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We love digital solutions, and we want to make life easier for you.


Be a step ahead of your competition with a Breeze website design

Introduction Breeze has been formed to make life easy for you and your business. developing

At Breeze we believe a personal touch

With over 15 years of digital marketing

the perfect solution to your Web

is vital to ensure your confidence in

experience, we have seen the many

Development, Social Media, Mobile

the project and you can be sure that

changing faces of the internet and

Apps, SEO or Hosting needs.

we will be with you every step of the

have enjoyed every new challenge


that comes our way. Breeze has a





great passion for what we do, so with choosing Breeze, you can be sure that you are in very safe hands with your digital marketing strategy.

With the digital marketing world changing so rapidly, Breeze has been formed to ensure your business stays on top.


Website Design Let us combine creativity, great design and professional website development to create the perfect website for you!

Website Development

e-Commerce & online stores



From New business start ups to large multinational companies the Breeze developers will put your business ideas into an electronic format. Our team will listen to your visions, provide proof of concept, develop, deploy and manage live applications on an ongoing basis. Life will be a Breeze…because we will take care of all technical work. The Breeze team has had huge success in this area as we recognise that a business web presence is very often the face of the business and may be viewed and utilised by millions of people. Producing websites and applications to correctly reflect your business requires a specialist set of skills and Breeze has gained huge success following the quality of products provided to our clients. So whether it is a new idea you are excited about or your business is looking for a fresh new look to its existing web presence come and talk to us and let Breeze take the stress out of your website requirements.

Through Breeze’s expert consulting team the initial step in our process focuses on discovering, specifying and documenting in great detail your requirements. Working with you we take time to understand your goals and contribute to your strategy. Creating a cost-effective site that generates a strong ROI is the cornerstone of our partnership with our clients, and the guiding principle behind everything we do. We have a decade of experience, delivering e-commerce platform, development and service solutions that can help you elevate your business to all new heights. You’re a savvy online retailer. Your goal: to meet the needs of your customer. Creating a user experience that makes consumer lives easier is the key to converting them from casual browsers to loyal customers. It is also the key to seeing your business grow. We dig deep to understand the needs of your customers. Then spanning architecture, functionality and navigation, we hit all the touch points that make for a meaningful user experience—one that will foster your connection with your customer and result in the success of your online store.


Our team are one of the strongest mobile app development teams in the industry with stunning expertise to build all sorts of mobile applications for businesses – and we have been building them ever since Steve Jobs pulled the first iPhone out of his turtleneck

Mobile Apps We make mobile apps that people love! If you can imagine it, we can make it! Breeze build mobile apps for any size company, from PLC to start-ups. Breeze build mobile apps for any size

You’re not just launching an app.

Most of our clients hire us because

company, from PLC to start-ups. We

You’re creating an experience, starting

of our bright ideas and our amazing

enjoy helping start-ups become brand

a business, following a dream. That’s

ability to turn those ideas into

names and corporations launch new

what we do at Breeze.

innovative mobile applications.

We are passionate. We are selective.

If you are searching for an affordable

We are driven.


products. We give strong focus on simplicity, interaction



Breeze - not heavy on budget and offer the finest quality app development services




that’s not heavy on budget and offers




And, nothing excites us more than

the finest quality, then you do not

making a great product.

need to look any further than Breeze.

Turn a first impression into an ongoing website experience with our Amazing Design, Cutting Edge Technologies and Affordable Packages.

Content Management System When it comes to attracting customers, your website has a job to do. At first glance, a visually appealing site will attract consumers, but if your website doesn’t work fluidly, you won’t be able to keep them there. We listen to your goals, then combine best-of- breed CMS platforms to build a website that does just what you need it to do. We live on simple beliefs ‘Your website has to look good’.

First impressions are vital. We recognise that you want a website design that gives you confidence when you direct your customers to it, rather than having to explain that it’s “out of date” or “about to be revamped”.

We recognise that you want a website design that gives you confidence when you direct your customers to it.

Tell us what you want your website to do for you and we will pick the right tools, technologies and a team for you and we deliver within agreed timescales and budgets. We create mobile-first experiences and interfaces to ensure our projects are optimised for those with the least amount of screen real-estate. See how we cover all the bases from form to function to ensure that your customers’ first impression transform into conversions and a long-time connection. Turn a first impression into an ongoing website experience with our Amazing Design, Cutting Edge Technologies and Affordable Packages.


SEO Is your website visible in the major search engines? If not, contact us today to discuss an SEO strategy.

Not ranking?

No strategy?

No expertise?

If your competitors are ranking higher than you they are probably using SEO techniques, talk to Breeze for a competitive SEO strategy.

Without a solid SEO strategy, your website is unlikely to be found online by your potential customers.

A highly experienced consultant is important for helping you gain an edge on your competition by getting your business website ranking high in the search engines and Breeze have over 15 years experience in pushing websites up in Google rankings.

If you are looking to do business on the internet, your website needs to rank high on all the major search engines.

You could have the most expensive, beautiful looking site but if it is buried way back in the search engine pages be assured that it will get you very little to no business at all.

Hosting From a small personal website to a database-driven e-commerce site, Breeze can provide your complete web hosting solution at a low cost. With generous storage space and bandwidth allowances as well as 24/7 access to your account via FTP and cPanel, our hosting plans really are perfect for websites of any size. No matter what your requirements are, we have the infrastructure and knowledge to be able to cater to your specific needs. If you are looking to transfer your current website, no matter your requirements, Breeze pledge to help you make the switch as speedily and efficiently as possible. We will help at every stage, from changing your domain’s nameservers to transferring all your files, emails and databases.

If you are after fast, reliable and secure web hosting then look no further than a Breeze hosting solution.


From as little as ÂŁ79 a month, we will ensure that your business has Social Media presence, raising awareness of your brand.

Social Media Management Having a simple, no nonsense Social Media Strategy is vital to ensure you stay on track. Here at Breeze we can offer services on Social Media either on a consultancy level to support you and your company or we will happily do the dirty work for you.

Social media is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy, and here at Breeze we are fully aware of its powers and how to use them effectively.

Breeze specialise in social media strategy, so please get in touch and allow us to help build your customer/ fan base.

We offer services on Social Media either on a consultancy level to support you and your company - or we will happily do the dirty work for you.


digital marketing made easy

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Contact Breeze so we can make your digital marketing simple and stress free. ALLIED HOUSE 98 STANDISHGATE WIGAN WN1 1XA 01942 403389 REGISTERED IN ENGLAND NO : 10183491

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Breeze has been formed to make life easy for you and your business. Websites, Social Media, Mobile Apps, SEO & Hosting

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