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Jean Jacques Chenier - Veteran of Future Industry Any good business starts by setting goals and objectives. Management plays key role in success of any business. AA management is top most in managing and offering qualitative services. AA Management Ltd, a BVI company, was founded in 2004. Jean Jacques Chenier is the founder and partner of AA management Ltd. He did his masters in economics and experienced more than 30 years in alternative investments. He speaks Spanish, English and French languages very fluently. AA Management offers systematic quantitative trading programs to qualified non US investors. Its main aim is to deliver long-term capital appreciation with controlled risk. It holds a mutual fund manager licence from the British Virgin Islands FSC (Financial Services Commission). To succeed in the business management, he/she should require some key skills like communicating, organizing and dedication. The passion is very important quality that is to be required. He is born with excellent skills where he stood as a veteran of the futures industry. He believes in risk disclosure statement that “Past Results Are Not Necessarily Indicative of Future Results”. AA management successfully launched the single manager Asymptotic Fund on 1st July 2011. It is possible primarily through trading on the world's organised markets in futures, options, spot and forward contracts. There asymptotic funds are also referred as “Managed futures”. Jean Jacques Chenier Managed Futures fund is a type of alternative investment. This fund helps in many ways such as: • To diversify beyond the traditional asset classes: - Managed future fund can show strong performance in both up and down markets. It also helps in exhibiting low correlation to traditional asset classes, such as stocks, bonds, cash and real estate. • Reduce overall portfolio volatility: - There are the cases like when one asset class goes up some other goes down. So for achieving solid long-term returns Managed Futures invest across a broad spectrum of asset classes. • Increase returns and reduce volatility: - There will be potential increase in returns and reduction of the risks, if managed futures are used in conjunction with traditional assets. • Returns evident in any kind of economic environment: - Managed Futures is very important and it is having the ability to generate returns in bull and bear markets, boasting solid long-term track records despite economic downturns. • Strong performance during stock market declines: - In the situation when the market is declining, managed future funds helps to employ short selling and options strategies. This can allow them to acquire profits in such markets. Thus, managed future funds offer several benefits to diversify a portfolio. The Asymptotic program has developed by a team having more than 50 years of cumulative experience. Therefore Jean Jacques Chenier is confident to successfully run the growth of AA Management.

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AA Management Ltd. used to manage AlphaPlus FoHF Ltd. a Fund of Managed Accounts concentrated on CTAs and Managed Futures strategies, and AL...