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CANDIDACY FORM CANDIDATE for the POSITION of: AVP for Promotions and Publications

PERSONAL DATA Name: Ramon Miguel Imbao Nickname: Ramon Yr. And Course: 2 – BS CoE Date of Birth: 12 December, 1993 Age: 19 Address: 5 Dr. Natividad St., Napindan, Taguig City Contact Nos.: (+63) 917 554 1212 Email Address:

EXTRA and CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Name of Organization Position Ateneo Musician’s Pool Member AECES Member Ateneo Innovation Center Member

Duration SY 2011-2012 SY 2011-2013 SY 2012-2013

Responsibilities Design department member (similar to AECES PNP) PNP member Supposed to be part of an Android dev team. Currently inactive.

AECES Credentials: • As a PNP member: designed AECES Survival Kit poster (2012), Frisbee Clinic poster (2012), two of the AECES Tambay Week posters (2012), SuIT UP: UP IT conference poster (2011), Team Building Seminar poster (2011). • CATS volunteer • Participated in Shirt Design Contest 2012. • Registration Committee and Performer during ECCE Assemblers 2012. • Performed at various events (Culminating Activity, General Assembly) Plans and Platform: Currently, with regards to the design team, the members get interaction from the VP or AVP when there’s a poster needed to be done. I see no other interaction between them, and I’d like to improve on the communication between the two. Also, I know several members who have not done anything yet even if they are a member of PNP. Plus the Facebook group is not even active at all. During the first semester of this year, work was assigned to different

members via a google doc. After that, however, no work had been assigned to me anymore. We can see a problem in communication. My goal is to improve communication within PNP and its members. What is my vision for AECES? At the moment, AECES seems to cater more towards the people from the upper batch instead of the lower batch (Company Talks, etc). I know that there used to be projects for the lower batch (Tutorials, etc), however I don’t see them being executed. Someday, I’d like AECES to be able to execute all projects efficiently and smoothly. One part of being able to execute the project is to be able to present upcoming projects through promotions. The Promotions and Publications department handles that, and I hope that my leadership will be able to improve upon that.