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Near Misses a continued learning process

Washed Off Excavator at Sg. Ulu Pandan Learning Points

Eqiupment & Machine

Anchorage systems should be designed and endorsed by the QP. The anchor ropes can be replaced by marine grade ropes which are more durable. Contractors are to follow through on the checklists for the inspection of plant and equipment. Procedures should be set that no dredging works are to be conducted in heavy rain/tide gate operation/rapid water flow conditions.

Operational Process

The risk assessment matrix and safe work procedure for dredging works should be reviewed to include the risks of poor anchorage. Additional CCTVs and flow sensors are to be installed to allow site conditions to be better monitored.

Management Team

Competency of operators, supervisors and safety officers in different working conditions should be assessed regularly.

All Dredging Contractors are to follow these measures.

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Near misses 2 pg 2