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hondae room cafe(jihyun and sangwon) Hyu is a room cafe. It is convenient. You can play wii game and computer or watch Tv. Sneak and beverage are free. It's a good place to go one time in a month to play game, watch Tv and relax.

cocoon(jihyun and sangwon) Cocoon is very famous club that is free-style and hiphop-style. The price is cheap. Especially on Wednesday and Thursday, It is free. We have never been to this place. But Many people often go there and enjoy.

don bu ri(jihyun and sangwon) Don bu ri's food is very delicious. Most popular menu is Gassdong(?). People often line up in fornt of there to eat. Vistor as well as Hongik students frequently go there.

volk wagen(jihyun and sangwon) Volk wagen is clothing shop near by Hongik subway station. Hot trend clothes are there. You can buy clothes in here. Price is so expensive. It's a pretty good place to go one time in a year to buy clothes.

nuddle restaurant Here is nuddle restaurant. Nuddle is pretty spicy but delicious. price is cheap. Many people go there for lunch or for chasing a hangover.

espanya coffee(jihyun and sangwon) Espanya coffee is take out coffee shop. Its coffee is very delicious, but cheap. I go there two times in a week. Many Hongik student often go there.

'Soo' (Woojung & Euichul) feat. sangwon & jihyun Soo is a huge singing room. Generous singing room isn't seen inside. But this place's one part of wall is made of glass, so passerby can see the inside the room. Although room fee is so expensive, many people visit there, because this place have nice interior.

bono pasto(jihyun and sangwon) Bono pasto sells pasta, pizza and salad. Price is average, but delicious. lunch special for couple is abundant. I go there one time in two months.

hongdae playground(jihyun and sangwon) Playground is famous place. Many performance is played and free market is opened every saturday. Hongik students sometimes perform there.

Hongik pool game room (Tae Hyun & MinKwan) -nearby Hongik Uni. and, save much time for cisit. Owner is very kind and price is average. so, people often go there.

Baskin Rabins 31/Ice cream cafe(Tae Hyun & MinKwan) TaeHyun says near by Hongik Uni. It's very delicious. and, B.S. 31 icecream is very popular. but, price is little expensive. He often go to there in summer. but these days, seldom go because, The whether is cold.

Hongik Playground(Tae Hyun & MinKwan) -many concert hold in there. no pay and fun. It can be shelter for many people. there are many little marketplace like a accesary near that place. there are standing eating place. they makes people are visiting there.

Hong Ga/mussel is infinit refilled hope (Tae Hyun & MinKwan) If you order Mussel Soup. It can be all-you-can-eat. that is very attractive to Student. so,many people visit there.

Ni Ga G-re-oun-Nal-En/ tea house (Tae Hyun & MinKwan) there is superior tea house. so, that;s nice to couple. There asmosphere is very good. and there interior are good, too. but, little bit expensive. so, If you went to enjoy atmosphere, you can pay for that by expensive tea or coffee.

Goo-E-Ga /cheapest sam gyup sal house (Tae Hyun & MinKwan much cheapest in Hongik Uni.SamGyupSal compare to price is good. so, many people go to there.

Game room-near by Hongik just one(Tae Hyun & MinKwan) there is only one place nearby Hongik Uni. If you can play well in games. you can enjoy game-low price. but, you can't play games. you can't enjoy game- low price. so, price is different person to person. He seldom go to there.

Co Coon- HongDae Club(Tae Hyun & MinKwan) If you first visit club. that will be nice place to you. the DJ playing not only club music but also playing pop or Kpop. so, you can enjoy more easyly than other club. when you enterence you get a drink coupon. and, In tursday for ladies tequila is unlimited refill.

Wa ple house(Tae Hyun & MinKwan) He says near by Hongik Uni. It's unique because the latest waffle house. It's very delicious and price is average. One staff is forigner. He often visit there.

Paul & Paulina Bakery (Seungmin & Junkyung) I like this bakery very much. Because they sell french style breads. Not sweet, but tasty. Bread's price is a little expensive. But bread's taste is very delicious, so you don't regret that you spend the buying. This bakery has long line by people to buy breads everyday. Paul & Paulina is top of bakery in Hongdae.

103 Clothing shop (Seungmin & Junkyung) This clothing store's design is display is unique. They hung the cloth by color-red, orange, yellow and so on. So the first you choose the color, the second you can choose the style at the section. And they sell many pretty, cute accessory. You can enjoy shopping with average price.

The Bale Restaurant (Seungmin & Junkyung) The Bale is restaurant which sells pasta and pizza like Italy style. This restaurant has the stepping stones in the garden. So mood is very good. I hope to you go there at special day. I went there just one time. Because their price is a little expensive.

Dongdong-ju Pub (Seungmin & Junkyung) This pub sells Dongdong-ju, Pajun. Dongdong-ju is Korean Traditional Alcohol. This pub's design is unique. It was designed Korean Traditional style. They have waterwheel and roof was made of straw(Choga). Their price is average. If you go this place, you can feel the old Korean style.

Japanese lunch box restaurant (Seungmin & Junkyung) This restaurant sells japanese box lunch. It's design is so simple. The staff who work here, is really kind to everyone. Their price is average. You should go there if you want to eat japanese lunch box.

The Club and unique building that made by Hongik Univ Construction Engineer (Seungmin & Junkyung) This place is really unique. you can find this place at infront of Hongik Univ. This building designed by hongik Univ's architecture student. And there are club on first floor and basement. It has bar on first floor and club lounge is on basement.

Pretty Cafe in Hongdae L.E.A with owner's big black dog. (Seungmin & Junkyung) This cafe is really nice place to study or rest. At am10 - pm13, you can eat all coffee on 3500 won and eat bagel and toast indefinitely on 1000 won. Out of that time, It's price is normal. If you like dog, there are really big and kind dog. There are really comfortable sofa and bed on 2nd floor. You can sleep there and study all day.

Funny Wall printing in Hongdae. (Seungmin & Junkyung) There are many wall printing on that place. This picture is just left side of wall. You can see pretty, funny and unique wall printing. It's on left side of Hongik Univ.

Smoke chicken restaurant. (Seungmin & Junkyung) This restaurant sells lovely smoke chicken. It's taste is pretty good and so tender. But it's price is little expensive. That price is match to good taste. It's design is kind of old fashion. Many people go there to eat smoke chicken.

Hongdae Playground (Woojung & Euichul) This kind of place isn't usual around university. In the place, Many mini-concerts hold on anytime, and flea market is opened on weekend. But on weekday, people just walk through this place.

Sangsang madang (Woojung & Euichul) This building have many things that coffee shop, theater, eventhall, cloths store. Often a little famous singers or bands perform concerts. Maybe many couples want to visit there. In 'HongDae', thers're very famous place.

Beef Intestines Street. (Woojung & Euichul)

This place is called 'beef intestines'. Because many intestines restaurants are placed on this street. 'Gyo-Sue gopchag', one of the restaurants is very delicious. But, It's too expensive for students.

Don buri (Woojung & Euichul) This restaurant services japanese foods, for example rice with fried fork, fried fork with soy sauce. This restaurant just poen at 12:00~2:00 and 5:00~10:00. And menu is a little expensive.

'nb2' club (Woojung & Euichul) Club nb2 is nearby 'Hongik Univ.'. Many women and men go there everyday. Because visiting nice guys and ladies. In this place, It's good place to dance and play with people.

This hof is across the Hongik University. This hof serves hot rice cake served with alcohol. And there is a music box. DJ will play music which you wanna listen. It has a fine view.

Hongdae Seoul  

Hongdae area tour created by students in an ESL course