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Product Overview FormsBox provides an online forms management and file sharing solution for individuals and business. This means you can store your important documents and application forms online, share these documents with others, and also complete PDF forms online without the need to download, complete, scan and return to sender. FormsBox supports PDF, JPG, PNG, DOC & DOCX files, and automatically converts these to PDF. Never lose or misplace an important document, application form or legal agreement again!

Key Features and Benefits Features  Easy forms management – track form distribution  Complete forms online, e-sign and re-send  Workflow automation – navigate forms easily  Strong security and privacy management  Public forms library – 400+ standard legal forms  Set form expiry reminders – never miss a deadline Benefits  Share forms securely with people you trust  Guide users through the form completion process  Cost effective distribution and management of forms  Reduce the rejection rates on tax forms  Print, download, complete and share  Complete PDF forms online – save money in postage! To read more about our product features click here.

How it works FormsBox comes pre-loaded with over 400 forms – a business in a box! Companies can also use FormsBox to share application forms, tax forms and product disclosure statements with their clients in a fully secure environment. Clients then complete the forms, electronically sign them and can send them back to the company or other third parties (i.e. financial adviser, accountant, lawyer) all at the click of a button.

400+ form templates – or load your own        

Tenancy Agreements Distribution Agreements Business Agreements Tax Forms Application Forms Family and Children Financial & Investment Partnership Agreements

       

Wills and Codicils Marriage Divorce Trust Deeds Estate & Estate Admin Loan Agreements Power of Attorney Guarantor Forms

You can upload any forms and

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Upload forms (1 5 free) Download public library forms Distribute forms for completion

For full information about our plans and pricing for Individual and Business users click here If you have any questions refer to our FAQ for more information.

Contact Us FormsBox (c/o Financial Crimes Consulting), Level 20, Darling Park, 201 Sussex Street, Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia Sales +61 (02) 8001 6433 Support Submissions Affiliates Contact us A Financial Crimes Consulting Company

A Financial Crimes Consulting Company

My Forms Manage your FormsBox easily – Filter forms by type, form name, sender or status and share. From here you can access over 400 forms in the library or upload a form of your own.

Forms Library We have over 400 pre-loaded forms ranging from legal agreements, business agreements and tax forms that can be customised for your requirements – click on the download arrow and the form will instantly be added to your inbox!

Upload Form FormsBox allows you to load up other documents and store them in the inbox – why not keep important documents such as wills, trust deeds, superannuation statements, commercial agreements or utilities bills all in one place, so you don’t lose them ever again? Set an expiry date, which will remind you when the form is next up for renewal.

A Financial Crimes Consulting Company

View Form View forms online and either print and complete manually and re-upload or simply complete the form online, sign it electronically and share it back with your financial institution.

Complete Form Online All our tax forms have in-built validation allowing you to easily navigate your way through the form and submit it without having to worry about whether your bank will reject it.

Share Form Once completed share your form with your financial institution or other third parties.

A Financial Crimes Consulting Company

Manage your account Managing your account is easy too – change your password and change language settings.

Buy credits It is very easy to top up the credit on your account using a credit card or your PayPal account.

Delete Forms If you no longer need a form to be stored in your inbox – simply delete it.

If you would like more information on FormsBox or would like a demonstration please contact us at and we will be in touch. We also support developers in integrating FormsBox into core systems or who are using FormsBox to convert PDF forms into XML-based workflowed forms with validation support. If you would like to discuss becoming a reseller or affiliate partner or have any suitable business proposition using FormsBox we would love to hear from you.

A Financial Crimes Consulting Company

FormsBox Product Brochure  

FormsBox provides an online forms management and file sharing solution for individuals and business. This means you can store your important...

FormsBox Product Brochure  

FormsBox provides an online forms management and file sharing solution for individuals and business. This means you can store your important...