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WELCOME TO ISSUE #2 OF THE ARMOURDILLO BROADCAST. (AD/BC #2) The AD/BC is a creative outlet exploring the life and times shared with our family of Armourdillo broadcasters. We track what everyone is up to, look at what gig’s we’ve been going to, what rides people are building and what goes on behind the scenes here at Armourdillo. Every Armourdillo Broadcast has a spotlight feature on one of our unique broadcasters. This time around we’re featuring Corey Duffel with our cover story and spotlighting Kazu Kokubo. We share the development of Kazu’s new logo and reveal it’s inspiration and meaning. We photolog a 2011 gig roundup, check out some art and visit our friends in Japan to see what’s up in their neck of the woods.










AD/BC: Tell us about some Collaborations/projects? FOOD ONE: I did the entire ad campaign for Colt 45 in 2007-08. I did about 30 images for them that were all used for various things: ads in magazines, displays in liquor stores, t-shirts, billboards, and eventually on limited edition beer cans. Pretty cool stuff!

AD/BC: Tell us about your art and inspirations? FOOD ONE: My name’s Jim aka Food One… I just totally rock out and listen to loud music all day and I draw and I paint and people pay me for it. It’s a pretty good life. I work freelance. I’ve been at it since ‘97. I make comix, I do illustration and advertising art, I do live art in clubs and stuff, I body paint on hot, lovely ladies, I do gallery work, I paint murals, whatever. I like to try new things, I’m always working on something. I created my own brand of art called Visual Funk. It’s my style; it’s a mix of comix-style art, graffiti, funk and hip hop culture, James Brown, anime, neo-expressionism, and a bunch of other shit thrown into a pop culture blender and what comes out of my hand and onto the paper is the funk that you get. I try and be unique and stand out. I’m having a lot of fun.

Kickpuncher came about because my old friend, Dan Harmon, created the show Community and asked me to do the comic book. I had a lot of fun with it. Dan and I tossed around ideas and then once he was cool with the story I just sat down and drew it. The book was included in the DVD Season 1 set of Community put out by NBC. Nissan Juke was a sweet gig. They hit me up and asked me to do three different custom car wraps for their Nissan Juke car. I was really able to cut loose and do my own thing and they were easy to work with. That’s the type of freelance gig I always dream about, when I am free to just do my own thing, basically. MarijuanaMan came about when Ziggy Marley’s people hit me up and asked me to do the book. We started having meetings and Ziggy was super cool and understood my style. We eventually brought in my old friend Joe Casey to write it and the book came out on 4/20/10! Very appropriate.

Tank Girl is my most current project. I became friends with co-creator/writer Alan C. Martin of Facebook and he just asked me to draw the next book. I of course said “yes”, Tank Girl had a huge influence on my style back in the mid 90’s, and it’s quite a thrill and an honor to be involved with something that is such a cult classic like that. The book debuts in summer of 2012…

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UNFADEABLE (mixed media, 2011). FOOD ONE: This piece was inspired by the Dr. Dre music video for the song “Nuthin But A G-Thang”. The piece was done for a group art show called “I Want My Music Video Art Show” presented at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood. It’s basically my tribute to the actual music video but also to the vibe of West Coast gangster rap as a whole. I listened to this type of music for all three days I worked on the piece and I think you can sort of see the vibe and rhythm of the tunes oozing through in the art. Read about my process on this piece in my autobio web comic, Los Angeles Ink Stains here: foodoneart.blogspot.com/2011/10/los-angeles-ink-stains-56.html FOOD FACT: JIM’S BROTHER IS THE EQUALLY TALENTED DJ MAHF. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD A BUNCH OF HIS FREE MIXTAPES HERE: djmahf.com


tommy fynn




Car: 1950 Ford Shoebox. Owner: Christopher “FUNG” Phillips. (Antics Intl./Armourdillo In House Sales Manager) Engine: I got a 454, four on the floor, full house and a blower, yeee haw, j/k! Actually, it’s out of an ’85 Mustang Police Interceptor, but with a few changes. It’s a 289 small block V8 quad carb. There are definitely a few less horses in it than the original but it’s quick enough to get you into trouble. Mods: Nosed, decked, shaved, frenched, a custom dash, ’65 T-Bird interior, and about a 5” chop. Is this your dream car? I originally wanted a ’50 Mercury but they are too pricey and so trendy these days. I love my “poor man’s Merc”! How long have you owned it? Work in progress for about 7 years now. Who does the work? I’d like to say it’s all me but I owe a lot of credit to my pops and his buddy Nomad Mike. They are like wizards of restoration! How did your get mechanical know how? I owe it all to my pops; his hobby has always been restoring classic cars and hot rods, mostly 50’s era. He even owned his own restoration shop for a while when I was a kid, and aside from that has been building them in his garage ever since I can remember. Any know how I have acquired came from him… thanks pops!




Sam Phillips has over a decade of tattooing and painting experience under his belt. He is the owner and operator of American Tattoo in Bonsall CA, the site for our latest catalog cover shoot. We asked him to take 10 mins. Out of his busy schedule to answer some questions.

AD/BC: Define your signature style?

AD/BC: What was the 1st tattoo you gave, what was it, who to and have you seen it lately? SAM PHILLIPS: My first tattoo was a Mouse holding a piece of cheese on my good friend Kevin. I recently posted a photo of it to mark my 10 year anniversary tattooing. AD/BC: How was your tattoo apprenticeship? Was it hell like most think? SP: It was definitely challenging but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I apprenticed in San Diego at Monster Tattoos under Shawn “Monster” Buss and Morgwn Pennypacker. They were pretty ruff on me sometimes but in return they taught me everything they knew and are still available for me to call and talk to.

“As an artist I feel it’s really important to switch up the mediums your using to keep it fresh.”

SP: My favorite tattoo style is American Traditional. I like to try to find the balance between traditions and new technology. Tattooing used to be about making art that will last forever. Bold strong designs that are recognizable even after aging. Now artists are doing things that look good on paper but will never stand the test of time. AD/BC: Do you have any creative outlet’s aside from Tattooing? What else do you get into? SP: I recently got into painting custom 70’s style motorcycle tanks and helmets. I restored a 1964 GMC pick up and when it came to painting it my interest got piqued. So I bought some tape and some spray-guns and just started spraying stuff. As an artist I feel it’s really important to switch up the mediums your using to keep it fresh.

AD/BC: Is it just us or are you noticing a lot of “Day of the Dead” themed tattoos these days? SP: Yeah people really seem to like them. My birthday falls on the “Day of the Dead” so it has always been a favorite thing of mine. AD/BC: Are any tattoos ‘off limits’ for you? SP: No, not really. I’ll tattoo your forehead if you want.

FOR CHECK OUT MORE OF SAM’S WORK VISIT: samphillipstattooer.com



2011 was a big year for Kazuhiro Kokubo. It began with securing his second U.S. Open title then he finished the season by surviving a near death car accident on his way home from Mammoth. The second half of the year had him scoring the covers of Snowboarder and Transworld Snowboarding Japan, Burton billboards in Tokyo and the opening part in Burton’s ‘Standing Sideways’.

On the endorsement front, he found a new home mountain as one of the Park City All Stars, hooked up with the WEND Wax World Team and has a signature goggle dropping on Oakley. This is also the year that we proudly launched Kazu’s Signature Collection featuring his custom designed Raven logo. Here we give you some insight into the development of the logo and find out the significance of the Raven.


AD/BC: Is it a coincidence you have a belt sponsor after the whole Japan Olympic uniform fiasco or were you court ordered to align yourself with a company like Armourdillo before the next Olympics? KAZU: (Laughs) Yes, Japanese National Team says I need belt sponsor if I ever want to do Olympics again. So I choose the coolest company.

AD/BC: What is the best and worst thing about spending so much time with your manager Carl Harris? KAZU: Nothing worst, it’s all good! AD/BC: Is it true you wanted Armourdillo to give you a Signature seat belt? KAZU: YES! I want for my new party van. AD/BC: How do people’s dress styles in Japan compare to the USA? KAZU: USA doesn’t have a lot of different styles like Japan. Every neighborhood in every city in every state has its own style in Japan. AD/BC: We are dropping your new signature belts and wallet with your Kazu Logo Holiday ‘11, what is the Significance of the raven in the logo? KAZU: For me it means so many different things. Friends, family, freedom… AD/BC: It’s rad that Oakley is using your new logo on their product. How did that come about? KAZU: We wanted all of the companies we work with to have the same look and style. We work with the best companies and when people see my logo on products they will know it is the best and my style.

AD/BC: 日本オリンピック代表ユニフォー ムの一件の後ベルトスポンサーを獲得した 事は偶然ですか?それとも、裁判所からの命 令で次回のオリンピック迄に、 Armourdilloの ような会社と絡むよう言われたのですか? KAZU: 日本のナショナルチームが 「も う一回オリンピック出た いなら、 ベルト スポンサーが必要だ」 と言ったから、一 番最高なベルトカンパニーを選んだよ AD/BC: マネージャーのカール・ハリ スと長い時間一緒に過ごす点での、一 番良い点と、悪い点はなんですか? KAZU: 悪い事なんてないよ、全 て良い方向にいってるよ AD/BC: Armourdilloへ、 シグネチャー・シー トベルトの提供をお願いしたって本当ですか? KAZU: いいね、俺の新しいバンに! AD/BC: 日本人の服装はアメリ カ人と比べてどうですか? KAZU: 日本はアメリカよりの、 色んな種類の服を着る人が居る よ、 おもしろいのもいっぱい。 AD/BC: Holiday ‘11から君のシグネチャー モデルであるベルトと財布が、君のロゴと共に 売り出されるけど、 カラスのロゴの意味とは? KAZU: 俺にとっては色々な意味があるよ、 自由、友達、家族... AD/BC: オークリーが君の新しいロゴを 商品に採用したのは素晴らしい事ですが、 どういった経緯でそうなったのですか? KAZU: 前から自分のイメージを統一し たいと思ってた。  今は最高のカンパニ ーとト共に仕事を居ているし、 そこの商 品に俺のロゴが乗っかれば、 みんなkazu モデルだって分かるようになるよ。


BY MEXI (antics art director) The brief for Kazu’s logo was pretty open. The only requirements were that it incorporate a raven and that it be versatile enough to be embossed into leather. I was sent a selection of reference imagery and a photo of the wing tattoo on Kazu’s forearm. From there I hit the internet and found a bunch of other reference pics-everything from corporate logos and tattoos to comics and sports branding. The first sketches were a pretty boring amalgamation of the wing tattoo and Kazu’s name. Not convinced that this was the right direction I toyed with some other ideas, including European heraldry before stumbling upon the Japanese equivalent, Mon. Essentially a Japanese family crest, most Mon consist of a roundel (that’s a fancy dot to you laymen) encircling plants, animals and various natural and man made objects. “Ravens are animals!” I exclaimed, and dove head first into the internet, sourcing as many examples of Mon as my browser could find. The end result features a stylised raven with Kazu’s ‘KK’ initials inside a kuchinashi flower. A corruption of the word kuchibashi, meaning beak, the seeds resemble little birds opening their beaks, further continuing the avian theme and delivering the 1-2 punch!


Tom Dugan Age: 23 Years Riding: 14 Hometown: I actually grew up in Haysville, Kansas Current City: Moved to Austin, T.X about 4 years ago because I figured it would be a lot more fun to live and ride there, And I could not have been any more correct.

Who hooks you up? Empire BMX, Fit Bike Co., Odyssey, Etnies & Armourdillo. What Armourdillo belt are you wearing now? The Duffel Woven belt.

Spencer Nuzzi Age: 20 years old Years Riding: Been shredding 10 years deep Hometown: Del Mar CA Who hooks you up? I ride for Birdhouse skateboards, CCS skateshop, Armourdillo and Theeve Titanium Truck Co.

What Armourdillo belt are you wearing now? I got a waxed shoe lace on and the black and white snake skin belts on. Ha yeah thats right both. (This chick was totally digging it today) What is your Signature: It would have to be goofy.



ディロ•シャック ‘Dillo Shack Japan ディストリビューター名: 株式会社Natty

Distributor Name: Natty Inc.

ディストリビューター所在地 宮崎県宮崎市清武町木原57-26

Distributor Location: Miyazaki, Japan

その他のディストリビュートしているブランド SOCCO.8BITS

Brands you Distribute: SOCCO, 8Bits

事務所の倉庫で進行中のプロジェクトを教 えてください。

What projects are going on in the office now? We have been remodeling the warehouse space to build a small retail space.

現在、倉庫内にショップをオープンするため に作業中です。 ショップ内からスケートボールが見える様に、 まず鉄骨で2階を作りました。 その鉄骨の上に ショップを建設中です。 倉庫内全ての工事は、 自分たちで行っていま す。 ショップのオープンは来年の予定です。 Armourdillo Bowl Specs: 半径1800mm 広さ10mx14m ハート形 コーピング全て手作り、60mmの厚みの物を フェイスから30mm出して設置 今ある車は 1964 Chevy El Camino 1979 Toyota Hilux 1985 Toyota Crown Dodge Ram 3500 好きな車 RADな車 来年お金があれば、50年代ぐらいのボロ車を 買ってきて作りこむ予定です。

We wanted to be able to overlook the skate bowl from the shop so we are building a mezzanine with steel framing. All the designing and constructions are done by us. We are planning to open the shop around spring time. Armourdillo Bowl Specs: Corner Radius: 18m 10m x 14m Heart Shape Bowl. Hand made coping, 60mm pipe. Coping hangs 30mm from the surface. Cars we have: 1964 Chevy El Camino 1979 Toyota Hilux 1985 Toyota Crown Dodge Ram 3500 Cars we like: Something RAD! We hope to buy a 50’s car and restore to radness if we got some extra cash.


The Adam Banton Signature Collection features full grain leather, 100% cotton and black alloy hardware. The Banton wallet has a built-in pick holder with a Fender guitar pick ready to go.



NEXT LEVEL Performance



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AD/BC: Where did the idea come from to start this project?

AD/BC: Who have you got building this and tell us about the setup?

THE STUDIO: Collectively the guys in the office all wanted something to skate. We are all getting a little fatter and needed to make it easier to skate (no excuses). We originally started with a bank ramp, Box and kicker and then added to it slowly. One of our friends Andrew Dorn from www.agenci.tv who had done some work for us (the Theeve Jerome edits) said we should make some clips at the park. Dorny and I started talking and decided to create weekly clips but we needed someone to host our vids. We decided to partner with the guys at www.skateboard.com.au and deliver the content through them.

THE STUDIO: We have all had a bit of a go at one stage or another. Darren from Convic originally designed us a park but we morphed and changed things according to our limited size and things we have all skated and there was a bit of trial and error as well. We worked with Tom Flaherty of www.devicewood.com to build most of it. He has had a lot of experience with building ramps and parks over the years. He was easy to work with too and put up with all our ideas and brought them to life.

AD/BC: Where did the name come from?

THE STUDIO: The park is a way for Antics in Australia to create our own culture. We felt the print media in Australia was not focussing enough on Australians and through building a park and logging footage and editing clips we will be able to offer a medium for riders to show off their skills. Its very similar to The Berrics. We think this is a great product and if we are able to do something for the Aussie skate community and make it more relevant to our region then we are doing our job for skateboarding and its progression. The basis for this is that companies will book in a month and their riders will swing by the park and film a part. From there we will release the clips based around the team riders from this company.

THE STUDIO: Dorny decided it should be called The Studio and worked on the branding for it as well. The reason behind this, is that it is in a very small tight space that reminded us of a Studio apartment. There is a lot of stuff crammed into a small space but it works well. The other benefit of giving it the name The Studio we were able to give it a vibe and feeling that allowed us to name our weekly clips in line with this.


AD/BC: How will you use this park?



Profile for Antics International

Armourdillo Broadcast #002  

WELCOME TO ISSUE #2 OF THE ARMOURDILLO BROADCAST (AD/BC #2). The AD/BC is a creative outlet exploring the life and times shared with our fa...

Armourdillo Broadcast #002  

WELCOME TO ISSUE #2 OF THE ARMOURDILLO BROADCAST (AD/BC #2). The AD/BC is a creative outlet exploring the life and times shared with our fa...