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Safety information & policies could be better conveyed and circulated through convenient means such as email, bulletins and website or printed materials. Safety information on intranet could be updated more frequently and made more reader centric.

Governance Officers faced difficulties accessing PUB WSH Policy on the intranet. Officers believe there is room for improvement in meeting PUB's WSH mission and vision.

Organisational WSH Vision, Values, Roles and Targets

To continually improve the the safety culture of workforce.

Policies with WSH Impact To encourage managers to be in the involved more implementation of new WSH initiatives and processes

Managers sometimes may entrust supervisors to adopt new WSH initiatives and processes. Officers are not aware of the budget allocation for safety.

To create one GL code to items, WSH purchase management must share the a create and fund of allocation safety show to minisite information. Allocate budget for safety and made known to all of its availability.

Human factors are not considered when operational changes are planned due to lack of manpower.

Propose to HR to review manpower recruitment process. Flexiblility in manpower transfer among dept.


Culturesafe governance  
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