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December 2011

Gourmet Issue

Meet the Rhyming Chef 12 Days of Holiday Buzz – Enter to Win! The Geography of A & B Christmas Cuisine Tablemanners: The Art of the Celebration Claws Out in the Clash of the Lobsters Cover: Mango and Smoked Duck Breast with Roasted Pepper Salad Chef De Partie Desroy Spence, Carlisle Bay, Antigua - Image from Tablemanners

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Tablemanners Susie’s Hot Sauce Cavalier Rum 4-night stay at Nonsuch Bay Resort.

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BUZZ PIRATIONS: Inspiration for today’s valued A&B Specialists “Some people deprive themselves of anything with a shady reputation -eatable, drinkable, or smokeable. They pay this price for health, and health is all they get for it. How strange! It is like spending your entire fortune for a cow that has gone dry.”

Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)

“My passion for fish is based on respect. Fish is the only food that is considered spoiled once it smells like what it is.”

P. J. O'Rourke -US humorist & political commentator (1947 - )

“All the ingenious men, and all the scientific men, and all the imaginative men in the world could never invent, if all their wits were boiled into one, anything so curious and so ridiculous as the lobster.”

Charles Kingsley (1819-1875) December, 2011- A&B BUZZ

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or today’s travelers, having choices is always a luxury. When it comes to cuisine there is almost solar system of choices in A & B. From five star choices on or off property, to roadside eateries, latenight or weekend pit stops. Visitors to A & B can dine in the glow of breathtaking sunsets, to the sound of crickets and the smell of the ocean and select from over 70 restaurants and a myriad of choices in cuisine. In A & B we say that "Life is too short to have a bad meal." Global cuisine is punctuated with local flavor by world class chefs who draw on authentic herbs, spices, produce and cooking techniques to create this unique yet familiar fare. The A 2 Z of a Caribbean Pantry, highlights key ingredients, garnishes and spices that are used to prepare local dishes. In this issue, we profile more than a dozen local chefs who have invited us into their kitchens to prepare some of their favorite recipes and provide tips on how to prepare, shop for produce and create A & B flare and ambience. With the holiday season fast approaching, this is the most “flavorful time of the year” when eating, drinking and making merry are all the order of the day. We present in-depth content on cuisine options, dining guides and advice to ensure that your vacation in A & B is delightful and healthy. In the Farm to the Pharmacy article, we look at some of the super foods that will help boost your immune system while in A & B.

General Info: 305 E 47th St. Suite 6A New York, NY 10017

Barbuda seafood is compared with the Maine lobster in “The Clash of the Lobsters”. You haven't experienced the real joy of seafood until you’ve been to Barbuda. The spiny lobster, king of the seas, is enfolded in the warmth of the Barbudan Welcome. You will need your Thesaurus to describe the variety of flavors for Delicious, Delectable, and Divine that are often associated with the Barbudan spiny lobster. Once you arrive in A & B, a dip and a daiquiri have the magical power to banish jet lag and the worries of the world left behind. However, it is the taste of the unbelievable cuisine that will inoculate against all of the winter blues.

DSW and Chef Omar of La Bussola Restaurant

So as you learn more about the cuisine, we hope that you take a piece of A & B with you so that you can enjoy the year round warmth of these beautiful sister islands. Sincerely, Derede Samuel-Whitlock, Director of Tourism, USA Antigua and Barbuda

A&B BUZZ – December, 2011

La Bussola Signature dessert, hot dark chocolate and ice cream cake

BUZZ Worthy Events 2011

December 4-10 – 50th Annual Antigua Charter Yacht Show December 9 – Heroes Day December 25 – Christmas Day in the Dockyard December 26 – Boxing Day December 31 – Nelson’s Pursuit Race organized by the Antigua Yacht Club



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December, 2011- A&B BUZZ

BUZZ Worthy Features – Table Manners

Tablemanners: The Art of Celebration Tablemanners is a cultural compendium that captures Antigua & Barbuda's gastronomic landscape in 240 pages and hundreds of vibrant images. (From the authors of The Food And Drink Guide).

This bold coffee table hardcover (11"x17") is more than a cookbook, but a culinary manuscript of A&B Hospitality, featuring wine pairings, local produce and scores of recipes from local chefs. Recently listed by Gourmand Magazine, on the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, this voluminous tome is fast becoming a popular Holiday gift among visitors to A&B this year who want something fun, unique and memorable! The BUZZ caught up with Tablemanners’ co-author Gulliver Johnson, and here’s what he had to say:

A&B BUZZ: Congratulations on ‘Tablemanners’ such a comprehensive collection of the components of Caribbean cuisine, particularly that of Antigua & Barbuda. At the risk of sounding like a groupie, I must admit that I always look forward to reading the Antigua & Barbuda Food and Drink Guide after settling into my

Click Here to see a web version of the book A&B BUZZ – December, 2011

hotel room during my visits to A&B. I love that you focus on Drink as an accompaniment for Food. The vivid images of each cocktail and dish certainly tantalize even a culinary novice to attempt to prepare the dishes featured.

BUZZ : What inspired you and Co-Author Janie Conley to create ‘Tablemanners’?

We had been publishing the annual Food & Drink Guide since 2004, each year collecting recipes from the islands top chefs and bartenders to provide extra flavour to the guide, the recipes are very popular. And since the conception we have supported the promotion of the Mango Pineapple Culinary Competition, each year we published the winning dishes and cocktails for everyone to see. So it was the accumulation of all these recipes, which inspired us to produce a flagship coffee table book where the recipes could be fully appreciated and admired. We wanted to create a cookbook that would have worldclass standing, promoting Antigua & Barbuda as a mouthwatering destination. It has been entered into the Worldwide Gourmand cookbook fair, already held in Frankfurt and another in Paris 2012. We hope to do well.

We would certainly like and hope to see at least one dish made from 100% local ingredients on the menu each night in every hotel and restaurant. It doesn’t have to be a local dish, but the ingredients should be homegrown or produced locally. There are several hotels and restaurants that already provide this option, but it could be better promoted. This trend is a hot topic and a matter of national and gastronomic pride. Unfortunately, our food imports are still growing, twice-fold in the last two years! The most important factor in reducing imports and balancing food security is education. We can grow local food and serve it as fine cuisine.

BUZZ: I love how you balanced the content of chefs and roadside cooks, their signature dishes and recipes. Was it a challenge to get the chefs and cooks to share their recipes with you?

Co-authors Janie Conley and Gulliver Johnson receiving a CBA

BUZZ: How long did it take to compile the content and what was the criteria to determine who and what would make the final cut?

It took many years to collate all the recipes and photography and then almost 8 months to design, edit and self-publish the book. The criterion was to accurately represent the culinary scene in A&B in a particular snapshot of time. Tablemanners recipes highlight the indigenous foods of Antigua & Barbuda, but also show the influence of a fusion of international styles of cuisine.

BUZZ: In your opinion, what is the next trend in Fine


This is defiantly a return to using local seasonal produce. More and more chefs are working with indigenous ingredients in a more imaginative manner and presenting these dishes with innovation, this is our future. The culinary arts have a sharing culture - local chefs are using international presentation techniques, and visiting chefs are learning to work with local produce and their methods of procurement. Visitors to the Caribbean want to eat Caribbean. They want to experience our foods and flavours and literally taste our culture. Presenting our food in an appetizing manner is all-important.

Because of our track record it was no challenge at all, even the roadside chef’s know our work, chefs trust us to portray their creations in the best light, it wasn’t always like this. The Food & Drink Guide was the first magazine to balance local and international flavours in an international quality format. People recognize that and look forward to seeing themselves, their family, or someone they know, it is about pride.

BUZZ: Final question, if you could invite

someone to a meal, who would it be and why? After discussion and consideration of all respected Caribbean heads of state, outstanding members of the community, icons, and media personalities we would likely invite our neighbours. In this world it is our love for thy neighbour which will determine our fate. Thank you for asking; we shall call that lovely family now. BUZZ

BUZZ: What food trend do you expect to see in Fine Caribbean Cuisine?

December, 2011- A&B BUZZ

BUZZ Worthy Features – Chef’s Table

Chef’s Table So Much has been said about food… “Food is our common ground, a universal experience.”

"Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food."

“Food is a central activity of mankind and one of the single most significant trademarks of a culture.”

"It is illegal to give someone food in which has been found a dead mouse or weasel."

~James Beard (1903-1985)

~Mark Kurlansky, 'Choice Cuts' (2002)

"Food to a large extent is what holds a society together and eating is closely linked to deep spiritual experiences." ~Peter Farb and George Armelagos 'Consuming Passions: The Anthropology of Eating'

"Enchant, stay beautiful and graceful, but do this, eat well. Bring the same consideration to the preparation of your food as you devote to your appearance. Let your dinner be a poem, like your dress."

~Charles Pierre Monselet, French author (1825-1888) ‘Letters to Emily’

"Food responds to our soul's dream as to our stomach's appetite."

~Joseph Delteil (1894-1978) French writer ‘La Cuisine paléolithique’, 1964)

"Food is not about impressing people. It's about making them feel comfortable."

~Ina Garten 'The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook'


~Ancient Irish law

"Food...can look beautiful, taste exquisite, smell wonderful, make people feel good, bring them together, inspire romantic feelings....At its most basic, it is fuel for a hungry machine;....“ ~Rosamond Richardson English cookery author

“Food without wine is a corpse; wine without food is a ghost; united and well mitched they are as body and soul, living partners.” ~Andre Simon (1877-1970)

Edible, adj.: Good to eat, and wholesome to digest, as a worm to a toad, a toad to a snake, a snake to a pig, a pig to a man, and a man to a worm.

~Ambrose Bierce

“One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.” ~Luciano Pavarotti and William Wright, Pavarotti, My Own Story

In A&B we prefer to let our passion speak louder than words… A&B BUZZ – December, 2011

Philman George: The Rhyming Chef Philman George is from the

island of Barbuda, just off the coast of Antigua. He was raised in Toronto, Canada and his professional cooking career started when he enrolled in the Culinary Management program at George Brown College. Since then, he has gained over a decade of experience working in some of Toronto’s finest private clubs and restaurants. Philman’s techniques where fine-tuned under the direction of Executive Chef’s Louis Panotier and Daniel Villet who both hailed from the small French speaking island of Martinique. Philman has expanded his repertoire over the years to include Italian, French, Californian, Caribbean, and Asian Fusion cuisines. This was further enhanced by working overseas as the Chef de Partie in Perth, Australia’s gold plate award winning restaurant The Red Herring and in Barbuda’s first solar powered beach bar & grill, Uncle Roddy’s. Philman is also known as The Rhyming Chef, as he has produced and hosted several cooking shows combining the Culinary Arts with Hip Hop culture. He has made appearances on Toronto’s popular morning show Breakfast Television and has headlined in city festivals such as the Hot and Spicy, Global Hip Hop and Culture Shock. Currently, Philman is the Executive Chef at the Island Yacht Club, which is a private sailing club on Toronto’s Muggs Island. At only 31, Philman has established himself not only in the Hip Hop scene but also as a promising star in the culinary world. Check out for more information.: BUZZ

Click Here to See The Rhyming Chef in Action:

December, 2011- A&B BUZZ

BUZZ Worthy Features – Chef’s Table

Galley Bay’s Chef S Part of the joy of staying at Galley Bay is dining

at their two alfresco restaurants. Farm-fresh offerings are prepared with care under the direction of award-winning Executive Chef Andrew "Stan" Baxter, who carefully melds Caribbean with Continental into wonderfully original dishes.

Here is an Interview with Chef Stan of Galley Bay Resort, Antigua W.I.

A&B BUZZ What or Who inspired you to seek a career in the Culinary Arts?

I cannot say that some really inspired me to become a chef, I can remember being asked by a teacher when I was in primary school what I wanted to do when I grew up, the answer was "to be a chef", I don't know why, but I consider myself lucky to have selected a career that I have been able to stick with and enjoy more every day.

BUZZ What training did you receive and

where did you train?

I was lucky enough to be close to a very good college called "Bournemouth and Poole college of Further Education", in Bournemouth, Dorset, England (a county on the south coast of the U.K.). The course I took is called the "Hotel chefs Diploma", however, the learning continues on a daily basis, I have become teacher, whilst remaining a student.

BUZZ What was it like filming the cooking

segment with actor Malik Yoba for the Destination Antigua & Barbuda program on BET Network?

Chef Stan Baxter’s signature dish Cinnamon Roasted Pork Belly with Plantain and Beets

A&B BUZZ – December, 2011

Filming with Malik was great fun, I have done a bit of television and demonstration work before, so the concept was fairly easy to deliver, Malik was a great host and we had a good rapport, we did the whole 30 minute film in one take,

Stan Baxter and then sat down, ate the fish with a glass of chardonnay.

BUZZ What is your favorite meal or treat?

That's a tough question, and I always struggle to answer it, in fact it gets harder to answer.. The treat would definitely be chocolate, I am not really a "sweet' dessert person, but chocolate is my Achilles heel (one of them anyway.) Favorite meal, equally tough, grilled fish with ginger and watermelon relish is good for lunch, slow roasted pork belly, or beef rib eye come to mind.

BUZZ What is your signature dish? One of my signature dishes is Cinnamon Roasted Pork Belly with Plantain and Beets.

BUZZ If you could invite anyone to

dinner, who would it be and why?

So many to choose from, let's see‌ First my wife, since she is my best friend and we don't get a lot of free time together, Then, in no particular order Freddie Roach, Boxing trainer for Manny Pacquiao, he is an amazing person who trains some of the world's best boxers, and he does so with Parkinson‘s disease, he is an inspiration. Adam Sandler, I am sure he would be entertaining company. Chelsea Handler and most of the comedians of "Chelsea Lately", very humorous narration on life! That is all for now, I'm having a brain fart and trying too hard to think of people to sit with, but I would want to be with people who have great spirit and outlook on life. BUZZ December, 2011- A&B BUZZ

BUZZ Worthy Features – Chef’s Table

CHEF Jacqueline Cort-Thomas of The Vil A&B BUZZ How did your career in Hospitality begin? What or who inspired you to open your own property, Villas at Sunset Lane? It began as a hobby – I always loved cooking and baking for family and friends and doing small catering events. However, after having a varied corporate experience as a Tax Accountant, I went back to college as a mature student and completed two years of Hospitality Management Training. It was during this experience and more specifically, an internship at the “W” Hotel in NYC that inspired me to open a hotel that would WOW our guests. So my younger sister, Bridget Anne Hampden and I set about to develop such a hotel and we believe that we have definitely achieved the “WOW” effect based on what our guests are telling us on Trip Advisor.

BUZZ What formal or non-formal training did you receive and where did you train?

I received my formal training in Hospitality Management from New York City College of Technology, City University of New York (fondly known as CityTech).

BUZZ Please describe your property and the services that you offer?

The Villas at Sunset Lane is located on a hillside above one of Antigua’s most scenic beaches – Dickenson Bay. This 10-room adults-only Boutique Hotel offers breathtaking views of the tranquil Caribbean sea lacing the sugary white beaches that hug the island’s northwest coastline. Whether you enjoy the spectacular sunsets on one of the many hotel balconies or take the less than 10 minute walk to the beach, guests can expect to be totally relaxed in this luxurious, intimate and secluded facility. This facility is an “All-Inclusive” property offering: accommodation |breakfast, lunch & dinner| locallymade drinks and house wine by the glass| Airport Transfers. Chef Jacqueline’s Antigua & Barbuda Local Braised Beef Shank

A&B BUZZ – December, 2011

BUZZ What makes your property unique?

llas at Sunset Lane It is a modern, new property with each suite offering its own unique style and vibrant yet relaxing pastel colors. All suites are spacious, air-conditioned, have complimentary WiFi, surround sound speakers, and cable TV. The property has lovely gardens that attract humming birds, black birds, and butterflies, to name a few. We pay close attention to our guests’ personal needs and pamper them as much as they will allow us. The Villas at Sunset Lane is a high-end small property offering its guest all of the amenities and more of the large property on island. Due to our small and intimate size, we are able to personalize our services offered to each of our guests.

and herbs that are available on the hotel’s property. If they wish, the guests can accompany me to the market to purchase local freshly caught seafood or meats and also to the local nearby farm to purchase fresh produce that is cooked the very day for dinner. I have found that there is always one dish that is raved about so I share my recipe with the guest to take home with them. I was recently challenged by one of our Canadian guests to develop a small cookbook with each guest’s favorite recipe and have it available to our guests for the future. I will take up this challenge to make such cookbooks available within one year.

BUZZ As proprietor and chef of your property,

BUZZ What is your signature dish?

what are some of the advantages of this dual responsibility? What are some of the disadvantages?

The advantages are that I can promptly attend to any issues that arise on property which need immediate attention; I am able to offer the guest a total “Experience” which includes pampering our guests while paying close attention to their special dietary requests. The disadvantage is that I am in the kitchen all day from early morning until very late at night cooking and baking the interesting dishes that the guests oooh and ahhh about.

BUZZ What was the thought behind creating

cooking lessons? Tell me about the couple’s cooking classes and what makes this such a special experience?

We wanted our guest to really experience an authentic Antigua & Barbuda culinary experience. Plus, we found that the guests were continually asking about what ingredients made up a particular dish and how was the dish prepared so we decided that cooking demonstrations would be a welcome addition to the services that we already offered. Hence, the genesis of our summer Caribbean-Fusion Cooking Demonstration Class. – Summer is when we have an abundance of mangoes, Antigua Black Pineapples, Avocados and lots of readily available fresh vegetables which complement the vegetables

The dish is one of our Dessert Menu called The Villas Bread Pudding which is a very rich pudding due to the addition of heavy cream.

BUZZ Who is your favorite chef and why? Chef Romano. Chef Romano is a graduate of the CityTech Hospitality program and has always made his restaurant, Union Square Café (USC) a lab for many of the CityTech Hospitality Program Graduates. This is his way of giving back to his alma mater which is very commendable – I still remember the evening my classmate and I visited USC as part of our homework assignment, oh! The service was impeccable, the ambience of the restaurant was so inviting and the meals we ordered were attractively displayed. However, the highlight for me was the delicious lentil soup which I have since duplicated and added to the Villas at Sunset Lane’s repertoire of menus.

BUZZ If you could invite a guest to stay and dine at your property, who would it be and why? That guest would be Mr. Donald Trump. I have always been an admirer of Mr. Trump for his outward tough demeanor to business, his knack for seeing opportunity where no one else can; his penchant for risk taking; his discipline to be able to come back from the brink of bankruptcy and most of all, his generosity. BUZZ December, 2011- A&B BUZZ

BUZZ Worthy Features – Chef’s Table

Creator of the Antiguan Black Fruit Cake: Denise Doherty

A&B BUZZ – December, 2011

During the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton,

a surprise was inside their ornately adorned wedding cake: old-fashioned fruitcake, the ugly duckling of Christmas desserts. Post the wedding, however, sales of fruitcakes soared in the United States with some fruitcake bakeries reporting record high spikes. This holiday season, the fruitcake phenomenon continues…

A&B BUZZ What or Who inspired you to create a unique recipe for Antigua Black Fruit Cakes?

Denise Doherty: I come from a background of sweet lovers and bakers. My Aunt and Grandmothers made wedding cakes and steamed puddings at Christmas and other special occasions. My Mother is also a great baker and is perhaps, my greatest critic. She, along with other family and friends have encouraged me to produce my moist Antiguan Black Fruitcakes for commercial availability.

BUZZ Are the fruits used in your cake indigenous to Antigua & Barbuda?

No, the fruits are imported dried fruits from abroad which are traced back to early British settlers.

powder”, fresh coconut milk, guava, sour sop, mango, tamarind or other local fruits. This is cooled and then placed in the mixer drum which is surrounded by ice and salt and then churned manually. The result is a delicious, creamy ice cream. My favorite is the custard and coconut (just in case you’re interested!)

BUZZ What is your favorite dessert? I have lots of favorite local desserts but the first that comes to mind is the ice cream followed closely by coconut cream pie (with lots of meringue piled high on top) and then the sweet potato pudding.

BUZZ If you could invite someone to dessert, who would it be and why? If I could invite someone to dessert, it would be my family and closest friends. My family has a full set of sweet teeth, not a sweet tooth, like most other folks! They would appreciate my desserts without any worry about the waistline or any other issues! I have actually hosted an Appetizer and Desserts party in the past, as these are my favorite courses in a meal. I called it “STARTERS AND AFTERS!” Loved it!!

BUZZ How are your cakes distributed and are they only available on-island and are there plans to ship the cakes overseas? They are distributed to the larger supermarkets, airport duty free shops, Heritage and Redcliffe Quay shops, major hotels on-island. Plans are in the works for shipping the cakes overseas.

BUZZ I understand that you are in the early stages of developing a cake which includes Susie’s Hot Sauce. How did this recipe come about?

Rosie, of Susie’s Hot Sauce and I are good friends and one day, my daughter Kara, suggested trying the hot sauce in some of my cakes! These are still in the trial phase as I have to get the ratio of hot sauce to batter “just right” for obvious reasons.

BUZZ Please tell me about the Antiguan Ice Cream Ladies and the type of Ice Cream they create.

I have a passion for local homemade ice cream from my earliest childhood memories. I seek out the ladies with their ice cream mixers in various villages on weekends. They first make a custard with either “English custard

BUZZ December, 2011- A&B BUZZ

BUZZ Worthy Features – Chef’s Table

Chef Rannae Hamlet ARAMARK Executive Chef at Janelia Farm Research Campus, Ashburn, VA

A&B BUZZ What or who inspired you to seek a career in the Culinary Arts? Chef Rannae: Working in a hotel gave me the inspiration. Also, many members of my family have been successful at it, so I figured why not give it a shot.

BUZZ What training did you receive and where? Chef Rannae: I studied at the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, VT and graduated with an AOS degree.

BUZZ In what ways do you feel you could implement

your expertise to Barbudans interested in following a similar career path?

Chef Rannae Hamlet’s Smoked Canadian Salmon and Idaho Trout with Smoke Bacon Foam, Fresh Dill, over Quail Egg.

Chef Rannae: Teaching young men and women the art of cooking. Cooking is not all about boiling water, there’s a lot that goes into the whole operation. At the end of the day, my passion is to inspire others. One of my favorite quotes is by William L. Simon – “Some people choose their path in life. Some people have it thrust on them and there are some who discovered theirs by accident, never having to look for it.”

BUZZ What is your dream for the future as a chef? Chef Rannae: I have a long-term goal to own and operate a restaurant, but I have several ideas that are in development and thinking one day I will put that into reality, very soon. BUZZ What is the name of your signature dish? Chef Rannae: I actually don’t have a signature dish because I’m always trying new things, however, I made these curry chicken angolatti with garlic chive pesto, curry foam and shaved white truffle, a total inspiration from my wife Julian’s curry chicken. BUZZ

A&B BUZZ – December, 2011

Cicely Samuel, Creator of the A&B Buzz Cake

A&B BUZZ What inspired you to create the A&B Buzz Cake?

theme of the cake?

CSamuel: I wanted to create a cake that would be truly Antiguan, I prayed about it and received this design that reflects a part of our history.

CSamuel: The theme is “A Reflection Of Our History.”

BUZZ How long have you

CSamuel: My ideal client would be Oprah, because she came through so much, was determined to make it and is now wo successful, I hope to be even ¼ of what she is today in terms of the success of my cake business. BUZZ

been a Master Cake Maker and Decorator?

A&B Independence Cake by Cicely Samuel

BUZZ What is the overall

CSamuel: I have been decorating cakes formore than 20-years, but did my first professional course at the Wilton School in Chicago about 15-years ago.

BUZZ Who would be your

dream client and why?

December, 2011- A&B BUZZ

BUZZ Worthy Features – Chef’s Table

Chef James Murphy: Culinary Ambassado Chef James Murphy uncovered his

predisposition to the culinary arts at a very young age. Born in St. John’s, Antigua, “Murphy”, as he is affectionately known, has worked at several hotels in Antigua including St. James’s Club and Blue Waters Hotel, where he catered to luminaries such as Joan Collins, the late Gregory Hines, Kenny Rogers, Whitney Houston and Cyndi Lauper. In addition to food service responsibilities, Murphy has been involved in creating exciting and innovative menus throughout the food industry. Currently Murphy works closely with the Antigua and Barbuda Department of Tourism and has assisted with on and off-premise catered functions, trade shows and other events. Although Murphy has had exposure to many culinary styles, his specialty is in the area of food carving and sculpting. Murphy’s biggest dream is to open a West Indian restaurant in

Are We There Yet? In 2011 the hosts of the Canadian television program Are we there yet, Rehan Moolla and

Aamil Moolla, became food explorers while in Antigua and Barbuda! Rehan and Aamil head to one of Antigua’s 365 beaches and made a sandcastle. As they dug in the sand, Aamil discovers an old pirate treasure map. He shows it to Rehan and they decide to follow it to the X’s marked on the map. They wander along the Coco beach and came across the first X on the map - a delicious Antiguan black pineapple! St. James’s Club Chef John Samuel met them and showed them how to cut it up and let them have a taste of the Antiguan specialty and invited them to make a local Antiguan candy sugar cake with him. BUZZ

A&B BUZZ – December, 2011

or of Antigua & Barbuda New York City where he can bring international flair to traditional island recipes.

A&B BUZZ What inspired you to

choose a career in the Culinary Arts? Fine quality food and the creations that can result, inspired me as well as great chefs I had the privilege to work with in Antigua & Barbuda, particularly Chef Salvatore Piccolo of the then Anchorage Hotel which is now Sandals Resort.

BUZZ What training did you receive and where did you receive your training?

All my training and experience has been hands-on, on-the-job training working with international chefs from Canada, Germany, Italy, Saint Lucia and the United States of America.

BUZZ How would you mentor

someone from Antigua & Barbuda

interested in following a similar career path? First, I would emphasize that the person get formal training, something that I regret not initially pursuing, but currently intend to broaden my knowledge. Second, seek an entry-level position in the industry where you can apply the theory learned to the practical skills observed in daily operations. The most important factor is that the individual must have a passion for this industry which can be demanding and grueling but the passion makes it all easier to manage and succeed.

BUZZ What is your signature dish and what was your inspiration?

Grilled Red Snapper With A Mango-Ginger Glaze. I love experimenting with flavors and incorporating flavors indigenous to Antigua & Barbuda. There are several other dishes I’m known for, but this is the most requested. I treat food as fashion, what is old, is new. BUZZ

December, 2011- A&B BUZZ

BUZZ Worthy Features – Chef’s Table

Sheer rocks Chef, Giovanni Meyer

Interview with Chef Giovanni Meyer of Sheer Rocks

A&B BUZZ What or who inspired you to pursue a career in the Culinary Arts?

My parents were always cooking especially on the weekends and I used to help my grandmother who I call “Arie” make shortbread cookies, and English minced pies at Christmas time. So I was always in the kitchen and sometimes helped my Mom and A&B BUZZ – December, 2011

Dad make breakfast. At around the age of eight my mother wanted me to understand that once I had learned something no one could take it from me and that knowledge was power. So she had me make a list of things that were important to me that I wanted to accomplish. The most important one was to be “the best chef in the world and to own restaurants around the world.” And I actually listed the countries. .

BUZZ What was your training to become a chef like and where did you train?

My first training experience in the food industry started when I worked at Subway as a sandwich artist during Christmas 2007 at the age of 16 when I decided that I wanted to gain experience in the industry and Sonya Gonsalves gave me the opportunity to take the first step towards my dream. It was hard work but a great introduction to food prepping, hygiene, time management during busy periods and stock rotation. It gave me the assurance I needed to realize that this was in fact where I wanted to be, and I did want a career in Culinary Arts. I did this once again in Christmas 2008. I attended the Antigua Barbuda Hospitality Training Institute where I enrolled in the Associates Degree program for Culinary Arts. In my first year I learnt the basics of cooking and baking. In May 2009 I participated in the Culinary Festival and helped various chef’s prepare their dishes. I met Chef Alex Grimley from Carlisle Bay at the Culinary Festival, who offered me the opportunity to work at Carlisle Bay and gain some experience. I subsequently volunteered to work there on my days off from school to gain experience. It was hard work but the experience was invaluable because I gained knowledge in various areas in cooking and prepping gourmet food and learned how to fillet a whole fish. At this point in my career I have filleted a 100lb tuna by myself. I then did a six week internship program at the St. James Club during the summer of 2009. In my second year I learnt about Menu costing, Menu planning, Culinary Mathematics. The Institute reopened the Atlantic View Restaurant where the students ran the kitchen, restaurant and bar. I gained a lot of experience in time management, leadership skills and multi-tasking. At the end of 2009 I was assigned to Carlisle Bay for the Sugar Ridge Food Industrial Party where I worked along with Chef Alex Grimley. This was the beginning of an important relationship in my career thus far.

The year 2010 was a busy year. I participated in the Antigua and Barbuda Mango Festival Cook off. Myself and two other students were the first to compete against professional chef’s in Antigua in this festival. I also helped Chef Olvanah Richardson in the Mango Festival at Christian Valley, who has also been my mentor as well as being my teacher at the institute. I finished my school year and completed the required internship that year at the Goddard Catering Group. I graduated in October 2010 excited and ready to take on the world of Culinary Arts.

BUZZ What type of cuisine is served at Sheer Rocks and what is your signature dish?\

At Sheer Rocks we serve Mediterranean Cuisine with a Caribbean flavor. Our signature dishes at Sheer Rocks currently are the Tuna Tartar and the Lobster Gnocchi. My signature dish is the Spicy Pork| Mango| Pineapple Wrap with a garlic yoghurt dip, which was featured in the book Table Manners.

BUZZ Who is your favorite chef?

Gordon Ramsay

BUZZ If you could invite someone to dinner

who would it be and why?

I would invite Chef Masaharu Morimoto because I would love to be able to impress him and have the opportunity to cook for the Japanese Iron Chef and show him how I could incorporate both Caribbean and International cuisine as one. BUZZ

Chef Meyers Signature Dish: Spicy Pork|Mango|Pineapple Wriap with Garlic Yogurt Dip

December, 2011- A&B BUZZ

BUZZ Worthy Features – Chef’s Table

Chef Rodrick Beazer of the Four Seas in the kitchen, my love for the Culinary Arts began. I eventually worked my way up to the Sous Chef position after two years. I was also employed as Pastry Chef and Assistant Executive Chef at The Beach House Resort and Sous Chef at Coco Point Lodge, all in Barbuda.

restaurant. I want it to be located in Barbuda, utilizing ingredients indigenous to Barbuda.

BUZZ Describe your

be the next trend in fine dining?

experience at The Art Institute of Atlanta (Atlanta, Georgia). Chef Rodrick: Well, I felt the Institute equipped me with the knowledge, skills and tools to handle the challenges faced in today’s industry as well as make me into a well-rounded professional. The hands-on experience, theory and business curriculum, covered the business as well as the creative aspects of the what it entails to be a chef and future business owner.

BUZZ As a native of An Herb-Crusted Pork Medallions with Lentil Salad and Plantain Chips created by Chef Rodrick Beazer

A&B BUZZ Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in the Culinary Arts? Chef Rodrick: I started my culinary journey working as a dish washer at the Palmetto Resort in Barbuda— December 199. While watching the chef and line cooks in action and the overall operation A&B BUZZ – December, 2011

Barbuda, in what ways do you feel you could implement your expertise to Barbudans interested in following a similar career path? Chef Rodrick: I would love to participate in a mentorship program which give Barbudan youth career options.

BUZZ What is your dream for your future as a chef? Chef Rodrick: To own and operate my own fine-dining

BUZZ Who is your favorite


Chef Rodrick: Bobby Flay.

BUZZ What do you think will

Chef Rodrick: Restaurants developing dual concepts to include but not limited to: Small plates and offering wine by the glass allows the guests to taste more and guard against a long, drawn-out multi-course meal. Chefs table – where guests are the opportunity to dine in the kitchen Live stations in the dining area; meat carving

BUZZ What is your signature


Chef Rodrick: I actually have two, a Barbudan Seafood pasta with a cream sauce, fresh herbs and tomato or Herb-Crusted Pork Medallions with Lentil Salad and Plantain Chips.

sons Hotel, Atlanta GA Chef Rodrick’s Signature Recipe HERB-CRUSTED PORK MEDALLIONS WITH LENTIL SALAD AND PLATAIN CHIPS Yield: 12 servings • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

4 ½ lbs. Pork tenderloin, cleaned and trimmed 2 cups Fresh slice bread (white) 1 cup Grated Parmesan 1 cup Mixed fresh herbs (thyme, parsley, & rosemary) ½ cup Dijon mustard 4 Tbsp. Susies’s hot sauce Salt (kosher) & pepper to taste Canola oil for sealing and frying 3 cups Lentils 3 cups Ripe plantains 2 cups Yellow onion, medium diced 3 cups Roma tomato, medium diced 4 cups Fresh spinach 5 cloves Garlic, minced 2 ea. Green plantain 1 quart Canola oil ½ cup Unsalted butter 2 tbs. Susies’s hot sauce

Method: Place the lentils and 1 tbs. salt into a large saucepan and cover with water by 2 to 3 inches. Place over high heat and bring just to a rolling boil. Reduce the heat to low, cover and simmer until the lentils are tender, approximately 25 to 30 minutes. Drain any remaining liquid. Heat large Sauté pan over medium heat and preheat oven to 350 °F. In a food processor blend herbs, cheese and bread. Set aside. Mix mustard and 4 Tbs. Susies’s hot sauce. Set aside. Then season pork tenderloins with salt and pepper. Seal tenderloins in hot pan remove from heat and brush

with mustard mixture. Press breadcrumb mixture onto tenderloins, coating completely. Finish in oven until internal temperature reaches 140°F; 20 – 25 minutes. When pork is ready, let rest for 3-5minutes before slicing. Preheat 1 quart canola oil in medium-sized rondeau; over medium heat. Cut off the ends of ripe and green plantains. Score the skins of plantains with knife length wise once. Peel ripe plantains and medium dice. Fry the pieces until browned and tender. Drain excess oil on paper towel. Heat medium -sized sauteuse and then add 1/3 cup canola oil. Sautee onions and garlic. Add lentils and dice plantains. Then add dice tomatoes. Finally, add spinach. Tomato and spinach should be tossed just before plating. Season with salt, fresh ground pepper and chopped parsley. Serve at room temperature. Place butter in a large mixing bowl and melt over bain marie. Add 2 Tbsp. Susies’s hot sauce. Set aside. Fill a large mixing bowl with hot water, and place scored green plantains in the bowl. Soak for five minutes and then drain. Peel the plantains and slice them lengthwise with a vegetable peeler into thin strips no more than 1/16" in thickness. Transfer the plantain strips to the hot oil in batches of about six to eight at a time. Fry 30 to 40 seconds, turning frequently, until the plantain chips are golden brown in color. Remove from oil and place on paper towel to drain. Just before plating, toss plantain chips in butter pepper sauce mixture. To plate the entrée, spoon about 3 oz. Lentil salad in the middle of each plate; then slice 6 oz. (3 medallions) pork tenderloin and arrange across the top of the lentil salad. Top with plantain chips. Bon appétit! BUZZ

December, 2011- A&B BUZZ

call toll fre e

.org rbuda 888.268.4227 or visit us online www.antigua-ba

Narecia Abraham Restaurant Manager of the Millesime Restaurant at the Carlton Hotel, NYC A&B BUZZ What inspired you to get into the hospitality industry?

managerial standpoint and that usually results in superb customer service.

NAbraham: Well, I come from a family of cooks and my Dad was one of the food and beverage managers at Hawksbill Hotel in Antigua. I loved the stories that he would share with us about the day-to-day operations. Post high school in Antigua, I applied to and was accepted to Pace University in New York City where I majored in hospitality management. My first internship was at the Parker Meridien Hotel where I later became a supervisor then was promoted to a manager within six months.

BUZZ How would you

BUZZ As a hospitality

manager, do you feel the development of competencies are better acquired via formal training or working through the ranks or a combination of both? Nabraham: I feel it should be a combination of both, because there is only so much you can learn in theory. Once thrown into real-life situations in the industry, you realize that there are various methods and standards that have to be considered as opposed to a specific model listed in a textbook. A keen skill that you develop as a successful manager in hospitality is to maintain a view from the customer/guest’s perspective as well as from a

structure a mentoring program for someone living in Antigua & Barbuda who is interested in a career in the hospitality industry? NAbraham: The one thing I would emphasize to anyone I would mentor is that to be successful in any position within the hospitality industry, you have to be passionate about what you’re doing and willing to offer the best possible customer service to a customer/guest. For those who choose not to participate in formal training, I suggest that you apply for an entry-level position to help decide if this industry is for you. Work hard and display your talents which will get the attention of your managers and communicate your interest in what specific areas you wish to specialize in and set future goals for yourself. Most important, don’t let money be an absolute factor when choosing a position within the industry.

BUZZ What is your favorite signature dish?

NAbraham: My favorite signature dish is the Quennelles, created by Owner and Chef Laurent Manrique and Executive Chef Alan Ashkinaze which consists

Narecia Abraham, Restaurant Manager, Millesime Restaurant

Chef Alan Ashkinaze, Executive Chef, Millesime Restaurant

of a pastry, similar to what Antiguans and Barbudans would call a baked dumpling, a soft, baked dumpling filled with lobster and covered in a lobster broth.

BUZZ What would be your “Dream Position?” NAbraham: My dream position would be a hotel owner of a property in Antigua & Barbuda, Hopefully, this will come true within the next few years. BUZZ December, 2011- A&B BUZZ


King Montgomery: Maintaining Christmas Traditions in Barbuda “Barbuda has it’s own traditions during the Christmas season. Celebrations on the island usually involve all local residents. To start the Christmas season on December 15, one local resident has a porridge party. During the party a variety of different porridges are served such as cornmeal, rice, oats and cream of wheat. Everyone comes and helps themselves to as much porridge as they can eat” From Antigua and Barbuda by Sara Louise Kras

A&B BUZZ What inspired you to create Clash of the Pop? And is that the correct title? Montgomery: Firstly the correct name is the Traditional Xmas Treats. The inspiration behind the creation of these treats are purely traditional and cultural. I always held dear to me the cultural norms of my days growing up in the 50s, 60s and 70s. Every treat is my way of continuing the traditions passed on to me from my forefathers;.

BUZZ What are some of the Barbudan

traditions in preparation for Christmas that you recall. Montgomery: Actually there were quite a few of these Christmas traditions I can fondly remember. One such tradition is that of 'Carol Singing' where persons in the village go from door to door at night greeting residents by singing Christmas carols. Baking was also a tradition during Christmas time, especially the baking of 'Christmas pudding'. Barbudans have always made a spectacle of their homes during that time of year, placing colorful curtains up and buying elaborate ornaments to decorate their living spaces.

BUZZ What is your favorite Barbudan Christmas treat?

Montgomery: My favorite Barbudan Christmas treat is the 'Porridge or Pop Party‘.

BUZZ Why do you feel it is important to maintain these traditions?

Montgomery: Personally I think the hosting of

Click Here to see King Montgomery perform “Christ

A&B BUZZ – December, 2011

traditional activities are importantly from a cultural identification standpoint. The younger generations should be well acquainted with the culture and traditions of their forefathers. My fear is that the rich culture of my island stands to be lost in the not too distant future. So activities like these treats would serve as a constant reminder to all that we have a unique culture that should be maintain at all costs.

BUZZ What is your favorite Barbudan Christmas Tradition?

Montgomery: My favorite Barbudan Christmas Tradition is the singing of Christmas carols from door to door.

BUZZ How many years have you hosted

this Barbudan Christmas Celebration? Montgomery: I have been hosting these traditional treats for over 21 years;

BUZZ How many people generally attend your festivities? Montgomery: Every treat is generally well attended. I would estimate that about 300 to 400 persons attend every treat. Weather conditions at times affects the turn out but in any event well over 100 persons attend my treats.

BUZZ What types of Porridge/Pop are featured during this celebration? Montgomery: The types of porridge featured at my treats are cornmeal porridge, white flour porridge, rice porridge, custard porridge, cream of wheat and some others.

tmas Won't Be The Same�

BUZZ December, 2011- A&B BUZZ


The BUZZ Holiday List Useful tidbits, trivia and tasty conversation starters:

59% The percentage of North Americans check e-mails on family holidays including Christmas according to a Harris poll. Of those 79% said they received messages from equally BB addicted coworkers.

$5 The price of a one way ticket on America’s first commercial airline flight in 1914.


The number of flights that will arrive in A & B during the week of Christmas, from the United States and Canada.


The weight in pounds of the largest Christmas fruit cake baked in America last year. Created by Gladys Farek from Texas the cake cost a whopping $998.00.


The number of weeks off children in A & B public schools get for Christmas.

1565 As of Sunday Dec 25th 2011, the count on Barbecue parties hosted at Shirley Heights Look Out, since this establishment opened its doors on November 1, 1981.

A&B BUZZ – December, 2011


5 New year’s resolutions to initiate in A&B Get a jump start on your New Year’s Resolutions while on your

A & B getaway. As you enjoy your Holiday in the Tropics you will be submerged in a melting pot of global merrymakers, all in search of the perfect weather to celebrate the Holidays. As you hob knob and make new friends, be sure to plan some personal time for reflection. The destination offers some of the most serene meditative spots to help you plan for a happy, healthy and stress-free 2012.

1. Give Back – Donate to a Charity and help make a difference

in the lives of the less fortunate. Make a donation in someone’s name to one of A & B’s local charities. Check with your hotel for a list of local charities.

2. Include more exercise in your routine. Regular work outs are

a great way to improve your health and mood. Many properties like Carlisle Bay and Sugar Ridge have excellent fitness centers and programs.

3. Wake your space with Isle Style. – Paint color, art, décor

are easy budget friendly ways to infuse your A & B vacation memories. Rearrange furniture to create a bungalow feel, or add island chic by selecting blue-green linens and accents that add a resort feel.

4. Eat more island greens. Try new recipes with island greens

like bok choy, eddo tops, okra, squash and other vegetables that are available at many fine food stores throughout North America.

5. Begin a photo journal. Digitally document candid memories

to keep the mind rejuvenated and increase overall happiness. Digital picture frames filled with fun vacation photos help recount fond memories of the things in life that are most rewarding.

BUZZ December, 2011- A&B BUZZ


Staying in a villa or B&B? Stress-less solutions for shopping and cooking on a budget

Many B & Bs, villas and apartments offer concierge services, chefs, and other support services and these are particularly critical, when many establishments close for the holidays, including supermarkets and service stations. Things to Consider: Shopping lists and requests for electric rice cookers, crock pots and microwaves should be sent ahead of time. Opt for imported delicacies and prepared food such as rotisserie chicken, frozen pastas and pizzas, jarred and chopped herbs to minimize the time spent in the kitchen. Local purveyors like Epicurean, and Gourmet Basket offer a range of options. Stock up on wines, champagne and a variety of spirits that will enhance the celebration and increase the time that you actually spend with family and friends. Avoid recipes that require specific kitchen supplies or seasonal items since these may be more difficult to source at this of year. Purchase of these items for single use may not be economical. Perishables such as sausage and milk and herbs should be stored in airtight containers or frozen. Consider catering services such as Chefs 2 U or a personal chef for special celebrations such as Christmas Dinner or New Year’s Eve. Manage your budget by keeping track of grocery spending, cost of deliveries and currency conversions. A&B BUZZ – December, 2011


7 Ways to celebrate a memorable Christmas away from home Despite the thrill of spending the Holidays in a tropical setting with great music, food, hues of sea

blue and lots of sunshine, some visitors grow homesick with temporary bouts of separation anxiety and stress related to their life back home. During quiet times, the mind may drift to think of loved ones back home or those who may have passed on, uncompleted tasks or other outstanding issues. Here is some quick “pick-me-up” advice on how to bring a sense of calm, evoke pleasant thoughts and balance sentiments to make the Christmas experience more than just another beach day in the tropics. Christmas Day and Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) are public holidays so shopping and adventure options may be somewhat limited.

1. Get dressed up & primped up for Christmas Brunch and New Year’s Eve. Many properties

have gift shops that feature many international brands and local finds. There are countless options in couture and accessories for you to transform your day time look to evening. On site salons are also available for hair and nail care.

2. Enjoy Lemongrass… Tea, cocktail or spa treatment. Widely used throughout the island in

teas and alcoholic beverages, this “happy grass” is the perfect energy booster. Many properties such as Cocos and Hermitage utilize the scent of lemongrass in their spa treatments.

3. Up your mood with music. A bad mood equals low energy so reboot by finding an area near

the bar where you can enjoy music. For children, prepare a holiday playlist or CDmix with some of your family Holiday favorites.

4. Sniff energizing scents – Jasmine, peppermint and citrus are great boosts. Purchase travel

candles that evoke holiday scents like gingerbread, juniper and other scents to facilitate memories of home.

5. Take a breathing break. Consider activities that bring a sense of calm and get your blood flowing – meditation, yoga, workout, a stroll on the beach, gathering sea shells.

6. Travel finds. Seek out unique, novel gifts, cards and art to create memories of this special

experience. A gift from another country is always special and tells loved ones that they were being thought of during your vacation.

7. Attend a church service. Join in worship with the locals during special services to usher in Christmas and the New Year. Check with your hotel or inn keeper for a listing of services.


December, 2011- A&B BUZZ


Island Gourmet Pantry from A to Z Great chefs can ramp up the flavor in any meal

when equipped with the right ingredients, spices, sauces and toppings. Here are some of the most common condiments that can be found in the pantries of local residents as well as the finest restaurants throughout A & B.

A Angostura Bitters - adds a twist to alcoholic and

non-alcoholic beverages. B Beans - a variety of dried legumes including red and kidney beans that are soaked overnight. Fresh or canned peas include snap and snow, pigeon and chick peas. C Coconut – milk or cream, there are several varieties to choose from. Freshly grated it is ideal for desserts. D Dried fruit – mainly raisins, currants and prunes, soaked in wine or rum and used in making Christmas cakes or puddings E Eggs - Endless possibilities for breakfast. Omelets galore for breakfast in a salad for lunch or deviled for cocktails. F Flour – plain, self raising corn or arrowroot. Used for breads, dumplings or liquids such as porridge. G Ginger – freshly grated or powder. Ideal for seasonings of bringing that zing to an entrée. Also used for refreshing ginger beer or ginger tea. H Herbs – dried or freshly picked from a backyard garden. Varieties include: rosemary, chives, celery, parsley and thyme. I Iodized Salt - iodine added to salt provides the small but essential amount needed by humans. J Jams - preserves and chutneys. The high sugar content means they will keep for ages when properly stored. K Ketchup – used on burgers, hot dogs – can’t live without it! L Liqueurs – used to add a touch of flavor and pack a punch with mixed drinks and cocktails. A&B BUZZ – December, 2011

M Mustard – Dijon or English. Used in sandwiches,

sauces, roasts, dressings and more. N Nutmeg – ground can be used as topping for almost any dessert or chocolate beverage. Store whole and grate when needed to extend shelf life. O Oils – extra virgin or truffle add smooth flavor when used in salad or for frying. P Pastas – Penne, Linguine, macaroni, lasagna, spaghetti. Q Quakers oatmeal. - Eaten for breakfast or used to make oatmeal cookies. R Rice – a staple source of starch in the Caribbean diet. White, brown, or cooked yellow as a Spanish option. S Susie’s Hot Sauce - Award winning pepper sauce made from scotch bonnet and other peppers. T Tabasco Sauce - used with seafood, fish and some meats. U Unsalted nuts - used in breakfast smoothies and other health drinks V Vinegar – Balsamic, wine and rice W Worcestershire Sauce – adds flavor and new dimension to steaks, burgers, venison, roasts and chicken. X Xtra Cheese - Beyond burgers, sandwiches and pizza melted cheddar cheese on a spiny lobster is exceptional Y Yogurt – as a breakfast essential, also used in desserts or with served with lamb and mint. Z Zest - fresh juice of lime and lemons, an essential when preparing sea food. BUZZ

Geography of A&B Christmas Cuisine Christmas cuisine in A & B includes an

Pepper Pot with Fungee

Sorrell Drink

eclectic mix of dishes that reflect the destination’s rich and diverse history. Through the generations, the best recipes, cooking techniques and most resilient produce, have been handed down and celebrated as part of the ‘ole time Christmas feast which begins on Christmas Eve and continues until New Year’s Day. From native Arawaks and Caribs, African slaves, European colonial masters, and seafaring traders, many herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables have been transported to A &B and the rest of the Caribbean, from Southeast Asia, India, Australia and Malaysia. It is not uncommon to find local Christmas and year round entrees that feature a diverse combination of intercontinental fare served on a single platter.


Goat Water


Fungee - ITALY made from corn flour it is cooked and served warm with vegetables or with cod fish or herring. Similar to polenta with origins in Italy and is described asthe pasta of the North. Because of its versatility it is served at many important occasions or every day meals. Pepper Pot - AFRICA - has a distinctively Caribbean origin, created by enslaved Africans using ideas of the indigenous people along with both African (okra) and indigenous greens, such as dasheen leaves or spinach. Sorrell Drink – WEST AFRICA commonly sold on the street the dried flowers can be found in every market. This drink t is popular around Christmas when

the flowers are typically in bloom. It contains fresh ginger, sorrel and natural spices. It is a highly nutritious and a good source of vitamin C. Plantains – ASIA - This large banana like starchy side dish is boiled or fried and served for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The sweetness of plantains balances the savory taste of meats or adds flavor when served with provisions such as yams or cassava. Goat Water or Bullfoot Soup IRELAND –Similar to Irish stew, made with lamb or mutton, potato, onion and parsley Stewing popular as a low-cost cooking technique and meat cuts having a certain amount of marbling and gelatinous connective tissue give moist, juicy stews. Patties – ENGLAND. Meat patties in A & B are smaller than the Jamaican patties and are typically served as a snack with meatballs and other savory delights. It is actually an English pastry, just like those Charles Dickens would have eaten on 19th century London Streets. Malt – GERMANY. A soft drink, brewed from barley, hops, and water. it is nonalcoholic, and is consumed in the same way as soda or cola in its original carbonated form Coconuts - UNKNOWN The origin is obscured by the ability of the fruit to disseminate the species naturally over distances of thousands of miles. Coconuts can float on the ocean for months and still germinate when beached, so they may have arisen anywhere between the eastern Indian and western Pacific oceans. BUZZ December, 2011- A&B BUZZ


Claws out in the Clash of the Lobsters

“Perfectly prepared lobster are not unlike hot curds, juicy and tender, and sweet as scorched honey from ocean depths.”

A&B BUZZ – December, 2011


The Lobster is an intriguing

creature that thrives in a simple environment so vastly different than humans, yet offers what is considered one of the most sophisticated foods on earth. Visitors to A & B who are familiar with the American lobster often wonder how the Caribbean spiny lobster stacks up. Though there are strong similarities, including their image of refinement and the joy of enticing the lobster out of the shell, both species have very distinguishing features.

Atlantic Lobster – Usually 1-9 pounds but can reach a body length of 2 feet and a weigh up to 40 pounds making it the heaviest marine crustacean in the world.

Spiny Lobster - Grow to about 5 inches and weigh up to 15 pounds




Dull greenish brown

Deep brown and gold


Pale pink to deep red

Brownish pink


Large claws that contain some meat but somewhat difficult to eat

Two sets of long spiny antennae as opposed to claws on the first four pairs of legs


Using Traps

Diving -- retrieved by hand


Maine - cold shallow waters of Atlantic coast of North America – Labrador to New Jersey

Barbuda - Crevices of coral reefs in warm waters in many parts of Caribbean


Boiled or steamed . Add a pat of butter

Grilled. Add a slice of Cheddar Cheese


In New England – a little more than a steak

In Barbuda -- a little more than a hot dog December, 2011- A&B BUZZ


Claws out in the Clash of the Lobsters

- continued

RECIPE: BARBUDA LOBSTER RUNDOWN with Ripe Plantain Mash (Taken from TableManners pg. 138)

Preparation Time: 15 mins. Cooking Time: 60 mins. Serves: 4 Ingredients: Lobster and Rundown Sauce • 1 ripe tomato, chopped • 2 shallots, diced • 2 cloves of garlic, chopped • 1 spring of thyme, chopped • 2 seasoning peppers, chopped • 1 hot chili pepper, chopped • 1pt (500 ml)fresh coconut milk • ½ tsp Cajun spice • 2 tbsp vegetable oil • 4x 8 oz (200 g) fresh lobster tails(shell off, tail end on) • Salt and pepper to taste

Method for Rundown Sauce and Lobster Heat oil in skillet and sauté tomatoes on medium heat for 3 minutes. Add onions, garlic, thyme and peppers and continue sautéing for an additional 5 minutes. Add coconut milk and bring to a rapid boil; season with salt, pepper and Cajun spice then reduce heat and allow to simmer for about 30 minutes or until the sauce starts to thicken. Set aside. Grill lobster tails to your liking. Method for Ripe Plantain Mash Boil plantain with skin on. When cooked remove the skin and pass plantain through a potato masher or a food processor to make a mash. Return plantain to A&B BUZZ – December, 2011

Ingredients: Ripe Plantain Mash • 4 ripe plantains • 2 oz (50 g) butter • 2 oz (60 ml) milk • 1 tbsp spring onion, chopped • Salt and pepper to taste Garnish • 1 carrot, peeled, sliced with a mandolin • 1 zucchini (courgette), sliced with a mandolin • 16 asparagus spears • 8 cherry tomatoes, halved • 1 lemon, quartered in wedges

skillet on low heat and add butter, milk and spring onions. Use a rubber spatula to combine and bring to a thick consistency, then add salt and pepper to taste. Assembly Blanch the carrot, zucchini ribbons and asparagus spears in boiling water and refresh in ice cold water. Set aside. Fill the base of each plate with Rundown sauce. Spoon the plantain mash on top in the centre of the plate and top with the lobster tail. Garnish with carrot and zucchini ribbons, asparagus spears and cherry tomatoes. Finish with a lemon wedge. BUZZ

From the Farm to the Pharmacy y Leaving brutal winter temperatures

for the warmth of the tropics often includes late night parties to calorific feasts. This can bear on your immune system and since Christmas is a time of over-indulgence and stress, while on your A & B getaway, seek out foods that help ward off cold and sniffles and help build your overall immune system. With myriad of manmade solutions in pharmacies, scientific research shows that the natural benefits found in many foods come directly from local farms and fisheries, These local super foods widely available in A & B, are loaded with key nutrients that have been incorporated in many over the counter remedies. If symptoms persist, please consult your physician. 1) Pomegranate With high levels of antioxidants and distinctive red juicy seeds, pomegranate is at the forefront of the superfood movement. Health benefits associated include rich in Vitamin C, K, B5 and folate. Scientific research has shows that the polyphenols in pomegranate juice may reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. An easy way to incorporate pomegranate is to garnish desserts with the seeds, as you would with raspberries or blueberries. 2) Yogurt A healthy balance of “good� bacteria in the digestive tract is key for bodily functions such as digestion and immune function. Being a dairy food, yogurt contains calcium, Vitamin B-2, B-12, magnesium and potassium. Health benefits associated with yogurt include reduction of thrush occurrences,

helping gastrointestinal conditions (constipation, diarrhoea and Inflammatory Bowel Disease). Yogurt is not limited to your breakfast muesli. It is used in curry or blended with some fruit and honey for a deliciously simple smoothie.

We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are. Adelle Davis (1904 – 1974)

3) Oily fish Fresh salmon, trout, mackerel, sardines, and tuna are good sources of protein and omega-3 fatty acids that reduce inflammation and help lower the risk of heart disease, cancer, and arthritis. Highly concentrated in the brain, omega-3 fatty acids is important for cognitive performance, such as brain memory. For beauty buffs the unique combination of protein, omega-3 fats and antioxidants in oily fish are also good for healthy skin and hair. 4) Dark green vegetables Kale, chard, spinach, bok choy, broccoli, asparagus and green beans are just a few of the top dark green vegetables that are jam-packed with vitamins A and C, calcium, iron and phytonutrients. These veggies keep your heart healthy and waistline slim through being filling, high in fibre and low in calories. 5) Pulses Chickpeas, beans, peas and lentils are a great source of vegetable protein and make a cheap and nutritious meal when added to stews, salads, curry and chilli entrees. As well as vegetable protein, pulses are also a great source of fibre, complex carbohydrates, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc. Research also shows that regular pulse consumption may assist with weight loss by controlling appetite through increasing feelings of fullness. BUZZ December, 2011- A&B BUZZ


Baker’s dozen: Treats of Antigua & B

What is patriotism but the love of the food one ate as a child? ~ Lin Yutang, Chinese writer and inventor

Bun Tart, Cake Tart

Bun and Cheese

Massah Harris

Sausage Roll

Brownie’s Bread


Currant Rolls

A&B BUZZ – December, 2011

Roast Dumpling/Yabba Dumpling



Carrot Cake

Johnny Cakes

Potato Pudding

Black Cake/ Rum Cake

Cassava Pone


Coconut Tart

BUZZ December, 2011- A&B BUZZ


Holiday Dining on a DimE APPETIZERS Skip: Bread Basket Opt For: Caribbean Crostini

DRINKS Skip: A Full Bar Opt For: An A&B Cocktail: BARBUDA BLUE by Rodman George of Uncle Roddy’s Beach Bar, Barbuda featured in Table Manners Ingredients:  3 oz. (90 ml) Cavalier Antigua Rum(White)  ½ oz (15ml) lime juice  1 oz (30ml) fresh Antigua Black Pineapple Juice  2 oz Blue Curacao liqueur Method: Combine all ingredients and either serve over ice or shake over ice and strain into a Martini glass. Garnish with a lime zest twist.

Take a couple of loaves of locally baked Antigua Bread and slice them and top with a spread of fresh herbs and olive tapenade: ½ clove garlic, 1 tablespoon chopped fresh herbs, 2 teaspoons of lemon juice, 1 cup of chopped olives, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, salt and pepper to taste and gently mash all ingredients together. Top each slice with a spoonful of the tapenade and serve.

MAIN COURSE Skip: Shrimp or Salmon Opt For: Grilled Barbuda Spiny Lobster with melted Garlic Butter

DESSERT Skip: Tarts & Tortes Opt For: Locally Made Homemade Ice Creams with Local Flavors: Coconut, Antigua Black Pineapple, Mango, Passionfruit, Soursop, Tamarind to name a few… BUZZ

A&B BUZZ – December, 2011

Christmas & New Year Planner

Saturday 24 December – Christmas Eve 2-4pm Cool Kids Club: Christmas Eve party 6.30pm Join us for a cocktail reception in the Pavilion with festive drinks, canapés and carol singing 7pm Christmas Eve dinner will be served in Indigo on the Beach with a live band Sunday 25 December – Christmas Day 9am Fun on the Beach: Children’s games, clown and face painting 11am Santa Claus will arrive at Indigo to deliver gifts to all the children. Children’s light bites will be served 7pm Traditional three course Christmas dinner at Indigo on the Beach Monday 26 December – Boxing Day 4-6pm Afternoon tea with live jazz around the pool Wednesday 28 December Caribbean Beach Barbeque 7pm Fabulous barbeque and bonfire on the beach US $65 per person

Saturday 31 December – New Year’s Eve 2-4pm Cool Kids Club: New Year’s Eve party 5-6.30pm Complimentary high tea for children in Indigo on the Beach 7pm Cocktail reception and canapés around the pool 8pm New Year’s Eve party at the Pavilion with a fabulous buffet including a Seafood Bar, Middle Eastern table, Hogmanay Roast and a Sherry & Tapas Bar Reservations required by 30th December | US $195 per person 11pm onwards New Year countdown and fireworks with dancing and live music from the band “1761” Sunday 1 January – New Year’s Day 12-4pm Lazy brunch in Indigo on the Beach with live music Private Dinner on the Beach During the Festive season, enjoy a private dinner on the jetty or on the beach choosing from one of our carefully selected menus. Alternatively, we can arrange a private barbeque on the beach with your own personal chef. Please contact our Restaurant or Reception teams for more details. A minimum of 48hrs notice is required. December, 2011- A&B BUZZ

BUZZ Worthy Features – Antigua on $40 A Day

Antigua on $40 A Day Rachael Ray on her popular $40 A Day Show, was the first to showcase how you can enjoy affordable, delectable cuisine in Antigua and Barbuda. Five years later, despite inflation and the current economic conditions, you can still enjoy a delicious 40 dollar meal plan whenever you’re on-island. Here are the top BUZZ picks:

Vegetarian Delights ● Kalabashé vegetarian restaurant & juice bar is capturing the attention of locals & tourists alike. Taking its name from the ‘Calabash’, an eating utensil of African roots, the organically growing menu has an emphasis on fresh produce. Quick methods are used to lightly cook dishes so they remain crisp & flavorful. The menu is a fusion of International cuisines with an emphasis on true Caribbean flavors. Try the Thai tofu curry with seasoned brown rice or noodles or the vegetarian meatballs spiced with ginger, fresh herbs & honey. A lunch menu can run you anything from US $10 - $20. ● One Stone Ital Shack offers delicious vegetarian food made with local organic produce, whole-wheat flour, soya milk and natural spices served up with nuff love from Donna the Ital Queen. Starting with light snacks - brunch pancakes come in cinnamon, sweet potato or banana flavors, veggie roti and patties, pizza, veggie and tofu burgers, veggie sub sandwiches, cassava balls and peas balls (children's favorites). Ital means are dishes all cooked in a traditional ‘jaba' clay pot. They include spicy veggie pasta, peas, tofu or soya chunks stews, and ital fried rice. Be early for a slice of veggie lasagne as its sells out everyday! Don't forget dessert – carrot and banana cake add a sweet finale to your meal. Also the best naturally blended local fruit juices - No Preservatives. The popularity of this roadside venue is not unexpected, especially after tasting the food. Open from 10.30am until early evening, Monday-Saturday stop off for a bite of ital philosophy. Dishes range from US $10 - $20

A&B BUZZ – December, 2011

Kiddie Treats ● Ice Capades is a sweet escape from the daily routine. It is the perfect place for family and friends to get together for refreshments, ice creams galore and many tasty treats. Behind the parlour customers have a chance to explore the Ice Capades Park which provides a quiet retreat for those looking for a lunch spot and a safe and fun adventure for kids to run off those sugary treats.

Seafood Lovers ● If on the popular Dickenson Bay taking part in one of the many water sporting activities grab a bite to eat at Chippy Antigua. Offering traditional fish and chips in an authentic Caribbean setting, you can chose to dine in or take-out. Try their lobster bites and chips with home made cole slaw US $15.

● Cloggys Café is a bustling open spaced café in the heart of historic English Harbour that serves superb lunches and dinners. Only the freshest ingredients and seasonal vegetables are used to create tasty, colorful dishes that are perfect for the Caribbean. Book ahead to avoid disappointment! For dinner, try the Grilled Lemon Pepper Catch of the day. Served with a carrot and fennel puree, sautéed spinach, pineapple and grape salsa finished with a lemon butter reduction US $24.

SeaShore Eats ● Bumpkins is a large covered, wooden verandah set right on the beach at Pigeon Point Beach, Falmouth Harbour. With wonderful views across the harbour, Bumpkins is a favorite hang-out for visitors, locals and yachties alike. Established over 13 years ago, it has become a great place to spend a few happy hours. The menu is a feast of Caribbean specials – grilled lobster, garlic shrimp, chicken, fish, ribs plus burgers, salads, potato wedges the portions are generous and the prices realistic. They serve their beers ice cold, blend their rum based cocktails with fresh local fruit and their Banana Pina Colada is to die for! Try the Steak with Green mashed potatoes and veggie US $20. ?id=156&cat=79

December, 2011- A&B BUZZ

BUZZ Worthy Features – Antigua on $40 A Day

Antigua on $40 A Day - continued SeaShore Eats - continued ● There is no better place to while away a few hours than Cecilia’s at Dutchman’s Bay. Located on the water’s edge with fabulous ocean views and easy access to the soft sandy beach, this Café/Bistro will capture your imagination and taste buds both at the same time. An eclectic array of comfy chairs and tables set out on the wooden deck, with Jazz; R&B; Soul and Café Del Mar playing in the background, produce an enchanting and chilled out ambiance at this fabulous location. Homemade Mushroom Ravioli served on a bed of arugula in cream pesto sauce US $20.

Local Bites ● The City View Hotel located in the heart of St. Johns is home to the Sappodilla Restaurant. On Fridays Fungi and Fish with Provision, a local delicacy and National Dish is served. Fungi made of cornmeal is perfect for those with an adventurous palette (similar to Italian polenta)! US $10. ● Trappas Bar and Restaurant at English Harbor offers an extensive international menu. Sample the local West Indian Curry US $20 and dessert US $6 – at those prices you will leave with a full belly and a smile on your face – and not just because of the size of your rum and coke!


A&B BUZZ – December, 2011

Package: Single Occupancy: US$ 275.00 nightly Double Occupancy: US$ 459.00 nightly All inclusive package double occupancy: breakfast, dinner, and local beverages: US $730.00 Inclusive of service & tax Our four, two bedroom suites come equipped with flat screen televisions, internet connection, kitchen, and washer and dryer. We also have maid service, and the property is fully secured with close circuit television monitoring. We are located in Piccadilly in a very quiet residential area five minutes away from Historic Nelsons Dockyard, Shirley’s Heights, and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. We offer pickups from the airport, and a car rental service to make your holiday experience comfortable and relaxing. For further information and reservation please call, 562-7331 or 722- 7476 or 729- 7053.

Anchorage Inn

Package: $799.00US PER COUPLE SPECIAL: Includes: • 1 FREE NIGHT (room only) • Ocean View Apt • Continental breakfast • Transportation to and from the airport • 1 Day Rental Vehicle • Free Internet access in room • Cable television (100 channels) • Inclusive of service & tax (22.5%) Minimum 7 night stay. (You pay for 6 nights). Offer ends April 15, 2012. Email: to make reservations. Phone: (268) 462-4065

Villas at Sunset Lane Page Pond Country Inn Package: “The Quiet Escape”

Cost: US$445.00 The Quiet Escape package is a vacation that is perfect for individuals & couples alike. This offer includes: • 5 nights stay • Round-trip transfers from/to V C Bird Int’l Airport • Coconut water in room upon arrival • Full body massage Phone:(268)562-POND (7663) or (268) 772-4805 E-Mail:

Package: “Winter Flight to Paradise - Our Caribbean Special” Book Early, limited rooms available. US$550.00/night based on double occupancy in Premium Suite OR share a Premium Suite with three friends and you come free - US$618.00/night based on triple occupancy. Booking Dates: Now through December 31, 2011| Stay Dates: 1/15/12 thru 2/25/12 Minimum Stay is 7 nights. Package includes: Accommodations Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner One Tropical Adventure group tour around the island for each guest Rental car for 2 days one hour-long massage for each guest Email: Phone: (268) 562-7791

Unique Properties - Homegrown Hospitality

Indian Creek Executive Suites

BUZZ Worthy Features – Antigua on $40 A Day

Susie’s Hot Sauce and English Harbour Rum: Local Indulgencies Susie’s Hot Sauce and the English Harbor Rum are not only local favorites but also a hit with many visitors who come to the islands. They are great to try on-island, but also make for great gift giving and souvenirs. "These gifts tell your loved ones that you were thinking about them while enjoying your Holidays in the Tropics and help to bring back some warmth to help you endure the cold months ahead." Susie’s Hot Sauce Susie's Hot Sauce, though a small cottage business packs a huge taste. It is almost impossible to visit Antigua without becoming intimately acquainted with this Caribbean delicacy. And once you've been introduced...It is even harder to forget! Susie's has been pleasing palates since 1960 when Susie's Original Hot Sauce was first introduced. Its awardwinning red habanero and scotch bonnet hot sauces have captured the hearts, minds and taste buds of chile heads and pepper sauce aficionados all over the world. Visitors to our friendly twin islands insist on returning home with bottles of Susie's sauces for family and friends, sharing the warmth of the sun-drenched paradise, its people, and the joy of their tropical experience. Official Website:

Unable to make it back to Antigua but still would like to purchase Susie’s then check out sauce&tag=googhydr20&index=aps&hvadid=11921416195&ref=pd_sl_3e9hbvss5r_e

A&B BUZZ – December, 2011

English Harbour 5 Year Old Rum Voted as one of the world’s best rums, it continues to win international prestigious awards to include a Double Gold Medal Award for the second consecutive year in the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition in the USA. Held in March 2005, the San Francisco World Spirits Competition’s expert panel of judges conducted blind taste tests, over a total of 589 entries from over 43 countries, awarding medals based on taste alone.

SWEET LOVE Kokocaribe Cranberry De Kuyper Amaretto Pineapple Juice Drop of Lime SUNTAN 1 Oz. Kokocaribe 1 Oz. Baileys Layer ingredients in a shot glass BUZZ

If you are able to get your hands on a bottle for the Holidays, here are some great cocktail recipes that you can serve to your guests: STORMY NIGHT Nut Power Cavalier Rum Crème de Cacao (Served in layers as a shot) WADADLI SUNRISE E.H.R 5yr Kokocaribe Orange Juice DeKuyper Grenadine ELECTRIC SHOCK Nut Power Amaretto Black Current Liquor Cream SUGAR BOWL E.H.R Rum Kokocaribe DeKuyper Amaretto Mango Juice Sugar Syrup

December, 2011- A&B BUZZ


Traditional Tools of the Kitchen in Antigua & Barbuda My Mom said the two most important kitchen utensils are attached to your cannot mix up meatballs with a wooden spoon, get in there, get your fingers dirty!

~ Rachael Ray, Rachael Ray Show, original airdate 25 October 2007


Turn Stick for preparing fungi

Coal Pot

Food Covers to keep away flies

Apron with lots of pockets

Metal Flour Sifters Yabba Outdoor Kitchen

Cheesecloth used to boil Christmas Pudding or to strain Ginger Beer

A&B BUZZ – December, 2011

Newspaper to start the fire for cooking on the Coal Pot and/or Yabba

Stone to sharpen Knives


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We are always excited about your upcoming issue. I guess you can say we have become a fan!

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A&B BUZZ – December, 2011

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Hotel Specials

Fall Special Book 6 Nights & Get 7th Night Free Applicable for all room categories Valid between November 13th – December 18th, 2011

Brrr Breaks Jan. 5-20, 2012 Book 4 nights in any room category and receive the 5th night at 50%. Book 6 nights in any room category and receive the 7th night free.

Complimentary Suite Upgrade Oct. 10 to Dec. 19,

2011 inclusive - Book a Beachfront Suite and receive a complimentary upgrade to Hillside Pool Suite Minimum 5 nights stay. Based on2 adults sharing

Curtain Bluff, Antigua Reservations: 888-289-9898

Hermitage Bay, Antigua Reservations: 268-562-8080


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