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GyC Seguridad has designed this lifting bag, specific to works in wind turbine towers. The special working conditions in these places require designing and manufacturing a "customized“ bag, with the highest performance at an affordable cost. Specific materials, plastic canvas (polyester fiber coated with PVC double), slings for heavy loads and high strength metal anchors are some of the features detailed in this sheet.

PVC CANVAS PVC canvas, flame retardant, classification M2, weight 650 (gr/m2).

•Double coat: Inside: Grey. Outside : Yellow. High visibility. •Fire Protection: Fireproof M2 clasification •Perimetral reflective strips 3M •Laser seams (no stitching thread).

SLINGS AND ANCHORS •Polyester sling: 50 mm wide. •Simple load: 5 Tn , Double load: 10 Tn. •By international requirement, the max load is 150 kg (regardless of size) •Anchor rings welded galvanized steel. Thickness: 8 mm, Load: 25 Km •4 Ring anchors in sling for connection, as load height.

•2 Ring anchors for retention. •Carrying handle.

SLINGS AND ANCHORS •The bag features in the mouth a rapid closure of simple operation as Tanka (prevents uncontrolled knots), •Avoiding material falls or catches on the mouth in the hatch of the hoist.

MARKING AND ACCESSORIES •Wooden base reinforced with plywood table (heavy loads – support impacts). •Instructions Spanish-English CE Marking •Marking stickers personalized "auto merger ENTRUCK“, high strength, indicates Enterprise, Park or team.

Internationally approved product by Companies and Enterprises of the wind industry.

CUSTOM MODELS •Custom measures: size and shape. •See price based on measurements and units. •International shipments. •Info: •


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