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--curated, designed, and written by: Anthony McClee --date and time: December 23rd, 24th, and 25th from 5:00pm to 8:00pm

--location: Jackson, Mississippi


Nathaniel Rueda 4

Nathaniel Rueda is graphic designer/illustrator who’s personal work focuses on themes of the occult, life, death, nature and bodies. It’s also influenced a lot by ancient and modern peruvian culture and traditions, from where he draws much of the inspiration for the characters he uses in his illustrations. His style could be described as very detailed, character centered and fixated on movement.

El Diablo


There are alot of little interesting details in this illustration such as the tattoos and the little scuffs and cracks in the demon heads. It’s also pretty cool how the color of the hair darkens as it goes down to her feet. All in all, I just think this is a really ntersting and detailed piece.

You can clearly see that this piece shares many similarities to the previous piece with te colors used as well as the subject matter. It’s very detailed and eye-catching and the color scheme is nearly identical. I really like this syle of choice of subject matter.




Very Suspicious

This piece has a very interestiong color scheme and outlines (notice how there are no black outlines) that make the whole image pop. The subject matter is somewhat surreal and borderline creepy. The kanji is also a nice touch.


You will find a bizarre balancing act between propaganda, folklore and pop. He works together with friends in a studio in DĂźsseldorf, Germany.

Roman Klonek

Roman Klonek was born in Kattowitz/Poland and has a spot for old fashioned cartoons, especially east european styles. In the 90s, he studied Graphic Arts in Duesseldorf and discovered a passion for woodcut printing. For 15 years now, he has been doing posters with a wide range of whimsical creatures, mostly half animal/half human, preferentially in awkward situations.




There is a good bit of contrast between the black and white and various other colors. The little characters and their different facial expression give this work a unique personality. This is also a great example Klonek’s gritty, rough style.


Aled Lewis 12

Aled Lewis is a designer, illustrator and author based in London, England. He came to London from Portsmouth in 2005 to study Graphic Design and has lived and worked there ever since. Aled is a lifelong gamer: influenced and inspired by comics, film and television. His favourite shows are Arrested Development, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Breaking Bad. He loves Jurassic Park. His clients include Polaroid, GQ, Gap, New York Times, Urban Outfitters, Penguin, Vice and Sony. He is a Gemini.





Amr Elshamy

Amr Elshamy is a selftaught Artist, who practices all styles/ kinds/techniques of art, but his real passion is in filmmaking. He likes to live in his own world away from the people. He’s a down earth kinda guy, sometimes he flies and hangs out with friends from another world!


The Guards


The Journey


Jonathan Ball 20

Jonathan Ball is an illustrator and designer from little old Wales, which is tidily tucked away in a corner of the UK. He loves to draw and is eager for you to pay him for his efforts. This helps feed his family and a small flock of sheep.

Cartoons V’s Video Games

Really bright and coloful style that has a fun and youthful vibe. These images bring back genuine nostalgic feelings




All the soft pinks create a soothing mood. This piece has various little interesting details that can easily go unnoticed when looking at the image as a whole. The jagged style is made to look rather organic in this composition and (if you ask me) it is done very well.


Mat Szulik

Mat Szulik is creative designer/illustrator who is very keen on lowpoly style and is always trying to push his lowpoly further and further.


Magic, whimsical, fairy tale style ustilizes bright colors and puts a new spin on the fairy tale style.


Rafael Alvarez

Rafael Alvarez was once a marketing director, now a proud freelance illustrator and designer. MFA in Illustration by the School of Visual Arts. Spanish born, adopted by Brooklyn




Amazing Sci-Fi Comics #127 There’s a clear contrast between the red and black and white in this piece that is really eye-catching. The subject matter has a very sci-fi feel to it.


Gabriel Silveira

Gabriel Silveira is a freelance illustrator based in São Paulo, Brazil. Much of Silveria’s work has a vintage, sci-fi vibe often paired with some rather off-kilter yet interesting colors.


--another illustration for Wired Germany’s October ‘15 issue. It accompanies questions from the “Miss Know it All” section of the magazine. The question red: “I have hated smileys and now I hate Emojis. I can’t understand why grown up people send pictures of laughing poop and angry cats. How can we stop the infantilization?” Apparently that question inspired this..


--another illustration done for Wired Germany. This piece further demonstrates Gabriel’s unique vintage style. Little details like the white gloves or the crazy hair are reminiscent of a distinct style of cartoon. The colors he uses compliment this style very well.


Iain McCarthur 34

Iain McCarthur was born in Swindon, England in 1986. He says became a fanatic of art at the age of eight when he was first introduced to art through the medium of cartoon television shows and comic books. His work can be described as surreal and unique in its own way. Using mostly pencil, watercolours and pigment pens, he creates portraits of ordinary people but creates them in a unusual way by, embellishing patterns and watercolour effects into the portrait to give a vivid explosion effect—transforming their faces from something plain to something entirely bizarre and wondeful at the same time.




Use Your Brain

This particular illustration stands out to me because of the not-so-serious vibe that it gives off. It’s also a good representation of Mathiole’s washed out, watercolor style that he tend frequently utilize. The tiny bit of gore gives this piece an interesting look.


Since he believes so strongly that art has the power to touch people’s minds and change their perceptions, he likes to incorporate positive, playful and optimistic concepts into my creations. He likes to believe he’s helping people even if it’s small-scale – feeling better about themselves and about the world that surrounds us.”

Iain McCarthur

Mathiole (Matheus Lopes Castro) is a 28-year-old designer/illustrator based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil who’s been working with art since I was 14 . He says his job is his passion and can’t see himself doing any other thing for a living. He uses this passion to communicate with others in a way words can’t reach. It’s the most pure, sincere way he finds to express myself and to gather people that think alike.




Christi du Toit 42

Christi du Toit an illustrator, letterer and graphic designer currently residing in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa. After receiving a degree, in graphic design, I worked in the world of commercial art through being employed as an illustrator at a renowned creative studio. Since then, I’ve decided to make the leap to work independently as a creative mind specialising in illustration. My work is often built on a strong, solid base of graphic design values and brought to life through vivid, conceptual and enticing artwork.




Darkwood Skateboards

The disembodied head as the main focus of this illustration is slightly unsettling. Once again Pierre’s choice of colors gives this work an odd yet eye-catching look. Interesting design choices were made.


Pierre Kleinhouse

Pierre Kleinhouse is a award-winning illustrator & visual designer. I have international experience working with brands, agencies, publishers and independent clients around the globe.


Pixel Snake

This piece has many bizarre qualitlies such as the wasps and the snake’s disconjointed body. The colors used also have an unusual luster. The composition looks rather symmetrical yet “noodle-like�.



This piece utilizes many curved, bulgy figures. Much like many of his other works, this work has a certain luster to it that compliments the vibrance of the colors used.

Bear Print

This piece is really hard to explain and has a lot of weird stuff going on. Yet it’s put together in a way that makes little weird things somewhat unnoticable. I like the colors used in his work because they’re something you don’t norally see everyday. They’re very eye-catching.


Pierre Kleinhouse 50

Martina Naldini is a freelance illustrator and comic book artist from Italy.

cartoonish, whim






Shishi Nguyen



Andrew Faircloud 58

Andrew Fairclough is a Sydney based Illustrator, Designer and Art Director. After a misspent youth completing a Business Degree, Andrew moved on to designing skate and snowboard graphics in between bouts of selfinstruction and full time work in a design agency. Andrew’s work is inspired by mid-century spot illustrations and design as well as vintage sci-fi, comics, surrealism, DIY art culture, and the textural wonders of degraded print.





Graphically Inclined