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Jay Patel, Anthony Presutti, Tarik Sirrik Ms.Jimenez Creative writing Jan. 5, 2017 National School Choice Essay

Individual Componets AnthonyLet’s talk about the charter school Central Jersey College Prep. This school has been around since 2006-today. It was made to give the kids in the school a taste of what college will be like and get them prepared. It was founded in Somerset which is apart of the Franklin Township by Tarkan Topcuoglu.

TarikWoke up today,faced to the wall Having to got to school again It's the place where I don’t belong,where nothing interests me I wish I were somewhere else,where I could understand the lessons Even though this might be the best(school),I'm not learning anything I can’t find the opportunities I need,not here I can’t find the joy of school,not here I wish I were away,to a school where I understood the way.

JayEducation is an important thing,

But we need to revise it. Albert Einstein once said that everybody is a genius, but if you make a fish climb a tree, It will never succeed and live its whole life believing it is useless. Although Einstein is no longer alive, this quote has meanings that we can still derive The school system is said to help students accomplish their dreams But why do countless numbers of students go through the institution And cease to find their passion. Math and Science are important But so is Art and Music, 2 subjects that give you the ability to think creatively, innovatively, and collaboratively Which are all skills that we will need now and in the future. And why does the outcome of a single test Determine a student's success. Sure Standardized Test teach us how to think critically But it fails to teach students to think openly and freely Why are we taught how to be accepted into University But not the skills to fight police brutality Although it may seem like the Public School System has no hope, We can still turn it around and push it in the right direction.

Public/Private school Response Anthony- CJCP The opportunity of being in the school I attend is that you are being prepared for college. This school treats you like you’re in college at times and so it might seem bad that they do it will help. So seeing as you already know what’s to come and how it is going to be it’ll help you in the long run. Even with the work load they provide it’ll help you so you’re not overwhelmed. Everything that they do here at this school and these types of schools are somewhat like they do at actual colleges. This school is meant to show the kids how to act, how to do the work, etc. The teachers here are to help the kids learn and learn how college will be. Their overall goal is to get the kids ready for college. The teachers are even harder on the kids and they expect them to act like they’re in college. So by this the work is going to be harder. It’s going to be a lot tougher and it will be a lot more.

Tarik- Thomas Edison Thomas Edison is a school founded in the 2000s. There goals were to provide education to the 750 kids that are in their school. Their grades go from k-8th and there mission is to “provide a world-class education to students…” Thomas Edison intends to increase students learning by adding more innovative and encouraging teaching techniques.They plan on doing this by having extra-curricular activities that will increase leadership skills in children.For example,they have clubs like soccer,basketball,chess,cheerleading,track,etc. There clubs also go to tournaments and have won the championships for chess,they also have a two time undefeated girls basketball team. Thomas Edison also has a Summer Enrichment Program.Thomas Edison wants kids to be ready to have a good education here so they can be fully prepared for a good life in both high school and college.

Jay-Franklin Franklin Township Public Schools is a school system made up elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school. Founded in 1961 with just a single high school, it steadily expanded into what it is today, a town wide k-12 educational system. It offers residents free and quality education. Students are taught above common core material and can choose to take honors level and AP courses. On top of this, students can also chose to take physical activity after-school electives, such as basketball, football, soccer, and much more. On top of sports, students can opt to take courses and electives in the arts, such as in music. The Franklin Township School System also offers students with unique social situations and opportunities, which further help to improve on the social and collaboration skills of students. The Franklin

Township Public School System pushes to develop students more than just educationally, and has changed and evolved greatly over the nemours years since it’s founding in an effort to help their students develop and grow.

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