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Toll free Number India and its various usage Interactive Voice Response system and the toll free number concept have very intimate relationship. Just about each and every toll free number in this planet is primarily answered by one IVR ahead of the caller can converse with a human mediator. But in cases, people get impatient to talk with a real human agent and not a recorded voice as soon as dialing one toll free number. In these cases it is thought as if the IVR system is getting in between the caller and for that matter the human mediator with a variety of enquiries, prompts, verification, hold music etc. This people hate IVR as a matter of fact though not directly being against the toll free number concept. Basically, to acquire toll free number, India requires to knock the doors of the telecom companies. In India, the companies who mostly provide Toll Free numbers are of the likes of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited or BSNL, who without any doubt is the largest of any toll free number providers in the country of India possessing the biggest of networks nationwide. Since this is one Public Sector Unit, undoubtedly it has its good effects beside the bads, like the complexity of bureaucratic system. BSNL do provide toll free number in almost all of the major cities, most of the big towns in this country of India and this is surely their main plus point. The second in the line after BSNL can be Reliance Communications and they also offer toll free numbers to a large share of the population with their huge telecom communications in India next to the BSNL. They too give toll free number services in a lot of cities in India except for the North Eastern part of India. They are competent of providing good services and also offer very economical rates through their aggressive marketing strategies. After Reliance, name can be taken of the Tata Indicom tele-service which also gives toll free numbers. They too offer very efficient services apart from support system that is obtainable in all the key cities in the country. In addition to them, the other experienced telecom players of the likes of Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited, Bharti Airtel etc. also provide toll free numbers at places. All these telecom companies consists their separate marketing team for enterprise solution providing in the form of offering toll free numbers through leased lines. The big companies as they are, they in general, function through franchisees. Therefore, in order to obtain a toll free number india, one may require to get in touch with the local franchisee of the respective company in the city area, and of course this is not a very complex process to locate one of them for a fresh purchaser of toll free number. India has got more than 8 telecom operators, so it is always a good idea to choose from and be convinced and cautious to select from them as per service one need, like to ask and be assure whether the particular toll free number is accessible from other telecom providers landline and mobile connections.

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Toll free Number India and its various usage  

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