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Life’s Favorite Tune by Anthony Hendrickson At times, I think, denial is the safest way to go. Just fool yourself, and tell yourself that everything’s alright. And even if you know it’s not, it’s never worth the fight to deal with all the complications, dissonance, and woe. Life is just a clever farce – a cabaret; a show. And I? A mere performer desperate for the center light. But my voice cannot carry to life’s seat to hear my plight. Nor sing his favorite tune in key; three notes – just mi, re, do. The irony in three, two, one – the song he loves to hear! It’s counting down to what? To Death – his cousin in the shade? If so, I guess, I’d better think a different metaphor, And live each day with sobered eyes now cloudy from the beer. And maybe I’ll enjoy more things, the friends that I have made. At times, I think, not thinking straight’s the source why life’d be poor. But still, I marvel everyday ‘bout things I should just put away and worry ‘bout another day. Life’s not that easy I’m afraid.

Life's Favorite Tune