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Graphic Design Standard Publishing has a fully equipped design studio, with a wonderful creative team.

Bright ideas from our creative team on how to reduce your design costs 1. Prepare a brief set of graphic standards for your printer 2. Contract the printer to provide designer services. This way you can take advantage of the industry rates they can achieve on your behalf. 3. Carefully plan and structure your design brief to avoid a prolonged creative process. More planning up front means less chargable time with the designer. 4. Take advantage of “soft proofing”. Use PDF proofing via emails to save time and money. Arrange a hi-res hard copy proof only at the end – once you are sure there will be no more changes. 5. Be aware that author’s alterations are often the main cause of budget blow-outs.

Staying Green CarbonStrategy

• New, low cost recycled papers have been released in late 2008. Ask us for more details. • You can use our Carbon Strategy logo on your material. • SPH and AM are certified 100% carbon Neutral by DoCC – We have paid for your carbon credits. • SPH won the Print Industry Association Environmental Award in 2008 – You can use this in your own marketing.

For more bright savings ideas on print, mail or design, please contact us:

that substantially reduce the cost of design, print and mail for independent

schools... reen whilst being g

Low Cost Green Options

Tel: 02 9798 2133

Bright Ideas

Ideas to cut the cost of print and mail…

“It has bee n dee ply rew ardi ng to be in par tner ship with Stan dard Pub lish ing in the twin task s of redu cing prin t cos ts and env iron men tal imp act.”

Dr. Tim Haw kes Hea dma ster The Kin gs Sch ool

Printed Material

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Saving Ideas for School Stationery


Maintaining contact with parents and student numbers, more so during an

Group Manufacture – Planning the reordering of stationery with common inks or paper grades at the same time allows

Direct Mail prospective families is vital in growing

Bright Idea 1 can save up to 25% on your print costs. Purchasing items

“Sta nda rd Publishi ng assi sted PLC Syd ney in cha nging all of our print nee ds to a carbon neu tral rang e of products whil st kee ping our cos ts to a min imu m.”

economic downturn. There are several 2009



cost effective strategies that can assist

School D





you in making your mailing go further.


printers to “batch manufacture” items and reduce press set up

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costs. Order envelopes, with compliment slips and letterheads at the same time.

Reducing Postage Charges We work with Auspost to allow us to gain discounts on behalf

Free Storage – Longer Runs – SPH are now providing free storage for school stationery allowing

of our clients.

you to manufacture a years’ supply and we will deliver it when required. Longer print runs equate to savings between 10% and 30%.

“On e of the bes t dec isio ns we eve r mad e was to esta blis h a rela tion ship with SPH , bec aus e ther e is no dou bt that hav ing a goo d prin ter is an ess enti al fact or in the way a sch ool pres ents itse lf to the com mun ity.

Bright Idea 8 Reducing mail processing costs

Bright Idea 3

We find the best way to process jobs

Review Paper Selection – Ask to see more cost effective paper options that still look good but may

in order to meet clients’ turnarounds

reduce the cost of your printing. Paper constitutes up to 35% of the total print cost, so a reduction

at a reasonable price.

in papercosts positively impacts your bottom line.

Marketing material represents the brand and values of your school so it must maintain a high

How eve r, in our rela tion ship with SPH that beg an mor e than twe nty yea rs ago , we hav e gain ed muc h mor e than goo d pro duc t. The SPH team hav e bee n crea tive adv iser s who hav e help ed us buil d a mos t plea sing suit e of coll ege liter atur e. The y hav e bee n help ful, welc omi ng, sup por tive and pati ent.”

Dr. Liz Lam b Dire cto r of Lea rnin g and Tea chin g Mar ist Sist ers ’ Col lege

Bright Idea 9 Plastic Wrap Options

Marketing Material – more impact for less dollars

“Standard Publishing House has a rela tionship with several Schools within the Sydney Ang lican Schools Corporation and is currently conduc ting a Print Management Audit with some of thos e Schools with the intention of increasing efficiency and reducing costs.”

Rod ney Cos ier Fina ncia l Con trol ler Syd ney Ang lica n Sch ools Cor por atio n

Bright Idea 7

Bright Idea 2

Kee ly Max wel l Pub lica tion s Off icer PLC Syd ney

Cheaper than envelope processing and weather resistant.

level of quality and feel. Quality can be achieved in conjunction with cost reduction by adopting a few simple policies.

Bright Idea 4 Ask for 2 quotes on all jobs, one of which is a lower cost paper option to the one nominated by the designer. Many times you can not tell the difference but the savings are significant.

Bright Idea 5

“ If you are processing mailers internally, you will not be achieving the postage discounts available from DPID lodgment.” Natalie Dela Cruz, Absolute Mail.

Utilise design studios within print companies – if you have existing corporate specifications and a good image library, printers such as SPH have excellent designers who can provide quality creative designs at half the cost of external agencies.

For more bright ideas call:

Bright Idea 6

Printed Material


Review paper size, binding styles and finishing options. These components are expensive and there

Phil or Gina 02 9798 2133

Natalie or Ian 02 9798 2894

are always quality, lower cost options. Graphic Design & Environmental Ideas

Bright Ideas School Brochure  

Bright Ideas that substantially reduce the cost of design, print and mail for independent schools....whilst staying green

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