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BY MEXI (antics art director) The brief for Kazu’s logo was pretty open. The only requirements were that it incorporate a raven and that it be versatile enough to be embossed into leather. I was sent a selection of reference imagery and a photo of the wing tattoo on Kazu’s forearm. From there I hit the internet and found a bunch of other reference pics-everything from corporate logos and tattoos to comics and sports branding. The first sketches were a pretty boring amalgamation of the wing tattoo and Kazu’s name. Not convinced that this was the right direction I toyed with some other ideas, including European heraldry before stumbling upon the Japanese equivalent, Mon. Essentially a Japanese family crest, most Mon consist of a roundel (that’s a fancy dot to you laymen) encircling plants, animals and various natural and man made objects. “Ravens are animals!” I exclaimed, and dove head first into the internet, sourcing as many examples of Mon as my browser could find. The end result features a stylised raven with Kazu’s ‘KK’ initials inside a kuchinashi flower. A corruption of the word kuchibashi, meaning beak, the seeds resemble little birds opening their beaks, further continuing the avian theme and delivering the 1-2 punch!

Armourdillo Broadcast #002  

WELCOME TO ISSUE #2 OF THE ARMOURDILLO BROADCAST (AD/BC #2). The AD/BC is a creative outlet exploring the life and times shared with our fa...