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leather recliner harmonizes with flea market finds dotting the brick wall; Neisha Crosland’s gray-and-white Clematis Flower wallpaper softens the den’s brown tones. Opposite, left to right: Near the

turquoise front door, the electric cables and fuse box are covered in the same Neisha Crosland wallpaper, Caravan, as the wall. Brad and Michele in their Soho neighborhood.

home in the den, where a taxidermied deer mounted on an exposedbrick wall wears a gold crown and garland, and stuffed birds perch on branches. The birds are interspersed with, among other things, paintings; frames that contain mélanges of artwork, antlers, and ornaments (or nothing at all); ceramic animal skulls; and vintage photos. One photo was left behind by the previous tenant. It features a sad-looking bride and a smug-looking groom. “I think she was wealthy,” Michele says. “Look at all the lace she was wearing. And he was marrying her for the money. You can tell by the style of his suit that he didn’t have much.” These items rest against three different wallpapers by Neisha Crosland, in shades of gray and blue with swirling silver patterns. The silver tones help brighten the windowless room; the other 83

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