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A Small Electric Kettle Is Perfect For Home Or Office - Electric Kettle __________________________________________ By Michael -

The electric kettle was invented way back in 1891. Since then, it has gone through many stages of designs and features. With the early versions, it took about 12 minutes to heat up water to the boiling point. These days, most electric models can make steaming hot water in about 5 minutes. Another design innovation is the small electric kettle. While many electric kettles have a 10-cup capacity, not everyone has a need for such a big pot of hot water. Sometimes you just want to make enough to cover a cup or two, so that's why the smaller versions are a nice alternative.

To Learn More About Electric Kettle A small electric kettle is versatile enough to be a useful appliance for either the home or office environment. Some people pick up one for each place. Wherever there is a need for hot water, it's a good idea to have an electric kettle around when you need hot water in a hurry.

What Can You Heat Up? Small electric kettles are just as versatile as their larger cousins. In the mornings, you may be in the mood for a hot cup of instant coffee or tea. You can get the water going while getting ready for your day, and in just a few minutes have it ready to go for that quick cup you need before heading out. Want to have a bowl of hot cereal too? Simply grab a bowl and pour the hot water over your oatmeal or other favorite cereal, then mix and eat.

In the afternoon, you may get hungry for a bowl of instant soup or top ramen noodles. Your small kettle is ready and waiting to do the task of heating up your water. No need to bother with a long wait to get a take out order delivered. Instead, you can make a hot bowl of soup in just a few minutes. In the evening, when it's chilly outside and you want something that's warm and comforting, use your small electric kettle to make yourself a nice cup of creamy hot chocolate. In no time at all, you can be sipping a mug of chocolate while curled up on the couch.

An electric kettle gives you the ability to make hot water wherever and whenever you want. All that's needed is an electrical outlet. Compare that to being tied down to a large stove all of the time whenever you want to have a cup of coffee or tea. When you're at the office and don't have access to a full kitchen, an electric kettle is the ultimate in convenience. A small kettle fits snuggly in a coffee nook or even on top of your desk. Make only the amount of hot water you need for that moment. It's quick, easy and involves no messy cleanup job.

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Electric kettle

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