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APPLICATION FORM APPLICANT for the POSITION of: AVP for Research and Development

PERSONAL DATA Name: Lester James V. Miranda Yr. And Course: II - BS ECE

Nickname: Lj

Date of Birth: September 21, 1994 Permanent Address: B12 L16 Palmera Northwinds I, City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan

Age: 18

Insert 2x2 photo here

Weekday Address: #9 Esteban Abada St. Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Contact Nos. 0926-648-1383

EXTRA and CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Name of Organization Position AECES


Heights Gabay LSAT (Loyola Schools Assessment Team) Ateneo Innovation Center

Filipino Staffer Member Assessor Intern

Email Address:

Duration A.Y. 2011 - 2012; 2012 - 2013

Responsibilities Project Head - AECES Tutorials Deliberating Staff, Promotions Team (Heights LX Folio) Education Operations Member

A.Y. 2012 - 2013 A.Y. 2011- 2012 A.Y. 2011 - 2012; 2012 - 2013 JGSOM Team Assessor A.Y. 2011-2012; Team Head - R2R Loom Project 2012 - 2013 Member - IPTV Team

AECES Credentials: (What had been my participation in AECES for the past year/s? e.g. Officer, Project Head, Core Group Member, Volunteer/Participant in Projects -please specify) AECES Credentials AECES Activity AECES First GA 2012

Duration First Semester, 2012 - 2013

HR Ate-Kuya Volunteers AECES League of Tutors

First Semester, 2012 - 2013 2012 - 2013

Responsibilities Volunteer, Registration Helped as an upperclassman mentor to ensure the welfare of freshmen in their adjusting phase in the department. Project Head

Plans and Platform: (State your plans and platform for AECES, particularly leaning towards the role of the position you are running for. Guide: For AVPs, state how best you can assist your VP and suggestions you have in mind, For Batch Representatives, state your plans to execute your role) 1. RnD to become one of the strongest academic support-system in Ateneo. This vision aligns with the department’s issue of mass shifting. Although the ECCE department justifies this by procuring the “best-of-the-best” in every batch, AECES still has the responsibility to lessen the rate of shiftees per year. In my opinion, there are two primary causes for a student to shift: (A) the course he/she currently belongs into no longer interests him/her, and (B) that the academic requirements and retention rules hefted upon the student exceeds the student’s current standing. Cause A may solely be a personal and internal act, however, Cause B, an external one, can still be resolved through the effort of the organization itself, i.e. AECES. Cause B can be resolved by providing tools that the student will need during his study which requires redesigning some projects the AECES RnD had. The survival kit. for instance (and with an amount of effort), should contain not only scanned copies of long exams, but also copies of programming and CAD softwares to ease students effort in finding such. Programming and CAD softwares should not be

limited to the required softwares as indicated in the syllabus, but also supplemental softwares that may induce students’ curiosity as well. Of course there is an issue of legality in sharing such programs, but I believe that we can resolve this by endorsing persons who are willing to share installers for such softwares. I also propose uploading such documents in a more stable cloud such as Mediafire or Dropbox to alleviate commotions when the AECES website is down. The tutorials, a project I once handled, should take a major redesign. I propose that the CATS: CoE - ECE Mock Exams and the AECES Tutorials should fall under one (1) Project Head with two (2) deputies, hence, centralized. In this manner, administrative and documentation problems will be lessened and the whole tutorial system will follow a centralized rule. I also propose to increase promotional schemes from text barrages to online postings, in this manner, every org member is aware of the current project and be able to avail of it. Lastly, I also propose additional methods for tutorial sign-ups such as via text messaging and, etc. Furthermore, from my experience, the AECES tutorials invests in the power of logistics, thus it is very important to train the project head and his deputies with ample knowledge in logistical work. The AECES library must contain digital and non-digital copies of available books. This may require finding .pdf files of required and supplementary books so that the students can download and access them every time. This may lessen accidental book loss and damage. The thesis orientation, should cover half, if not, whole-day of the student’s time. Thus, it is expected for it to be scheduled on a weekend rather than in a 4:30 - 6:00 schedule. The proposed schedule can cover a lot of topics such as the presentations of all thesis advisers, inquiries and such. 2. RnD to become a bridge between the student body and the department. The effort of RnD to bridge the student-body and the ECCE department has been observed in the semestral ECCE forums and the continual communication regarding schedule conflicts and such. I, as an RnD member, was very much appealed in such energy spent bringing the two bodies together and has no more to say for the improvement of these two activities. However, I believe that the bond between the two bodies can be strengthened more by new project proposals that will encourage the department and student body to be working together. My first proposal is an ECCE Symposium, a talk that will be hosted by the Organization that will initiate interest in the students in their respective course. This will work like a TEDx talk, in which outstanding members of the field will be invited to share their ideas and experiences to the students. This may be a fundraising activity, and may be open to all members of the SOSE community. I propose that the project be done once a year and may as well be a flagship project of the RnD department.

My second proposal is the ECCE Expo, an Interlinks (AIC Project) -like project solely for the theses of the ECCE department. I envision it to be a one-day event, (a thesis presentation in the morning and a viewing of theses on the roofdeck ) with the country’s top-notch companies and research centers that are willing to hire undergrads. The Expo, in all essence, will also be more of a networking activity for the superseniors. I also recommend refurbishing of the corridor demonstration set-ups found at the third floor of Faura Hall. Some corridor set-ups are very old and inoperative anymore. We can retain the original demonstration, or change it into another one as we may please. I believe that restoring such demonstrations will catch the student’s attention and thus incite curiosity and fun while learning. Of course the issue of budget is at stake, but this project is aimed more in the value of legacy, in so much as the ECCE department will be enjoying its 10th anniversary next academic year. Furthermore, as a part of an Infoboard Project, I also propose the posting of names of Dean’s Listers every semester as a form of acknowledgement and encouragement to the community. The names may be posted on the ECCE Dept.’s bulletin board, and/or at the AECES website/FB Page. Aside from that, I put forward displaying infographics regarding JTAs, shifting, retention, minoring, and other school-related processes. The role of an AVP Technically, the AVP’s role is to assume responsibility of the VP once the latter is absent or on commission. Furthermore, the AVP is also tasked to handle and compile project documentations from the department’s roster of projects. However, I believe that it is not as simple as that. Being an AVP of RnD requires a dynamic cooperation with my coAVP, my VP, and org members. It requires not only a handler of pertinent documents but also an overseer of such projects. It requires not only a job of a deliberator of the next project heads but also as mentors of the latter and developers of their potential.

What is my vision for AECES? (Guide Question: How do you envision AECES in five or ten years? How would your vision become a reality?) I envision AECES as a constant nominee/winner of the COA Awards. I envision AECES to have a flagship project that involves not only the org members themselves, but also the whole of the Ateneo community. I believe this can be done by two things: by investing and strengthening the organization and its members in itself, and by doing projects geared towards a wider point-of-view, that is, not only as a member-centered org, but a communitycentered one. Furthermore, I envision AECES RnD not solely as a support-system or a bridge as mentioned in the platform. Instead, I see AECES RnD as a training ground for future leaders. With RnD’s myriad of projects that involve huge team efforts, I believe that in no time, the RnD department will produce future leaders/officers the organization will need. **** Please don’t forget to attach a certified photocopy of your grade report last semester with cumulative QPI. Thank you very much! AECES needs you to be our Future LEADER! ****



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