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Belt-press Dewatering System for Dredging - Swee Hong Ltd Enhancing Efficiency, Safely. Save space, speedy and safe. Amongst this, the company also thought about how to reduce the exposure to risks and hazards commonly found in works in water, works at height, operation of the dredger and transportation when redesigning the dredging process. The company found a solution with a combination of a cutter-suction dredger and a belt-press dewatering system in dredging operations. This combination of systems eliminate 2 key process units (temporary storage in water and transfer to land). The cuttersuction dredger transfers the dredged silt via suction pipes to the belt-press dewatering plant, where the silt is immediately dried on-site, then transported to a dumping site. No more temporary drying, no more need for an additional excavator and faster operations!

Eurolift Belt-Press Dewatering System

Cutter-Suction with Belt-Press Dewatering 1 Dredging

2 Transfer of silt/sludge to the Belt Press Dewatering Plant

3 On-site drying using the BeltPress

Days to the dumping site: 26 days (-58%!) Land Area Required: Minimal With the implementation of the new dredging method, vast efficiency gains were achieved.

The belt-press dewatering plant removed double handling in the disposal process by drying the silt onsite to transportable standards. With the volume of silt now vastly reduced (after dewatering) in one single process, the number of disposal trucks required is also substantially reduced.

4 Transportation to the dumping site

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