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What is AVISS? Audio Visual Information Surveillance System AVISS helps operators in the control room to monitor all areas of the plant and present pictures and sound in a logical way. The system is customized for each plant.


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AVISS makes a difference!

• AVISS helps YOU to find and identify problems early • AVISS helps YOU to make the right decision and act • AVISS helps YOU to document an event – even before it happens • AVISS helps YOU to minimize risk to human health • AVISS helps YOU to keep downtime to a minimum

AVISS helps YOU to increase plant availability and enables secure, environmentally friendly and profitable production.


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NPP with 100+ process cameras Camera symbol: List of all cameras

Fixed PTZ (PanTiltZoom) cameras in a map structure of buildings

Mobile PTZ cameras

Sockets (for mobile cameras)


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Simple operation with drawings Elevator symbol: Physical layout of surveyed area

A) Select building The containment building is selected.

B) Select a floor plan and a drawing will be presented.

Base : dxf- drawing

C) Select your camera with a “click”.


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Saved prepositions on this drawing are presented and can be selected by the operator with a “click”. Page 4

Objects are the key to simple operation Flag symbol: Prepositions and Inspection rounds

All cameras can save hundreds of prepositions, individually specified by each operator. The map structure is also created by the operator and can reflect structures as teams and/or buildings. The prepositions can be “named”; for example, be given the name of a pump – and when an operator presses this position, a camera is automatically activated to view the object and present a picture of the actual object in the GUI. It’s possible to create “Inspection rounds” with one or several PTZ cameras. Each camera’s path is recorded in a sequence, so the AVISS system knows how to control the camera, lighting and recording during an inspection round.

It’s also possible for a “super operator” to create permanent positions and rounds. These objects are permanent and can only be deleted by the “super operator”. Normally, saved positions and rounds are named temporarily and may be deleted or altered by anyone.

Example A preset position on manometers


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High-quality recording helps evaluation Recorded information is saved on recording servers in the network and can later be used for analyses and documentation. Map structure of saved picture and video files. The map structure is made by the operators themselves, making it simple to: • Save any file to a USB memory stick. • Compare live video with old recordings and check if the situation has changed or not. Recordings can be made continuously – it’s possible to record events, even before they happen.


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PTZ control with flexibility PTZ control

The camera icon shows the actual position of the camera.

“On screen” Joy-stick Or use a keyboard with joy-stick for PTZ control

Volume control

Free camera socket (for mobile camera unit)

The camera in use is highlighted and the icon is moved as the camera is moving.


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Saved prepositions on this camera are presented and can be selected. Page 7

Special customer functions Another screenshot‌

Option: IR Pyrometer with laser-indicator. Temperature is presented in picture.

Saved prepositions of the camera are displayed here. Operators often set their own prepositions.


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Smart features for service Lots of smart features are built into AVISS, all of which are all developed together with the operators and service organizations of different nuclear plants. One example is: A camera can be programmed to do an exercise of PTZ movement and in this way prevent PTZ from sticking on cameras that are seldom used. Exercise is scheduled to be activated on specific events as defined in menu below. This automatic function saves a lot of service time and reduces overall maintenance costs.


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System block diagram The clients have a choice Most common for NPP clients is to start all analogue, and then later expand the system with IP-cameras. Presentation and recording is, however, always digital (D1 resolution 50fps).

AVISS is a hybrid system It’s easy to combine analogue and IP cameras, and the best thing is – the operator doesn’t have to worry!


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Server and Clients


Professional IVS Server – some features • The management server controls every action – it’s the “traffic police” of the system • Configuration is done via standard Web-browser • It’s possible to modify the configuration without rebooting the server (hot-swap) • With the built-in PLC, it’s simple to configure alarm event and other client-specific functions • An SQL database registers all system parameters and all events including information of recordings


IVS Media Client – some features • Hardware accelerated decompression of H.264 video using installed standard graphic card • Low CPU load – even with 20x video windows (D1/4CIF 50fps) giving “analogue quality” • An XML-based object-oriented script language, developed by ISEC, is used to configure functions and layout of each Graphical User Interface (GUI) • “Professional” and “Nuclear” are, in fact, the same software but with special GUI configurations

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Performance of IVS AVR

CPU Idle Time (95%)

Screenshot showing actual workload when recording 120x H.264 streams Theoretically max 250 cameras on one server Server configuration Server HP Proliant DL360 with HP Storage Works Disk cabinet MSA6A

Average Disk workload (20%)

Characteristics • 99.9% availability • RTSP protocol • Simple integration

Average Network load 120 streams á 1+Mb/sec = 120+Mb/sec = 12MB/sec

Average CPU workload (5%)


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Brief summary

• A proven system developed specially for Nuclear Power Plants • Presents and records excellent picture and sound quality 7/24/365 • Handles up to 10,000 analogue and digital (H.264) cameras at one site • Advanced alarm and playback system is integrated in the system • The function on operator monitors (GUI) can be changed according to NPP future needs • Many IP cameras from 3rd-party suppliers can be integrated into the system • Expandable site-by-site, camera-by-camera, GUI client-by-GUI client • Self-supervised system - an automatic alarm is generated if an error occurs in the system • External alarm systems can be integrated (e.g., fire alarm and different process parameters)

AVISS is a safe investment for the future, thanks to modular design and ISEC’s 20-year commitment of service to Nuclear Power Plants. AVISS has been designed together with operators of nuclear plants – all functions are optimized to create an efficient tool to help the operator and management to make the correct decisions in both everyday tasks and critical situations.

ISEC 110524

AVISS helps YOU to increase plant availability and enables secure, environmentally friendly and profitable production.

AVISS is designed, developed and produced in Sweden by ISEC. Other products made by ISEC – ICM 2009 / Radiation hardened camera for in-containment viewing


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Presentation of our AVISS video management software for nuclear power plants  

Presentation of our AVISS vms platform

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