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Sam Phillips has over a decade of tattooing and painting experience under his belt. He is the owner and operator of American Tattoo in Bonsall CA, the site for our latest catalog cover shoot. We asked him to take 10 mins. Out of his busy schedule to answer some questions.

AD/BC: Define your signature style?

AD/BC: What was the 1st tattoo you gave, what was it, who to and have you seen it lately? SAM PHILLIPS: My first tattoo was a Mouse holding a piece of cheese on my good friend Kevin. I recently posted a photo of it to mark my 10 year anniversary tattooing. AD/BC: How was your tattoo apprenticeship? Was it hell like most think? SP: It was definitely challenging but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I apprenticed in San Diego at Monster Tattoos under Shawn “Monster” Buss and Morgwn Pennypacker. They were pretty ruff on me sometimes but in return they taught me everything they knew and are still available for me to call and talk to.

“As an artist I feel it’s really important to switch up the mediums your using to keep it fresh.”

SP: My favorite tattoo style is American Traditional. I like to try to find the balance between traditions and new technology. Tattooing used to be about making art that will last forever. Bold strong designs that are recognizable even after aging. Now artists are doing things that look good on paper but will never stand the test of time. AD/BC: Do you have any creative outlet’s aside from Tattooing? What else do you get into? SP: I recently got into painting custom 70’s style motorcycle tanks and helmets. I restored a 1964 GMC pick up and when it came to painting it my interest got piqued. So I bought some tape and some spray-guns and just started spraying stuff. As an artist I feel it’s really important to switch up the mediums your using to keep it fresh.

AD/BC: Is it just us or are you noticing a lot of “Day of the Dead” themed tattoos these days? SP: Yeah people really seem to like them. My birthday falls on the “Day of the Dead” so it has always been a favorite thing of mine. AD/BC: Are any tattoos ‘off limits’ for you? SP: No, not really. I’ll tattoo your forehead if you want.


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