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How To Choose The Best PIR Sensor There are a wide variety of security systems on the market. When people think of security, they think of video surveillance, key cards, and all types of advanced high-tech security. Unfortunately, this type of security isn't always possible for some people. Many individuals have a budget that requires an inexpensive piece of equipment that will help to protect their home or business. One solution to this is a PIR sensor. If you haven't heard of a PIR sensor, let me explain what it is. A PIR sensor is a type of infrared sensor that you can place at a specific location which will alert you, should someone get close to the sensor. A PIR sensor can be more than just a basic sensor though. There are many different potential actions that a PIR motion sensor can take depending on the sensor that you buy. Here are a few potential features: • The ability to call and let you know if the sensor has been triggered • The option of calling and allowing you to speak through the sensor to any potential intruder • An alarm that sounds should motion be detected There are a wide variety of PIR sensors that you can potentially choose from. It is important though to consider your budget as well as the location that you wish to place the PIR detector. Are you going to place these sensors in a rather common area? If so, you may not want a sensor that emits an alarm every time an individual gets near the sensor. Are you looking for security that you can "set it and forget it"? If so, you may not want a sensor that calls you every time it is triggered. Look at your needs to determine the PIR sensor that is right for you. In all, buying a PIR sensor can turn out to be quite an important decision that you make. A PIR sensor has the potential not just to save your belongings, but to potentially save the lives of you and your family. Do your research and pick the best PIR sensor for you. And while it's important to consider your budget, don't settle for a PIR sensor that is going to leave you vulnerable. You can't put a price on your safety.

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