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CANDIDACY FORM CANDIDATE for the POSITION of: Vice President for Promotions and Publications

PERSONAL DATA Name: Runer Shiloh P. Salonga Yr. And Course

Nickname: Rush IV BS ECE

Date of Birth: April 15, 1993 Address: 21 Cattleya Street, Cainta Greenpark Village, Cainta, Rizal Contact Nos.: 09279146830 / 6228455

Age: 19

EXTRA and CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Name of Organization Position AECES




Magic Club (HKUST)

Magic Team Member

Email Address:


Responsibilities Attend and participate in 2009 – present events Attend and participate in 2012 – present events Attend training and perform on Aug – Dec 2011 events

AECES Credentials: (What had been my participation in AECES for the past year/s? e.g. Officer, Project Head, Core Group Member, Volunteer/Participant in Projects please specify) Video Team Head, Promotions and Publications Department Project Head, AECES OJT and Employment Talks and Seminars, January 2013 Secretariat and Documentations Head, AECES Christmas Party 2012, December 2012 Secretariat and Documentations Head, Company Tours (ABS-CBN), January 2013 Tutor, AECES League of Tutors Member, AECES Competition Team Volunteer, Project Delta, November 2012

Plans and Platform: (State your plans and platform for AECES, particularly leaning towards the role of the position you are running for.) Improving the Promotion Process  Increased coordination with Sec-Gen for seamless promo scheduling  The Big Board – A calendar of all AECES activities needing promotion, kind of like a job board for all members  Rotation System – A take-turns system for all PnP members to increase member involvement Identity  (Weekly or Biweekly) Contests for PnP members and applicants to enhance and showcase their abilities  The PnP Shirt – for easier recognition of PnP members during events and to show the solidarity of the department Discovering Talent  Art Contests for AECES members (similar to the current T-shirt contest) in the same spirit as the member contests, in order to scout for talented individuals for PnP

What is my vision for AECES? (Guide Question: How do you envision AECES in five or ten years? How would your vision become a reality?) I see AECES to be a thriving community of creative individuals ready to go out of their comfort zones and contributing to society, or even to a scale of the AECES community itself, in ways beyond engineering and what we learn in school. I see myself leading the way for such a creative revolution by starting with myself, stepping up to this challenge and doing things differently when I will be fortunate enough to be elected to my post.

**** Please don’t forget to attach a certified photocopy of your grade report last semester with cumulative QPI. Thank you very much! AECES needs you to be our Future LEADER! ****

Runer Shiloh Salonga - Candidate VP for PnP  

Runer Shiloh Salonga - Candidate VP for PnP