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May/June 2012

Spa and Wellness Issue

Age is Honor:

Recognizing one of A & B's Oldest Moms

A&B’s Lush Gardens 2 Top SPA-tacular A & B Experiences Greener Accommodations and Eco-Comfort 10 Non-Verbal Gestures used by Locals Delicious Healing with Local Herbs

Cover: Galley Bay Resort

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The time when we feel most upbeat – or so say our tweets. Users are in good spirits in the morning and that’s when the words agree, awesome, and super are tweeted most often.


The Leander docked at Nelson’s Dockyard

The length in seconds, of the average yawn. Yawns are more likely to be passed between family members than between friends or strangers. The theory? It is a form of social empathy and a returned yawn is code between family members, a sort of “ I hear you. I’m exhausted too.”

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The number of different goals a person typically juggles at one time

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The estimated weight of garbage, in tons, that the average American will probably throw out in his/her lifetime. That's like pitching a plane to the curb.

440 44 40

A&B BUZZ –May, 2012

minutes or (7 hours, 20 minutes) The amount of nightly shut eye that forestry and logging workers get on average, making them the most well rested Americans. In contrast, police officers, lawyers and home health aides are at the bottom of the sleep scale, clocking in about 420 minutes or (7 hours) each night.


BUZZ PIRATIONS PIRATIONS: Inspiration for today’s valued A&B Specialists "The best six doctors anywhere And no one can deny it Are sunshine, water, rest, and air Exercise and diet. These six will gladly you attend If only you are willing Your mind they'll ease Your will they'll mend And charge you not a shilling."

~Nursery rhyme quoted by Wayne Fields, What the River Knows, 1990

"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." ~World Health Organization, 1948

“Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it.” ~Josh Billings May, 2012 - A&B BUZZ

BUZZEDITORS TravelPad – May 2012


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Spending quality time in a relaxed environment often sparks reflection and a range of emotions that can help smooth out the many twists and turns of life. Meditation can also be a source of rejuvenation and is one of the best ways to feed our minds, hearts and spirits. For some, a vacation simply means finding the time to unplug, syncing with nature, clearing the mental landscape while enjoying some of the simpler pleasures of life, such as clean air, pure water and unlimited sunshine. Nothing crystallizes a good vacation memory like discovering a new dish, ritual or remedy for our health. Local stories and folklore can also help to stir the soul, bringing a sense of convivial joy in bonding with friends and loved ones or in meeting new people. A good vacation should change the way we look at the world by improving mind, body and spiritual wellness. In this issue, we take a look at the interdependence between our personal health, communities and environment. Hotels recognize the need to become “more green” in their policies and many in A & B have sought “green globe” certification. Others have integrated organic gardening and eco policies that achieve greater sustainability. With a mix of authentic treatments and experiences drawn from the local flora and fauna as well as techniques from around the globe, guests will certainly find their haven of well being in A & B.

General Info: 305 E 47th St. Suite 6A New York, NY 10017

Antigua and Barbuda recently celebrated the birthday of its oldest living citizen. Irene Carlos from the village of Freetown who turned 110th and enters the distinguished club of “super centenarians”. With close to 20 living centenarians, in a population of less than 100,000, this points to A & B as a destination that is on a path to wellness. More and more residents are focused on practicing healthy lifestyle habits that achieve better balance and allow them to enjoy a better quality of life. We invite you to indulge in one of our many spas and wellness centers, not just for the pampering, but as part of making a health conscious choice to celebrate your body and well being. As you venture on land, air or sea adventures, we hope that your visit to A & B will also be a spiritual journey. Draw on our hospitality, cultural traditions, indigenous rituals, and “old wives’ tales” to improve your health and better appreciate your own integration in this ever changing universe. Our greatest wealth is health!

Derede Samuel-Whitlock, Director of Tourism, USA Antigua and Barbuda

A&B BUZZ – May, 2012

This issue of the A & B BUZZ takes a holistic look at wellness in Antigua and Barbuda and reinforces the message that "a country's health is it's wealth." Personal choices about health affect the overall well-being of individuals, families and communities. By focusing on healthy eating and practicing healthy lifestyle habits, the local A & B community has delivered a healthy, sustainable tourism product over the years to its many visitors. Learn about local herbs, DIY preparations and therapies and cultural cues that help to facilitate healthy living that keeps local residents energized.

BUZZ Worthy Events 2012

June 2012

• World Environmental Day. Further information Tel: 268-462-4625/7278 Environment Division • Barbuda's CARIBANA. Further information Tel: 268-562-7065/66 Barbuda Tourism Department • 46th Antigua & Barbuda Sports Fishing Tournament. Further information Tel: 268-460-7400/7264700 Philip Shoul


• Exhibition at Museum of Antigua & Barbuda. Artifacts pre and post emancipation period continues. Further information Tel: 268-4621469/4930

• The Antigua & Barbuda Marlin Classic Further information Tel: 268-460-7400/7264700 Philip Shoul • Whit Monday – Public Holiday • Antigua Yacht Club – Green Island Weekend (full Moon). Further information Tel: 268-460-1799 or

Schedule for the new service (all times shown are local)

• Olympic Day Run. Further information Tel: 268-462-3476



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May, 2012 - A&B BUZZ

Have you ever arrived at your destination only to

realize you haven't noticed anything or anyone you met along the way? This is commonly referred to as "mindlessness," or "going on automatic pilot.“ We tend to fall into habits of mind and body, missing really good elements while, ignoring important messages about our life, relationships and health. An important antidote to this tendency to "tune-out" is to practice mindfulness -- allowing ourselves to become more deeply aware of what we sense, in each moment as our life unfolds.

Su ult Ins W de

Set aside some time on your A & B vacation, free from distraction and devote full attention to simply being mindful of what is present. Yoga and other meditative techniques, can lead to self discovery and draw on a deep sense of ease, purpose and positive change. Meditation can offer lasting benefits for physical, mental and emotional health. There are many experiences in A & B that will help you connect with the power of life forces within and around you, through positive affirmation and inspiration that bring empowering benefits.

Wind Surfing - Jabberwock Beach. Inspiration: Breathing and finding areas to best focus energies.

A&B BUZZ – May, 2012

W –A Ins E da

Mo Mo po Ins an

un Salutations - The sun is the timate source of energy and light. spiration: Empowerment Witnessing solar ascent and escent can truly lift our spirits.

Bird Watching – Frigate Bird Sanctuary, Barbuda. Inspiration: Contemplation - Taking a bird's eye view.

Beach combing –Barbuda’s 17mile deserted beach at Low Bay. Inspiration: Reflection – Clearing the mind.

Whale Watching Adventure Antigua. spiration: Risk management Embracing life in the midst of anger.

Sport Fishing – 46th Annual Sports Fishing Tournament Inspiration: Revelation - Put life into perspective

Garden Tour – Rosmac Gardens, Crabb Hill. Inspiration: Harvesting - Taking moral Inventory.

Night Diving – Dickenson Beach, near Warri Pier at Halcyon Cove. Inspiration: Establish expectations and relinquish preconceptions.

Cricket – Sir Vivian Richards Stadium. Inspiration: Wisdom - See the world as a daily match up.

ountain Climbing/Hiking – ount Obama, highest oint in A & B. spiration: Strengthen the body nd mind.

May, 2012 - A&B BUZZ

Aura Red



Yellow Tan



Personality Traits

Likely Interests

• Persistent and strong-willed • Super confident • Easily and passionately expressive

• • • •

• Love to lend a hand • Always looking ahead • Lead and inspire others

• Dynamic visionary • Passionate humanitarian • Destined to do big things

• Culture and “voluntourism” • Worship with the locals • Visit hospital and other charities • Mt. Obama Cultural Park

• Rescues or adopts animals • Nurturing and give advice to others • Sensitive and emotional

• Intuitive and insightful • Put sensitivity and smarts to work • Find happiness in helping people while challenging themselves

• Turtle watching and other endangered species • Swimming with the stingrays • Donkey Sanctuary

• Free spirited and creative • Fun loving and upbeat • See the cup as half full

• Exuberant and beam with sunshine • Connect with nature • Love the outdoors

• Bird watching • Pottery class • Horseback riding

• Ultra practical • Detailed oriented and patient • An insatiable curiosity

• Love puzzles and have a knack for solving them • Explorer at heart • A thirst to delve deeply into the past

• Nelson’s Dockyard • Sailing lessons • Circumnavigation tour

• Driven and self motivated • Tend to be stubborn and strong willed • A bit of a workaholic

• Go getter • Want to leave your mark • Extremely goal oriented

• Caving in Barbuda • Golfing

B A&B BUZZ – May, 2012

Powerful go getter Tenacious and driven Hands on Strength and stamina to spare

• • • •

Zip lining Windsurfing Whale watching Scuba diving

Sally Davis and her grandmother, 106 year-old Lady Evelyn Davis

Age is Honor: Meet one of A&B’s Oldest Moms Street Naming to Pay Tribute to Centenarians.


Freetown village, on the south east coast of Antigua is home to one of the world’s super centenarians, an exclusive title awarded to persons who attain the ripe age of 110 years. Irene Carlos achieved this status in January of this year and celebrated her “super birthday” in grand style with many local government officials in attendance. Dame Louise Lake-Tack, Governor General of Antigua and Barbuda and representative of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth was on hand to congratulate Irene Carlos. The Governor General also announced plans to rename some of the local streets in A & B in honor of the nation’s centenarians. At the last count, the destination had 18 living centenarians – 16 women and 2 men. “Life expectancy rates in A & B do not appear to be significantly higher than other Caribbean countries, but the number of centenarians in a population of less than 100,000 is quite impressive”, says local physician, Sir Prince Ramsey. “The results also show significantly better

survival rates among women than men, pointing to better health outcomes among women.” Sally Davis feels honored to celebrate this Mother’s Day with her grandmother Lady Evelyn Davis, who recently turned 106. The former school teacher is still in fairly good health, is very cognitive, somewhat mobile and is cared for by her by children, family and friends. Deeply religious, she reads her bible every day and also the local newspaper. Her philosophy is: ” nothing is greater than God!” Sally, the oldest of 11 grandchildren, describes her grandmother as easy going with a simple daily routine. Lady Davis takes a shot of brandy every day, is never indulgent -- she eats well but in moderation, never going for seconds. It’s all about freshness. She believes is eating fresh produce and fresh meat. Lady Davis still enjoys eating “rice pudding,” a local delicacy prepared especially for her every Saturday A country that has health has hope; and a country that has hope has everything. ~Arabic Proverb May, 2012 - A&B BUZZ

Lemon Verbana Brain Booster

Meal: Also called vervain, it is the most intense of the lemon scented plants. The scent has moved writers to poetry and prose in an effort to describe its essence, which is both crisp and relaxing at the same time. Used in baking, jelly and preserving, its flavor is a cross between licorice and camphor, and often replaces oregano, particularly in fish and poultry dishes. Add this to pesto, dips and glazes even Ice Cream!! Heal: A flavonoid in this herb can reduce levels of inflammatory compound in the brain by up to 70 per cent. This leads to improvements in learning and memory related tasks that help to prevent brain cell degeneration that is linked to age-related cognitive decline.

Skin beautifier


Delicious Healing

Heal: Credited for helping to maintain a youthful, radiant complexion. Rich stores of the phytonutrient quercetin have been shown to protect skin cells from damaging UV rays and inhibit the breakdown of collagen the protein that keeps skin firm and supple.

A&B BUZZ – May, 2012

Meal: Add earthy flavor to your favorite salads, soups and omelets.


Tension Tamer

Meal: For a delicious de-stressor, add chervil, an anise flavored herb to eggs, cream cheese dips or mashed potatoes.

Heal: Packed with potassium, a mineral that helps to relax and dilate blood vessels. Blood pressure drops to a healthier level, blood circulation increases and the body shifts into a calm state.



with Herbs Meal: Garnish salads and appetizers with a sprinkling of parsley

Heal: The herb contains a volatile oil nyristicin that amps up the activity of a key liver enzyme which helps flush harmful contaminants from the body.

May, 2012 - A&B BUZZ

Delicious Healing with Herbs

Blood Sugar Balancer



Meal: Used in garnishes, dips or soups.


GI Soother

Heal: This herb delivers lasting pep. Compounds work synergistically to improve insulin secretion an effect that can prevent energy sapping blood sugar spikes and crashes for up to six hours

Heal: Ward off indigestion. This herb’s menthol oil relaxes the smooth muscle tissue in the stomach and intestinal walls preventing the spasms that cause abdominal cramping, constipation and reflux.

A&B BUZZ – May, 2012

Meal: Create a zesty sauce of mint leaves, yogurt, garlic cloves and lime juice. Serve over lamb and other meats or serve in a soothing tea.

Fruit-tastic Discoveries

Some nutritionists say the trick to consuming more fruit is trying more fruit. As it turns out there are four staple fruit that account for more than half of the fruit consumption among women: apples, bananas, oranges and watermelon. By limiting our fruit options, many get bored and wind up not wanting to eat fruit at all. “A more varied fruit diet will ensure that you get all the vitamins, minerals and phytonutients you need,” says Joan Salge Blake, of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

New Fruit to try in A&B If you like… Apples




Similar Nutrition

Similar Taste

Papaya – Has even more fiber and can satisfy about 20% of your daily adequate intake. Add a papaya to a salad with cucumbers, lime juice, chili powder and salt

Coco Plum – Grown in Barbuda , it is not as dense and is more tart.

Finger rolls – These miniature bananas provide a similar source of potassium. They maintain their texture better when moist and are can be used in a fruit salad,

Plantains – Described as a cross between a banana and a yam. Baked or sautéed it is a nutritious side dish.

Guava – both fruit are rich in lycopene, the red pigment that is linked to a lower risk of cancer and heart disease. Eat uncooked or in a fruit punch or smoothie.

Mammy Apples have a crisp moist consistency that resembles a watermelon. Julienned slices add a mild sweetness to watercress or spinach salad.

Star fruit – mildly sweet and slightly acidic and offers a healthy dose of vitamin C. Add to pineapple salsa to garnish chicken or fish

Yellow plums –juicy and given the miniature size you may have to eat a handful.


Coco Plum


Mammy Apple

Finger Rolls

Star Fruit


Yellow Plum May, 2012 - A&B BUZZ

Forbidden Fruit in the Garden of Paradise

Gardening is a rewarding and enjoyable hobby, but if you're not careful, it can also be a deadly activity. Here are five common plants that can be extremely poisonous when handled or consumed. Nature Nature-lovers, beware!

5 Common But Deadly Tropical Plants A small child can experience symptoms after just one leaf from the plant, though Oleander (Nerium Oleander) handling typically it takes more contact for severe It may look like an attractive flowering shrub, but reactions to take place. It can also cause a don't be fooled! Oleander is one of the most racing, irregular heart rate, poor circulation, poisonous of all commonly grown garden plants. tremors, seizures, coma, and death.


2 Manchineel

The Spanish name is "manzanilla de la muerte: which means "little apple of death.“

3 Deadly Nightshade

are extremely toxic, and children have been known to die from eating just two berries. Without receiving the antidote, sufferers will eventually die due to the plant's disruption of their body's involuntary activities such as sweating, breathing, and heart rate

(Hippomane Mancinella) The tree oozes a white sap when it rains, so The flowering plants are considered among standing beneath the tree can cause blisterthe most poisonous trees in the world -- the ing of the skin. The trees are common along entire tree is toxic to humans and animals. the A & B shores.

(Atropa Belladonna)

This plant goes by many names, including Belladonna, Devil's Berries, and Death Cherries. Both the leaves and the berries

4 Castor Beans

Castor oil has long been used to aid digestion. While it has a foul taste and consistency, it is not harmful when ingested, however one bean from the plant that is used to make castor oil can be fatal to an adult in minutes.

Chewing on any part of this leafy plant Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia) causes intense pain in the mouth and throat, excessive salivation, and in rare A common shade-loving household plant, cases, severe swelling of the throat that can Dumb Cane is a tropical plant that is among lead to strangulation. the most poisonous plants in the world.

5 A&B BUZZ – May, 2012

That's because when they make castor oil they remove a lethal compound called ricin, making the oil safe to consume. While usually fatal, if consumption of the castor bean doesn't kill you, you can look forward to symptoms like nausea, emesis, diarrhea, tachycardia, hypotension and seizures, often persisting for up to a week.

10 Non-Verbal

Gestures in A & B

1 2 3 Unspoken communication techniques are an intrinsic part of the local culture in A & B with a. succinct nonverbal language that uses the hands, eyes and other parts of the body. This practice has been handed down through generations and locals have found unique ways to share information, knowledge and wisdom through a range of nonverbal cues, messages expressions and actions.

Chuptz – A sound uttered when “sucking your teeth.” This is often done in protest or disgust and is perceived as rude when directed at someone. Howdee - An upward head motion instead of the head downward motion or nod. Protruding lips behind someone’s back, following a controversial statement or disagreement, says “whatever” or “yeah right!”


Two fists in a high five motion (instead of an open palm) is a greeting that says “Love and Unity” and is called the “big up.”

5 6 7 8

The thumb, middle and index fingers are whipped together to make a noise similar to snapping fingers. This says, “things are heating up”, sounds an alert or signals condemnation. The umpire’s Index finger pointed in the air at a cricket match signals the batsman is out. Pssst – This attention getting sound usually from a boy trying to get a girl’s attention – signals a love interest. Hands on the hip signals the beginning of a confrontation. Slapping thighs indicates that the argument is heating up and this is used to emphasize a point.


Bending the index and middle finger pressed together in a fast motion is a discreet way that children ask to be excused to go to the bathroom.


Using the two index fingers, to make a vertical circular motion emphasizes that things are moving forward smoothly.

May, 2012 - A&B BUZZ


Few things are more blissful than a good massage. But treating yourself to one is more than just indulgence. A massage can help ease a myriad of ailments and boost our overall well being.

ligaments, but that's where the similarities end. Someare done with hands and fingers but others may involve forearms, elbows and feet. Touching may range from light stroking to deep-pressure techniques. Massages can also last In ancient Greek, Roman, Indian, "There is more to massage than simply anywhere from 15 minutes to 90 Chinese and Japanese cultures, relaxation. They can provide spiritual minutes. massages are embraced to help nourishment. Choose the right one and overcome illnesses and it can help cure sinusitis, ease aches Here is the BUZZ Guide to six of the injury. Research confirms that levels and pains and even smooth out most beneficial techniques and how of white blood cells are increased after cellulite," says Dr. Dave Ray, Beauty they contribute to holistic having a massage, supporting the Surgeon and BUZZ Wellness Coach. healing. |Most of these techniques are immune system. offered by spas and wellness centers All massages involve some form of throughout A & B, just ask your spa And it's not just the body that pressing, rubbing and manipulating of manager. benefits. By reducing levels of stress the skin, muscles, tendons and

A&B BUZZ – May, 2012

hormones such as cortisol in the body, and releasing the feel good hormone, oxytocin, massages help to alleviate anxiety, improve sleep, boost energy levels and improve concentration and mental focus.

►Sports Massage

Don't expect the gentle touch. Deep finger pressure is used to manipulate muscles, tendons and ligaments. Therapists will concentrate on


►Thai Massage

This ancient technique is a cross between massage and yoga and is carried out on a mat on the floor. The practitioner uses thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows,

the areas causing the problem.

● Best For: Muscle strains and other injuries. ● Where to go: Jumby Bay Resort

feet, knees and shins to press and stretch the body.

● Best For: Boosting energy ● Where to go: Galley Bay Resort


Lymphatic Drainage

the body. Then various parts of the body are worked on depending on client's condition.

A series of light but very precise hand movements are used to ● Best For: Sinusitis speed up lymphatic flow. First ● Where to go: Carlisle Bay an area near the neck is cleared Resort to create space for lymph fluid to move into from other parts of




mind. Popular oils include: chamomile, A traditional Swiss massage is enhanced by lavender and rosemary. the use of specific ● Best For: Anxiety aromatherapy oils ● Where to go: Jolly chosen to treat a Beach Resort and Spa particular health condition or state of


energy flow. The aim is to rebalance psychological, emotional and spiritual well being.

"Shiatsu" means "finger pressure" in Japanese. However, therapists use a combination of touch, pressure and gentle manipulation ● Best For: Depression ● Where to go: Curtain Bluff techniques to adjust the body's Hotel physical structure and balance



►Swedish Massage

The 5 strokes devised by Swedish gymnast, Per Hennick Ling in the early 19th century have become the "mother" strokes of most Western massage techniques. Massage oils is used to improve the fluidity of


movement. It typically involves the entire body ending with limbs being gently stretched then shaken.

● Best For: Lower backaches ● Where to go: Sandals Grande Resort and Spa

May, 2012 - A&B BUZZ

Members presenting an EKG to the MSJMC on 1st March 2012. Receiving the EKG were the then Chairman of the Board – Mr. Samuel Aymer he is standing to Dwayna’s right and a little behind of her and to her left is the CEO of MSJMC – Mr. Victor Jackson.


Antigua and Barbuda’s main hospital, Mount Saint John Medical Center (MSJMC), opened its doors in 2009. This state-of-the-art public facility provides a high level of care that has helped to strengthen the destination’s image. As with many medical facilities around the world, there are many challenges stemming from a lack of funding. The Friends of MSJMC is a volunteer group of A & B residents who have stepped up to lend their support and over the years they have shared their time and talents to host ongoing fundraisers to support the local hospital. The A & B BUZZ recently met with a few of the Friends of MSJMC to learn more about their programs.

BUZZ: What is the genesis of the Friends of MSJMC? Friends of MSJMC: It was formed out of the original nonprofit Society called Friends of Holberton Hospital, the name changed when Holberton Hospital was closed and Mount St. John came into being. The original Society was formed when a much loved member of the Community became ill in 1976 and the dilapidated conditions of the ward and the private room at that time caught the attention of visitors who were moved to form Friends of Holberton Hospital. This was back in September 1976 and the group consisted of twenty nine members which included then first President elect Mrs. Myra Walwyn and Vice President elect Mrs. Lisa Nicholson. Mrs. Myra Walwyn carried the position of President for approximately thirty years and served selflessly steering the Society through many years of success.

BUZZ: When was it started and who were the founding A&B BUZZ – May, 2012

A & B RESIDENTS members? FMSJMC: Friends of MSJMC came about as a result of the closing of Holberton Hospital and it was agreed by the then executive of Friends of Holberton that the Society would continue in the same vein but attached to the new Mount St. John Medical center. There was a name change with the official opening of Mount St. John’s Medical Center so that the Society could continue its work as Friends of MSJMC. However, the legal documents were finalized and Friends of MSJMC was Incorporated as a Non-Profit Company on 29th October 2010.

BUZZ: What are the primary objectives of the organization?

FMSJMC: The Society was formed to provide assistance to the Hospital by way of equipment, medical supplies, training for staff at the hospital, and assistance for minor infrastructural changes.

BUZZ: Tell us about your membership both at the

executive and general levels? What is the current size of your membership? FMSJMC: The Society is made up of volunteers who pay an annual membership to be a part of the organization. Elections are held every year and the Executive consists of seven positions and are currently filled as follows: President-Dwayna Derrick, Vice President-Giselle Maginley, Treasurer-Veronica Gomes, Asst. TreasurerFrances Ann Mellanson, Secretary-Evon Challenger, Asst. Secretary-Yvonne Martin and Public Relations Officer-Sally Davis-Meyer. We have approximately twenty core

Frmr. Chairman of the Board -Mr. Samuel Aymer, CEO of MSJMC- Mr. Victor Jackson and Dr. Dane Abbott – Medical Director in the rear and Salma Crump – Marketing Manager at the presentation of supplies from Antiguan living abroad Mr. Ted Martin to the Mount St. John Medical Center along with President Friends of MSJMC – Dwayna Derrick and other members.


BUZZ: What have been some of your most notable accomplishments to date?

FMSJMC: As Friends Of MSJMC the Society has assisted with the purchase of a Dialysis Machines and chair, EKG Machine, Ventilation Doors for the fourth floor which is not air conditioned (assistance for the doors came from ABICE who volunteered labour to make and install the doors). Additionally the Society works closely with The Mill Reef Club; they have provided immense support over the years from the beginning. We have also recently partnered with The Renal Society, The Mill Reef Club and Sandals on a special project to purchase a Dialysis machine for MSJMC. We are currently raising funds towards the purchase of a much needed Vascular Ultra Sound Machine. We also receive significant donations from Antiguans overseas, who donate funds as well as general Hospital supplies through us for the Mount St. John’s Medical Center.

BUZZ: Describe some of your current initiatives and long term goals.

FMSJMC: Every year we identify a project and have fund raisers to accomplish our goals. We are provided with a list of needs by the Hospital in order of priority as per our request with the cost attached. Our goals involve being partners with the Hospital in order to assist with providing medical assistance wherever we can. Our members have taken on the role of dedicating their personal time back to the community by helping to provide as much assistance as possible to improve the health care service at our public Hospital in Antigua.

BUZZ: What are some of your greatest challenges? FMSJMC: Whenever we have fund raisers we rely heavily on individuals in the Community as well as Private Sector businesses to contribute towards the purchase of tickets, sponsorship in the form of gifts that we auction at our functions, advertising, and other means of support. However, in this difficult economic recession worldwide it is becoming increasingly challenging to raise as much funds as we used to at our Fundraisers or in getting as much support from the Private Sector businesses as we used to. However, we have faith and we continue to work diligently to do the best we can by reducing the cost of our fund raisers while still maintaining a high standard of entertainment and tweaking the way we present our functions. However there are businesses and individuals in the community that always give us their support.

BUZZ: How can locals and visitors get more involved? FMSJMC: Donations can be mailed to Friends of Mount St. John Medical Center, c/o Dwayna Derrick, P. O. Box 359, St. John’s, Antigua. We also have a bank account at Antigua Commercial Bank, and persons wishing to make a donation may do so to account number 1000004228 in the name of Society of Friends of Mount St. John Medical Center(Friends of MSJMC). In the event that you choose the latter we would appreciate being advised of your donation by sending us a notification via email to: . We welcome new members, you may visit with us as we meet every last Thursday of the month at five o’clock at the Antigua Opticals (Dr. Walwyn’s Offices) on Stapleton Lane. May, 2012 - A&B BUZZ


The last thing you want to be doing on vacation is worrying about your hair! When planning the perfect getaway, it’s important to consider your tresses by coming up with a vacayready hair plan that suits the weather and your daily activities. Here are some tips that will help you maintain your mane while vacationing on sunny Antigua.


Ant overflo plants known proper health


By: Shermain Jeremy, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

Antigua to get yo the warm about an water. Th condition

Wear a Bun.

A simple look that can be worn to the beach, to dinner, or on a safari tour, and still maintain its chic-ness!! Wear high, or low, with a braid or a bang. *TIP: Don’t try to be too neat with your bun. A tousled, loose look works best

A&B BUZZ – May, 2012

Protect your color color-treated colortreated

Extended time in the sun, along with s chlorine from the pool can wreak havo it out and even causing it to change co Wear a cute summer wide-rimmed hat while swimming.

The Aloe Plant

igua’s lush landscape is owing with natural and herbs that are n for containing rties that help maintain y, beautiful hair.

If you come across this plant on-island which I’m sure you will, feel free to cut a piece and use it as a hair conditioner. It can also be used to sooth the scalp and hydrate the hair. For specific steps on how to use use the aloe plant on your hair read the livestrong blog here:

Neem Oil or Leaves

ut Milk

is dotted with coconut trees. If you are able our hands on a fresh green coconut, massage m coconut milk in the hair and leave-in for n hour wrapped in a towel. Rinse with warm his will leave your hair hydrated and well ned.


salt water from the beach and oc on color-treated hair by drying olor (particularly blonde hair). t while outdoors and opt for a cap

While driving around Antigua you are sure to pass a Neem tree, which is practically springing on every street. The island is riddled with them. Grab a few leaves and boil in a pot of water for about 5 minutes. Once the water is cooled, use it to rinse shampooed hair. Neem is great for dandruff and preventing premature hair loss.

Wear braided extensions

Though this is a technique mostly seen in black hair, and it can be a God-send while on vacation because once it’s done you never have to worry about styling your hair while on your vacation. Choose a simple style like corn rows or you can get creative with your braided look. *TIP: While on-island and you decide to try this look, visit the vendors mall at Heritage Quay and ask anyone for a hair braider and have your hair done on the spot!

May, 2012 - A&B BUZZ

2 Top SPA-tacul

Indulge Spa at Galley Bay, Blue Spa at Ca

Interview with Indulge Spa Manager Tricia Greenaway


A&B BUZZ: Galley

Bay Resort's Spa Indulge is known for its distinctive Gauguin styled cottages and massage decks that overlook the lagoon and bird sanctuary. What was the inspiration for the overall design of Spa Indulge?

Spa Indulge Manager Tricia Greenaway

Spa Indulge Manager Tricia Greenaway: The idea behind Spa Indulge is to provide a Caribbean-style natural environment with a very serene atmosphere for our clients to indulge in. We work in harmony with the natural environment like the lagoon with the frequent splashing of fishes and the singing of birds which provide a natural ambiance while our clients indulge in a treatment. The distinctive open-air cottages are made of Spanish-head and eucalyptus wood, with thatched roofs and allow for a natural flow of the Caribbean breeze. It gives the client a sense of being close to nature while providing complete privacy.

BUZZ: What is the most requested spa treatment offered at Spa Indulge?

TG: The most frequently requested spa treatment is the “Eclectic Massage.” This massage is a combination of different techniques which is so effective it keeps our clients coming back. It is a creative blend of Swedish, Thai and deep tissue massage techniques and for added luxury we also include stone therapy. It’s the ultimate pampering, relaxing and rejuvenating treatment in one.

BUZZ: What are the benefits of the Tropical Harmony and Tropical Retreat spa treatments? Are ingredients indigenous to Antigua & Barbuda used in these treatments? TG: The Tropical Harmony and Tropical Retreat are two of our most luxurious treatments. Both are designed to rid the body of dead skin cells using granulated

BUZZ Worthy Feature – 2 Top SPA-tacular A & B Experiences

lar A&B Experiences rlisle Bay and The Garden Spa at Hermitage Bay

grains that gently exfoliate the body. The exfoliation process is then followed by a lush hydrating body wrap designed to replenish the skin with nourishment and restore moisture. For the Tropical Harmony we use papaya and pine, and for the Tropical Retreat we use mango and passion. These treatments incorporate tropical ingredients found in Antigua and Barbuda such as pineapple, passion fruit, mango and papaya. However, the product is not manufactured locally. Our clients also get an enhanced tropical experience by sampling the locally grown fruits available at Spa Indulge on a daily basis. At the end of a treatment we recommend a chilled glass of our fruit-infused water – a refreshing end to a blissful treatment. May, 2012 - A&B BUZZ



A&B BUZZ: What inspired

the name "Blue Spa?"

Andrea Moczo: The name Blue Spa was conceived to evoke a sense of Coolness and Purity in proximity to a calming Blue Caribbean Sea.

coming from weather that has dried out your skin (cold weather) the Honey Mango will bring your skin back to life. It is an exfoliation that prepares your skin to soak up the sunshine evenly.

is an international skin care line that is only available in a few selected Spas. It is a result oriented line where you will see immediately the difference after having a facial or body care service. Guests do not think twice about making a purchase of our recommended home care because they have already experienced results.

The Citrus Drench is one that you can have when you have over indulged in sunshine! It is a wrap that provides instant hydration and nutrients that your BUZZ: Give a brief description of some skin needs, restoring it to a noticeable BUZZ: What is the general reaction of of the wet treatments offered at Blue glow. guests when they see the location of Spa and the benefits of these the Yoga Pavilion, set in a tropical BUZZ: Why were Natura Bisse treatments. garden? products selected as the skincare line AM: Among the wet treatments that we used at Blue Spa? AM: They love the beauty, peace and have are the Citrus Drench and the quiet of the setting. Honey Mango. These treatments AM: Our Carlisle Bay guests come from complement each other while being all over the world so we wanted a brand BUZZ: Are reservations recommended nourishing to your skin. If you are that would reflect who are guests are. It and/or required in advance at Blue Spa

BUZZ Worthy Feature – 2 Top SPA-tacular A & B Experiences

and are day-passes or a promotional rate offered to local residents? AM: Certainly we recommend that our guests take care of booking all their activities prior to arrival to the resort and Blue Spa appointments are not the exception. By booking in advance there is more availability as spa appointments are very much in demand. Once our guest arrives to the resort all they have to do is just relax and enjoy. We have various day-passes, Blue Spa Packages and local rates throughout the year that allow for anyone who wishes to experience our services. Blue Spa Gift Certificates are very popular gift idea with residents.

May, 2012 - A&B BUZZ

A&B’s Lush

Galley Bay, The Inn at English H

Galley Bay


Organic garden tours, edible landscapes, garden to table, garden to spa experiences! Many guests are concerned about their well being and want to get to the source of their food. Some simply crave the opportunity to bond with nature and spend more time outdoors. While many properties offer a peaceful garden full of blooming flowers, there has been a focus on helping to feed the guests and promote healthier living. At Galley Bay, the management and staff have responded to this renewed interest in herb, vegetable and fruit gardening. During the past 12 months, two acres on property have been devoted to gardening and for General Manager

Galley Bay’s restaurants featuring the produce from their organic Gardens

Galley Bay GM Paulo Ravoletti harvesting an egg plant

Gauguin Restaurant

BUZZ Worthy Feature – A&B’s Lush Gardens

h Gardens

Harbour, Hermitage Bay Resort

Paulo Ravoletti, this is his favorite pastime. This hotel chief gets his hands dirty and finds solace in the gardens at Galley Bay. Fruits such as bananas and pineapples can be found at the entrance of the garden and as Mr. Paulo takes me on a tour of this lush garden on the golf cart. I am greeted with a green space that is nothing short of divine. As the tour continues, Mr. Paulo speaks passionately about the various vegetables that are grown --egg plant, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, potatoes. The herb garden also reveals a wide variety –celery, mint, dill, parsley, chive, lemon grass. This garden has been so successful that there have had to sell some of the excess produce to surrounding hotels.

The Organic Garden at Galley Bay

Ismay’s Restaurant

Sea Grape Restaurant

May, 2012 - A&B BUZZ

Interview with Chef Andrew “Stan” Baxter of Galley Bay Resort, Antigua


A&B BUZZ: The restaurants at Galley Bay Resort have unique names: Gauguin; The Sea Grape; Ismay's... what inspired each restaurant name?

who won the competition. Ismay is now titled as ‘Galley bay ambassador”. Ismay was recently honored by the Governor General for years of service to the industry.

Chef Stan: Gauguin-Named after the French Artist, Paul Gauguin who spent some time in the Caribbean, although he is most famous for the artwork he created when he later settled in French Polynesia. It is this artwork which was the inspiration for the Gauguin cottages at the Resort, and subsequently, the Gauguin Restaurant.

BUZZ: Does Galley Bay Resort practice Garden-To-Table cuisine in support of local farming and inhouse gardening?

Sea Grape-Named after the Sea Grape Tree’s which line the edge of the beach at the resort. Many were lost after the terrible “Hurricane Louis” in 1995, although several still remain. Ismays- Named after Ismay Mason, an employee who has worked at the property for almost 50 years, the name was chosen by a competition held amongst the staff. It was actually one of Ismay’s colleagues’

The Garden at The Inn at English Ha

Chef Stan: Yes, we do. We are using an area which has been developed for small scale agriculture. We have enjoyed a bounty of herbs, arugula and other items including cherry and plum tomatoes, hot peppers, egg plant, beetroot, Chinese cabbage and lettuce to name a few. We are clearing a further area to grow zucchini and yellow squash.

BUZZ: Does you offer a Spa Menu or Spa Cuisine for the resort? Chef Stan: At present we do not offer a spa menu, we offer champagne and afternoon tea.

Fresh Produce from the garden at T

BUZZ Worthy Feature – A&B’s Lush Gardens


The Inn at English Harbour

Interview with General Manager of The Inn at English Harbour, Mr. Fabio Giorgi


A&B BUZZ: When did

the garden get started?

Fabio Giorgio : January of this year.

BUZZ: What types of fruits,

vegetables, and herbs are grown in your garden? FG: We grow tomatoes, lettuce, carrot, cucumber, zucchini, eggplant, potatoes, rosemary, basil, parsley, mint, banana, papaya and soursoup.

BUZZ: What type of produce does well?

FG: Most of them, especially lettuce and tomatoes and eggplant.

BUZZ: What type is most challenging to grow?

FG: Carrots and rosemary.

BUZZ: How much land (acreage) is devoted to your organic garden? FG: ½ acre

BUZZ: Why do you think that it is important to have an organic garden?

FG: More and more people are health conscious and eating well and health has become a priority for the majority of our guests.

The Inn at English Harbour

BUZZ: What are some of the

immediate benefits that have been noted in having this garden? FG: Word of mouth among potential guests and tour operators has escalated quickly in addition, we always have our products available and fresh.

BUZZ: What has been the reaction

from your guests?

FG: They love them, some of them take products to their room and they take a lot of pictures.

BUZZ: What is the greatest challenge of having an organic garden? FG: Water: it is either scarce or like last week, where we had torrential downpours and that can spoil the plat.

BUZZ: What are some of you long

term goals in expanding the garden? FG: We are a small hotel and already production at this time is too much. So we’re not planning to expand at the moment. However, we would like to reach 100% autonomy all year around with our vegetables and herbs. We also produce honey.

May, 2012 - A&B BUZZ

Interview with Chef Verman “Dezi” Banhan of Hermitage Bay, Antigua

Hermitage Bay Organic Garden


A&B BUZZ: When did the garden get started? Chef Dezi: The garden got started in 2008. The initial process took a long time to get the stone work done and to have the top soil brought in and composting etc. set before planting actually started. A&B BUZZ: What types of fruits, vegetables, and herbs are grown in your garden? Chef Dezi: All fruits and vegetables are local and include things such as guava, banana, plantain, finger rolls, papaya, golden apple, tomatoes, scotch bonnet peppers, spinach, okra to name a few. Herbs have proven difficult to sustain due, we believe to the saltiness of the air. Basil has been the most successful herb.

well, we’ve found quite a few, cassava, tomatoes, peppers, banana, passion, lettuce, bok choy and those listed above to be happy in the location. Those proving difficult are herbs, and those members of the squash family. A&B BUZZ: How much land (acreage) is devoted to your organic garden?

Since the supply chain does not offer too many options for organics so we needed to do what we could to keep that philosophy true, hence the garden idea was born. A&B BUZZ: What are some of the immediate benefits that have been noted in having this garden?

Chef Dezi: Immediate Chef Dezi: The garden size is benefits include reduced very small, total of about 1/3 garbage to the land fill, of an acre, but with good reduced cost of food, rotation and management increased staff awareness, we’ve been able to keep and most important customer things flowing to the kitchen. satisfaction. A&B BUZZ: Why do you think that it is important to have an organic garden?

greatest challenge of having an organic garden? Chef Dezi: Our two greatest challenges are land space and time. We have limited space to cultivate as the property is small and we are first and foremost a resort and of course, you cannot rush Mother Nature! Organic food grows much slower than foods fertilized with hormones and chemicals. Two other challenges are the salty sea air which restricts what we can grow, (but we can grow other things instead) and finally pests and diseases. The birds love tomatoes!

A&B BUZZ: What has been the reaction from your guests? A&B BUZZ: What are some of you long term goals in expanding the garden? Chef Dezi: The guests have Chef Dezi: This Hotel was been very appreciative and Chef Dezi: Expansion is conceived and built with a patronizing of the organic vision to provide peace, dishes whether vegetarian or questionable at this time; tranquility and revitalizing not. We conduct guest tours of there is a bit of surrounding land space but the terrain is ambience to the clients. In the farm and introduce local A&B BUZZ: What type of order to achieve this, the hotel product to the guests who are steep. produce does well? What type had to be in harmony with its always interested to see how is most challenging to grow? natural environment and this the local produce is grown. left no options but to use local, Chef Dezi: In terms of doing organic foods where possible. A&B BUZZ: What is the

BUZZ Worthy Feature – A&B’s Lush Gardens

Hermitage Bay

Chef Dezi and guests selecting aubergines in the organic garden for the cookery demonstration Owner Andy Thesen shows a guest the rewards of Hermitage Bay’s organic garden.

Homegrown Scotch Bonnet Peppers HOT!!

Guests preparing ingredients for Grouper Curry with Chef Dezi

It doesn’t get fresher than this! May, 2012 - A&B BUZZ

Greener Accommodations and Eco-Comfort Curtain Bluff was recently recognized as the Caribbean’s Leading Green Resort at the World Travel Awards, described as the “Oscars” of global travel and travel industry. Several hotels are already Green Globe Certified and many others are under review and will be certified in the next 12 months. To be certified, a resort must meet or exceed exacting standards in areas such as greenhouse emission, energy efficiency, management of freshwater resources, ecosystem conservation, and waste management.

Green Globe Certified Hotels in A & B Curtain Bluff Resort Jumby Bay Carlisle Bay Galley Bay Resort St. James’s Club Resort & Villas The Verandah Resort & Spa Cocos Hotel Hermitage Bay Hotel Limited Sugar Ridge Hotel

EarthCheck Certified Hotels in A & B Sandals Grande Resort and Spa Blue Waters

BUZZ Worthy Feature – Greener Accommodations

Curtain Bluff Hotel was Recognized by Travel and Leisure as #1 in the Caribbean on the 2012 List of Worlds Best Hotels for Service. Congratulations from the Staff of the A&B BUZZ!!!

Curtain Bluff


Since most guests only see the “front of house” side of Curtain Bluff, they don’t realize that, behind the scenes, the resort is taking meaningful steps to preserve its beautiful and delicate environment. The property was certified by Green Globe, the premier international symbol for environmental responsibility. The first major investment was in a membrane bioreactor to replace the old waste treatment plant. The new plant is not only extremely efficient but is whisper quiet and takes up half the space of the machinery it replaced. The entire property is irrigated with clean recycled water, substantially reducing overall water usage. A salt-chlorinator for the swimming pool softens the water and naturally inhibits the growth of algae. It’s much better for the environment than chlorine and has no chemical odor. It’s safer to handle and does not burn the eyes or fade swimwear. May, 2012 - A&B BUZZ

Galley Bay


Galley Bay Resort and Spa is constantly looking at ways to improve the ‘product’ whilst being conscious of the surroundings and environment and in n 2007 the resort was certified by Green Globe. One of the issues Green Globe asked Galley Bay to review further was the amount of plastic bottles and aluminum cans they produce within the resort and discard each year. Galley Bay discarded nearly 600,000 plastic bottles and aluminum cans in 2007 alone. Galley Bay Resort has a state of the art reverse osmosis water plant, which takes salt water from the sea through a purification process to produce fresh water. After leaving the reverse osmosis plant, water is passed through a lime filter to neutralize the water hardness as well as injected with chlorine to kill any bacteria still left in the water. The final product leaves a water quality that is 50% better than what is required by U.S. standards set up as a benchmark for municipalities throughout the United States, and therefore perfectly safe to drink. Checks and tests of water are conducted daily at different storage facilities around the property, laundry, food outlets, bars, pools as well as a random testing of guest rooms. This is done to meet and maintain the criteria that is required throughout the hospitality industry, and to ensure that water is safe to drink.

BUZZ Worthy Feature – Greener Accommodations

The Verandah


The Verandah has made a firm commitment to meet the highest international standards in regards to the environment, conservation and corporate responsibility. The resort's daily operation is geared towards ecological preservation of the surrounding environment. The Verandah has identified key environmental aspects related to the operation of its resort including: the rational use of energy and water; solid waste and wastewater disposal; reduction of greenhouse gases; proper disposal of hazardous materials; noise reduction; and the use of biodegradable cleaning materials. A comprehensive Environmental Management System addresses key environmental issues, as well as issues of health, hygiene and safety. The resort actively supports a carbon offset program. Conservation Resort management understands the impact of tourism on the local community and therefore prefers the purchase of sustainable local products whenever possible. In addition, the Verandah actively supports the local community by sponsoring cultural events. It is the goal of the resort to identify, monitor and improve all aspects of environmental sustainability on an ongoing basis, to ensure that all operational legislative and regulatory requirements are met, and to preserve natural resources in Antigua and Barbuda. May, 2012 - A&B BUZZ

BUZZ Worthy Events 2012

June 2012

Caribbean Week in New York is a celebration of the sights, sounds, color, culture and unique vacation experiences of the Caribbean. ● June 4 - Trade Show and Educational Seminar for Travel Agents ● June 6 - Caribbean Travel & Cultural Fair, Wedding and Vacation Mart At Grand Central Station Time: 12pm -6pm. Stop by the Antigua and Barbuda Booth ● June 8 - Rum & Rhythm A Caribbean Culinary Experience Savor the taste, spirits and sounds of the Caribbean...Stop by the Antigua and Barbuda Booth


June 4-9 – Caribbean Week NYC

Schedule for the new service (all times shown are local) From


Flight #




New York (JFK)

Antigua (ANU)

673* (nonstop)

8:35 a.m.

1:40 p.m.

Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat

Antigua (ANU)

New York (JFK)

678* (nonstop)

3:05 p.m.

7:00 p.m.

Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat

A&B BUZZ – May, 2012

EAT! Vancouver Food and Cooking Festival June 1 - 3 2012. Booth # 220 The ultimate Food Expo featuring celebrity chefs, popular local restaurants, wineries, food and beverage manufacturers, cookbook authors, retailers, artisans, and many others from the culinary world will come together for a three day public extravaganza at the newly refurbished BC Place Stadium.


June 2012

EAT! Vancouver encompasses unique food experiences, opportunities to learn behind-the-scenes culinary magic from professional chefs, dynamic entertainment through celebrity chef cooking demonstrations and culinary competitions, diverse food, beverage and cooking related exhibits; and of course fantastic shopping opportunities. The Antigua and Barbuda booth will take visitors on a culinary journey, by offering samples of speciality signature dishes. Come Discover the Flavors of Antigua and Barbuda

Erica Henry-Jackman Sales and Marketing Manager Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Office Consulate General of Antigua and Barbuda 60 St.Clair Avenue East, Suite 601 Toronto, Ontario, M4T 1N5 Telephone: 416-961-3085 Fax:416-961-7218

A&B BUZZ – May, 2012

BUZZ Mailbag



Your A & B Buzz magazine is a total expression of what your island is, but in addition, it encourages agents to be mindful that your destination is a great option and your newsletter serves as such mark. Lisa Wagner American Express Travel 600 Old Country Road Garden City NY 11530

The agents at our office find your newsletter decisive, direct, and explicit, and we actually look forward to receiving it, not to mention great content. Sharon Gordon Let’s Go Travel 3014 Beach Drive Merrick, NY 11566

Feedback from BUZZ readers The A & B BUZZ is a great exchange and a guide to your local bests. Burr Travel 162 Laurel Ave Northport, NY 11768

Your newsletter A & B BUZZ explores the islands' immense culture encountering everything from your cuisine, beaches, music, and religion, and I find this to be a big plus. Green Mountain Travel Wanda Kruszewski 248 Route 100 West Dover, VT 05356

The information you provide each month in the A & B BUZZ is extremely helpful. If I may say, it’s more like a person you can go to for help, advice, or information.

Every month, we find ourselves with more great information and gorgeous images that we couldn't’t possible imagine, as a result we have added your monthly A & B BUZZ issues to our website which we now use as reference.

Ann Lewis Just Travel

Sea Breeze Travel, Inc. 2 Halcyon Road Lindenhurst, NY 11757

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at English Harbour

Specials PAY 3 NIGHTS STAY FOR 4! The Inn at English Harbour will offer four nights for the price of three, effective April 1, through August 31, 2012. Must be booked directly with the hotel using the code provided. Code to reference for the agent is "US3-4“ e-mail: web:

Specials A warm and welcoming property, perfect for relaxing, calm getaways, as well as a popular venue for business meetings, events and celebrations, local and international. Whether you’re visiting our island to get married, for a vacation, on business, to for one of the island’s many sporting events or simply want to book a superbly tasty meal in our restaurant, the Bay House, we’ll give you a warm Caribbean welcome! 2 FOR 1 SPECIAL Stay at the Trade Winds Hotel on room only basis with a friend or loved one for the price of one! Enjoy an automatic upgrade to a Junior Suite Oceanview! Price based on two adults sharing. Offer valid from now until October 31st 2012. visit our newly redesigned website or email us for more information.

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are some of the docking details that you would request? Which resort would you suggest for arrival and what are some of the activities that you would recommend?

Congratulations! Answer of the Month for April, 2012: I have been sailing around Antigua many times and what an experience it is! If I had to plan an arrival by sea, I would definitely want to dock on the west side of the island, since I find it to be very peaceful and scenic. I am not sure which hotels have anchorages but I would pick Carlisle Bay because of the majestic backdrop and rolling hills that would make for a spectacular arrival. It is also miles away from the buzz of English Harbour and would provide a respite for upscale clients to drop anchor. I would arrange for the guests to be greeted by the General Manager and for them to be served afternoon tea in the lush gardens upon arrival. The Wi-Fi at this hotel works extremely well and this is critical as today’s sailors need to be wired. Paul S. - Newport, RI

A&B Buzz May-June 2012  
A&B Buzz May-June 2012  

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