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Documents & Files Backoffice - Access important company documents, disclosures and view upcoming company events in the company calendar. relay速 Transaction Management - Here you upload all new listing and new transaction paperwork along with disclosures and other required documents. The site ID is 31607.

Email Login - Access your Broker Network email account remotely from any computer.

Marketing Center - Our partnership with Bear Printing provides you with valuable templates for marketing listings, farming to your sphere, printing business cards and even the ability to create your own custom design piece.

IDX/Lead Management - Our IDX system allows you to create and target specific demographic and geographic areas with our sophisticated mapping system. An impressive suite of tools to assist buyer clients with their home search & help you win more listings.

Agent Marketing - Listing Manager - Create individual websites for all of your listings. Advertise more easily and efficiently through this one click marketing system. Provided in partnership with Michael Neef of American Pacific Mortgage.

RingCentral Phone/Fax System - Have complete control of how and when your clients get a hold of you. Fax system allows you to fax directly from your computer, tablet or phone.

Order a Sign for Your New Listing - Place an order to have a sign and post installed at your new listing. NW Realty Sign keeps stock of all our signs and sign riders.

ProSchools Real Estate Licensing Education - Take advantage of our partnership with ProSchools and receive a 20% discount on any education hours ordered through The Broker Network's link.

Marketing Plan Prepare Custom Market Analysis I will use my 20+ years of experience to determine what the best possible starting point should be for pricing your home. Entering the market at the right price ensures a much quicker sale and a higher net to you.

Completion of Listing Contract The entire contract you sign will be thoroughly reviewed with you for accuracy and to ensure you have a complete understanding of the terms. We will have a close working relationship for several months so it’s important for us to be on the same page. You will receive copies of all listing papers via our online transaction management system, Relay®.

Staging Recommendations Staging your home for the market is not just a nice little is vital to attract as many buyers as possible and to sell your home more quickly. That means more money in your pocket at the end of the day. I recommend OnStage, the premier home staging experts in the Portland metro area to help showcase your home.

Place Secure, Programmable Lockbox on Property With infrared technology, my lockboxes are state-of-the-art! I will be able to see which agents have shown your home and when they showed it. This allows me to receive feedback on the potential buyer’s thoughts.

Professional Interior & Exterior Photos Since 90% of all buyers begin their search on the internet, it is important to attract them to your home with the use of professional photos. Homes marketed with professional photos sell more quickly & for a more money than those marketed without.

Video Walk-thru of Home and Property One of the unique ways I help market your home is by use of a video walk-thru. The effectiveness in helping to sell your home has been well-documented yet the vast majority of agents do not offer this service. This enhances the probability of obtaining more qualified showings because buyers are already familiar with how your home “flows”. It will be posted to YouTube on our company channel and utilized throughout the marketing process.

Enter Listing in RMLS & Upload Photos & Videos Timely and accurate information is essential in helping to procure a sale quickly. Your listing will be entered into the MLS system when I say it will be along with 16 professional photos and a link to the video walk-thru.

Marketing Plan Order Preliminary Title Report Most Realtors® do not order a “prelim” at the time of listing. I do because it may catch an issue that could affect the sale of your property. I want to make sure we handle everything quickly and efficiently in case there is an lien or judgment on the report that could prevent the title company from issuing a clean report.

Design Professional Flyers or PermaFlyers™ The Broker Network has an in-depth partnership with Bear Printing, the preeminent real estate printing company in the Portland metro area. The full-color flyers or ecofriendly PermaFlyers™ that we produce will help make your home stand out from the competition.

Order Yard Post Sign & Place Directional Signs Visibility is an important component to selling your home. I will order a “For Sale” sign to be installed in your yard and I will place directional signs, where permissible, leading to your home. We take pride in our brand as you will see by the quality of the signs we place.

Text For Info Lead Capture Do you text? Most people do. It’s a quick way for potential buyers to get a quick snapshot of what your home has to offer. When someone texts the 6-digit property code to our special phone number (79564), they will instantly receive basic info on your home along with a link to the mobilized website designed just for you home! I will also receive the leads contact info so I can follow up with them while they are still in front of your home.

QR Codes to Enhance the Buyer Experience These days, it seems everyone has a smart phone capable of some amazing things. Among them is the ability to scan Quick Response Codes (QR Codes). This allows buyers to get pertinent information on your home while they are sitting in front of it. It could be a video walk-thru or the most recent mobilized flyer...whatever we decide!

Order Fidelity National Home Warranty One of the services that I provide is a warranty that covers you should an unexpected problem occur. If your hot water heater leaks, something goes haywire with your electrical, or your oven goes kaput, the warranty will cover the cost of repair or replacement with a nominal service call fee. Once the house sells, the warranty will transfer to the buyer and is good for one year after closing so that you aren’t bothered again! As a benefit, I also get notified when a repair has been completed.

Host a Broker’s Open for Realtors® I will invite and host local brokers to preview your home so that they have a better understanding of what is currently available on the market in their area. On the Eastside of town, tours are on Tuesday’s while on the Westside they are on Wednesdays.

Marketing Plan Host a Public Open House Not every home has what it takes to create a successful open house. There are a lot of factors that come into play, including location, condition, price & curb appeal. Because only about 3% of all homes are sold through an open house, we will discuss if this is the best use of our time and resources in marketing your home.

Order Just Listed Postcards for Neighborhood With my marketing, I get the word out that your home is for sale! I will send notices to the surrounding neighborhood letting them know what a wonderful home you have. Hopefully, they will want to have a friend or family member live near them.

Post to All Major Social Media Sites Who doesn’t have a Facebook page? Or a Twitter account? Ever been on YouTube? With the power of social media, I can spread the word about your home faster than ever before. Who knows...maybe your home will go viral!

Post to Top Real Estate Websites We are in a Search World. Anyone can find pretty much anything if they just ask Google, right? Home buyers search on major websites for your home and rest assured, they will find it! Your home will be showcased on over 300 real estate sites. Nice!

Email Web Flyer to Past Clients and Sphere I keep in touch with all my past clients and my sphere of influence. They will receive a Just Listed e-card to let them know your home is now for sale. As my clients love to refer me to others, they gladly pass along my new listing info to there sphere as well.

Follow Up on All Showings for Feedback We need to know what the buyers and other RealtorsÂŽ thought about your home. Is it priced right? Is it in presentable condition? Is there an issue we need to be aware of? Regardless of the answers, you will have the honest feedback from the showings we have of your home. This will help us shape how we market your home.

Relocation Coordination Whether you are moving across the street, across town or halfway around the world, I will assist you every step of the way. Over the past 20 years, I have developed a fantastic referral network of brokers and businesses that will help to make the transition to your new home as seamless as possible.

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