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ALLGUARD The first smart life preserver. By UST, developed with NYU Poly


UST is a company specializing in simple low tech survival gear. The brand is sold at REI and other outdoor equipment stores. A void exists for them to carry high tech equipment not only for everyday customers but also companies and branches that specialize in public safety. Working with NYU Poly allowed me to utilize their syntactic foam material to design a durable lifeguard buoy to help save lives. If a lifeguard misses a save, ALLGUARD will be in the water to respond when a situation arises.

524 Deaths

88,887 Rescues

United States Lifesaving Association

The Hamilton family is out enjoying a day at Huntington Beach. Weather is warm and ideal for swimming.

A lifeguard is on duty watching the beach however he is short staffed and is having a hard time overseeing.


Mr. Hamilton gets a muscle cramp and starts to go under while no one sees him struggle.


A few ALLGUARD bots are in the water assisting guards in spotting emergencies.



ALLGUARD in Zone 4 sees Mr. Hamilton struggling and hurries over to provide assistance to bring him up.

ALLGUARD alerts guards via a dedicated smart watch of Zone 4 being activated.



As Mr. Hamilton is brought safely to the surface ALLGUARD expels any water inside to float as buoy until help arrives.

ALLGUARD pulls Mr. Hamilton up to the surface safely.



First Mockup scale only

Second mockup details such A final mockup with part lines helped as kinetic vents added generate a form closer to renders

Too wide for most test subjects

Size adjusted to compensate Bottom angled handle becomes flat in different body types final shape to eradicate awkward feel

Width already too wide to graft handles onto a body

Still needs handles to be added

Side handles become more ergonomic in final model

360 Camera Spots emergencies and ALLGUARD rushes to help

Water Weight Tank Tank fills with water to sink below the surface. Flushes water when it needs to breach

Turbine / Vent Water is sucked into vent to turn turbine


Battery powered by turbine. Unit sits above jet motor

Capacitive Sensors Sensors in handle determine when device is grabbed and when to call for help

Jet Motor Jet motor with two exhausts. Capable of shutting either off to change direction

Inlet / Outlet

Water is sucked into tank and flushed out through two tubes

Syntactic Foam Body Highly durable and moldable material to stay intact underwater

Rough Syntactic Foam Shell

Kinetic Energy Recovery Vent Battery/ Turbine Housing Carbon Fiber Water Storage

Rough Syntactic Foam Shell

360 Camera

Rear Intake Plenum

Water Jet Housing Front Intake Plenum

Glowing Grips


GULF BIKE A fixed gear bike with motorsport DNA Built entirely in Solidworks

SLICE APP Creating an app concept to count calories and give back to the community.

Created by : Charlie Tan HuiYing, Jonathan Avila, Rocky Balboa and Anthony Ruiz

For this short project we were given the task of creating a calorie counting app. The app could be given it’s own set of features as long as it was able to count calories. We decided to use the app to help give back to the community. Being fortunate enough where we can own smart phones and have food on our table why not help those less fortunate in addition to staying healthy?

We designed the app for college students and young professionals. This demographic enabled us to use a platform similar to social media in order to gain a younger audience. This platform enables our user to share their progress as well as help raise money for local food banks.


Josh downloads Slice and sets his goals for the day

He buys a sandwich from an approved vendor

He meets his daily caloric intake and helps donate to the local food bank

He then sends a challenge to Jim raise more money

Jim sees the challenge on the Slice app from Josh to meet his goal

They both meet their goals and help raise money

Josh and Jim send invites over social media to friends to get Slice





Our home screen features the our logo with the sign in and sign up options for users to choose with an existing or new account.

The home displays the main icons. The red icon shows how many calories remain until your daily max. The orange shows donations and yellow is challenges by friends.

The tracking page features a search bar which enables the user to choose exactly what foods they’ve consumed for their lunch, snacks, dinner, etc.


Our social feature allows users the chance to view their friends progress. Here you can accept and view challenges available to tackle.


The donations page shows the amount you’ve donated in addition to the amount your friends have donated for the week.


Our user is able to manage their preferences, amount of notifications and logout if they choose to do so.

V E N T I L AT A customizable USB desk fan

Capacitive Touch Display

Power Button

Capacitive screen gets rid of unsightly dials and brings an old school desk accessory to the modern office

SKETCH LOG When you have the opportunity to design what you want, take it!

Industrial/ UX Design Portfolio  
Industrial/ UX Design Portfolio