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ghost IX

2007 selected applicant, designer + builder mackay-lyons sweetapple architects upper kingsburg, nova scotia, canada

Ghost Research Lab is an intense two week design + build initiative directed every summer by internationally renowned Architect Brian MacKay-Lyons on the Atlantic coast near Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The program is designed around the transfer of architectural education through the direct design + built experience. Adhering to the traditions of the master builder, the program also emphasizes cultural ecology, vernacular building strategies, materiality, and landscape. The initial week was a collaborative process between design groups to formulate concepts of the tectonics and to design the joinery techniques in order for the project to materialize. Implementation and celebration of the permanent feed barn, named Beulah, took place during the second week of the program.

top left: concept sketch middle left: structural study model bottom left: “tube flashlight” right: one week after completion

one week after completion

top left: design week middle left: construction week bottom left: one week after completion top right: one year after completion bottom right: one year after completion


wood wall

2010 designer + fabricator ab design studio, inc. santa barbara, california

Designer + Fabricator of a 900 square foot wood wall installation constructed with reclaimed construction waste from re-built homes caused by Santa Barbara wildfires. Each piece of reused lumber was planed and strategically cut into different dimensional depths and stained. This idea maximized the coverage that a single piece of wood could provide, while also creating a randomless visual and tactile texture that can be experienced in nearly every space within the open office layout.

progress photograph process wood wall elevation

top left: private office bottom left: entry top right: entry hallway bottom right: meeting room

villa norheim

2008 independent contractor box lab, inc. manhattan, kansas

I worked as an independent contractor collaborating in the design + fabrication of innovative assemblies and details for a 1,400 sf living + studio addition and an exterior revitilization to an existing single family dwelling. The project was designed by Architect Torgeir Norheim with Christopher Spaw of Box Lab, Inc. serving as the general contractor.

studio addition

cedar sun screen

left: stairs to mezzanine top right: mezzanine office bottom right: gallery

konza prairie center 2005 3rd year student project kansas state university manhattan, kansas

The notion of transparent limitations led to a solution for a multi-purpose community educational center engaging the public with the ecological make up of the Kansas Konza Prairie. The flexible building program offers obtrusive glimpses of the landscape at first entry, but a processional engagement through the gallery pods provides instructional tutorials on the prairie ecology while orienting deliberate views of the prairie that extend beyond the metal veil.

oriented views through the gallery pods

gallery pods

mission residence 2013 designer + project captain ab design studio, inc. santa barbara, california

The existing 900 squre foot one-story craftsman cottage was re-built with a new bedroom box standing seam metal roof, new windows, and wood slat siding. The client, a contemporary art dealer who has an extensive collection, desired an open gallery-like living space where she can exhibit her art. An attic was removed and the new ceilings followed the form of the simple structure, providing more volume and natural light for the art. A second story dwelling unit for the client’s parents was added above a new three-car garage, with a private exterior deck offering views towards the Santa Barbara mountains.

left: wall section top right: sheathed bottom right: metal skin

top: metal skin bottom: installation of metal skin

anacapa square

2013 designer + project captain ab design studio, inc. santa barbara, california The one square block property is made up of a collection of industrial warehouses and commercial utility buildings, which were transformed by exterior renovations and interior re-programming. Along with a dramatic site enhancement, the property is now a publicly engaging destination with various wine tasting rooms, a bourbon distillery, wine production facility, small brewery, and a full service restaurant and gourmet flatbread counter. The adaptive re-use project was crafted as a means to rejuvenate a once thriving beachside marine industrial neighborhood turned grassroots arts community. Working with a respectful developer who did not want to overpower this creative environment with typical commercial development, it was important as the design team to have a thoughtful sensibility with the pallet of added materials and proposed tenant mix. The warehouses were mostly preserved in their original state, with added architectural and site landscape elements that celebrate the character and history of past uses. Raw materials used with modern detailing provide an unmatched contrast found in any Santa Barbara development. Users are able to experience the site in a variety of ways, making this a one-of-a-kind beachside destination.

site plan

top left: woven rebar fencing bottom left: brewery tenant top right: mechanical bi-fold doors middle right: mechanical bi-fold door detail bottom right: corrugated metal mechanical enclosure

top left: re-used warehouse window fencing middle left: steel entry awning bottom left: steel & wood fencing detail top right: the lucky penny bottom right: steel trellis with wood siding

ymca camp unahliya cabins 2009 designer NoYprocess suring, wisconsin

The YMCA board of directors approached NoYprocess seeking a design proposal for new sleeping cabins at one of their Northern Wisconsin summer kids camp. The sleeping cabin required a taut envelope made up of locally sourced cedar plank siding and wood shingles, which much like a Wisconsin barn, shields the interior from the harsh northern winters. Apperatures were located only where necessary to provide an adequate amount of natural light. The program included a modular bunk bed layout, communal game area, rack storage, separate counselor sleeping quarters, and kitchenette.

The iconic A-frame, typical in most Northern Wisconsin dwellings, was slightly shifted by pushing and pulling the form to create one outdoor porch, on separate levels, and within the confines of the original envelope. The porches become extensions of the adjacent interior environments and offer a protected dynamicism that campers and counselors alike would find unique.

top: interior perspective bottom: elevations

hotel indigo santa barbara 2012 designer + project captain ab design studio, inc. santa barbara, california

A 12,000 square foot existing hotel building was reprogrammed + re-organized to provide modern hotel amenities and a more functional layout. Private exterior garden patios accompany lower level guest rooms. There are two outdoor roof terraces and a contemporary art exhibit woven throughout the samll boutique hotel.

WORK_Anthon Ellis  
WORK_Anthon Ellis  

A sample of student + professional work.