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Washed Off Excavator at Sg. Ulu Pandan

Operation: Dredging of Sg. Ulu Pandan Location: Sungei Ulu Pandan (Sunset Way) Date and time: 05 June 13 / 1700hrs Injuries: NIL - A NEA heavy rain warning was issued between 1520 - 1720 hrs on 05 June.

- By 1600hrs, all workers for the dredging project were evacuated from the worksite. the equipment were anchored. - Unfortunately, the ropes securing the excavator and pontoon snapped during the rainstorm. - Both the excavator and the pontoon were washed down the waterway and hit a pedestrian bridge near to AYE.

Snapping of anchor ropes

- There were no injuries and no damages to the pedestrian bridge, but damages to the Contractor's properties.

Immediate Actions The contractor towed the equipment back to work site immediately after the rain event and removed all equipment from the waterways. A stop work order was issued to Contractor.

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