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Car: 1950 Ford Shoebox. Owner: Christopher “FUNG” Phillips. (Antics Intl./Armourdillo In House Sales Manager) Engine: I got a 454, four on the floor, full house and a blower, yeee haw, j/k! Actually, it’s out of an ’85 Mustang Police Interceptor, but with a few changes. It’s a 289 small block V8 quad carb. There are definitely a few less horses in it than the original but it’s quick enough to get you into trouble. Mods: Nosed, decked, shaved, frenched, a custom dash, ’65 T-Bird interior, and about a 5” chop. Is this your dream car? I originally wanted a ’50 Mercury but they are too pricey and so trendy these days. I love my “poor man’s Merc”! How long have you owned it? Work in progress for about 7 years now. Who does the work? I’d like to say it’s all me but I owe a lot of credit to my pops and his buddy Nomad Mike. They are like wizards of restoration! How did your get mechanical know how? I owe it all to my pops; his hobby has always been restoring classic cars and hot rods, mostly 50’s era. He even owned his own restoration shop for a while when I was a kid, and aside from that has been building them in his garage ever since I can remember. Any know how I have acquired came from him… thanks pops!

Armourdillo Broadcast #002  
Armourdillo Broadcast #002  

WELCOME TO ISSUE #2 OF THE ARMOURDILLO BROADCAST (AD/BC #2). The AD/BC is a creative outlet exploring the life and times shared with our fa...