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APPLICATION FORM APPLICANT for the POSITION of: AVP for Human Resources Department

PERSONAL DATA Name: Angelie Mae M. Lacsina Yr. And Course: 4 – BS ECE

Nickname: Gelie

Date of Birth: February 23, 1993 Age: 19 Address: Room #307 University Dorm (South), Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights, Quezon City Contact Nos.: 0915-627-3481 Email Address:

EXTRA and CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Name of Organization Position












Member Member

2012-Present 2010-2012

Responsibilities Attend GA’s, departmental assemblies, and participate in organization’s activities Attend GA’s, accomplish assigned tasks and shifting hours, and be able to serve fellow students. Attend GA’s and participate in various dorm activities Attend GA’s and participate in different projects Attend GA’s and prayer meetings

AECES Credentials: (What had been my participation in AECES for the past year/s? e.g. Officer, Project Head, Core Group Member, Volunteer/Participant in Projects -please specify) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Member, Academics Department (2009-2010) Participant – Badminton Sportsfest 2010 Core Group Member (Logistics) – 2nd General Assembly 2010 Volunteer – AECES Interface (2010 & 2011) Member, Corporate Relations Elite Team (2011-2012) Member, Human Resources Department Member, AECES Network Team Project Head, AECES Family Day 2011 – POWER UP Core Group Member (Finance Head), 1st General Assembly 2011– Incendio! Core Group Member (Finance Head), AECES Interface 2011 – Take Off Core Group Member (Programs Head), Superseniors’ Sendoff Party (2012) Core Group Member (Logistics), ANT Computer Drive – Cut the Scrap Volunteer - ECCE OrSem Volunteer – AECES Food Sale (2011) Participant – Table Tennis Tournament (Singles and Doubles) 4th Year Batch Representative (2012-2013) Core Group Member (Logistics), Culminating Night (2013)

Plans and Platform: (State your plans and platform for AECES, particularly leaning towards the role of the position you are running for. Guide: For AVPs, state how best you can assist your VP and suggestions you have in mind, For Batch Representatives, state your plans to execute your role) I want to encourage unity among members and to take part in promoting greater membership involvement and formation within the organization. I can assist the VP in improving and implementing new projects that will help in achieving such goals, particularly in projects that will attract more attention and interest from the members.

What is my vision for AECES? (Guide Question: How do you envision AECES in five or ten years? How would your vision become a reality?) I envision AECES as an organization capable of living up to its vision and mission in harnessing the skills of its members necessary for preparing them for their chosen careers for the world ahead. This can be achieved through proper execution of responsibilities, innovative thinking, right implementation of projects, and effective management thereby promoting unity among the members.

**** Please don’t forget to attach a certified photocopy of your grade report last semester with cumulative QPI. Thank you very much! AECES needs you to be our Future LEADER! ****

Angelie Mae Lacsina- AVP for HR  
Angelie Mae Lacsina- AVP for HR  

Angelie Mae Lacsina- AVP for HR