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La Salle University Athletics Honor Roll of Donors (Fiscal Year 2012: June 1, 2011 – May 31, 2012) Member ($50 — $99) Adam J. Weiss, D.M.D., P.C. Alfred J. Durney IV, Esq. Amy McManus Doyle Andrea Z. Okagawa Andrew S. Creamer Anonymous Artistic Jewelers Calhoun Associates, Inc. Diane M. Moyer, Ph.D. Drs. Zane R. and Charles J. Wolf III Edward A. Borio, DDS, PC Edward C. Lucas Eliza A. Allan, grandmother of Diana Allen Elizabeth K. Armater Eric and Nicole Schatz Home Furnishings Market Inc. James C. Walker, Esq. James J. Kelly, CPA James L. Boyer Janice (Perry) and Frederick F. Koch Jeffrey P. Hurley, M.D. John C. Mitkus, in honor of Neal McDonnell, class of 1962 Kenneth Turner Kevin J. Manero Lena C. Cantera Lloyd J. Calder, DDS LTC Douglas A. LeVien III Madonna T. Marx Marianne (Ludovici) and Franklin J. Parker III Mark and Jackie Arnone and Family Michael R. Routhier Michele Halgas Malloy Millicent (Dulin) and Michael A. Basile Jr. Money Management Advisory, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Middendorf Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Paymiller Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Fales Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Norton Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Kavanagh Mr. and Mrs. Dale D. Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Danial Reese

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Daryl S. Ormont Mr. and Mrs. David M. Deaner Mr. and Mrs. David Rufo Mr. and Mrs. David V. Cullinane Mr. and Mrs. Donald Goullet Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Peters Mr. and Mrs. Earl R. Collins Mr. and Mrs. Francis C. Horn Mr. and Mrs. Frank Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Lichtner Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Hynes Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Santangelo Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Fischer Mr. and Mrs. G. Lee Miller Mr. and Mrs. George F. Schweizer Mr. and Mrs. George R. Kissell Mr. and Mrs. Gerald S. Petti Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Yoder Mr. and Mrs. Harvey S. Shoemaker Mr. and Mrs. Jack Maccio Mr. and Mrs. Jack P. Albaugh Mr. and Mrs. James Fenton Mr. and Mrs. James G. Haulihan Mr. and Mrs. James H. Horth III Mr. and Mrs. James J. McGoldrick Mr. and Mrs. James L. Quinn Mr. and Mrs. James M. Gravel Sr. Mr. and Mrs. James R. Mowrer Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Pifer Mr. and Mrs. Jere Cole Mr. and Mrs. John A. Reed Mr. and Mrs. John J. Karski Mr. and Mrs. John J. O'Connor Mr. and Mrs. John J. Sander Mr. and Mrs. John Malishchak Mr. and Mrs. John R. Quallen Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Mauro Mr. and Mrs. Keith Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Leonard F. Edelman Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Williams II Mr. and Mrs. M. Brian Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Whelan

La Salle University Athletics Honor Roll of Donors (Fiscal Year 2012: June 1, 2011 – May 31, 2012) Mr. and Mrs. Martin B. Flax Mr. and Mrs. Martin E. Musho Mr. and Mrs. Matthew K. Musho Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Perez Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Mazzio Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Ciaccio, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. DeStefano Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell T. Compton Mr. and Mrs. O'Brian Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Ranzetta Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Knab Mr. and Mrs. Peter Webb Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Snell Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Ivona Mr. and Mrs. Rickey L. Warner Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Alvarez Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Milner Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dorsey Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. VanCoughnett Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Lodge Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Robins Mr. and Mrs. Rodney L. Shoemaker Mr. and Mrs. Roland H. Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Abbruzzese Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Gyles Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Routhier Mr. and Mrs. Stu Shepherd Mr. and Mrs. Terence J. Kloss Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Kleintop Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Langford Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Lucenti Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Malecki Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Jantzen Mr. and Mrs. Todd Kinney Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Granese Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Plagens, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William D. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. William M. Pollard Mr. and Mrs. William T. Bettke Mr. and Mrs. William Warden Mr. Anthony D. Walsh Jr. Mr. Anthony DiTommaso Jr.

Mr. Arthur C. Dettra Mr. Arthur J. Birtell III Mr. Brian T. Romani Mr. C. Stephen Watts Jr. Mr. Caesar J. Primus Mr. Conn X. O'Neill Mr. Craig A. Shaffer Mr. Craig Dingane Mr. Daniel J. Morrissy Mr. Daniel P. Lavery Mr. Daniel P. Shea Mr. David A. Ellerson Mr. David S. Keating Mr. David W. Schafer Mr. Dennis P. Johnson Mr. Dickie R. Noles Mr. Donald M. Wilansky Mr. Edward J. Tucker, Jr. Mr. Gary S. Frank Mr. Harry Fereshetian Mr. Jason S. Morrow Mr. John E. Paulits Mr. John J. Conlogue Mr. John J. Haggerty Jr. Mr. John J. Sheehan Mr. John R. Ferraro Mr. John W. Blesi Mr. Joseph M. Herman Mr. Joshua R. Donohue Mr. Kenneth J. Knoll Mr. Kevin L. Whelan Mr. Larry and Dr. Carol David Mr. Marco A. Onorato Mr. Mark K. Hunter Mr. Martin A. Korenblatt Mr. Matthew C. Harner Mr. Matthew C. Krystopa Mr. Matthew K. McCartan Mr. Michael A. Licata Mr. Michael A. Ruggiero Mr. Michael D. Sheelen Mr. Michael L. Ellerson Mr. Patrick S. Gallagher Mr. Paul P. Rollick

La Salle University Athletics Honor Roll of Donors (Fiscal Year 2012: June 1, 2011 – May 31, 2012) Mr. Paul R. DeConti Mr. Peter J. Anzelone Mr. Raymond T. Hunter Mr. Robert A. Milner Jr. Mr. Robert Dorsey Sr. Mr. Robert F. Ehinger Mr. Robert J. O'Brien Mr. Robert J. Schneider Mr. Robert J. Walsh Jr. Mr. Robert P. Monte Mr. Ronald J. Cooper Mr. Scott E. Karwowski Mr. Seth L. Drutz Mr. Thomas B. Bowe Mr. Thomas Ryan Mr. Timothy J. O'Donnell Mr. Vincent T. Kelly Mr. Wayne D. Braddock Mr. William F. Zarrilli Mr. William J. Kent Mrs. Elsa Cabrera Mrs. Mary M. Ryan Mrs. Patricia A. Mucci Ms. Ann (Nancy) Cloran Ms. Charlene L. Brennan Ms. Charlotte F. Flax Ms. Ellen M. Thiele Ms. Gladys Lundy Reynolds Ms. Helen E. Jackson Ms. Hilda P. Lazas Ms. Jami Wilus Behm Ms. Jeannette DeLuca Ms. Jennifer (Zenszer) Ngo Ms. Jennifer R. (Platco) Kelly Ms. Jill (Smith) Whitney Ms. Joyce Bei Ms. Joyce C. Brooks Ms. Kyoko Schoch Ms. Linda M. Conroy Ms. Luann M. Petrellis Ms. Lucy Owen Ms. Lynne B. Minter Ms. Margaret G. Quinn Ms. Mary Ellen E. Wydan

Ms. Mary M. Tettelbach Ms. Miriam C. Malone Ms. Muriel M. Gordon Ms. Nancy M. Hemmerich Ms. Nicole M. McCurdy Ms. Nora K. Kramer Ms. Patrice M. Girard Ms. Sharon L. Reynolds Ms. Staca Urie Ms. Sydney Kinsella Ms. Tracey C. Spinelli Ms. Veronica T. Sidebottom Neil P. Greenberg, Esq. Patricia G. Thomas Paul B. and Dolores (Seeberger) Sweeney Paul Guillou Electrician Penelope and William Grob Philadelphia Youth Organization Ray and Pat Rabl Raymond J. Harting, CPA Reisinger Oxygen Service, Inc. Richard and Eileen Combatti Robert L. Littman, M.D. Robert W. Suter, Esq. Rodger Headrick Sarah and Ryan Nolan Selma I. Robinson Sensible Office Solutions, Inc. Simply Blinds by Hildegarde Taryn (McDermott) and Richard T. DeVincent The Catalino Family Thomas J. and Elizabeth R. (Leneweaver) Lochner Tom and Debbie Bayless Tom and Denise Kavanagh Walter E. Dunn Jr. William C. Freeman, Inc.

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