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The Beach is Just the Beginning

June/July 2012

Cover Photo: byZIA photography

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There is nothing more lovely than the union of two people whose love for one another has grown through the years, from the small acorn of passion, into a great rooted tree ~Vita Sackville-West

If there is such a thing as a good marriage, it is because it resembles friendship rather than love.

~ Michel de Montaigne

Don't marry the person you think you can live with; marry only the individual you think you can't live without.

~James C. Dobson

June/July, 2012 - A&B BUZZ

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Let's create the images -- a beautiful ocean sunset, snow white beaches lined with palm trees, an abundance of local flowers, you and yours tying the knot in one of nature's most alluring settings. This is Antigua and Barbuda, the Romance Capital of the Caribbean – with an abundance of beaches, a range of accommodations, dining, spa and adventure options to make any couple’s dream wedding a reality. Couples are always excited to learn that same day weddings can be easily coordinated in A & B, but this is just one aspect of major planning details. A local wedding planner is recommended to help take care of everything from arranging the perfect bouquet to ensuring that legal requirements are taken care of. Most properties have professional wedding planners or can recommend an independent event planner who will direct couples to many wedding resources, including novel handmade favors, unique venues and themes. This issue captures this year’s “green themed” destinationsponsored wedding. Event planner, Tracy Guerro of Indigo Events, incorporated the couple’s commitment to the environment into their wedding theme and helped “green their dreams.” Green Vows highlights 8 celebrity couples who have committed to greener living. Flowers are having a renaissance and enhance romantic and tropical appeal, see The Blooming Backdrop. This issue is loaded with information on local blooms and the symbolism behind many wedding flowers. The Honeymoon is an important area of planning that couples often grapple with. “What is your Honeymoon Personality?” provides a short quiz that helps couples streamline their preferences and select the best options to suit their tastes and budgets. There is also helpful advice in 7 Ways to Save Money on your Honeymoon. Whether couples are exchanging nuptials, honeymooning, renewing their vows or celebrating an anniversary or engagement, this issue highlights everything A & B has to offer to help couples ignite passions and celebrate love at every stage of the relationship.

Derede Samuel-Whitlock, Director of Tourism, USA Antigua and Barbuda

A&B BUZZ – June/July, 2012

General Info: 305 E 47th St. Suite 6A New York, NY 10017

BUZZ Worthy Events 2012

July 2012

• Holy Family Catholic Parish Bazaar & Food Fair. Further information Tel: 268-461-1127 • July 28 – Aug 7 - 54th Antigua Carnival Celebrations. Further information Tel: 268-462-4707/268-462-0194 or visit • Turtle Watch at Pasture Beach, Long Island (Jumby Bay). Further information Tel: 268-462-6236 Environmental Awareness Group • The Sir Vivian Richards Heineken Golf Classic. Further information Cedar Valley Golf Club Tel: 268-462-0161

August 2012 • Exhibition at Museum of Antigua & Barbuda featuring Carnival. Further information Tel: 268-4621469/4930


• Exhibition at Museum of Antigua & Barbuda featuring 'Carnival'. Further information Tel: 268-4621469/4930

• Aug 6 - Carnival Monday – Public Holiday (J'ouvert) • Aug 7 - Carnival Tuesday – Public Holiday (Last Lap) • Field Trip organized by the EAG. Further information Tel: 268-462-6236 Environmental Awareness Group • Turtle Watch (members only). Further information Tel: 268-462-6236 Environmental Awareness Group • Christian Valley Mango Fest. Further information Min of Agriculture Tel: 268-462-1007/462-1313 Fax 268268-462-6104 • Seafood Festival at Urlings. Further information Tel: 268-562-7439 Schedule for the new service (all times shown are local) From


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& Honeymoon



Couples in the United States get married outside of the country.

45% Brides who will box their dress to pass it on. Another 10% will either sell their dress, give it to another bride or charity or recut/remodel the dress to be worn again

66% Couples pay for their own wedding, while 22% of the bride’s parents foot the entire bill. A&B BUZZ – June/July, 2012


have no idea before the wedding how much the entire event will cost.


Brides who would rather remove the groom’s friends from the guest list than their own.

Getting Married in A&B

With more couples opting for destination weddings, the convenient and expeditious process offered in A & B is growing in appeal. Even cruise ship visitors can get married during their port time.

There are three simple steps to wedded bliss:

1. 2. 3.

Visit the Ministry of Justice at Queen Elizabeth Highway in St. John's. Present documents to verify proof of citizenship (valid passports) and proof of marital status (if previously married you will need a copy of the divorce decree or death certificate). Complete the application, pay applicable fees and confirm a date and time for the ceremony with a Marriage Officer.

Getting Married – Congratulations!!! What are the fees? A registration fee of US$40 must be paid at the courthouse on Queen Elizabeth Highway. The application fee for the special marriage license is US$150, and the Marriage Officer’s Fee is US$50. Visit Married June/July, 2012 - A&B BUZZ



In a moment of "ecological ecstasy" at this year's destination wedding Ron Critchlow and Jacky Adams, exchanged nuptials and vowed to “Live Greener, Happily Ever After." The simple shore-side ceremony at the Nonsuch Bay Resort officiated by Mr. Ulric Matthews, was witnessed by the couple's family, stakeholders and tourism officials. The eco-chic affair reflected the couple's values of preserving the environment. The affair capitalized on the natural landscape and incorporated local flowers and natural elements into the wedding décor including bamboo harvested from Antigua’s rainforest. The couple also requested that local produce be used for their reception, to help reduce the impact of carbon emissions, typically associated with transporting imported foods. The couple met at a scooter club in New York, and conducted a photo shoot on a motor scooter, an eco friendly pastime that they share. US Director Derede Samuel Whitlock said, “Green weddings allow those who support eco-friendly products and practices to make a statement about these values in their wedding theme. With many local hotels already Green Globe certified and others looking to incorporate more sustainable management practices, the destination is poised for this growing niche.” Ongoing promotions in romance have landed several accolades as one of the Caribbean’s top destinations for Weddings and Honeymoons. Chief among these are, Brides Magazine and Caribbean Travel and Life. The wedding was sponsored by Nonsuch Bay Resort, Colombian Emeralds International, Indigo Event Services, Staci Hair and Makeup, Cheke's Scooter & Car Rental, Zia Photography, Quinn Farrara & Company, ABS TV, The Ministry of Information, Philton's Bakery, Exotic Floral, American Airlines Florexotica and the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority (ABTA).

BUZZ Worthy Feature – Ecological Ecstasy at Destination Wedding 2012



Originally from the UK but currently live in New York City.

Met at a scooter club and share a passion for two wheelers

Very eco conscious and wanted to minimize the carbon footprint of their wedding celebration on the environment.

Love the game of cricket and are avid fans of A & B’s legendary cricketer Sir Vivian Richards.

Both love the beach. The bride always dreamed of a barefoot beach wedding with sand between her toes.

June/July, 2012 - A&B BUZZ

Click to Se BUZZ Worthy Feature – Ecological Ecstasy at Destination Wedding 2012

ee the Video

2012 Destination Wedding Winners, Ron & Jacky, at Nonsuch Bay June/July, 2012 - A&B BUZZ

Celebrity Couples Pledge to Li Celebri

Lyndon & Lady Bird Johnson

"The environment is where we all meet; where we all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing that all of us share. It is not only a mirror of ourselves, but a focusing lens on what we can become." - Lady Bird Johnson, the “Environmental First Lady.” As First Lady of the nation, she was able to translate her love for the land into national policy and amassed a lifetime of achievements. The Beautification Act of 1965 was one tangible result of Mrs. Johnson's campaign for national beautification. Known as "Lady Bird's Bill," the legislation called for control of outdoor advertising, including removal of certain types of signs along the nation's Interstate system and the existing federal-aid primary system. As part of that legacy, the Surface Transportation and Uniform Relocation Assistance Act of 1987 requires that at least 0.25 of 1 percent of funds expended for landscaping projects in the highway system is used to plant native flowers, plants and trees.

Green Vow:

Make preservation of the nation’s natural beauty our life mission.

Amy Smart & Carter Oosterhouse Actress Amy Smart and HGTV carpenter Carter Oosterhouse, met and bonded over a project for the Environmental Media Awards. Their wedding was designed to respect the planet and they now live a “double green life“spreading the eco-friendly word. With 220 guests, their wedding had only one bag of trash! “We recycled or composted everything” said the Celebrity Carpenter.

Green Vow:

Commit to composting, an earth-friendly alternative to chemical-laden fertilizers that helps reduce the amount of trash that ends up in landfill.

BUZZ Worthy Feature – Celebrity Couples Live Greener Happily Ever After

ive “Greener Happily Ever After”

Jamie & Jools Oliver British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is on a quest to revolutionize the way we eat. His latest television series, Jamie at Home, focuses on the local food movement and encourages the audience to eat food grown in their own gardens. He revamped the lunch program at 60 British schools to bring healthy, locallygrown food to kids. His Cornwall restaurant, Fifteen, will soon be powered exclusively by rooftop wind turbines. He and his wife Jools have their own back yard garden.

Green Vow:

Join the world healthy food movement by finding sustainably grown food in our local area.

Stella McCartney & Alasdhair Willis When it comes to earth-friendly high fashion, Stella McCartney reigns supreme. The British designer goes a step beyond being eco-conscious; her studio and website are powered by wind energy, and online shoppers are given the option of shipping their organic clothing, shoes, and bags, carbon neutral. McCartney, her husband, British publisher Alasdhair Willis, and their four children run an eco-friendly home.

Green Vow:

“Greenify” our work spaces with eco-friendly office essentials like printer paper and file cabinets.

June/July, 2012 - A&B BUZZ

Celebrity Couples Pledge to Live “Green Celeb

Korto Momolu & Michael Knight Willie & Annie Nelson Willie Nelson is a beloved country crooner, but to a new generation of Americans, he is BioWillie, father of an alternative fuel movement – with cars that smell like French fries and the green community becoming less dependent on foreign oil. He began producing and distributing biodiesel in 2004 at a Texas truck stop and advocates for American farmers (whose crops are at the core of the fuel) and cleaner air.

Korto Momolu was first runner up on Bravo’s fifth season of Project Runway. She has branched out into eco-friendly jewelry design that can accessorize any of her fabulous looks. Born in Monrovia, Liberia, Korto moved Arkansas with her husband and daughter. November 13th has been named Korto Momolu Day in Little Rock, Arkansas in honor of her work. She was highlighted among “The Top 5 Designers to Watch” by New York Magazine at the Fall 2010 New York Fashion Week.

Green Vow:

Green Vow:

Think alternative energy to secure cleaner air and a healthier environment.

Reuse and recycle to lower our family’s environmental impact.

BUZZ Worthy Feature – Celebrity Couples Live Greener Happily Ever After

ner Happily Ever After”

- continued

Cindy Crawford & Rande gerber

Robert Redford & Sibylle Szaggars

Supermodel Cindy Crawford hopes to make an impact on the world by reducing the number of plastic water bottles that end up in landfills. She has teamed up with PUR Water Filtration Systems to design a limited edition reusable water bottle bearing the slogan “Thirsty for Change.” All proceeds help decrease waterrelated diseases in developing countries. Crawford and her husband Rande Gerber have instilled the importance of recycling and reusing in their children Presley and Kaia.

Robert Redford costarred in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid in 1969 and his legacy includes a major dedication to the planet under that same name. Since founding the Sundance Preserve nearly 40 years ago, Redford has spawned a Festival, Channel, and a Resort, dedicated to conservation and preservation, through the unique lens of the entertainment industry. He is supported by his wife Sibylle who he married in 2009.

Green Vow:

Introduce small, simple steps in our everyday routines to reduce global warming and minimize environmental impacts.

Green Vow:

Reduce our carbon footprint by replacing CDs and DVDs with digital media.

June/July, 2012 - A&B BUZZ


What is a

A green wedding opts for environmentally-friendly alternatives to various elements of the celebration, from invitations and the dress to the cake. Many couples who already recycle, shop for organic food, or conserve energy at home want to extend their earthconscious values to their big day. While no hard statistics are available on the number of green weddings in the United States, surveys by bridal magazines and businesses — and a thriving mini-industry of green wedding websites and online stores — point to a noticeably growing trend. The first item on the to-do list of a green wedding is finding ways to shrink the event’s carbon footprint. In the United States, more than two-thirds of emissions are produced by energy consumption and transportation. For a wedding, this translates into choices that minimize long distance travel for guests and products and that emphasize the recycled over the brand new. A&B BUZZ – June/July, 2012

a “Green Wedding”? The Venue

Outdoor venues such as beaches and gardens have the advantage of providing their own natural beauty, which minimizes the need for decorations. Daytime weddings also save on electric power. When considering indoor weddings, hotels, restaurants and even churches should subscribe to environmentally-sound practices for energy efficiency, water conservation and garbage disposal. Some couples choose a venue to support a cause — an art gallery or museum — because they give back to the community or support a worthy sustainable practice. Some couples choose the cyber wedding and invite only a handful of guests to witness their vows, instead streaming the ceremony live to other relatives and friends around the world on the Internet.

The Invitation

Couples spare trees with invitations made of recycled paper or by avoiding paper altogether, sending word of their nuptials through wedding Web sites that allow posting of directions to the wedding location, links to their registry and give other information to guests.

June/July, 2012 - A&B BUZZ

What is a “Green Wedding”?

- continued

The Dress

Many brides turn to a second-hand gown borrowed or bought on Craigslist or eBay, eager to re-use or recycle products to cut down on the energy required to make a brand new one. (The grooms still rent.) Brides who buy new may re-sell the dress after the wedding, or donate it to a charity.

The Registry

In the spirit of avoiding waste, some couples suggest that guests give practical and philanthropic gifts, such as a donation to reduce their honeymoon expense or to an animal shelter. Those who won’t forgo their presents often suggest green items.

The Reception

Where a product comes from is an important factor to consider in green weddings, because buying local means that items such as food, flowers and decorations don’t have to be shipped, thus avoiding unnecessary transportation-related carbon emissions. A local and seasonal menu is frequently more popular than an organic menu, which is usually pricier. Tableware should be reusable, as in rented china and linens and pared down courses or seated dinners are preferred over buffets, as they help conserve dishwashing requirements.

A&B BUZZ – June/July, 2012

TRENDS and TIDBITS to Get Married in A&B No red tape or complicated paperwork -- the process is quick and easy. June is Romance Month and honeymooners or those getting married are expedited through Immigration and Customs. Countless options in accommodations for the couple and guests to choose from -- from the ultra exclusive to the all inclusive. A cadre of reliable wedding planners to help plan the wedding of your dreams. Wedding packages can be upgraded with value added offers such as extra nights, spa or resort credits. Adventures for the entire guest list. All are guaranteed an exciting vacation experience. Visas or vaccinations are typically not required (with few exceptions). Convenient flights from major gateways in the USA and Canada. Two islands to choose from. Marry in one. A&B BUZZ – June/July, 2012 Honeymoon in the other. A range of unique venues to host your ceremony, reception or other romantic celebrations.

June, a traditional wedding month, is celebrated as Romance Month in Antigua and Barbuda, where “The

Beach is Just the Beginning.”

But for couples who marry or honeymoon, during the month of June, their experience will begin with a special welcome long before they check in to their hotel or hit the beach. Upon verification, honeymooners or those getting married in Antigua and Barbuda will receive expedited clearance through Customs and Immigration. That’s right….

Honeymooners Go First! June/July, 2012 - A&B BUZZ


Expressive, stylish and psychologically beneficial, flowers are having a renaissance. For couples who are eco conscious, the use of local flowers that are authentic to the island can help reduce carbon emissions associated with long distance transportation. One of the highlights of an A & B destination wedding is the unique array of local flowers in a variety of colors that are widely available. The first step in picking flowers is to determine what types are available locally and what types can be easily

shipped from nearby islands such as Montserrat, Dominica, St. Lucia or St. Vincent. Working with a florist or local wedding planner can help maximize the floral budget and help guide decisions on wedding colors for the cake, decorations and bridal party. Listed below are five local blooms that can be found easily in A & B. These flowers look fantastic on their own, but mix well with other classic flowers to create an authentic Caribbean look and feel.

Bird of Paradise

An important feature of the Birds of Paradise is the ability to hold up in high temperatures. Typically found in red, orange or russet, these hearty flowers make the most sense in warm temperatures and can be used to sprinkle color and bring a hint of uniqueness to the bridal bouquet, wedding ceremony or reception.

BUZZ Worthy Feature – Wedding Flowers – The Blooming Background


These colorful flowers are resilient and can withstand heat and the elements. Typical colors include white, yellow, pink, pale green and purple but orchids are available in almost every color of the rainbow. Used alone or with other colorful flowers, orchids help create stunning bouquets. They appear elegant and graceful and can be used to decorate the site for the ceremony or reception.


Typically found in red, pink or white, hibiscus also comes in citrus colors hues such as yellow and russet. Many island brides match hibiscus red with their bridesmaid's gowns and wedding accent colors. The distinct shape of the flower is also recreated on invitations or on the wedding cake. Hibiscus can be used solely in bouquets or paired with other tropical flowers like orchids or lilies.

June/July, 2012 - A&B BUZZ

– continued


Heat resistance is just one of the reasons that make lilies a favorite among beach brides. They are also strikingly beautiful when used in bouquets or by themselves as decorations. Many brides choose bouquets of white, sometimes accented with red roses or other flowers. Other popular lily colors are pink and yellow.


Popular for any wedding, roses do very well in hot climates which make them a popular choice for A & B weddings. Use bouquets of red roses, or combine them with other tropical wedding flowers like lilies or bird of paradise. Roses also come in white or yellow and mix well with bright, tropical flowers..

BUZZ Worthy Feature – Wedding Flowers – The Blooming Background

In the


there is an unspoken

language of


Floral ensembles can add to the aura of the wedding celebration.

Tropical Flowers’ Symbolic Meanings Floral Fluency

Here are some of the hidden meanings of some popular wedding blooms:

 Amaryllis: Pride, pastoral beauty  Chrysanthemum: Happiness and long life  Chrysanthemum (White): Truth  Chrysanthemum (Yellow): Secret admirer  Chrysanthemum (Red): Love  Daisy: Innocence, loyal love, purity  Forget-Me-Not: Faithful love and memory, true love  Iris: Faith and wisdom, inspiration Ivy: Fidelity, wedded love, affection  Lilac: First love Lily: Purity and sweetness  Lily of the Valley: Renewed happiness and humility  Orchid: Love and beauty  Peony: Happiness and prosperity  Rose (Red): Love and desire  Rose (White): Purity and innocence  Sweet Pea: Departure  Tulip: True love  Violet: Modesty  Zinnia: Thoughts of friends, thoughts of absent friends

“Give each bridesmaid a bouquet with flowers whose meaning suits her personality. Attach a note to the bouquet explaining why you picked this tropical bloom for her. This is a small touch that will heighten the Caribbean spirit of any tropical soiree.” -Avid BUZZ reader, Brenda O’Neale of With This Ring Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Travel Agency

“When meeting with your floral designer, focus your efforts in conveying your color and shape preferences. Becoming too specific with exact blooms and shades can hinder the designer and the completed design” -Eloise Francis, Event Manager, Copper and Lumber Store Hotel, Antigua.

June/July, 2012 - A&B BUZZ

The daisy became symbolic of the flower power movement and fashion legend Mary Quant used the bloom as her trademark motif.


The trend for psychedelic home interiors saw imported tropical species like bird of paradise come into their own.


Charles and Diana’s wedding The En sparked a rush for huge bouquets. nation Hers was 42 inches long, weighed 7 pounds and contained stephanotis, freesias, lilies of the valley and roses.


Flowers make a bold statement in the wedding celebration and a growing affinity between fashion and flowers over the last decade, has seen the wedding bouquet and floral arrangements emerge as critical elements that anchor the bride’s look and the overall image of the event. Whether it was the late Alexander McQueen, filling a church with black roses or Galliano’s Christian Dior catwalk with a backdrop made entirely from roses. These two industries which both strive for beauty, feed well off each other.

A&B BUZZ – June/July, 2012

Flowers were once seen as a luxury, but there has been a shift to seasonal flowers and blooms. On average, Americans spend $100 a year on flowers and 60% of it goes to plants and flowers for our home.

nglish rose was voted that n’s favorite flower.


Carnations shook off their demure image after Sarah Jessica Parkers dons a pink one on the red carpet..

Kate Middleton chose a small lily of the valley posy for her wedding bring low-key bouquet and seasonal blooms back into fashion.

2009 2011

The second Royal wedding of the year between Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock. The wedding bouquet was quite small with three types of flowers: freesia, lily of the valley and orchids.

Boutonnieres are no longer an afterthought. Guys are taking advantage of their chance to make a statement with greenery, whether with big lush blooms, an arrangement of small delicate ones, or a sampling of interestingly shaped herbs.

The world’s largest wedding bouquet measured over 197 feet long and was made using 1500 flowers including roses and carnations - Guinness World Records

“We have responded to flowers the way we have responded to wine 10 years ago; embracing it as a small, affordable treat, rather than purely for special occasions” said Charissa Abbott, Exotic Floral. June/July, 2012 - A&B BUZZ

1. Consider a travel agent A travel agent can help save money for those who don't have a specific resort in mind. Some agents can often find package deals that the average consumer might not and through their networks, they can secure upgrades and a range of options and perks to match a couple’s preferences. 2. Use frequent flier miles The honeymoon might just be the perfect opportunity to cash in all the bonus points racked up on couple’s credit cards. Free airfares or upgrades from coach to first class, will allow couples to begin the honeymoon in style. 3. Take advantage of shoulder seasons – June is Romance Month During shoulder seasons -- on the cusp of high and low -- prices are more reasonable, there is less demand and the weather is still appealing. The major shoulder season in A&B starts right after Sailing Week. May through mid July is a fantastic time to wed or honeymoon in A&B. A&B BUZZ – June/July, 2012

5. Investigate packages Assess honeymoon package deals to determine if the added value is really a moneysaving deal. If the offer is six nights for the price of five, that's worthwhile. If the package brings an evening rose petal turndown service plus champagne for an added $200, it may be cheaper to forgo the extras and book at the normal room rate. H

Ways to Save Money on Your Honeymoon The honeymoon is the last thing that a couple wants to skimp on. Grand accommodations, intimate meals, and relaxing massages rank high on the wish lists, but most couples have to operate within their budgets. Here are five areas to consider in managing honeymoon costs.

4. Consider all-inclusive accommodations One of the best reasons to honeymoon at an all-inclusive resort in A & B is that couples will have a clear estimate of how much their trip will cost and can budget accordingly. Couples should factor in a few meals at restaurants and bars outside the resort, day trips, and perhaps an excursion to sister island Barbuda.

6. Mention that you are newlyweds, drop the “H” word Leverage the fact you're on your honeymoon for special (and free) perks. In A & B, Honeymooners Go First in the immigration and customs line during the month of June. While there are no hard rules for the practice -- or guarantees the hotel will do anything -- it's worth telling the receptionist you'll be spending your first days of married life at the hotel. 7. Stray from the hotel. Talk to locals A hotel's restaurant provides convenient dining options but often comes with a marked-up price. Consult a guide book for affordable options off property. With some insider info from locals, you'll find an unassuming fish stand near your hotel or a holein-the-wall cafe that serves the best meal of your entire trip.

1 Using the lunch hour to run wedding 1. errands...instead of eating. Skipping meals is bad news for your mood - and more important, your wedding fitness plan!

3. “Say Yes to the Dress� is the most exciting thing in the bedroom. Whether it's because you're sparring over the guest list or just exhausted from a lack of sleep (thanks to all those wedding nightmares), a dry spell in the bedroom is common for engaged couples.

2. The groom to be starts joking (or maybe not joking) about eloping. Sometimes it takes a reality check from someone else to know it's time to put the brakes on wedding worries -- even if it's something you don't want to hear.

5 Procrastination on 5. the tasks that really need to get done. You ignore your checklist and put off todos -- but if you're neglecting wedding planning tasks, you may be overwhelmed.


Symptoms That Signal

Wedding Planner Blues

6. Planning is no longer fun. If you're focusing more on the negative (like the number of guests who RSVPed "no") than the positive (like the fact that you'll be married at the end of all of this!),

4. Brides begin to question all decisions. But you don't do that...well, maybe you do. You're over thinking things when you start to trash all your original plans for New! Better! Ideas! June/July, 2012 - A&B BUZZ


Honeymoon Bucket List The right honeymoon gets a

marriage off to a good start and there are so many ideal honeymoon locations to choose from in A & B. Some are known for nightlife; others are designed for more low-key pursuits -- but each property offers something very unique and special. A couple’s honeymoon priorities must first be identified. A week relaxing on a secluded sun-drenched beach? Or a stroll through museums and quaint cafes in a historic locale? Do they prefer an all inclusive (AI) resort and if so what aspects of an AI package is most appealing to them – unlimited food and drink or the cashless transactions? What activities, adventures and other amenities will help seal the deal? Marriage is about compromise and once individual preferences are identified, finding a resort that caters to the needs of the newlyweds is easier to identify.

Your dream wedding venue... A. A remote location with incredible views B. On an idyllic beach with the soothing sound of the ocean C. In grand country style at a quaint, cozy hotel D. In a rustic setting with wooden huts perched on a hillside with panoramic views


Your perfect romantic meal. A. A barbeque for two unde the stars B. An abundance of seafood and bubbly or white wine C. A hearty and warming entrée paired with red w D. Exotic cocktails and spicy cuisine – a chance to sample the local fare

R e s u lt s : Intrepid ExplorERS M o s t ly A ’ s

Luxe L M o s t ly

Where to Stay: Sugar Ridge Resort, Copper and Lumber Store, Harmony Hall, Jolly Beach Resort

Where to Stay: Blue Carlisle Bay Resort, Resorts, St. James C Grande Resort and

What to do: Hiking trails, zip line through the rain forest, kayaking and water sports

What to do: Couple garden tour, eco to

Honeymoon Highlights: Dining at Carmichael’s Restaurant with majestic views of yachts at Jolly Harbour and neighboring islands of Nevis and Montserrat.

Honeymoon Highlig at Blue Waters offe experience where n host a private event utilizing the service chef.

BUZZ Worthy Feature – The A&B Honeymoon Bucket List Quiz






Your ideal date night would be A. Something new. You like to keep things interesting. B. A luxury spa, followed by drinks and a lazy day in the sun C. A high energy activity such as zip lining, jet skiing or horseback riding D. An art exhibition or museum – something that sparks conversation

overs y B’s


Your favorite film… A. Out of Africa – you are a sucker for epic scenery and love stories B. Dirty Dancing – the ultimate summer romance movie moves you every time C. Any James Bond film – you love the sophistication and excitement D. Drive – Ryan Gosling deserves an Oscar

Sports Fanatics M o s t ly C ’ s

e Waters Hotel, Hermitage Bay Club, Sandals Spa

Where to Stay: Grand Pineapple, Nonsuch Bay, Antigua Yacht Club Marina, The Verandah

e’s massage, ur, tennis

What to do: Sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, horseback riding

ghts: Rock Cottage rs an exclusive newlyweds can t for guests es of a personal

Honeymoon Highlights: Nature and romance go hand in hand. A sail to an off shore island to explore the wildlife island and enjoy a private sunset picnic. Sail to Green Island or Prickly Pear for a romantic picnic

Your friends describe you as… A. Active and adventurous B. Romantic and discerning C. Glamorous and fun-loving D. Intelligent and Creative


Exotic Tastemakers M o s t ly D ’ s Where to Stay: Lighthouse Bay Resort, The Inn at English Harbour, Curtain Bluff Resort, Galley Bay Resort What to do: Private dining on the pier, a yacht moored off the beach or sailing off into the sunset. Enjoy an outdoor spa treatment in harmony with nature. Honeymoon Highlights: Enjoy a scenic helicopter tour of Barbuda en route to your arrival at Lighthouse Bay.

June/July, 2012 - A&B BUZZ

Beach Wedding

Horseback Wedding

Rooftop Wedding

Every couple wants a wedding that wi there is no shortage of unique setting memorable photos. Finding the right celebration in an atmosphere of warm forefront of the wedding planning pro limits in A & B, there are pros and con dictate that wedding ceremonies mus 8pm.

Zoo Wedding A&B BUZZ – June/July, 2012

Martello Tower, Barbuda


Historical Wedding

Rainforest Wedding

ill be remembered by all. In A&B gs to exchange nuptials or take spot to capture the essence of the mth and grace is always at the ocess. While few locations are off ns to be considered. Local laws st be conducted between 6am and

Zip-Line Wedding June/July, 2012 - A&B BUZZ

Location Outdoors gazebo, roof top or patio

Pros and

Some shade and prote elements while enjoyin sunsets

Costal –Shores Barefoot elegance, nat acoustics, can accomm of a beach on a budget Local Farm/Garden Setting

Scenic natural, colorful inspiration. Casual, ope nature’s lead by integra zoo, seasonal flora and theme.

Historical Sites

Legacy theme and sym


Religious connection, l architectural elements views

Boat or Yacht

Unforgettable sunsets, off shore deserted islan wildlife help solidify the

Wedding in a Cave

Garden Wedding

Married at Sea A&B BUZZ – June/July, 2012


ection from the g scenic views and

tural costal modate large groups

l backdrop provides en setting. Follow ating animals at a d produce into


ocal worship, with beachfront

nautical elements, nds and ocean e nautical theme.

Cons and Considerations

Places to Consider

Mobility and access issues for the elderly of handicapped. Extreme humidity and temperatures

• Bumpkins Restaurant • Sheer Rocks Restaurant • Jolly Beach Resort and Spa

Time of year -- daylight and tidal activity

• • • •

OJ’s Restaurant Devil’s Bridge Caves at Two Foot Bay Horseback riding at Dickenson Bay

Allergies and insects. Poisonous plants could pose a danger to small children.

• • • •

Carmichael’s at Sugar Ridge Hotel, Bubba’s Restaurant Wallings Dam Wadadlli Park

Limited access, permits may be required and certain restrictions may apply,

• Russell’s at Fort James, Copper and Lumber Store • Admiral’s Inn Hotel • Martello Tower, Barbuda

Special permission must be granted for non-residents who wish to get married in a local church. (Ask local wedding planner)

• St George’s Parish Church, • Valley Church • St. Phillip’s Parish Church

Sea sickness, wind and other elements. Limited acoustics.

• • • •

Sea Spa, Excellence, Black Swan Antigua Yacht Club Marina - continued

June/July, 2012 - A&B BUZZ


many o to suit time. W hideaw resorts

Here a for the husba

A&B BUZZ – June/July,Feature 2012 BUZZ Worthy – A&B’s Lush Gardens

6 Luxury Love Nests


remains a top pick for honeymooners for so of reasons. For starters, with accommodations and venues t every mood and pocket, all guests are guaranteed a great With buffet of villa options, from economical and exquisite ways to exclusive and luxurious villas located at major s, choosing a honeymoon villa will be easy.

are some inspiring and luxurious villas in A & B e couple’s to enjoy their first vacation together as nd and wife.

Villas at Major Resorts

1. Rock Cottage, Blue Waters Hotel

June/July, 2012 - A&B BUZZ

6 Luxury Love Nests

- continued

2. Sea Pigeon, Jumby Bay

A&B BUZZ – June/July, 2012

Villas at Major Resorts

3. Villa Pax, St. James’s Club

June/July, 2012 - A&B BUZZ

6 Luxury Love Nests

- continued

4. Carib House Visit

A&B BUZZ – June/July, 2012


5. Villa Orella

Independent Villas Visit

6. Villa Champagne

June/July, 2012 - A&B BUZZ

Meet the Wedding Planners

Indigo Event Services Weddings

A&B BUZZ – June/July, 2012

“Seek out what you love, choose subtle elements that convey those feelings and repeat them throughout your décor.” -Tracy Guerro



A&B BUZZ caught up TG: We talk to our couples at length with Tracy Guerrero of Indigo to get a clear understanding of their dreams and ideas; then working with Event Services.

the best service providers the island has, we put together a detailed A&B BUZZ: How long have you proposal which, if needed, we been in the wedding planning continually adapt and amend to business? ensure we create as perfect a day as Tracey Guerro: For just over 5 years we can. We are in regular contact but have been involved in events and with the couple as quite often the bride will see things in a magazine or exhibitions for nearly 20 years. on line and want to change her flowers or style of the cake, A&B BUZZ: What changes have etc. Then we are on site, albeit in the you seen in couples’ demands background, from start to finish on over the years? the day and deal with any hiccup that TG: They have become more relaxed may occur without anyone being aware. We aim to take away the with less fixed ideas of what they would like for their special day. The stress of getting married 1,000s of groom is also becoming much more miles away from home and let the involved in the planning process and couple enjoy their special day, we quite often have the first stage of without taking over . the inquiry from the groom and he A&B BUZZ: What are some of the stays firmly involved. major challenges you face? A&B BUZZ: What makes the TG: Being able to easily and cost destination a good wedding and effectively source different items for honeymoon choice? decor; being able to provide a good selection of different dining furniture TG: The welcoming attitude of the and ccessories. Ensuring everything people; our beautiful beaches; the is ready on time – which it normally is relaxed, chilled out atmosphere but sometimes island time can be a around the island; the fact that our little too close for comfort! hotels are small chains or

travel to the church in a bright blue Maserati and then half way to the reception the happy couple swapped the horse and carriage for the Maserati!

A&B BUZZ: If you could wave a

magic wand, what would make you job as a wedding planner much easier? TG: Faster responses from some of the potential venues and suppliers with menus and/or prices; simple; quick and cost effective ways to bring items into the island. Plus the ability to be able to have some of the fabulous tents; dining furniture; decor and other items that you see on the internet in some of the major countries around the world!!

A&B BUZZ: Tell us about your experience in coordinating the Destination Wedding?

TG: Jacky and Ron have been a great couple to work with; they had clear ideas of what they wanted and it was especially important to them that the menu for their wedding reception was created using 100% locally ingredients and produce - the Chef at Non Such Bay came up with some delicious options. The service providers pulled out all the stops to make sure it turned out to be Jacky independently owned and offer a A&B BUZZ: What is the most and Ron’s dream wedding and it has more personalized service plus we novel idea/concept that has been been fun pulling it all together. The have a wealth of villas and yachts requested and how did you handle couple met at a New York Scooter that suit most budgets and just ooze it? Club and thought it would be great if Caribbean charm and warmth. we could incorporate scooters into the wedding somehow and, thanks to A&B BUZZ: What are some of A & TG: A bride and groom who had different ideas on what they wanted Cheke’s Scooters we have sleek B’s strongest romantic elements? for transport to and from the church scooter for them to ride off into the and reception – the bride wanted sunset on! Jacky’s Mum and her TG: Beach and water front something traditional and the groom husband live in the UK and are mad restaurants that offer dining at the wanted something racy! So, we about cricket, they were hoping to water’s edge; sunset cruises; Shirley meet Sir Viv or Richie Richardson but Heights Look out, sunset cocktails at arranged for the bride to travel with her father to the church in a horse they are both in the UK for Sheer Rocks. and cart and then for the bride and cricket! So we’ve arranged for them groom to travel part way to the to meet up with Richie and the WI A&B BUZZ: What makes your reception. For the groom, we Team at a match when they go back service unique? What sets you arranged for him and the best man to home to the UK. apart from other wedding June/July, 2012 - A&B BUZZ

Meet the Wedding Planners

- continued

Forget perfection! Instead aim for authenticity – there’s nothing worse than over-produced event that over an over shadows the true meaning of the day. - Mandie Joseph-Brathwaite, Wedding Coordinator at Blue Waters Hotel A&B BUZZ: What are some of A & some of the most ardent moments,


A&B BUZZ: How long have

you been in the wedding planning business? Mandie Joseph-Brathwaite: Approximately 6 years

A&B BUZZ: What changes have you seen in couples’ demands over the years?

MB: Couples are now being more creative with their wedding photos, with themes like "Trash the Dress.“

A&B BUZZ: What makes the

destination a good wedding and honeymoon choice? MB: Good value for money, expedited processing of paperwork and choices in venues and the ceremony whether formal or informal

A&B BUZZ – June/July, 2012

B’s strongest romantic elements?

this can be sometimes distracting.

MB: • Beautifully decorated Pagodas and Gazebos • Natural landscapes for backdrops • Relaxed and supportive wedding coordinators • Optional venues, great cuisine, entertainment and many unique ideas to plan any couple’s dream wedding.

A&B BUZZ: What is the most

novel idea/concept that has been requested and how did you handle it?

MB: On the day of the wedding I like to wear the colors that complement the wedding theme or bouquet.

MB: The Couple wanted to get married secretly during the early morning with a Marriage Officer without any of their invited 35 guests present! Plain clothes, no photographer, no frills, etc. They then arranged to have their Pastor from their Country "Wed" them that afternoon with all the trimmings, to make believe they had just got "married" by their favored Pastor to please their parents! Best kept secret by our staff who were involved in the planning.

A&B BUZZ: What are some of the

A&B BUZZ: If you could wave a

A&B BUZZ: What makes your

service unique? What sets you apart from other wedding planners?

major challenges you face? MB: Photographers being too visual and invasive during the ceremony. Although their goal is to capture

magic wand, what would make you job as a wedding planner much easier?

Weddings at The Blue Waters Hotel

MB: Having our Wedding Gazebo instantly transformed into the most romantic site to reflect the couple’s dreams. It would allow couples to compare a number of different looks and select the best one that matches their preferences. Time and budget in most instances do not permit couples to make big changes once this area is completed.

A&B BUZZ: Tell us about your experience in coordinating the Destination Wedding?

MB: Besides the couple who wanted to fool their guests in thinking they were getting married that moment, when they already did it that morning without them, I had the honor of coordinating the 2007 Destination Wedding at Hermitage Bay. I had the honor of hosting celebrity couple, Chanté Moore and Kenny Lattimore who serenaded the bride and groom. We added giant silver palm leaves (chopped from a tree in my garden and spray painted) at the entrance. Using my husband’s pickup truck to transport the leaves to the site and

the help the bellhop, we staged “a regal welcome” for the bride's walk down the aisle. Mandie Joseph-Braithwaite Wedding Coordinator Blue Waters Hotel Soldier Bay St. John's ANTIGUA Work: 462 0290 Home: 460 5792 cell: 464 7599 email:

June/July, 2012 - A&B BUZZ

Meet the Wedding Planners ers

- continued

To help protect your privacy, PowerPoint prevented this external picture from being automatically downloaded. To download and display this picture, click Options in the Message Bar, and then click Enable external content.

Destination Wedding 2006 winners with actress Vivica A. Fox


Novella Bryan, at the Grand Pineapple Resort coordinated the first Destination Wedding in 2006. The event was attended by actress Vivica A. Fox, who surprised the couple with a celebrity appearance. In addition to managing local paparazzi, Novella helped to organize the couple’s grand exit following the wedding reception. She carefully decorated the GM’s private boat and the couple sailed away to enjoy some private time at sea.

NB: Couples are spending less on their weddings and are demanding more value for money

A&B BUZZ: What makes

the destination a good wedding and honeymoon choice? NB: The friendliness of the people who are always so anxious to make guests happy. The tranquility, affordability and natural beauty make it a distinctive choice. . A&B BUZZ: What are some of A&B’s strongest romantic elements?

NB: The upbeat atmosphere, entertainment A&B BUZZ: How long options, spas and have you been in the restaurants for fun and wedding planning relaxation in addition to business? reliable sunshine, pristine beaches and great Novella Bryan: I have 22 accommodations. The years experience in gardens gazebo and the coordinating weddings at views from our elevated Grand Pineapple Resort. gazebo give couples different options to A&B BUZZ: What exchange their vows and changes have you seen in host their events. couples’ demands over the years?

A&B BUZZ – June/July, 2012

A&B BUZZ: What makes

your service unique? What sets you apart from other wedding planners?

NB: Being able to work one and one with the couples from the time they begin to make plans all the way to NB: My years of experience the honeymoon. have taught me quite a bit A&B BUZZ: Tell us about about handling requests and going the extra mile to your experience in meet guests’ needs. I am coordinating the extremely passionate and Destination Wedding? love my job and I will go the extra mile to make sure NB: During the first every couple’s dream Destination wedding the becomes a reality. I always bride decided not to wear have add a few unexpected the gown that came with her elements to make the package but opted for a celebration a little more pale pink sheath. I wanted special. to have some wildflowers included in her bouquet to A&B BUZZ: What are help pull the look together. I some of the major had seen some flowers in challenges you face? the cemetery near my home that I thought would be NB: Couples that speak perfect and ventured there foreign languages and at the crack of dawn to get require translators (I then them. have to source a translator). It can slow down the It is a joy meeting and process and present working with couples form ongoing challenges with various parts of the world. It communications. gives me a rewarding feeling when couples say to A&B BUZZ: If you could me that “This is Paradise wave a magic wand, what you helped to make our would make you job as a dreams come true”. wedding planner much easier?

BUZZ Worthy Events 2012

July 2012 July 25-29 Tales of the Cocktail, New Orleans July 26 NYASTA Summer Gala and Trade Show

August 2012 Aug 8 A & B Webcast on Demand with Travel Impressions Aug 11 TASC Trade show Aug 19 -25 New Haven Tennis Open at Yale (formerly The Pilot Pen)

Schedule for the new service (all times shown are local) From


Flight #




New York (JFK)

Antigua (ANU)

673* (nonstop)

8:35 a.m.

1:40 p.m.

Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat

Antigua (ANU)

New York (JFK)

678* (nonstop)

3:05 p.m.

7:00 p.m.

Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat

June/July, 2012 - A&B BUZZ

Wedding Specials Silver Wedding Package

The Dream Wedding Package

• Legal fees • Organizing the services of a marriage officer and arranging the ceremony at the resort • Marriage License • Services of witnesses if required • Wedding certificate • One bottle of Sparkling Wine • One Tier Wedding Cake • Cake Top • One Jug Fruit Juice • One Tray of Hors d ‘oeuvres for four persons • Bridal Bouquet, your choice of - Roses, Lilies, Anthuriums or Orchids - in a Posy or Tear Drop (all subject to availability and season) • Button Hole for the Groom

• Legal fees • Organizing the services of a marriage officer and arranging the ceremony at the resort • Marriage License • Marriage Certificate • Services of witnesses if required • Decorated Location • One bottle of Sparkling Wine • One tier Wedding Cake • Cake Topper • Bridal Bouquet (consists of carnation) • Button Hole for the Groom

Our Gifts to you: • FREE WEDDING If a booking of six (6) rooms staying a minimum of 7 nights OR a 12 nights All Inclusive stay for the Bride & Groom • US$100 credit for the Palms Wellness Centre, Spa, Gym and Beauty Salon (not combinable with any special offers) • US$50 credit per couple on a Wadadli Cats Cruise (except Sundays) • An Intimate Dinner for Two (2) • In Room Service – Continental Breakfast (Morning after Wedding) • Jolly Beach Souvenir “Just Married” Tees and Mugs Stipulations Weddings Ceremonies will be conducted from Mondays – Saturdays excluding Public Holidays and Sundays, between the hours of 10:00am –4:30 pm by a Civil Marriage Officer. Jolly Beach Souvenir “Just Married” Tees and Mugs

US$ 699.00 A&B BUZZ – June/July, 2012

Our Gifts to you: • FREE WEDDING If a booking of seven (7) nights in a Superior Room or higher for the Bride & Groom • US$100 credit for the Palms Wellness Centre, Spa, Gym and Beauty Salon (not combinable with any special offers) • US$50 credit per couple on a Wadadli Cats Cruise (except Sundays)

US$ 399.00

The Villas At Sunset Lane Couples can enjoy cooking demonstration classes that explore a variety of cuisines, entertaining ideas, and techniques for both beginners and those with advanced kills. Couples can have a romantic evening together while learning how to prepare fun and exciting meals with Chef and Owner Jackie Thomas. “Couples that cook together stay together.” Telephone (268) 562-7791 for more information


Specials Barbuda's Lighthouse Bay Resort Magical 12-12-12 wedding package For those planning for a lavish island wedding ceremony on the magical 12-12-12, the Lighthouse Bay Resort has come up with a special wedding package to make it a really private yet a gala affair. The resort is offering one couple an opportunity to wed at this exclusive resort on the magical date: 12-12-12. The entire resort will be available for the wedding for $37,500 per night with a minimum booking of 5 nights. Package will include:

• Transfers by helicopter from Antigua (max. five roundtrip) for a maximum of 26 persons, • Reservation of all nine suites,

All meals and drinks served by the culinary staff. In-room amenities include flat-screen satellite TVs, iPod alarm clock, personal laptops and high speed Wi-Fi. June/July, 2012 - A&B BUZZ

JOIN THE BUZZ We invite you to join our Facebook Community, where everyone is ABUZZ about A&B.

Become a fan & BUZZBACK Weigh in on the June/July Reader Question Q: What are the biggest challenges in booking Caribbean weddings and honeymoons? Please describe your most challenging destination wedding or honeymoon booking? How did you handle this request? Looking back how could this "situation" have been avoided or handled differently? Send your answer to: May/June, 2012 Reader Question Q: Please describe how a vacation experience has helped you (or a client) to relax,

focus on life’s challenges and find inner peace and a great sense of balance? Describe some of the experiences that might have helped you (or a client) to Reflect. Reconnect. Renew?

Congratulations! Answer of the Month for May/June, 2012: I was asked by a women's professional group to secure travel packages for auction at their annual Gala and fundraiser. One executive who won the bid on a 4-night stay at St. James Club actually donated the trip to a woman who had just testified in a trial. It was a traumatic experience and she was encouraged to take the trip to Antigua as she awaited sentencing. I was able to arrange a special tour around the island and the client actually had her first massage, during her stay. She made many friends and spent many hours just relaxing on the beach. Needless to say this client returned relaxed and rejuvenated and ready to move on with her life. She said to me, "I really had a chance to clear my head and embrace life and all the challenges ahead." Garth Allen, New York, NY A&B BUZZ – June/July, 2012



BUZZ Mailbag


We enjoy your digital editions, but more so your exclusive monthly updates. For example, your insider travel tips, and hotels specials and reviews that we do trust. Susan McGuire #1 Travel, Inc. 2011 Merrick Road Merrick, New York 11566

Your magazine gives a welcome read that never leaves you. The information is quite in-depth and makes one feel the need to visit and explore Antigua and Barbuda. Annette Ingoglia Aztec/Everyday Travel 167 Middle Country Road Middle Island, NY, 11953

Feedback from BUZZ readers

The Buzz does "sound-off" and some of the agents in our chapter and myself do respond by joining the conversations on Facebook and Twitter. Jeanne Strum Sherman Strum Travel Agency 100 W. Park Ave. Suite 308 Long Beach, NY 11561

The Buzz is a clever design, well laid out and is also a great read the way it marries the methods of using knowledge and information. Gerald Mack Dutch Broadway Travel 1789 Dutch Broadway Elmont, N.Y. 11003

Contact Us at:

June/July, 2012 - A&B BUZZ

2012 Destination Wedding Winners, Ron & Jacky, at Nonsuch Bay

A&B Buzz June/July 2012  

Antigua & Barbuda Buzz June/July 2012 - Romance Issue

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