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September – December 2012

fill your Thursday nights with fun in Belsize Park calendar of events, 7.30 - 9pm 13 Sep 20 Sep 27 Sep 4 Oct 11 Oct 18 Oct 25 Oct* 1 Nov * 8 Nov 15 Nov 22 Nov 29 Nov 6 Dec

Just Play with Mick Barnfather African Dancing with Frititi African Dancing with Frititi Soulful Singing with Mahasukha Soulful Singing with Mahasukha Just Play with Mick Barnfather Bhangra Dance Fever with David Olton Bhangra Dance Fever with David Olton Games Games Games with Loose Baker African Drumming & Singing with Tom Morley African Drumming & Singing with Tom Morley Laughter Yoga Playtime with Leela Bunce Winter Special Games with Loose Baker

* 7.45pm start

Antidote’s energetic, uplifting and playful singing, dancing and games workshops have been delighting adults around London for over six years. We’re now feeling very much at home in Belsize Park. Choose from a handpicked selection of activities each week, led by experts who are the very best at what they do. Come along to have a laugh, forget your worries, enjoy time with friends and meet new ones. Enjoy some physical activity that doesn’t feel like serious exercise and try something a bit different. You’ll leave feeling relaxed and invigorated, with a smile on your face.

‘Aren’t people wonderful, creative and funny when they just get together and are allowed to play.’ Heather, Charity Worker

drop in any thursday from 7.30 – 9pm or book online:

what to expect

Antidote sessions involve different levels of physical activity. We’ve marked each activity so you know how energetic it will be: Be prepared to get hot and sweaty! Wear clothes and shoes suitable for exercise (e.g. tracksuit and trainers or dance shoes). Move around mildly Wear something comfortable for moving about a bit (like jeans and trainers). Chill out and take it easy Wear whatever you like!

You don’t need to read music, do an audition or have any experience to have a go at Antidote singing. Our sensitive experts always start sessions with simple warm ups to exercise your voice and build your confidence, before teaching songs by ear. They just sing a line at a time, and you sing them back until you know the words and melody. You won’t be asked to do anything you don’t feel comfortable with. Just enjoy the uplifting sounds of your own voice blending with a group of others in beautiful tunes and harmonies from around the world. Songs taught by ear All welcome – we believe everyone can sing Relaxed, no pressure Drop in when you can

No need to read music No auditions No performances or solos No weekly commitment

Whether you’ve got two left feet, or you’re a disco diva, it doesn’t matter – all you need for dancing sessions at Antidote is a willingness to give it a go. It’s not about getting the steps exactly right, or looking like a pro. It’s all about having fun, learning a new routine and having a bit of a boogie. We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and shoes – plus no sharp jewellery please – and be prepared to get a bit sweaty along the way! Great music Joyful movement Learn some new steps

No mirrors – so don’t worry how you look! No pressure to get the steps right No performances or need to bring a partner

Grandmother’s Footsteps, Stuck in the Mud, Tag… remember running about playing games like these? Antidote says you’re never too old to enjoy some do-it-yourself, join-in entertainment. You can try sessions inspired by a whole range of different kinds of play and games – from the world of drama and improvisation to laughter yoga and imaginative storytelling. Come and have a go at some games that may be familiar favourites and discover new ones too. Creative playful fun Use your body and mind Sociable

No competition No just sitting still No staring at a screen alone

drop in any thursday from 7.30 – 9pm or book online:

drop in any time: £15 advance online: save 33% when booking up to 24 hours ahead – just £10 per session! first-timers money back guarantee! We promise you’ll love our workshops, but if not then we’ll refund you, no questions asked.

or Buy a Flexi Pass for just £30 Come as often as you like and start saving after your third visit! A flexi pass includes a voucher for one admission to every event during our autumn season. You can choose to attend all 13 sessions yourself, or give the vouchers to a friend.

‘It was fun to do something out of the ordinary with many strangers, who don’t feel like strangers anymore.’ Tim, Entrepreneuer ‘Liberated and exhilarated. Up until now singing has been my worst nightmare!’ Ali, Marketing

‘Hilarious, original, really funny, I laughed so hard… The session does what it says on the tin!’ Helen, Care Worker ‘You will have a brilliant time. Don’t even think about it for a minute, just make the booking, adults deserve to have fun too!’ Thomas, Retail ‘Relaxed, happy, playful, forgot my stressful day.’ Sahar, Designer ‘The most fun I’ve had in ages.’ Dave, Young Person’s Advisor ‘That was so much fun! Perfect to relax after work – exactly what I needed. A wonderful blend of movement, laughter and interaction.’ Steve, Policy Analyst

drop in any thursday from 7.30 – 9pm or book online:

who comes along? Antidote is open to anyone and everyone who would like to sing, dance and play. We don’t offer ‘therapy’ or ‘team building’ although of course enjoying yourself does help you feel better, think clearer and smile more. Usually, about half of an average group will be made up of young professionals in their 20s and 30s, with the other half spread throughout the other age groups. And people come from all walks of life. A snapshot of a session saw 25 people, including a student, coach, managing director, massage therapist, recreation consultant, marketing, media buyer, IT consultant, fundraiser and a photographer. Everybody had a fantastic time.

In an average session, about half of those attending will come on their own, and the other half will come with a friend or two, so whether you’re planning to venture alone or with others, you’ll be fine. Groups are welcome too – though it’s best to book in advance – Antidote sessions make a great birthday, leaving do, reunion or social outing. If you’ve never been to anything like it before, don’t worry – you’ll be sure of a warm welcome. Newcomers regularly comment on how friendly everyone is, and in most sessions there’s an even mix of first timers and regulars, so you’ll always be in good company. There are no strangers at Antidote – only friends you haven’t met yet.

As featured in Vogue and Time Out ‘We ended up with teddy bears, frisbees and socks flying all over the place.’ The Times ‘I had cramp in my cheeks from laughing.’ The Guardian drop in any thursday from 7.30 – 9pm or book online:

13 September

Just Play with Mick Barnfather An evening of fun and games

Forget yourself and enjoy a childlike freedom with an evening of fun and games ranging from high energy tag games to wink murder, word games, physical games, creative games and rhythm games. Mick has worked as an actor, director and drama teacher for many years and has always used games to help people find the joy and freedom to play.

20 & 27 September

African Dancing to Live Drums with Frititi Guaranteed to get your heart pumping

Don’t miss an unforgettable evening mixing live music and dance from as far afield as Gambia and the Zulu land. This workshop will pulsate with the rhythms of Africa. You’ll have the chance to learn a bit about the history and meaning of the dance, as well as having a go at dancing a full sequence of steps. Frititi, (‘ancient’ in the Akan language) is a London-based performing arts company whose focus is on traditional African drumming and dance, founded by Nii Tagoe in 1993. Nii was born into a royal family made up of master drummers and dancers, from whom he inherited his talent for drumming, dancing and singing. He is also the principal percussionist with Baka Beyond.

drop in any thursday from 7.30 – 9pm or book online:

4 & 11 October

Soulful Singing with Mahasukha

Funky, African, sacred, uplifting and fun group-harmony singing with live djembe drumming and the unique and inspiring Mahasukha touch. A joyful, tribal and meditative experience, guaranteed to put a smile on your face, uplift your soul and get you dancing. Beautiful harmonies, beautifully simple, simply magic. Mahasukha is a talented musician with over 35 years experience playing drums and singing. Having started out in the world of Jazz, he was then drawn into South African drumming and harmony singing. For the last 10 years he’s been leading Soulful Singing workshops and events with hundreds of people in a variety of contexts, bringing them fun and joy, inspiring their own creativity to come alive, bringing them together in harmony.

18 October

Just Play with Mick Barnfather Another evening of fun and games

Forget yourself and enjoy a childlike freedom with an evening of fun and games ranging from high energy tag games to wink murder, word games, physical games, creative games and rhythm games. Mick has worked as an actor, director and drama teacher for many years and has always used games to help people find the joy and freedom to play.

drop in any thursday from 7.30 – 9pm or book online:

25 October & 1 November

Bhangra Dance Fever with David Olton A high energy workshop in Bhangra and Bollywood Boogey-ness

Join us for an energetic, cardio Bollywood dance sequence designed to get your heart pumping and your body sweating to classic Bhangra dance moves. Before you know it, you’ll be dancing like a Bollywood star! David was the featured dancer in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Bombay Dreams’ working closely with award winning Bollywood film choreographer and Director Farah Khan. He also produced the Bollywood dance section in the top selling ‘Dance Your Way To Fitness’ in association with Zest Magazine. As a sneak preview, check David out on Sky 282 fitness TV channel.

8 November

Games Games Games with Loose Baker Antidote favourites and a few surprises

Loose has over five years experience running workshops for Antidote and beyond. She knows around 600 games and is always plucking new ones from wherever she can find them. Expect a mixture of what Antidote loves and a few wild cards to keep regulars coming back for more. Running around, throwing things, hiding and using your imagination are things that often happen but nobody can ever be totally sure where things can end up... She is more than happy for you to take over the workshop if that is the way it goes! Lucy trained as a fool with Jonathan Kay. She also has been a kids entertainer, a Tudor re-enactor, a pig handler, suet-packer and currently runs her own cabaret nights called The Little Show Off. Lucy is a founder of The Village Hall - a travelling festival area.

drop in any thursday from 7.30 – 9pm or book online:

15 & 22 November

Fancy having a go at playing West African djembe drums and learning some simple but uplifting African songs? Then join us tonight for your chance to make some beautiful beats and harmonies.

African Drumming & Singing with Tom Morley

Sing and drum away!

Tom is passionate in sharing what he’s learned about rhythm and harmony over the past 50 years. From playing kit drums with the band Scritti Politti in his 20’s, through songwriting in his 30’s, to studying psychology and facilitation in his 40’s, Tom is now an experienced workshop leader with an ability to put people at ease immediately. His down-to-earth attitude, believing that any group can achieve great things when they commit to working together, has given thousands of people the confidence to play inspiring African drums, sing vocal harmony songs and even make up their own multiinstrumental performances.

29 November

Laughter Yoga Playtime with Leela Bunce Laugh till you can laugh no more

Leela Bunce loves to laugh. So much so that she’s made it her career to laugh for a living. In tonight’s session she’ll bring all her very favourite laughter exercises, games and fun stuff to get you giggling, tittering and proper jaw-aching belly-laughing. Leela is a trained Laughter Yoga teacher and has run her laughter company Shinetime since 2005. In that time she’s laughed in all sorts of wonderful places and with all sort of wonderful people, including Frank Skinner, on ITV’s Loose Women and with Chris Evans who said - ‘Mistress of Merriment and Mirth Leela Bunce showed us you don’t have to be happy to laugh, you can laugh to be happy, and it works - I promise’.

drop in any thursday from 7.30 – 9pm or book online:

6 December

Winter Celebration Games with Loose Baker

Don’t miss the last session this season before we take our winter holidays.

Antidote favourites and a few surprises

Come and play a round-up of wonderful games that will have you running about, laughing, and jumping for joy. For more about Loose, please see page 12. Plus, join us for a drink at a nearby pub afterwards.

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drop in any thursday from 7.30 – 9pm or book online:

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