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The Key to Longevity

Ageing is a fact of life and everyone wishes to age gracefully. Scientists are working on how to prevent ageing however till now we have been able only to prolong it rather than prevent it. With a little bit of care and anti-ageing solutions human beings could delay the ageing process. To delay an ageing process, first we need to know why we age. There are trillions of cells in a human body and they divide continuously to keep us alive. The process of ageing is influenced by the body’s ability to replicate cells which are part of our chromosome and DNA structure.

Telomeres are found at the tip of chromosomes something similar to the plastic tips on a shoelace. Telomeres are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the DNA and prevent it from fraying. So every time a cell divides, telomeres pass the DNA onto the new cell; however in this process it shortens and eventually disappears. This is when a cell cannot multiply as there is nothing to pass the DNA information which ultimately results into ageing and other age-related disorders. To slow down the ageing process, one needs to ensure that the telomeres do not shorten quickly. Telomerase enzyme which is the building block of telomeres is produced naturally in the human body. We need to activate the body’s ability to produce this enzyme so that the cell regeneration doesn’t stop and the process of ageing slows down. This theory has helped researchers to study telomerase activation which forms the base of an anti-ageing product as marketed by Currently the only way to activate telomerase enzyme is to take TA65 supplement which is a naturally obtained product from the roots of Astragalus plant most commonly found in China. It was found and the process was patented by Geron, a Californian biotech company. Studies have shown that people who take these supplements have shown gradual alterations in the length of telomere.

Dosage of this anti-ageing product depends on the age group; hence 1 capsule daily for a healthy adult between 40 to 50 years old, 2 capsules for people between their 50s and 60s and 4 capsules for people who are over 70 years old. Regular usage of TA65 or telomerase activator can increase the functionality of your immune system, improve your memory and thinking capability, improve your skin and hair, control your cholesterol and blood sugar level and even make one’s vision better.To learn more about the benefits of using anti-ageing product.

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The Key to Longevity - Telomeres are found at the tip of chromosomes something similar to the plastic tips on a shoelace.

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