, kite surfing, Caribbean cuisine and wines, spa treatments and childcare. Apartments (fully-serviced) The one, two and three bedroom apartments are within a few minutes' walk of the sandy beach. They are spacious and light with high ceilings and large living areas that open onto oversized verandas, decorated in a clean, luxurious style with hardwood floors and contemporary furniture.

Beach Cottages The two bedroom Beach Cottages are located directly behind the palm fringed sandy beach, with uninterrupted views across Nonsuch Bay. They have high ceilings and a large, light living area opening onto a covered veranda with outdoor furniture. Inside they are decorated in a clean, luxurious style with hardwood floors and contemporary furniture. Waterfront Villas There are three luxury hilltop villas, either a 3 bedroom villa or two 5 bedroom villas. Each has its own distinct style, private grounds, covered and open terraces and verandas, swimming pool and breathtaking ocean views. Inside they are spacious with high ceilings and large, light living areas opening covered verandas and terraces with outdoor furniture. Interiors are decorated in luxurious style with hardwood floors and combinations of traditional and contemporary furniture.

A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

BUZZ Worthy Features

A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

Now, New, Next in A&B Accommodations

Next: Tamarind Hills Set on a sunset-facing bluff on

Antigua’s glorious west coast between Dark wood and Ffryes, Tamarind Hills will take five star luxury to new heights in A & B. The property will open its doors in early 2012 with a stunning collection of freehold beachfront and ocean view villas and apartments, beautifully designed and appointed for contemporary and stylish Caribbean living. Whether as a Caribbean residence, a holiday home or pure investment, Tamarind Hills is unparalleled in the Antigua real estate market. Each property offers generously sized interior and exterior living spaces, luxurious appointments including an Italian designer kitchen and a private floating infinity edged pool, perfectly placed to take in the spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea. A rental program and rental pool are available providing an income stream when not in residence. While enjoying the privacy of

their own property, owners and their guests will enjoy privileged access to the five star resort facilities of Tamarind Hills, such as the Beach Club with casual open air dining and elegant fine dining restaurant. There will be a signature spa with cliff-top salas, beauty salon, gym, pilates and yoga studios, and superb sports facilities including tennis, water sports and running tracks. A shopping galleria will boast a delicatessen, convenience store, library, business centre and more. Tamarind Hills is a 20 minute drive to the International Airport, and a 15 minute drive to the capital St John’s. Relaxation or Activity Relaxation comes easy around the multi-tiered, infinity edged pools with their chic cabanas, day beds and mood setting entertainment. And, of course, you can retire to your luxury villa or apartment any time you choose, letting our 24-hour butler and concierge services take care of every wish.

BUZZ A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

BUZZ Worthy Features

For a complete, inte

Top 25 A&B Hotel Features Travel advice can be quite confusing with a proliferation of Websites that rank hotels on a number of subjective criteria. Below is a sampling of surprising attributes that have been identified by travel agents that continue to wow their clients, making these hotels so uniquely special.

Resorts identified on the BUZZ LIST are not presented in any rank order. Properties were evaluated according to five exacting criteria (service, design, location, comfort and value for money) and have all been deemed to be outstanding BUZZ


Top 25 A&B Resorts Best Secluded Villa

Rock Cottage, Blue Waters Resort

Best Wine Cellar

Curtain Bluff Hotel

Best Movie Screening Room

Carlise Bay Resort

Best Historical Architecture

Copper and Lumber Store

Best Organic Kitchen Garden

Hermitage Hotel

Best Sail Instructions

Nonsuch Bay Resort

Best Intimate Experience

Siboney Hotel

Best Hotel for Couples

Sandals Grande Resort and Spa

Best Spa Experience

Jumby Bay Resort

Best Marina Services

Antigua Yacht Club

Best Experience Beyond the Shore

Trade Winds Hotel

Best Secluded Beach

Rex Hawksbill Hotel

Best Local Vibe (Cuisine & Entertainment)

Jolly Beach Hotel

Best Eco Friendly Experience


Best Hotel Gym

Sugar Ridge

Best Social Scene

Grand Pineapple

Best Resort Welcome

Lighthouse Bay Resort

Best Slumber Experience

The Inn at English Harbour

Best Family Resort

St. James Club

Best Couples’ Cooking Classes

Villas at Sunset Lane

Best in Adult Luxury

Galley Bay Resort

Best Intimate Infinity Pool

Coco Bay Resort

Best Ocean Dining

Rex Halcyon Cove

Best Backpacker’s Hotel

Catamaran Hotel

Best Alfresco Rustic Shower

Coco’s Resort

A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

Best Secluded Vill

Best Wine Cellar -

Best Sail Instructio

eractive list of A&B Hotels click here

a - Rock Cottage, Blue Waters Resort

Best Intimate Experience - Siboney Hotel

- Curtain Bluff Hotel

Best Backpacker’s Hotel - Catamaran Hotel

ons - Nonsuch Bay Resort

Best Ocean Dining - Rex Halcyon Cove

A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

Hotel Specials

Fall Special Book 6 Nights & Get 7th Night Free

Applicable for all room categories Valid between November 13th – December 18th, 2011 Thanksgiving nov.19-27, 2011 Family Special – Parents room at full rate, with children’s room at 50% discount in any room category

Curtain Bluff, Antigua - Reservations: 888-289-9898

5 nights for the price of 4

Valid for stays: 15 July - 5 September and 10 October to 5 November 2011 inclusive Book any category of suite and receive 1 night complimentary Minimum 5 nights stay Based on 2 adults sharing

Hermitage Bay, Antigua Reservations: 268-562-8080

BUZZ Worthy Events 2011



October 1-3& 7-8 - Annual Apple Festival, CT October 1-3 - MLT University Trade Show October 3 – LI ASTA Trade Show October 4-6 – Motivation Travel Show, Chicago October 12 – LI TASC Trade Show October 21-23 – Faith, Travel & Adventure Show, Atlanta October 24 – AWTA Trade Show October 28-29 – Mt. Snow Culinary Event with Kevin Cottle

November November 11 – Antigua and Barbuda’s First Film Festival November 17 – Paradise Without a Layover AA non-stop Service from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and V. C. Bird International Airport in Antigua (ANU), four times a week Schedule for the new service (all times shown are local) From


Flight #




New York (JFK)

Antigua (ANU)

673* (nonstop)

8:35 a.m.

1:40 p.m.

Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat

Antigua (ANU)

New York (JFK)

678* (nonstop)

3:05 p.m.

7:00 p.m.

Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat

*Effective Nov 17, 2011 A&B BUZZ – Aug/Sep, 2011

A&B BUZZ – Aug/Sep, 2011

call toll fre e

.org rbuda 888.268.4227 or visit us online www.antigua-ba

BUZZ Worthy Events 2011

October 21-23 – International Tourism and Travel Show, Montreal, QC

Contact Erica Henry-Jackman



Sales and Marketing Manager Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Office Consulate General of Antigua and Barbuda 60 St.Clair Avenue East, Suite 601 Toronto, Ontario, M4T 1N5 Telephone: 416-961-3085 Fax:416-961-7218

A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

BUZZ Worthy Features

Villattention! Alyson Sly-Adams, is the “go to person” for villa

rentals in A & B. Her weekly on-line newsletter Antigua Nice is one of the best resources for finding some of the hidden gems of A & B, amenities within proximity and great recommendations on where to eat, play and explore. Alison talks to Canadian Officer Erica Jackman about the recent growth and interest in A & B villa rentals. EHJ: What are some of the advantages of renting a villa in A and & B? ASA: Square foot for square foot, the cost of renting a villa is typically much less than the price of a one bedroom suite at a hotel and offer much more privacy, convenience and flexibility. EHJ: Villa rental sounds exclusive, upscale and costly. What types of clients rent villas? ASA: In many cases, villas surpass 5-star luxury amenities like room service. How about your own in-house gourmet chef or spa? So at the luxury end they can be quite costly. However, villas in A & B run the gamut. For the more budgetconscious, mid-range villas are available and provide very comfortable and spacious vacation homes. There may not be any pampering, but grocery shopping can be fun and the price is right! Just stock your refrigerator and enjoy home cooked meals on your private terrace. EHJ: What is the current villa count in A & B? What does this represent in terms of room capacity? ASA: Approximately 900 villas/ with a total of 1800 rooms – of which I would say 30% are not available for rental year round. There is no official register of villas across the island, but this is a good indication.. Properties often come on and off the market as owners sometimes stop renting them, either because they or someone else are living in them long term, they decide the don’t want to rent them, or decide to sell. A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

… there are lots of islands with yachting and marinas, but none with quite the same mix of historic architecture, modern facilities, amazing yachts and natural beauty. EHJ: Tell me about the distribution of the different types of accommodations that are offered (proportionately speaking) in A & B? ASA: In terms of room numbers, I would say roughly 56% hotels, 11% apartments, 33% villas EHJ: What are some of the elements that distinguish A & B as a destination? ASA: I think there is the fact that a range of accommodations are available in A & B, it is not built up -- still low-rise development with a huge amount of villas and apartments (approximately 2400 of the 5400 rooms) that give visitors privacy and freedom to custom tailor their own vacations.. EHJ: What makes A & B special? ASA: Laid back charm. It’s definitely an island where the rich and famous can relax without being hassled. Last week while I was in Trappas, a buzzy, affordable restaurant where as many Antiguans as visitors eat, a well known actor sat reading a book, having dinner, and not one person bothered him. That is something to treasure in this celebrity driven society we live in. Yachting and Nelson’s Dockyard are also very special – there are lots of islands with yachting and marinas, but none with quite the same mix of historic architecture, modern facilities, amazing yachts and natural beauty. EHJ: There has been a significant increase in the

number of North American (NA) visitors to A & B in the past 3 years, what types of villa accommodations typically appeal to them? ASA: So far as the villa market is concerned, North American visitors typically require air conditioning, plus full amenities in the home including full fitted kitchens, and first world communications Cable/Satellite/internet/DVD/iPod docking station. We do have lots of properties that fit the bill on island, but also there are a lot of open Caribbean style properties that give a more authentic experience. It really depends on the visitor as to whether a “home away from home” experience is more important than living island style. The important thing is that each property is different, so people just need their essentials list before they start looking, and that will make the selection of their ideal property much easier. EHJ: What types of NA visitors should be targeted? What attractions could be better positioned to appeal to them? ASA: I think we could do a better job of marketing our soft adventure, and health and wellness options. Also outdoor activities and volunteer opportunities that are associated with community tourism are also quite appealing for those who want an immersion into the local culture. Yachting is a huge target market and we can also do a much better job in reaching groups of friends looking for an exciting sailing adventure. EHJ: Which destinations do you consider to be in A & B competitive set as far as villas? ASA: Barbados, Bahamas, Anguilla, B.V.I’s, Florida and Southern States, and the Far East. Generally, any destination’s that have a beach or sailing culture will have a similar appeal as A & B. and we have to push our festivals such as Carnival and Sailing Week, and other attractions to get more year round visitors and increase the demand for villas. EHJ: What percentage of villas are locally owned vs. Foreign owned? ASA: As there is no official register it is very difficult to say but I would take a guess at 20% local, 80%

A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

BUZZ Worthy Features foreign. Developments like Jolly Harbour do have quite a large local ownership, as do houses available for long term rents. EHJ: Who's tends to say in villas? What type of Visitor? What are they looking for? ASA: Like hotels there are many different types of people who needs are met in terms of villa vacations. For the luxury villas where budget is no object it’s more about privacy and receiving the absolute best service,; a chauffeur, chef on hand, etc and not having to wait for other guests to be dealt with, not sharing your swimming pool with anyone else – you are THE priority. Families – villas are a great option for families, especially multigenerational where mom ,dad, the kids, grandparents and even the nanny can usually find they have privacy and enough space, but all the allure of a tropical vacation with outdoor living and swimming pools. For families on a budget it is a great option – because you visit local grocery stores and cook at home – usually with some amount of outdoor dining. Yacht Crews – whether professional or for fun – a villa increases camaraderie when the crew all stay in one place and can easily move around together or do training sessions. Groups of friends – groups who want to have loads of un – either on a budget or at the luxury end . Very often persons who stay in villas and apartments are also the kind of people who would NEVER stay in a big resort. This is a lifestyle choice for them that allows them to experience life “as a local” while still having some of the hospitality services such as cleaning or a personal chef. EHJ: What advice would you give to prospective renters? Any hidden costs? ASA: The cost of airfare can be prohibitive as there villas are generally not packaged with flights. Visitors should consider their priorities – privacy, budget, and how do you plan to spend your time? For example at Jolly Harbor, visitors have access to a community pool within walking distance and tours, restaurants, shops and a supermarket are all within easy reach.. In contrast a villa at Turtle Bay would mean if you intend to spend time

A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

Villattention! exploring you would need to rent a car or take taxis as it’s too far to walk to all of the conveniences. Also for some people the thought of being remote is hell, and for others unadulterated heaven – it really is about what you want out of the experience. Check if taxes (ABST) and gratuities service are included – every villa prices slightly differently – some quote it as part of the rates and others don’t. Travelling off season ,it s always smart to negotiate. Be clear about how many people and how many rooms you require, some properties will give you a price based on the number of rooms you need, so you don’t have to pay for rooms you don’t use. It’s always worth asking. EHJ: How can prospects get more info? ASA: There are a number of villa agencies on the island – we have a list of villa agents on that is probably the easiest way of checking them out as well as listings of villas for sale by owner. will give you lots of options and from the drop downs you will see Villas and Cottages, Apartments and Condos, and villa agents as links.

Create the ultimate dream vacation by staying at one of the many villas in A & B. From center to circumference, an abundance of villa, apartment and cottage rentals are within reach to suit every budget and taste. A villa stay requires a little more thought and coordination than an all-inclusive package, but it provides an opportunity to customize an exclusive or economical experience for couples or groups whether for romance, reunion, or relaxed adventure! Visit to get recommendations for a tailor-made villa experience!


A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

BUZZ Worthy Features

Splurge: Ways to Add Luxury to your Villa Vacations 1. Hire a private gourmet

chef for a special one-night celebration – honeymoon, family dinner, farewell soiree.

2. Private Lessons. Book an

in-house couple’s pottery or cooking class, or contact a local pro for sailing, tennis or golf lessons.

3. Book an in-house

massage, yoga or beauty treatment. Nautical massages can be arranged aboard a luxury yacht before you set sail for a sunset cruise.

4. Go on an exclusive island

tour to various historical sites like Nelson’s Dockyard and Shirley Heights. Make stops at exclusive resorts for lunch, tea or dinner.

5. Take a helicopter tour

around the island or trek to Barbuda or a volcano tour in Montserrat. Make a luxurious exit from Jolly Harbor to V.C. Bird International Airport, in 10 minutes.

A&B BUZZ – October, 2011

Steal: Ways to Reap Dividends on Your Villa Vacation 1. Travel during the low

season May through November. Take advantage of low rates and fares.

2. Rentals on the beach

often command higher rates. Opt for beach view instead of beach front.

3. Get group discounts and economies of scale for larger parties. Look for rentals that charge a flat fee and save on the per person costs.

4. Search for online deals and promotions. for offers of free nights, ground transportation and other perks.

5. Live Like a Local.

Research local supermarkets and restaurants and save money on food and drink and eat in for at least one meal. Stock up on local bread, water, produce and liquor. BUZZ


Best Villa Picks Great for Budget & Solo Travelers Tamarind Cottages – from US$90 per night. Ocean views, quiet location, car needed to explore. Luxury family and multigenerational groups Antigua Whitehouse located in Jolly Harbour on the beach, use of all resort facilities. 5 bedrooms sleeps up to 12 people. From US$1000 per night in the summer. Luxury for large groups Casa Lidia, English Harbuor with stunning views of Nelson’s Dockyard, perfect for large groups – sleeps 20 people. From $3500 per night in the summer. Privacy with access to St. John’s Hibiscus Cottages – from US$110 per night, 5 minutes drive into St. John’s. Cottages are located next to owners property. On the beach Cottage The Beach House. Idyllic location, completely private beachside Caribbean Cottage form US$850 per week in the summer. Family on a budget It’s difficult to beat Jolly Harbour e.g. Jolly Condo – all the benefits of a resort at a great price, and home cooking an easy option to control spending. US$665 per week in the summer. And right on the water.

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Antigua & Barbuda Buzz - October, 2011  

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