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By Anthony Meanors,

What Is Gold IRA • IRA stands for Individual Retirement Fund. • It is designed to let individuals save money towards their

retirement, and gives a number of tax advantages over other savings accounts. • This allows savers to earn the maximum amount of

interest on the money they invest, and have more money available during their retirement.

By Anthony Meanors,

What Is Gold IRA • Saving money through an IRA allows individuals to put

their money towards various investments in order to try and maximise returns. • Profits gained from any investment are treated as interest

on the account and subject to the same tax benefits. • Commonly, this involves investing money in stocks and

shares. • However, it is also possible to invest in precious metals

such as gold and silver. By Anthony Meanors,

Why Invest In Gold IRA? • Stocks and shares often give relatively small returns, and

this is what tempts many people to seek alternative investments such as gold. • Gold carries the potential of greater returns, as the price

of the metal tends to increase more rapidly and significantly than the value of many stocks.

By Anthony Meanors,

Why Invest In Gold IRA? • Gold is also seen by many as a safer investment. The

value of stocks and shares can go down as well as up, and can sometimes dip significantly. • The value of gold can also go down, but this tends to

happen less often and less significantly. • Overall, gold is a very safe investment – it has

consistently been a highly valuable asset for thousands of years – and tends to reliably trend upwards. This makes it seem a safer investment in the eyes of many people. By Anthony Meanors,

What Kinds Of Gold Can Be Added? • Most commonly, the investment is made in gold bullion. • This refers to bars and rounds of gold that meet the

requirements for purity and refinement. This usually requires them to be at least 99.9% pure. • Certain types of coin are also allowed. • The most popular options for gold coinage are American

Gold Eagle and Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins. By Anthony Meanors,

What Kinds Of Gold Can Be Added? • Some other well-known types of gold coin are not

allowed, however. • These include the South African Krugerrand, which is

popular with some other types of investment. • It is important to note that the gold must be held by the

IRA trustee and not by the owner. • You cannot invest in gold for your IRA investments and

then keep it in your own possession. By Anthony Meanors,

How To Invest In Gold IRA • By far the best way to invest in gold through your IRA is to

have a self-directed IRA. • A self-directed IRA is one where you decide where your

funds are invested and what is done with them, rather than leaving these decisions to the trustee. • In this instance, you can simply instruct them that you

wish to invest in gold. It is perfectly acceptable to add gold to an existing IRA, so long as the trustee is willing to carry out this kind of purchase. By Anthony Meanors,

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