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Post Digital,  our  manifesto The  enormous  engine  of  the  Internet  has  been  churning  out  the  facebook’s  and  Youtube’s  of   this  world  for  some  years  and  with  brands  now  taking  the  dive,  the  digital  revolu<on  is  now   over.       In  the  post  digital  age  we  no  longer  think  of  how  to  target  the  consumer,  rather  how  the   consumer  can  target  us.  A  brand’s  success  is  now  about  adap<on  &  evolu<on.  It’s  about   finding  areas  where  direct  communica<on  &  engagement  with  our  people  is  pivotal.         This  post  digital  age  of  communica<on  ambience  has  broken  down  our  no<ons  of  tradi<onal   media.  Not  only  is  digital  quite  literally  everywhere  but  it  has  empowered  us  to  communicate   whenever  and  however  we  want,  an  emo<on  no  more  relevant  on  the  computer  than  when   walking  down  the  street.       The  consumer  and  the  brand  now  share  the  same  common  ground.  We  cannot  visibly   dominate  a  rela<onship  where  both  par<es  are  effec<vely  equal.  Instead  we  need  to  create   an  environment  for  people  to  engage  with  the  content  irrespec<ve  of  the  brand  rather  than   because  of  it.   Welcome  to  the  age  of  ideas,  the  Post  Digital  (R)evolu:on.    

We are Contextual.  

We relentlessly  seek  out  context  to  establish  what  makes   your  brand  valuable  in  people’s  lives  as  the  driver  behind   our  thought.    

Pla>orm agnos:c.   We  believe  that  too  much  Digital  Media  is  limited  by  a  

desire to  ‘be  on  top’  of  a  par<cular  plaJorm.  We  use   the  technology  and  benefits  from  plaJorm  to  enrich  our   idea<on,  not  to  limit  it.  

We only  do  4  things.   Dis:lling  our  thinking  into   experiences  and  situa:ons   that  bring  your  brand  and   people  together  on   common  ground.      

Brand U<lity  

Idea<on &   planning  



Branded U<lity   We  earn  people’s  :me  &  aFen:on  by  building  useful  experiences   that  embed  digital  possibili:es  into  people’s  daily  lives.    

Thought Leadership  

Thought Collabora<on  

Issues &   Public   Consciousness  

Collabora<ve Product   Development  

Community powered  involvement  that  generates  a  common  sense  of  purpose,   contribu<ng  to  the  body  of  thought  around  your  brands  context  


Mobile Applica<ons  

User Collabora<on  


Applica<ons and  plaJorms  that  have  a  tangible,  func<onal  benefit  to  people’s  lives.    

Experiences Crea:ng  Immersive  Digital  Touch-­‐points  for  your  brand  through  pure  interac:vity.  

Brand Stories.    



Whether taking  people   through  a  narra<ve  or   allowing  them  to  play  in  a   world  of  your  crea<on   Digital  is  the  medium  for   communica<ng  your  brand   story  on  a  personal  level.    

From games,  interac<ve  TV,   to  exploring  virtual  worlds;   the  constantly  growing   roster  of  digital  capabili<es   allow  for  incredible   entertainment   opportuni<es.    

E-­‐Commerce has  grown  from   it’s  store-­‐front  origins  to   become  a  total  branded   experience  allowing  people  to   play  and  experiment  with  your   product,  interact  with  other   consumers,  and  immerse   themselves  in  your  brand   story.  

Real Rela<onships     Be  contagious  /  Be  Relevant  /  and  actually  Communicate     People  get  a  kick  out  of  hearing  from  you,  you’d  be  surprised  how  happy  people  are  to  hear  simply  that   you’ve  taken  the  effort  to  reach  out.  

We create  fun,  engaging  experiences  that   foster  community  development  without   aVemp<ng  to  shout  the  loudest  or  pushing   forward  repe<<ve,  unengaging  messaging.   Achieving  genuine  conversa<on  person-­‐by-­‐ person  through  interes<ng  communica<ons   and  not  message  repe<<on.   An<cs  for  Magnum  Ice  Cream  2010  

Strategic Planning   Extensive  brand  planning  &  strategic  analysis  on  every  campaign  we  undertake,   whether  a  one  off  or  part  of  a  long  term  partnership  with  you    

Brand Planning   • Strategic  roadmaps  based   on  your  exis<ng  digital   assets   • Synergy  with  your   mainstream  efforts   • Social  Media  Listening  

Campaign Planning   • Core  Idea<on   • PlaJorm  iden<fica<on  &   cross  plaJorm   infrastructure   • Goals  &  KPI  Iden<fica<on   • Paid  Media  Planning  

Rela<onship Planning   • Blogger  Outreach     • Ensuring  consistent   coverage  across  plaJorms   and  markets   • Integra<ng  advanced   digital  tracking  &  listening   to  understand  how  your   brand  hits  home  with   consumers  

Immersive Content   Developing  immersive  interac:ve   experiences  that  communicate  the   emo:on  of  your  brand   •   Flash-­‐based  experiences   • Video  Produc<on  &  green  screen   • Blog  crea<on  &  management   • Viral  campaign  seeding  &  ac<va<on  

Magnum Ice  Cream  Campaign  2010  Microsite

• Widget Development   • Phone  applica<ons  (iphone  +  android)       • 3d  anima<on  &  fly-­‐throughs   Our  3d  work  

•  Mo<on  &  Infographics  

Listening People  always  take  the  ini:a:ve  and  make  the  first  move,   we  listen  to  what  they  say  and  how  they  say  it.   •   Conversa:on  funnels  –  tracking  sen<ment   from  a  curiosity  through  to  a  purchase     • Influencers  &  thought  leaders  –  We  know  who   talks  about  you,  who  spreads  the  word  most,   where  they’re  from  and  how  they  do  it.  In  real   <me.     • Nega:vity  –  There  will  always  be  people  who   have  feelings  about  you  that  you  wish  you  could   change.  We  iden<fy  who  they  are  and  analyze   what  they’re  reasons  are  to  develop  strategies  to   overcome  nega<vity  exactly  when  it  happens.  

Brand Preference  

Awareness of  brand  

Intent of   Purchase  


Listening –  the  technology  driving  our  analysis   Conversa:on  monitoring  in  English  &  Chinese   TwiFer  &  Google  Buzz  

Facebook Fan  Pages  

The Real  Time  Web  

Monitoring tweets  &   buzz  in  real  <me  with   repor<ng  on   compe<<ve  analysis   and  highligh<ng  new   leads  

Tracking engagement   across  all  Facebook   Pages  &  monitoring   other  pages  that   men<on  your  brand  

Discovering blogs  and   websites  that  ac<vely   create  and   disseminate   conversa<on  about   your  brand.  

Video Sites  

Monitoring over  200   video  sites  and   revealing  comments   and  views  to  discover   fans.  

Digital Ambience   An:cs  champions  3  key  Digital  Ambience  elements   that  elevate  Digital  Media  beyond  the  desktop  and   into  the  mainstream. Augmented   Reality  

Digital Interac<ve   Signage  


Digital Ambience  Augmented  Reality   AR  is  a  powerful  new  technology  that  integrates  Digital   informa:on  with  the  real  world,  for  useful  on-­‐the-­‐go  applica:ons   QR  Codes  –  A  QR  Code  works  in  exactly  the  same  way  as  a  tradi<onal  bar  code  except  that  it  can  carry   enough  data  to  form  a  paragraph  and  is  readable  by  most  modern  phones  

Gateway to  interac<ve   content   • A  gateway  to  content   and  func<onal   informa<on  that   adds  value  to  a   product  or   campaign.  

Product Tac<cal  

Guerilla Campaigns  

• Instantly redeemable   coupons  

• Distribu<ng ‘hidden’   informa<on  and   organizing  gatherings  

Digital Ambience  Augmented  Reality   Webcam  Signatures  –  The  digital  signature  allows  a  webcam  to  display   interac<ve  3d  content  layered  on  top  of  or  integrated  into  a  real-­‐world  item  such   as  a  print  advert.     Fully  integrated  into  print  media  

Highly Interac<ve  

• providing an  extra  dimension   to  print  ads  and  ac<ng  as  a   solid  link  to  a  digital  campaign   or  microsite.        

• the opportunity  for  users  to   personalize  an  interac<ve   experience  to  be  shared  with   friends.  This  could  include   super-­‐imposing  your  face  into   a  digital  character  or   manipula<ng  an  object  such  as   a  car.  

Experien<al • popular  with  car  brands,   allowing  people  to  view  the   vehicle  in  3d  and  zoom  in/ zoom  out,  move  and  interact   with  the  product  in  real  <me.    

Geospa:al Mobility  -­‐  allowing  real  <me  GPS-­‐based  geographic  data  to  be   combined  with  rich  media  content  and  overlaid  on  live  video  captured  by   your  mobile  phone.  Layering  user-­‐generated  content  such  as  photos,  videos,   and  tweets  over  real  loca<ons  providing  interes<ng  content  on  the  move.  

Digital Ambience  Mul<plaJorm  integra<on   Our  technical  backbone  takes  incoming  content  feeds  from  all  over  the  web;  Web   sites,  databases,  and  SMS  feeds  and  aggregates  them  on  a  single  Web  interface.    

An<cs is  partnered  with,  the  world’s  leading  Digital  Out-­‐of-­‐home  Home   technology  provider  to  develop  mul<-­‐plaJorm  campaigns  that  bridge  the  digital/ mainstream  divide.    

Digital Signage  

Social Media  PlaJorms  


Digital Ambience  Case Studies   Allowing  people  to  text  in  their  photos   for  display  on  digital  signage  and   instantly  posted  on  Facebook   Telenor Arena Launch, Oslo! For  the  launch  of  Telenor  Arena  in  Oslo,  a  full  HD  screen,  3x7  meters  was   installed.   Customers/visitors  could  take  a  picture  on  the  phone  of  themselves/his  or   her  date/friend/random  stranger  and  send  it  in  via  MMS.  The  photo  would   get  moderated  and  uploaded  to  the  screen.   SMS  bounce-­‐backs  were  then  used  to  interact  with  visitors  aker  the  event.   5000  aVendees   36%  engagement  =  1800  MMS’s  

Digital Ambience  Case Studies   The  Diesel  Campaign  BE  STUPID  In  store  Dig     Diesel  invites  its  customer  base  and  the  Danish   Popula<on  to  take  stupid  photos  of  themselves     with  the  cell  phone  to  be  sent  off  as  an  MMS   to  get  15  seconds  of  fame.  Broadcasted  in   Diesel  stores  across  Europe,  on  the  Microsite,   and  on  the  Facebook  Fan  Page.  

Digital Ambience  -­‐  Case Studies   Instantly  redeemable  coupons.   Example:  text  “ICECOFFEE”  to  1234  to  receive  a  free  Iced   Coffee!   Sends  the  customer  a  unique  2d  digital  barcode  directly  to  the   mobile  which  can  be  redeemed  in  store  

The Skoda Case Study!

711/IsKaffee Case Study!

Coupons downloaded  directly  to  a  mobile  phone  from  a   website  or  Facebook.   Goal:  Increase  test  drive  to  support  sales  drive.   Interac<ve  call  to  ac<on  included  in  Skoda  marke<ng   NO  integra<on  of  POS  systems  and  mobile  plaJorms   required   material  and  TV  adver<sements.   Applica<on  interfaced  with  dealers  based  on  customer   addresses  and  therefore  relevant  loca<on.   Result:  600  test  drives  which  generated  60  car  sales.  

70 000  unique  downloads  during  6   weeks  campaign  period  50%  redeemed   the  coupons  PLU  code  entered  in  the  <ll.  

Products &  Services    

Need something  specific?  Our  mul:-­‐talented  team  has  a  wide  range  of  technical  skills   and  we  have  experience  working  on  short-­‐deadline  outsourcing  requirements.     Digital  Ambience   Interac<ve  Digital  Signage   SMS&MMS  Crossovers  

Web Development  

App Development  

Campaign Microsites   Flash  Ac<on  Scrip<ng  

Mobile Applica<ons   (iphone  &  Android)   Mashups  

Digital Coupons   Augmented  Reality  

Blogs CSS/HTML  Markup  

Web Applica<ons     Social  Media  Applica<ons  

Wordpress/Magento/ Drupal Development   Custom  high  volume  CMS  


Shopping Cart  &  Payment   Portals   Planning  &  Management   Social  Media  Listening   Google  Analy<cs   Strategic  Roadmaps   Blogger  Outreach  

Content Flash-­‐based  experiences   Video  Produc<on  &  green   screen   Viral  campaign  seeding  &   ac<va<on   3d  anima<on  &  fly-­‐ throughs    Mo<on  &  Infographics  

Clientele   HSBC  /  Estee  Lauder  /  Walls  Ice  Cream  /  TBWA  /  Petrofac  /  Stellachicken  /   Tempered  Mental  /  KRU  Films  /  Duyung  /  Cicak  Man  /  Haq  The  Movie  /   Sin  Kid  /  Kaseh  Dia  /  Halal  Journal  /  SKN  Land  &  Development  /  Firestar   Research  Interna<onal  /  Be  Yoga  /  Ver<  Global  /  M3nergy  /  Intuit   Innova<ons  /  The  Perryer  Collec<on  /  Ikona  Sokware  /  The  Bluefire  Group  /    

Our people"

David Barton-­‐Grimley   CEO  

Having grown  up  with  the  Internet  at  his  finger<ps,  David  has  always  goVen  a  weird  kick   out  of  developing  concepts  and  ideas  for  the  Digital  Environment.  Armed  with  a  laptop   and  a  rickety  car,  David  &  Chay  Winstanley  founded  An<cs  in  ’07  to  create  awesome   Digital  experiences  that  happily  achieve  ROI  without  the  need  for  paid  media.    

Dave Carpenter   Chairman   Dave  Carpenter  has  been  involved  in  marke<ng,  research,  branding  and  adver<sing  for  25   years.  With  experience  in  Europe,  the  US  and  10  years  in  Asian  markets,  Dave  is  now  the   CEO  of  the  Firestar  Group  of  marke<ng  communica<ons  companies  and  Chairman  of  the   An<cs  Digital  Crea<ve  agency  

Our people" Azhar Razali   Crea<ve  Director   Azhar’s  passion  and  knowledge  of  Digital  Media  makes  him  the  perfect  leader  for  our   talented  &  dedicated  team.  One  of  our  founding  members,  Azhar  has  been  working  in   Internet  produc<on  for  over  8  years  with  a  Degree  in  a  Digital  Media.    

Meyrick D’Souza   Singapore  Business  Director   Meyrick’s  role  as  Business  Director  for  An<cs  Singapore  is  to  provide  Singapore  clients   online  strategic  thinking  to  help  them  adapt  to  current  digital  reality  and  to  engage  their   customers  more  effec<vely.      He  has  extensive  digital  skills,  knowledge  and  leadership   grounded  in  the  fundamentals  that  drive  successful  digital  campaigns  and  the  applica<on   of  those  fundamentals  to  new  consumer  behaviour  in  the  digital  world.     Clients  Meyrick  has  worked  for  include  Telekom  Malaysia,,  Nokia,  Ericsson,   Palm  ,  HP,  P&G,  Porsche,  HSBC,  Shell,  Cisco,  Oracle  and  IBM.

Partnerships An:cs  is  a  member  of  the  Firestar  Group  which  includes  Firestar   Research,  one  of  Asia’s  leading  qualita:ve  market  research   companies.     One  of  the  world’s  leading  Digital  OOH  specialists,  An<cs  is  partnered  with     to  develop  ambient,  cross-­‐plaJorm  campaigns  in  the  Asia  Pacific.    

Our events  management  and  mainstream  PR  experts,  Stellar  PR  has  been  with  us  from   The  beginning.  Stellar  has  racked  up  some  impressive  brands  including  Samsonite  &     L’Occitane,  most  recently  bringing  the  Stereophonics  to  KL  in  May  2010.    

Statsit provides  us  with  incredibly  powerful  listening  and  conversa<on  analysis,   forming  the  data  that  powers  our  insight  and  analysis.    

A focus  on  Asia   An<cs  is  an  Asian  based  agency,  with  offices  in   Singapore  &  Malaysia   C-­‐11-­‐2  Megan  Avenue   189  Jalan  Tun  Razak   50400  Kuala  Lumpur  

144B Neil  Road   088873  Singapore  

Contact info@an<    

Antics Credentials  

Creds til June 2010