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Coloured Contact Lenses Useful in Various Eye Problems You may think that Coloured Contact Lenses are just a fashion statement then you are wrong .The revolution brought by eye wears as these contact lenses is much more than mere show offs. You can’t deny that lenses as Glow Contact Lenses change the overall look of your facial expression but there are eye problems which are successfully being treated with these lenses and are giving lot of comfort to wearers suffering from such problems. Color blindness or conditions known as pink eye or red eye is one such condition where chromatic contact lenses are quite beneficial. Let’s see how such conditions are being treated. Color blindness is an eye problem wherein one can’t distinguish between certain colors. Loss of certain special color pigments brings such condition. This problem varies into degrees from lower to high. High is the absolute blindness or loss of perception towards colors. The condition ranges from absence of perception of one to three colors. Such as: Red weakness where a person is able to see red, orange, yellow in shades of blue. Green weakness where a person have problem differentiating red, yellow green spectrum. Protanopia where violet, purple blue are indistinguishable and brightness is also dim as compared to normal visions. This condition is more severe than the above two. Many occupations like military services, coast guard, aviation services, firefighting, engineering does not allow a person who suffers with such conditions. It is mandatory to pass the color test while applying for such jobs. So with advent of chromatic lenses eye color correction system is available now to treat you well. These lenses not only improve color perception but vision too. Good news is color corrective lenses are permitted in the above job fields. Prosthetic colored contact lenses provide occlusion therapy for amblyopia treatment. These lenses are also used to treat light sensitivity problems. Albinism, aniridia and diplopic are other few conditions being treated with such lenses.

Coloured Contact Lenses Useful in Various Eye Problems