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Office Exercises Workout‌ Burn Calories While You Work By George Georgiou

So, you are an average guy who works 50-60 hours a week at a desk job, and its really getting you down. Being stuck at that desk for such an extended period of time would make anyone feel like a prisoner, like you have been sentenced to the chair!! And worst of all, unless you decide on a mid life career change and become a lifeguard at your local beach, then the immediate future looks like it offers more of the same prisoner lifestyle. There is very strong evidence to suggest that the more hours you are desk bound, the greater the risk of an early death of heart disease. Granted, while that is at the upper end of the scale, there are also other things to consider like hip, neck, and shoulder problems.

Being sentenced to the chair can take its toll from head to toe. And even though you might walk the dog of a weekend, it’s still not enough…there is every chance you are sitting your life away.

We have become an increasingly sedentary race, not only in the workplace, but at home as well. I suppose that is one of the pitfalls of technology. If abused, it can be the precursor to many life threatening diseases. Cast your mind back to what it might have been like many decades ago. Back then we chopped wood, foraged for food, performed manual labor, and walked for extensive distances. Ironically, with the advent of processed fast foods, this type of activity is what is needed TODAY!! While in general we are living longer, the rates of obesity are increasing at an alarming rate. And even worse is the prevalence of Type 2 diabetes, which is strongly linked to weight, diet, and exercise levels… To continue reading part 2 of this story go to

Office exercises workout  

You are an average guy who works 50-60 hours a week at a desk job, and its really getting you down. I really feel for you, and being stuck a...

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