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Introduction to Trinidad & Tobago A BIG, LITTLE COUNTRY in the AMERICAS Trinidad & Tobago (T&T) is the most southerly island of the tropical Caribbean. Located just 14km off the eastern coast of Venezuela, this beautiful isle of 1.4million inhabitants, boasts a proud history. Independent from Britain since 1962 and a Republic since 1976, T&T as its popularly known has impacted the world stage through sports (cricket, football, athletics), music (calypso, soca & steelpan), arts (literature), culture (carnival, beauty & fashion).

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Introduction to Trinidad & Tobago


T&T Key Facts Infographic

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Beverages: 

Beers & Alcohol Drinks Fruit Juices and Soft Drinks

Chocolate, Biscuits and Cereals

In addition, T&T is fortunate to have one of the strongest economies in the America's owing to its production of oil & gas. With one of the highest per capita GDP's in the region, T&T has developed a strong manufacturing & services sector, renowned for high quality able to meet international standards at competitive prices. In terms of agriculture, T&T is the home of the Trinitario Cocoa bean, which is world renowned for its fine exotic flavor and taste.

Export Focus - Supported by TTMA The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturer’s Association (TTMA) represents more than 1,500 local manufacturers. As part of its remit, the TTMA, together with other local bodies such as EXPORTT and the Ministry of Trade & Industry, is actively encouraging & supporting local manufacturer’s to expand their market reach internationally. To this end, the TTMA is working with COVERPOINT RCM Business Solutions to help identify & enter promising markets in the EU and overseas. The TTMA’s shared ambition, is to achieve 50million euro in annual food & beverage exports, to the EU by

About COVERPOINT RCM Business Solutions COVERPOINT RCM is a multi-disciplinary development consulting company. Led by Mr. Anthony Brand, COVERPOINT RCM actively supports companies to expand their market reach through the following services:

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For more information contact: Mr. Anthony Brand, Managing Director COVERPOINT RCM Business Solutions

BEER & ALCOHOLIC DRINKS Carib Lager Beer Package Types: 24*275/330ml bottles : 24 * 330ml cans Alcohol Content: 5.0 ABV Shelf Life: 12months Bitterness (BU) 14-16 Colour 5.5—7.5 EBC Calorific value 120kcal/275ml


Located at Champ Fleurs in Trinidad, Carib Brewery Ltd. is Trinidad & Tobago’s premier brewery and is one of the largest breweries in the Englishspeaking Caribbean. It is renowned for producing world class alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages including lager beers, stouts, malts, shandies and soft drinks. With production in excess of 1 million hectoliters per annum including the popular Carib and Stag lager beer brands, Shandy Carib, Mackeson Milk Stout and Smalta, Carib Brewery Ltd. exports to over 30 countries worldwide.

Shandy Carib Package Types: 24*275ml bottles Alcohol Content: 1.2 ABV Shelf Life: 12months

CARIB has been a bona fide thirst-quencher and a symbol for everything quintessentially ‘Caribbean’ - energy and warmth that are briefly tempered by a cool sea breeze.

Mackeson Stout Package Types: 24*275/330ml bottles Alcohol Content: 4.9 ABV Shelf Life: 12months

Malta Carib Package Types: 24*275ml bottles Alcohol Content: 0.0 ABV Shelf Life: 12months Colour: > 240 EBC Carbon Dioxide: 2.6 - 2.8

Shandy Carib is an extremely popular low alcoholic (1.2%) refreshing beverage. Its ginger; lime and sorrel flavours provide thirst quenching adult refreshment.

Mackeson Stout is an instantly satisfying, full -bodied milk stout is perfect for a generation that thrives on immediate and long-lasting gratification in their personal, professional and pleasurable pursuits.

FRUIT JUICES & SOFT DRINKS ALL Flavours available in the following flavours and sizes:    

310ml 340ml 500ml 560ml

BUSTA Soft Drinks Kola Champion


BUSTA Green Punch

BUSTA Pineapple

BUSTA Orange

BUSTA Banana

BEVERAGES: FRUIT JUICES & SOFTRINKS Founded more than 90years ago, S.M. Jaleel started out as one of the first bottlers of soft drinks in Trinidad. Today, its state of the art manufacturing

Nutritional Information per 100ml

Energy kj/kcal


Proteins (g)


Carbohydrates (g)


Fat (g)


Salt (mg)


With flavours, sizes and prices to delight the consumer, S.M. Jaleel stands poised to make an impact in Europe. Its Busta and Chubby brand soft drinks are already exported to the Netherlands. And its Fruta, Caribbean Cool and Island Fusion ICE Tea drinks can have similar impact in Europe.


T&T Cocoa Trinitario Bean Since Egyptian and Mayan times, chocolate

AVAILABLE PRODUCTS         

Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Nibs, Cocoa Liquor, Cocoa Powder, Dark Chocolates, Dark Milk Chocolates, Cocoa Cocktail mixes Pharmaceutical Chocolates Creole-style Chocolate sticks

has been one of the world's best loved foods. Made from cocoa which is indigenous to tropical climates, chocolate is now both a staple and luxury product around the world. Trinidad & Tobago is blessed to be a producer of fine flavoured cocoa, the Trinitario cocoa bean having been introduced to the island in the 1800's. Before the discovery of oil, in the 1940’s, Trinidad was one of the world’s top 5 leading cocoa producers. Though times have changed since then, the local cocoa industry is now experiencing much needed revitalization

Annual Cocoa Production Quantity 

500 - 1000 metric tons There has been an increase in local cocoa bean production which remains a favourite ingredient in gourmet chocolates and of chocolatiers the world over. Increased investment in cocoa production has revitalized the industry which is set to explode within the next 10years. This increased production has seen a move away from simple bean production towards more value added activities such as chocolate making and other products. T&T exports on avg. > 300,000 Kg of cocoa beans to Europe each year. Local producers are eager to increase this amount. The opportunity also exists for foreign direct investment in the local cocoa industry to help local cultivators increase production.


ARTISAN CHOCOLATIERS Trinidad and Tobago Fine Chocolate Company Ltd (TTFCCL), was founded as a public—private partnership to rehabilitate the local cocoa industry. Producing exceptional quality chocolate products from 4 cocoa estates in Trinidad and Tobago, the TTFCCL, is reaping the rewards of its focus on Improving quality and yield of bean production. The company’s focus on developing value added products, has led to the creation of several notable partnerships. Not least amongst these, is the creation of Harrods's 2017 Selection. This selection, officially launched in Oct 2017, features the signature Trinitario 70% dark chocolate. As a result of improved machinery and production, methods, TTFCCL is able to produce 100 metric tons of cocoa products, annually.

Cocobel’s story started in 2012 and grew out of owner’s, Isabel Brash’s passion for chocolate. Since then, Ms. Brash, has taken her love of cocoa and chocolate to produce her own unique high quality, exotic and award winning chocolate creations. Infused with Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, Cocoa Republic’s chocolate bars represent a true Caribbean Connection. Winner of the 2017 Dark Chocolate Award and selected as a finalist at the 2017 Salon du Chocolate in Paris, Cocoa Republic is poised to set the chocolate

industry alight: Recently, the company has teamed with Danse Caribbean to produce a line of nutraceutical chocolates, proving that beauty, is more than skin deep.


CHOCOLATES, BISCUITS & SNACKS Associated Brands Ltd (ABL). is the leading snack manufacturer in T&T. Since 1974, ABL has been producing chocolates and snacks under a variety of well known brands. Charles Chocolates is a local favourite synonymous with great taste that several generations have grown to love. Catch, Orion and Nuggle are just a few more of the well known chocolate bar brands.

In addition to chocolates, ABL also produces/ distributes high quality biscuits under the Devon Brand. The diverse product range also features Sunshine Snacks cereals, nuts & almonds and potato & plantain chips.

With state of the art production facilities, ABL proudly boasts of distributors around the Caribbean region as well as the USA, Malta, Ireland and Taiwan. ABL looks forward to begin exporting to additional markets in Europe and around the world.

Condiments Products:

SWISS Mustard (sq.) 24 * 227ml SWISS Mustard (sq.) 12 * 450ml SWISS Mustard (sq.) 12 * 570ml SWISS Honey Mustard 24 * 227ml SWISS Honey Mustard 12 * 450ml SWISS Spouch Ketchup 12 * 750ml SWISS Spouch Ketchup 24 * 330ml SWISS Spouch BBQ Original 12* 750ml SWISS Spouch BBQ Original 12 * 500ml SWISS Sp. BBQ Hot & Spicy 12 * 750ml SWISS Sp. BBQ Hot & Spicy 12 * 500ml

CONDIMENTS Victor E. Moutett Company Limited (VEMCO) has had a long and proud history as one of T&T most successful manufacturers and import/export companies. Producing a wide range of local products under the Swiss Brand, VEMCO products are renowned for their high quality and consumer value for money offering. Together, the Swiss Brand consists of many innovative tasting & packaged food products designed to delights consumers of all ages. The SWISS Brand features a wide range of condiments and sauces which perfectly complement and add taste to your favourite meals.   

Ketchup Mustard BBQ & BBQ Jerk Sauce

These sauces come in either bottles or the innovative “spouch” pack which has proved to be particularly attractive to customers who appreciate its easy convenience and family value.

SWISS Sp. BBQ Jerk 12 *500ml SWISS Sp. BBQ Honey 12 * 500ml SWISS Peanut Butter 24 * 227ml SWISS Peanut Butter 12 * 450ml SWISS Peanut Butter 12 * 800ml SWISS P.B. with Honey 12 * 450ml SWISS P.B. w/ H. Crunchy 24 * 227ml SWISS P.B. w/H. Crunchy 12 * 450ml SWISS P.B. w/H. Crunchy 12 * 800ml

SWISS Peanut Butter


HARD CANDIES, SWEETS & DINNER MINTS It may be surprising to learn that one of the most popular souvenirs for visitors to Trinidad & Tobago are KC Dinner Mints. But anyone who has tasted them will understand why.

KC Confectionary has perfected the art of sweets making. From very humble beginnings in 1922, the sweets first made by Abdul Razack Khan and his wife Zainab are now produced under world class manufacturing and have been successfully exported for more than 45 years.

The growing trend towards health & wellness, led the company to launch it ginger flavoured mint in 2012. Today KC Ginger and Honey & lime flavoured mints are amongst the company's most popular products. With packages in different sizes, KC Confectionary can meet the needs of any sweet tooth.


PRODUCERS: MUDDA n LAW FOODS PINEAPPLE CHUTNEY Such a FABULOUS Dip! Or better yet, pour this Chutney on anything You’re eating or baking And you will love yourself! FREE of STARCH & FREE of MSG! Export size 225ml

TAMARIND CHUTNEY Oh La La! This is the ultimate Dip! If you love the tang of Tamarind and the sweetness of Caribbean Brown sugar Then you’ll love this DIP! No MSG! Export size 225ml

HOT SAUCES & CHUTNEYS Trinidad & Tobago is home to some of the hottest & tastiest peppers in the world. In 2016 the local Scorpion pepper was voted the international hot pepper award. So its no surprise that the local cuisine often turns to a dose of hot pepper to add extra flavouring. MUDDA n LAW Foods is one of the leading local producers of hot sauces and chutneys. Their products range boast delicious and creative flavours such as Chadon Beni, Exotic Pineapple and Coconut, that delight the palette. Mudda n Law products are available in a range of intensities from fiery hot to mild. These are definitely not tabasco. Mudda n Law hot sauces and chutneys add delicious Caribbean flavour to any meal.

GREEN CHADONI BENI PEPPERSAUCE Chadon Beni or Culantro is widely used as a flavouring herb in the twin isles of Trinidad & Tobago. When combined with homegrown peppers and spices, the result is a hot sauce of remarkable taste and sting! FREE of STARCH & FREE of MSG! Export size 150ml

YELLOW CHADONI BENI PEPPERSAUCE Fresh from the market Yellow Peppers are blended with amazing ingredients and secret techniques to make a MOUTHWATERING Chadon Beni MASTERPIECE! Hot, but oh so delicious. FREE of STARCH & FREE of MSG! Export size 150ml

MUDDA n LAW products are starch and MSG free!

THANK YOU for your REVIEW We trust that these products have attained your attention and piqued your interest. All the products and companies represented, meet with the highest International standards, regulations and are/will be EU compliant.

General Shipping Information Ports: Port of Spain & Point Lisas Service Formats: FCL & LCL Shipping Lines: All main shippers including, Hamburg Sud, Maersk, SeaLand etc Main Destination Ports Europe: Rotterdam Shipping Time: 12 days—3weeks

For further information on product ordering & investment opportunities kindly contact Mr. Anthony Brand, European Agent/Consultant to, Trinidad & Tobago Manufacturer’s Association. The TTMA looks forward to exporting our products to you, from Trinidad & Tobago with LOVE!!

Coverpoint RCM Business Solutions Hof Ter Merenweg 74 3300 Oplinter

Belgium +32 485 4774 12


Most shipping lines have at at least monthly sailings



La Benedicta Apple Cider Bottle sizes 355ml, 450ml, 1,050ml Alcohol Content: 5.0 ABV (adjustable) Apples 30% from Dominican Republic, 70% from U.S.A.

La Benedicta was founded in 2005 in Dominican Republic. It’s a tasty, premium apple cider bottled in a distinctive cobalt blue glass which supports its premium image. Available in a variety of sizes, La Benedicta is the drink for those who dare to be different!


COFFEE & TEAS RIDGELYNE Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Ridgelyne Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Ridgelyne Coffee is produced in the lush coffee growing regions of Jamaica’s Blue Mountains. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is recognized for its unique characteristics and distinct flavor. This premium quality coffee is regulated by the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board and only the finest coffee beans are selected for export.

Ridgelyne Coffee is produced in the lush coffee growing regions of Jamaica’s Blue Mountains. Our Ridgelyne Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, is certified authentic and roasted at the Ridgelyne Coffee.

COFFEE & TEAS Shavuot teas and powders

COFFEE & TEAS SHAVUOT TEAS (JAMAICA) Founded in 2004, Jamaica ‘s Shavuot International produces a group of all natural premium brands aimed to serve its customers globally. Shavuot International believes in managing and representing brands that are aimed at holistic health and beauty.

Shavuot International believes in empowering people through nature and social development through social enterprising.

Shavuot International identifies the opportunity to fill the gap that exists within the export market for the growth of premium, all natural Jamaican products with premium packing, and to meet the global demand.

CONDIMENTS & JELLIES Ecofarms Gourmet Honey Products

CONDIMENTS & JELLIES ECOFARMS HONEY (JAMAICA) A FAMILY STORY: Farming has been in the Foster and Reid families for

three generations. In 1976, Harry and Tina Foster fell in love with a fiftyacre farm in the hills of Balaclava, St. Elizabeth - a stone’s throw away from Harry's birthplace. "The Farm" became the passion of Harry, a Mining Engineer and graduate of Jamaica School of Agriculture (JSA) and Tina, a Registered Nurse. Every Saturday, the family would journey down to "Bala" with their three children (this trip was not voluntary for the children). After a day of plucking chickens, pruning coffee, or harvesting oranges, the children would "drive" the dilapidated Morris Oxford or the farm hand’s handcart. Over the years, the family planted coffee, citrus plants, apples, passion fruit, bananas, plantains, coconut and ackee. In the late 1990s, Harry invested in five colonies of Italian bees. Grace, the youngest child and an MITtrained Engineer, got involved with the bees in 2010 after she lost her income when local bauxite plants were shuttered. She had a vision to create 100 Jamaican jobs through innovating honey. The vision took on life after a near death experience involving a bicycle accident in 2011. She



(10 sticks/pack)

10 honey sticks available in 6 delicious tropical flavours: .Mango . Tamarind . Ginger . Watermeleon . Lemon Grass . Lime

registered Ecofarms™ and launched the first product – Buzz™ HoneyStix™ in 2011, followed by the award winning Buzz™ Honey Wine in 2013. In 2018, the company automated most of the production process in as it scaled production.

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILTY - 100 Jamaican Jobs! Ecofarms aims to create 100 jobs and in 2016, partnered with Jamaica Deaf Village with the aim of training marginalized and high risk persons to become beekeepers.

Caribbean to EU Export Products Catalogue - Jul 2018  

This catalogue features world class food & beverage products from the Caribbean; particularly Trinidad & Tobago (T&T). We would like to hear...

Caribbean to EU Export Products Catalogue - Jul 2018  

This catalogue features world class food & beverage products from the Caribbean; particularly Trinidad & Tobago (T&T). We would like to hear...