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Tom Dugan Age: 23 Years Riding: 14 Hometown: I actually grew up in Haysville, Kansas Current City: Moved to Austin, T.X about 4 years ago because I figured it would be a lot more fun to live and ride there, And I could not have been any more correct.

Who hooks you up? Empire BMX, Fit Bike Co., Odyssey, Etnies & Armourdillo. What Armourdillo belt are you wearing now? The Duffel Woven belt.

Spencer Nuzzi Age: 20 years old Years Riding: Been shredding 10 years deep Hometown: Del Mar CA Who hooks you up? I ride for Birdhouse skateboards, CCS skateshop, Armourdillo and Theeve Titanium Truck Co.

What Armourdillo belt are you wearing now? I got a waxed shoe lace on and the black and white snake skin belts on. Ha yeah thats right both. (This chick was totally digging it today) What is your Signature: It would have to be goofy.

Armourdillo Broadcast #002  

WELCOME TO ISSUE #2 OF THE ARMOURDILLO BROADCAST (AD/BC #2). The AD/BC is a creative outlet exploring the life and times shared with our fa...