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Letter from the Editor Greetings, salutations, and welcome to the first issue of 8up magazine. This is a D.I.Y. collaboration between industry insiders to unify digital media efforts into one hell of a hodgepodge. Our hope is to save you time from surfing numerous blogs, tumblers, and lurking pro’s on Facebook. This is our freshmen attempt to sway the online masses into something a bit more cohesive. Now beforewarned, if you’re here for grammar, magazine design, or the usual industry pity party then look no further. We’ll have none of that in here. This magazine is free to you the consumer, we are not beating you down to “support the supporters,” we ask nothing more from you then a second glance, and a chance. This is our vision, and we hope you like what you see. Thank you for you’re interest.


You’re fired from rollerblading. Get your stuff and go. Fucking Ass Acne.

Dean: Twelve. Yeah it wasn’t bad. Dean: (Laughs). Twelve and two still in. Was it weird sleeping and shit like that? Dean: Yeah, I couldn’t sleep straight back for the whole time pretty much. So what happened?

Then what did it feel like getting them out?

Dean: I was filming with Amir (Amadi) in Fullerton, and I tried to fakie 360 to like a steap ass bank that had a cutout, that was like a foot and a half wide, and I got all caught up. I like freaked out in the air when my feet went over it - so I just went straight back to my domer.

Dean: My doctor sucks, and he left two in; so that right there tells you. But there was scabs over some of them, so he had to break the scabs and it was the worst pain ever. Yeah, it was like disgusting and I gotta go back and do it.

What was your first reaction? Dean: Uh, I checked for blood and there was a lot so I was kind of freaking out, but... then we went to the hospital like right away. You got insurance and all that? Dean: Yeah, I got that? Fuck yeah, well how bad did it hurt? On a scale of one to ten... Dean: It didn’t hurt that bad, it was just scary as hell, like hitting your head is always scary. It hurt worse when they shot it with the numbing shit. What did it feel like having staples in your head? Dean: It was weird. I forgot I had them in ‘til I reached back and felt so many metal pieces in my head. Yeah, it wasn’t bad. How many staples?

Again? Dean: Yeah. When’s the next one? Dean: Monday, right before work. Then what’s next after that? Dean: Hopefully no more head injuries (laughs)

Hip Store Here not so old, up and comer, Adam Exline, he’s modeling Converse Chuck Taylors, Kikwear Chain Gang pants, with an off brand Affliction button up (collar always popped), Power Balance bracelet, devil horn hand gesture, and Monkeyglue perma spike hair gel. FASHION.

VALO Northwest TOUR

photography: Brandon Smith

*AJ’s tour stopped in St. Louis, while filming for their new 20/20 DVD. After a long day of skating, a few beers, cigs, and spliffs, Dylan Davis and Erik Stokely, start chopping it up about the Reno stop of the Valo tour. Here’s an excerpt.

and then somebody makes in fun of you for it.

Dylan: Dylan and I got up in her face and was like no fuck you, fuck you! ...cause I was just really torn...

Dylan: Oh no! fuck yeah.

Erik: Calling her fucking dyke and shit. Dylan: All like fuck you, fuck you, you fucking dyke! Cause she some terrible looking girl from Reno... Erik: she’s like, “You look like a girl!” Dylan: Just some thickass white trash piece of shit. She was just like “you look like a fucking girl!” But I kind of did cause I hit my face and kind of looked like ... Erik: Yeah, you looked like you were wearing make up and shit with two black eyes. Dylan: No, like a... Labarre: An avatar. Dylan: Yeah, I looked like an avatar, an avatar girl. Cause my eyes were all swollen up and I just looked like a stupid creature and i was just wasted in the street and she was making in fun of me. 8up: Its kind of like you already know you look like shit

Dylan: It was pretty funny though. Erik: Or what about that fucking uh...

Erik: That black bum. Dylan: Yeah, that black bum outside. Erik: The casino... Dylan: Yeah, after some other dude was like serenading us and singing to us and shit, we get outside to the corner, and I’m like dude you want some beer to some fucking homeless dude. Erik: Oh yeah! Dylan: and I just pour it all over his head and all over his face and no where near his mouth and he’s just like “oh...” and walks away and I’m just laughing hard as fuck. That was fun. Erik: He said he wanted to kiss you, you don’t remember that? 8up: Was he being a dick or what? Erik: Yeah, he was trying to be a dick.

Dylan: The guy was all like ahhhh, Erik: Yeah, Dylan was like... Dylan: You want some beer? And I poured it all over his head, no where near his mouth. Erik: Yeah, Dylan took a step forward and then, he did one of these (pour motion), and like shoved the beer all over his face, and I don’t know what the fuck he said. Dylan: I was just really drunk, like blurry. Erik: And Dylan was like, “What are you a fucking fag? You can’t even drink!” and the guy is like “I want to kiss you.” Then Dylan’s like, “eww this guys a fucking fag,” then you pushed him and shit.” Dylan: Yeah we were surrounded by fags in Reno, fags and dykes and shit, but the spots are sick. 8up: Is that in Norcal?

single chick ever... ugly or not. Erik: Whether they were good looking or not. Dylan: Yeah, most of them were so goddamn ugly cause... Erik: Like every single spot we were at... like for some reason every In&Out we went to he’d pull some gross chick’s number. Dylan: It was so funny. 8up: Ponytail and capris Erik: “Yo baby girl, you’re so good looking, lemme get yo numba...” Dylan: Dude, we were on the other side of In&Out and you could see through In&Out through like the drive thru, and you just see Franco in the back of a truck talking to some girl going through the drive thru.

Dylan: Oh and watching Franco try to get it from every fucking girl - that shit was pretty funny.

Erik: No, I saw him walk over to that chick. She was like in the drive thru waiting, and then Franco goes up and starts talking to her through the window and shit. Just kept talking with her like while they were ordering, and when they pulled around the other side he’s just like sitting in the back of her pick up truck eating a cheeseburger.

8up: Yeah, of all people who didn’t fit on the tour, I’d think Franco was the guy who didn’t fit at all.

Dylan: And dude, just such an ugly ass girl, she was so gross.

Erik: Nah its Nevada... like two hours away, right next to Lake Tahoe and shit.

Dylan: He’d just be running around trying to get every

Erik: Oh and dude, that’s the best part about that chick. They like opened up the flat bed or whatever, and sitting on like that eating cheeseburgers, then Bailey comes up and is like, “No way, I know that chick Leno (Pat Lennen) roasted that chick like eight years ago.” I guess her name was like Sam or some shit, and fucking Franco comes up to us like “yeah, I was talking to that girl...” and Bailey was like, “she got a dude name?” and he was like, “yeah her name was Sam.” And Bailey’s like “ohh, what the fuck! Leno fucked that chick all the time!” Oh man. Franco’s weird... he was trying to bone some prostitute from the hotel. Were you there for that? Dylan: No. 8up: Was it like some fancy hotel? Dylan: Yeah. Erik: Yeah, it was the biggest one there, it was Silverly Palace or some shit. Dylan: Yeah, you could smoke cigarettes throughout the whole bitch; it was pretty fun. Erik: But yeah, it was weird. Jon freaked out on him. 8up: On who? Erik: On Franco (belch). No, we were like at the fucking titty bar or wherever, and like the whole entire tour Franco would nonstop like, “Yo man, I been fucking these girls man, I fucked these girls, blah blah blah.”

Dylan: Just always talking about girls, like always talking about how he needs to nut and how he hasn’t nutted soon enough, and its like dude fuck off. It’s weird. Erik: Dude, its like we didn’t even have to ask him (laughter). Dylan would just be like “Franco what’s up?” and he’d be like, “Yo, I gotta be fucking these girls, and blah.” Dylan: It was funny Erik: But we were at the titty bar and whatever and like uh, we’re all hanging out and fucking drinking tequila and Franco’s just going nuts like jumping on the stage and shit and the security guard is like, get the fuck out of here. Franco ended up sitting down, but he was being all weird, then he asked Jon for like three hundred bucks. He was like “Yo, let me get three hundred bucks I need to take one of these chicks to the champagne room.” and Jon was like, “No, fuck you dude, get out of my face.” And then Franco asked me for money, and I’m like, “Dude I don’t have money. Here’s a dollar get the fuck out of my face.” Franco was just being a jerkoff or whatever. We finally walk out, like the titty bar just closed and we’re walking back and it’s only a couple blocks, but Keaton’s a fucking pretty boy and like didn’t want to walk that far and got a taxi. 8up: Yeah I love hanging out with Keaton’s it’s tight

Erik: And Julio’s like, I guess I’ll walk with you, and like fucking Franco tried to like jump onto the back of the trunk like Spiderman style and the taxi guy is like, “Get the fuck off my trunk” and then took off or whatever. So then Victor, and Jon were just walking together talking a bunch of shit on Franco or whatever, and Franco just runs up like, “Yo guys!” and puts his arms around them and shit. And then fucking like Franco was like “Yo what’s going on?” and Jon was like, “We’ve just been talking about you actually...” and he’s like, “Oh yeah, what about?” and Jon’s like “About how fucking annoying you are and how you won’t shut the fuck up.” He just like blew up on Franco.

Dylan: Dude getting blown up by Jon would be... just the worst thing. Erik: Jon’s like, “Yeah, you have sex with chicks, whatever. I’ve had sex with thousands of chicks and I don’t fucking care. I don’t need to talk to you about it. I’m fucking married, I don’t give a shit.” 8up: That’s so sick Erik: And like Victor said Franco’s fist was all clenched like he was knock classic Jon Julio out... Labarre: Damn. Erik: Jon was like ready to knock Franco out. Dylan: If that happened in Reno I would have been so pissed I didn’t see it. So fucking mad. Erik: But Victor was like, woah woah, like calming Franco down, like “Dude you just need to like shut the fuck up.” 8up: Yeah, thats fucked up, not appreciating any of your free drinks or good time on Jon. Just complaining you want something better to do. Erik: Yeah, Jon paid the entry to the strip club, bought us all beers and shots of tequila... Dylan: Yeah man, he paid for everything.

Erik: While Julio was blowing up on Franco, Franco started to... jumping right back into why we were annoyed with Franco... Franco’s like, “...nah Jon, you don’t understand, I need to be banging these girls all the time.” And Jon’s like, “No! Stop. Stop. This is what I’m talking about. Shut the fuck up and don’t fucking talk to me at all. I don’t care, you’re here to fucking skate. I don’t give a fuck about who you bang. Leave me the fuck alone. No one gives a fuck.” 8up: Fucking Quagmire. Dylan: And after that everyone was just making in fun of Franco behind his back. Everyone was talking shit, everyone was like look at this fucker... dude just being that guy and the things he’d say, he’d say some shit... *This is a good place to leave the story as the beers worked their magic on our livers and we continued to trade stories and talk shit about all things blading and none of it had to do with the Valo Reno stop.

I discovered the London Cowboys through their ties with various members of the New York Dolls. The founders/core members, Steve Dior and Barry Jones, teamed up with Jerry Nolan as soon he split from the Heartbreakers. With Arthur “Killer” Kane on bass, they formed The Idols and released a single “You/Girl That I Love” in 1979. After returning back to England in 1980, the duo began playing/recording under the name the London Cowboys. Over the course of the next few years, they released multiple 7” singles under the French label Underdog Records. With a constant rotating line-up ,which at one point featured Glenn Matlock (Sex Pistols), the band released their first and only official LP “Animal Pleasure” in 1982. A strong follow-up EP, a personal favorite, entitled “Tall In The Saddle” was released in 1984. Upon the return of Jerry Nolan to the group, the band recorded a live album in June of 85’ and was released the following year respectively titled “On Stage.” A compilation of songs from their LP and EP entitled “Long Time Coming” was also, released in 86’. At this point, the band went on a bit of a hiatus when Jerry and Barry went on touring with Johnny Thunders. Steve Dior ended up forming another group called Filthy Lucre, and released the album “Popsmear.” Throughout the late 80’s and early 90’s, a handful of demos were recorded, tracks featuring 3 ex-Dolls; Sylvain, Thunders, and Nolan. These demos weren’t available until “Relapse,” a 2 disc compilation, was released in 2008 on Jungle Records. This release showcased the entire career of the London Cowboys, including demo tracks from The Idols to their unofficial, final demise in the early 90’s. So, there ya have it... a brief history of the London Cowboys. Not every song they recorded is going to catch your attention, but i believe they are one of the few that carried the torch correctly. - Chris Farmer



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Bookstore I hate books, reading fucking sucks, I’m not even reading this magazine. Reading is for fucking book worm four eyed rats. If any suggested a book, I’d just assume spiitting in their face. I fucking hate everything. All I do is spew anonymous hate on rollernews comments and troll be-mag. Get a life? Get serious bro. Haven’t you heard? It’s cool to be a total scumbag lowlife two faced narcacisstic loser, and I wanna be cool. Wait, I am cool man. I’m anti. Anti reading, anti entertainment, anti fucking social. I approach every situation with preconceived notions of who I think I am and how little I think of the rest of you.


Target of murder plot hatched on Facebook is killed, police say PHILADELPHIA - A man who authorities say was the target of a murder-for-hire plot hatched on Facebook by the mother of his child was shot and killed in Philadelphia, police said on Tuesday. Colin Kelso, 26, died at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania on Monday shortly after being shot in the chest on a Philadelphia street, police spokeswoman Angela Walton said. Kelso’s ex-girlfriend, Patty Mays, 19, and Quinn Feldman, 32, who have been implicated in an alleged plot to kill Kelso, were in jail at the time of the shooting, Walton said. The pair were arrested in June and charged with criminal solicitation for murder and attempted murder. Police began probing Mays and Feldman after getting a tip that Mays had posted on Facebook asking for someone to kill Kelso, Walton said. Mays had offered to pay three “stacks” -- slang for $1,000 -- for the killing, and Feldman allegedly responded on the social media site that he would do the job, Walton said. Prior to the shooting, the two were ordered by a municipal court judge on Monday to stand trial. No arrests were made after Kelso’s death, but two unidentified men were seen in a brown car driving away from the scene, Walton said. (Reporting by Dave Berger, editing by Mellon Haus and da Silvia)

Pals more than concerned as skeletal blader JEFF STOCKWELL drops to bone-baring 99 pounds!

Professional rollerblading star Jeff Stockwell seems to be disappearing right in front of the nation’s eyes! Friends and family are worried that the “Blues” blader will become addicted to dieting and compulsive exercising – and that he’s just TOO skinny!   Stockwell turned heads on Aug. 1 as he strolled to Pi pizzeria in Long Beach, showing off his bony body in leopard-print short-shorts and a skimpy tank top.   “I was shocked when I saw him,” a source close to the star told 8up. “He looked skinny as a rail and was tottering along on legs that looked as thin as pipe cleaners!”

“Stockwell always dresses in a way that he shows off his body. He’s proud of his super-thin frame – blue Levi short-shorts and vans are his uniform. But it’s hard to tell if he’s just worked really hard in the bowl and has a naturally skinny body or if he’s literally wasting away.”   Just a year ago, Stockwell, 28, packed a healthy-looking 135 pounds on his Kizer Slimline frames.   But his weight has dropped steadily since an extraterrestrial encounter in April of 2010.   Shocking photos from Stockwell’s 4th of July bash showed a swimsuit-clad Stockwell with visible ridges of muscle and protruding bones where there had once been soft, feminine curves.   While a healthy weight for a man of Stockwell’s height is between 150-160 pounds, sources say he now tips the scales at just 99!   Still, Stockwell claims he’s perfectly healthy. (Reporting Turdbird, editing by Thunderform) 

JC ROWE: Dead for more than 24 Hours before body was found Authorities believe Jc Rowe was dead for more than 24 hours before his body was discovered ... 8up has learned.

was barking.” Rachard was released Tuesday on $5,000 bail. He’s best known for his winning three sixty top acid at the Hoedown in 2000.

Sources tell 8up ... the last known contact anyone had with Rowe was last Saturday, when he was on the phone with a friend.

Joey Chase: I did not fight in Church

As we first reported, Rowe was a no-show for a meeting with Farmer on Wednesday afternoon, which sounded alarm bells and began hours of frantic searching.

Joey Chase is finally responding to allegations he fought in church last Sunday -- and says his accuser is flat out lying.

Rowe’s body was discovered at 8:08 PM Monday at the Hollow Earth Distribution warehouse.

Chase’s attorney Johnny Boy says the Nimh superstar is “aware of the baseless allegations asserted against him, and is prepared to defend against them fully.”

And, sources tell 8up, Rowe’s body was found hanging from a wooden beam in the bedroom, with an orange extension cord around his neck. At his feet, dozens of empty Redbull cans and Vitamin water bottles. Who will now take over as the next Xsjado TM?

HOEDOWN HERO: Cops Tased Me In Front of My 4-Year-Old Retired Professional rollerblader Rachard Johnson tells 8up, he was NOT resisting arrest when police entered his home and tased him in front of his 4-year-old son on Thursday -- after he allegedly went on a reckless joyride. According to the LA County Police report, 27-year-old Rachard was accused of driving like a maniac -- swerving all over the place and even hitting a Taco Bell sign in Sylmar, Ca ... without stopping. According to the report, an officer showed up to the former USD pro’s house soon after he had gotten home and attempted to place Rachard under arrest for hit-and-run -but the ex-USD all-star allegedly resisted, so the officer tased him. But now Rachard is irate -- telling 8up, “I never resisted arrest.” Johnson says he was merely sitting on his couch reciting Bladergang lyrics when the officers resorted to using the taser. What’s worse -- Rachard claims the officer callously whipped out the weapon in front his 4-year-old son ... telling us, his son “was very upset crying and my dog

Joey attended a church in Orlando, FL on Sunday ... and allegedly grabbed a cell phone from a man he thought was trying to take photos of him praying. The man reportedly claims he received a black eye. Boy identified Chase’s accuser as Kevin Karis. Orlando police tell 8up they want to question Karis about the alleged incident before they decide if they need to talk to Joey.

Honey baked, a film by: Dylan Davis and Malcom Heard is The Meantimes’ little brother all grown up, this video has one of the best soundtracks out of any video this year and visually pleasing as well. The editing is tight and clean, and the skating speaks for itself. I met Dylan Davis and Nick Labarre at Lake Owen when I was a guest pro there years ago, when they were just kids. I remember thinking those two were my favorite kids in the group. Now they have a whole crew of badass little bastards to skate with. It consists of sections from up and uppers Nick Labarre, Thinh Le, Brian Bina, and Dylan Davis. This video also features a fucking classic Dan Leifeld part, a section from Quinn Barnett (the song does it for me), a Strange Creatures section (Spoooooooky), and a part from “yer boy” Adan Exline. With the support from Strange Creatures, Valo, and Straight Jacket this is easily the best videos to come out of Chicago, IL. in a long time. Between the super-super 8 adding that nostalgic feeling that makes you wish you were apart of it, and the sheer hunger that these dudes convey. You should buy this movie if you don’t already own it. Maybe it will inspire you to do something stylish. - Mike Lilly

photos: Thinh Le

photo: Le

photo: Bina

photo: Le

Sopa de caracol!


2 Carrots 2 Zucchinis Green beans Celery Cilantro

Vegan optional! 1 bag of noodles (your choice I prefer pasta shells or angels hair pasta) 1 can of tomato paste 1 cube knorr suiza (preferably chicken or vegetable taste) 1 table spoon of salt

Fry one cup of pasta shells until it slightly changes color (do not make it completely brown or it will taste burnt). Fill the sauce pan two thirds with water; just enough to cover all the ingredients. Add the tomato paste and knorr suiza along with a table spoon of salt. When it starts boiling add the slightly fried pasta.

 This recipe can also be done with chicken or meat. Boil the chicken or meat until cooked, but instead of throwing the water away use it to cook the soup.

I like to eat it with lime and hot sauce. I’m Mexican.

Prep time: 20 mins Total cost: Under 5 bucks Feeds: Over 3 people


print out & give it a shot

roses are RED

violets are BLUE


photos: Brandon Negrete

Alright, how did Erik Bailey get involved with the project? He texted me.

Regardless, he would always grab a trick here and there, like whatever, anytime he’d have a free week. It was kind of difficult during that time, but it was easy overall.

He texted you?

Whose part did you work on the longest?

Cause I didn’t really know him like we kind have known each other for years, but I didn’t know him that well and then he came out, and he was with Jeff or something when we were filming, and he got like a couple tricks. I think a couple of them are in his part, but yeah, he was just hanging out and it was fun, then he hit me up... like two months after that, or something, like texted me in the morning saying he wanted a part, but I already had nine parts at that point, well almost ten, cause Chase (Rushing) was gonna have a part. So I was like fuck dude I don’t think I can fit it, like I feel bad, of course it would be cool but I don’t think I could do it. He was like yeah, yeah its cool. So I was like alright, but then I was just thinking about it a lil’ more, and Jon Jon was staying with me at the time, so I went out to the living room and he was there, and I was like oh yeah it’s crazy Erik just asked me about this, but I don’t know, and he was like “are you fucking stupid!?” You like know how he talks like... “What are you doing? Of course, blah!” So I texted him back an hour later and he was like “oh ok, cool.” Then he filmed it all in like a week. fucking what’s his name, Justin from Amall used frequent flyer miles or something, just like got him out here. It was towards the end so I pretty much took him to everything that no one had done, or people had kinda looked at but hadn’t really put their mark on, and he basically did.

I guess Chris, Ross, and Stokely cause they were the first ones that I wanted, but that I thought of kind of, you know? And even though it went through a few different versions of who was actually gonna be in it, like I took the that trip to New Jersey, I was filming with Chris here, actually Jeff too, I talked to him a long time ago about having the part, so I guess Jeff, Ross, Erik and Chris all started around the same time, and then like some of Stokely’s shit went to the Valo video, some of Jeff’s stuff went to when we started revamping the Xsjado deal you know, so I just kind of had footage stockpiled for them so it was ok. With them when they get a lot of tricks it’s easy to delegate where it should go, but some people, you know, didn’t have too much to go around.

How long have you been working on the Haffey part? Hmmm, at least two years, cause some of the stuff in there is like really old... like even some of the UCI stuff is really old, like some of the oldest shit, like the bubble rail stuff, but he would have to like go to New Zealand for a two month tour or something so like he would just get a week. Hopefully he would get to skate, maybe get something, usually we would be trying something bigger, like go to Staples Center again, but you know, sometimes it just didn’t work out.

What about some of the younger sections, like Keaton and Andy - how did they get involved? They were actually at my house at the same time, but like I liked Keaton for a long time, I had seen his Bmo part thing, but even before that I thought he was cool and like always kind of look to Dallas to see if anything cool is coming out there. I liked his stuff in the Valo shit too, but I think even before, maybe before the Valo video I talked to him. I know I talked to Jacuzzi before and I pretty much hit him up, cause I had seen Jacuzzi at a Woodward West AIL thing, fucking five years ago or something, he wasn’t quite there yet, but I was like oh man this dudes gonna be sick, I didn’t know how old he was, or what his deal was, but I was like damn this dudes pretty cool. I like that he’s from Little Rock, cause like who the fucks from Little Rock, you know?

Bill Clinton Yeah, besides Bill Clinton and that HBO thing, Bangin’ in Little Rock, with all the fucking crazy white gangsters and shit. I don’t know if you’ve seen that shit, it’s pretty cool and old, but yeah I liked his stuff, so I basically hit him up. Everyone had kind of known his sister, or had been frien... not like that, but you know what I mean, like they knew his sister, and she lived down the street from me, so it was pretty easy for him to come out, and just stay with her for a week, and come film with me for a couple days or whatever. But, yea, both of them even before they had their little Valo pieces or whatever, I knew I like wanted them involved, I didn’t know if it was gonna happened, but I had talked to them a long time ago, cause I had liked their styles, they are way different. Yeah, they had been killing it on that trip. Exactly, there are certain people that are good and you know they are good, but maybe they don’t have the motivation or the means to get you footage and shit and some people it just works out and links up. Andy’s really into filming and shit, so he kind of helped me, at least he had a camera for someone else to give me contributed footage that was good, and then there is like twelve cameras in Dallas and if you can actually somehow get the footage off of them, then you’re the fucking man. Cause there has been seven Dallas videos being made since like my first video and I’ve never seen any of them, you know? Everyone has their crews or whatever and I can respect that, but at a certain point its like don*t you want this stuff to be seen? I’m sure like a lot of people have a ton of footage on Mini DV and shit, you know, that’s just like old now, but it was already old... but it worked out.

What about Chris Daffick? How did he get involved in the project? Mostly Erik, cause I went out to film with him, and they both picked me up from the airport, and they were just fucking ridiculous. I had never been in a car with people who listened to music that loud and I’ve been around a lot of people, you know what I mean, but its just like blaring out the windows, and they are just trying to have a good time. They’re just like the funniest dudes, I just had a good time being around them and I just started realizing that like Chris is like, of all those dudes, maybe the most responsible in some way, you know? No matter what, he doesn’t like “oh, I don’t like this spot.” If he goes to a spot he’s gonna fucking 180 it or something. You know what I mean? Just to do something, he just likes to do tricks and likes to like skate, so, that started getting contagious after awhile, and like after the first time we were up there, Erik had mentioned to me before, but its kind of like unless you’re around it you never really get it, you know? You’re like, oh I’ve seen the edits with the Cramps and shit - its cool, but I don’t know if that’s what I’m looking for, but then it turned out he’s like one of the big hubs of the video not only at skating but like filming and fucking driving. He’s almost like a big brother to those dudes in a way, you know? Like they are all friends, but he’s kind of the one I could rely on a little bit more and he has Steve so, fucking what else do you want? What about Jon Jon? That one was easy, cause he’s just too fucking good. I was hanging out in Oakland, and he had already moved up there and I think we went out one day and he got like the sickest line ever, the one where he does like soul illusion fakie five then stale fastslides that rail or whatever, and I had been kind of... cause even him I hadn’t known him a whole lot, but the first time we ever went skating, he’d come hang out and I got a bunch of tricks with my old camera, but I’m like this is one of those kids that is gonna produce, like anywhere you go he’ll probably get like ten things, like you know? He’s just like that good, he reminded me of Chris, or Alex back in the days, he’s just fucking good, he’s gonna get shit done, so after we went one place, and another after that, cause before I was like, I wanted, cause if people weren’t gonna have parts I wanted them to have one or two really, really cool tricks to work with like you didn’t

have to give me ten, but like a couple good ones you know? But then after, after he got that stuff I think I asked, like so you want to do a part and he was like “fuck yeah.” Then it was like the easiest thing after that. He came down and we had filmed a little bit and then he kind of hit me up, like “hey, I need to come stay with you, I don’t like how my part is,” or like “I just want to do more shit for my part,” and I think he ended up staying for like maybe three weeks or two weeks or something, just kicking it and playing zombie video games, being stupid. Liz (Brandon’s gf) likes him of course, he’s just a good kid so, just hung out with him, took him around and he just slayed every fucking spot we went to, pretty much. He was very specific, like oh I could do this, but I don’t want that for my part. like he wanted his part to be like really fucking fast. You know, so like even most the time if we were at a place and he’d do one trick and kind of check it out and be like nah, nah that’s gay. He doesn’t want to do something that’s hard, but doesn’t even look hard, you know? It’s not worth it. That happened on at least four or five occasions. He’d do something and was like, no, nah that’s gay, tried something retardedly harder, fell, and then landed that. Then it was like woah, it went from like getting a clip to getting a fucking jaw dropper. we were like “what!? you think you can jump to the ledge?” and he did topsoul up then jumped fakie roll down the ledge and it was cool. I was just filming everything he was doing, I was like oh this is sick, but no one would have been like, “dude you should topsoul pull a five onto that ledge roll...” No one would have even thought about that. He just kept raising his shit up and up and up, which is cool... and especially with all three of those guys Daffick, Jon Jon, and with Erik the fact that they all live together, they are always trying to skate or have a good time like and they had a camera at a certain point like first Moose was their filmer then he got over it and sold his camera. Daffick got a better camera and after that every time they would come down (to LA) they would just bring a bunch of weed and fucking a hard-drive full of clips and I pretty much just took it all, I felt bad, but I was just like come on, you guys have more time I’ll help you on your video, just let me get this folder... with like a billion tricks in it, so it worked out real nice. I was lucky in that respect.

So all three of them matched up, Erik was the first one I wanted, just cause I had met him when he had come out to Hollywood he was fucking a cool ass kid I liked hanging out with him a lot, then when I went to New Jersey I met Daffick realized how cool he was, and this was like two years ago. Then they came back here, Jon Jon ended up moving in with them then that one worked out, so it all kind of fell into place really easily, but just took time and nobody said no, so that’s good. They’re all like a cast of characters, all with their own prominent personalities; explain why you chose to shy away from a Broll packed video like some of your older videos. I think that at the time that I was making the other ones, I felt a sever lack of anything besides skating you know? It was a lot of like, even crazy shit, like 360 souls big kink rails and like big stuff but, it was so like, you didn’t feel like you were part of that at all. It was just like those are some guys that went out and did that stuff on the weekends. The main goal with the other ones was like get in the city, get with these people, and get them together so you could see like how they react around each other a little bit, most of them were friends anyway, but the main goal of this one was like get and film the sickest shit I could possibly film, and make it look as fast as possible and like, like I was saying I filmed Chris for two years I don’t ever remember like being like “yo, stand there we are gonna get a personality shot!” like it wasn’t a priority at all. I got a couple things from Mike Dempsey cause he shot a little super 8, but I personally didn’t shoot any and I didn’t want to have that cause like even The Meantime it was a goal to film everyone with super 8, and be able to mix everything together like make it look like a real cohesive thing, and this one was like I don’t really have the money and I love super 8, but its like I already did it, lots of people have done it, and now it seems like the go to, like psychedelic trippy song super 8. It’s almost becoming cliche at this point and I just didn’t really want to deal with it. I’m not even talking shit on the people that do do it, cause its fun. I love shooting super 8 and tossing it in there and fucking around laying it with some weird shit... But you like paying rent too...

Yeah, exactly. But for this thing it was like nah, I never had a video at least on my own, in my heart that if I saw someone who I really respected or like say Chris (Haffey) goes out on the fucking Nitro Circus thing he can hand someone and not be like “well you gotta skip past the first fifteen minutes, you know - there’s some fucking around but you know if you skip to...” It’s like oh, this is some fast ass crazy skating - this is what these people do - you can skip through, but that’s all you’re gonna get. And like there’s plenty of room in the bonus. I enjoyed watching the bonus the other day cause I’m like oh fuck that looks kind of funny cut together like no music, and if you want personality or like if you want to see people getting fucked up you can see that, but its not mandatory within the video, you know? Cause then it becomes you got the guy throwing up in the bathroom, you got the fucking around you know? I don’t know. You gotta like the people for their skating not for who they are... Yeah exactly, and if you really like them then you’d like enjoy the Broll cause then it’s like oh that’s that fucking guy, with the lsd song, that guy’s wearing wigs and doing heavy metal shit, that’s hilarious, like fuck it. They are having a good time, but I didn’t want that to be the basis for everything cause I think a lot of people are trying to push an image now, like I’m down with this, or this is what I’m about, but its like show me that you are good at skating first. I really don’t care, I know a bunch of people that can drink beer, like I don’t give a fuck. I want to see if you’re good, and if you’re good I want to know more about you, you know? So the main focus was making the most, I don’t want to say hardcore, but just a raw, fast cool skating video that you can just hand to anyone and its like pretty current, it’s HDish, so its like gonna look good on newer tvs. I don’t know - its just something to be proud of. Just a sign of pride for anyone showing it, you know? I know my brother doesn’t give a fuck about skating, but if he see’s people like falling on their nuts and like jump off roofs he’s gonna be like woah! That’ll get your attention, so I just wanted it to be the most pure just cool, straight up skate video I could make and leave the rest of the bullshit out of it; until the bonus.

How’d you go with Themgoods distribution? I tried everybody else, and I don’t want to call people on the phone, you know? I’m a little bit more that dude, but I used to really not be that dude. Now with Facebook and shit like that it’s easier, you can see everyones little face there but they (Themgoods) just seemed like they were doing the most important stuff as far as skaters go. It was promoting a lot of people in their video so that kind of made sense. I think mainly it was that when Bailey was out here I mentioned it to him, like yo, you think Jon (Julio) would be down? He was like “probably” and then a week later we had set it up, and he (Jon) took a real hands off approach. He was like “let me know when it’s gonna be ready, let me know whatever,” and then I went to Barcelona on that Xsjado trip, and when I was there was when he hit me up like, “hey, I could get a premier, like a double premier with Ivan’s shit around June - any weekend in June.” I was like hell yeah. I was gonna be in Spain until the twenty something of the month... before June, May? So yeah, I was like the later in June the better man, so he was like the 11th, and I was like oh fuck. That doesn’t give me that much to finish the video when I get home, so when I got home, it was like not even making the copy ready for DVD, but making the copy I could show at the premier and get people excited you know, so that’s why even after it was done I had to take a little bit more time to kind of refine it a little bit. It felt kind of rushed for the premier, but really its pretty much the same I just fixed little bugs and shit, you know? How long did you edit for? Including post premier. The thing that’s different than this, that’s what I’m saying. I got back on the 25th I think of May, and I finished an hour before I had to meet Jon at the theater, like exporting getting the right one, like but it worked out beautifully, it worked out like fucking perfect, but as far as editing goes, I know I put the sections together within that time, but a lot of it was filming then putting it in the fucking can, you know what I mean? I know what tricks I had of everyone, and I knew what people needed like, say like Keaton or Erik, yo, if you wanna use

this song like I need fifteen more tricks, there is like no way its gonna work out without that, but it ended up coming through, Erik stayed with me once I got back, so even once I got back I usually had a steady stream of people staying there, Erik stayed with me a couple weeks to finish up, Daffick came down and fucking filmed memorial day, like so people were getting stuff in that period but that’s the period I edited, I didn’t have peoples parts done. Three months before, I laid everyone’s stuff out timeline-wise, cutting their tricks to woop you jumped - woop you land, boom. Cut it right there. not like dude you got like a 180 clips you know what I mean, then you cut it down and you got a minute and half of footage. I went through everyones shit to make sure they had enough for a part and kind of like what I wanted to do with it and that was like different from my other videos too, cause a lot of times I would have a song in mind or something and kind of build it around that. This was like I need to make sure everyone has like the footage and then make the footage look the best I can, so it’s kind of like a reverse role but it worked out good. I got it done then finished up everything like a week or two weeks after the premier, got some ads in and the last minute art work for the intro, then it was good to go. Jon was cool the whole fucking time, like never stressed out on me, never like gave me any like crazy deadlines, it was all like, an if he did give me a deadline he put up the bucks to throw me the premier like I know it helps him in the end, but he really didn’t have to do that, no one has like ever gone out of their way to help me like that, as far as that goes, so that’s when I knew I had made a good decision going through them. Cause I had been through Empire, went through Straight... even trying to do it yourself, relying on Lonnie to do it, it’s tough cause he’s fucking busy, half the shops have owed him money for a long time so he harbors like resentment towards them, so you’re not going to have a good relationship like that. But Jon’s a businessman who actually knows what’s up with skating, so it worked out nice, I’m glad I went through him.

What about the titles in the video?

hand drawn shit. And I didn’t tell Austin shit.

All Austin, everything.

He sent me me one of Kruises and it was like a punk rock dude with a mohawk vomiting out cigarettes and he had an upside down cross on his head and I was like, “this one’s really tight, but Kruise is Jewish and really not punk rock at all. Can you throw a Star of David on there or something?” He redid it and it looked way sicker. The one I was worried about was Haffey’s, like Chris is the shit, but even since back in the days, even certain stuff just might not appeal to him, you know what I mean? l remember in his VG (Roots) thing, he made Dave Paine burn him a separate copy where he didn’t write fuck in his own blood, like you can’t see it all the way, but in his part you could and he made a copy just for his parents. He showed it to his parents and they liked it, and a year later one of his aunts came by the house like “look what we saw at Big5, like they have VG whatever with Chris.” They popped it in, and as soon as that part came up, his Mom was like “ooooh,” so it actually mattered that he hid it from her, so little things like that were in my head so when I got his art, and it was like heads on a stick I was like holy shit this is sick, but I don’t know what Chris is gonna think, you know? So I even told Austin hey I’m gonna run it by Chris maybe have a back up in mind and he was really cool about it, all “yeah, yeah, whatever just tell me.” I was like, yeah I’m not sure about this. I showed it to Chris, not telling him I had a back up, I was just like “oh dude, I got your title, check it out!” and I showed it to him like boom. He was like “woah, that’s fucked up. I like it!” So it wasn’t really a big problem, cause some of the images are pretty graphic, but really it’s just a picture, just a real detailed fucking cool picture, so I personally I loved it. I never had something like that in a flick where there’s like a graphic associated with it, where the artwork leaves a statement on its own. I couldn’t have been more happy with the way it turned out, and how Lonnie was able to twist them and ad little motion, or everyone else, all these hand drawn pictures turned into the cover, the fucking titles, everything, you know, so I was happy with how it all turned out.

Austin? Austin Barret, he’s the homie. I met him when we went to New Jersey, you were there too, they had just a couple crazy homies like, loud dudes or whatever, like cause I had never really been out there or met any of their friends and he was one and I was like, who is this dude? He’s just a smart ass like, a mean smart ass, but you can kind of tell he’s just fucking around but he’s just like an interesting dude but he looks like a badass skateboarder but I don’t even think he’s good, he just looks like one, so you’re like oh shit, alright. So that’s when I met him, and its like oh yeah Austin he’s cool or whatever. and I’d seen some little sketches he’d done, like fucking the Gnarmobile, zombie vomit thing, and I was like “woah, that’s gnarly.” It’s not even necessarily my cup of tea, but I can definitely respect when people are good or really talented at something like that. I just met him then, and when I went up to Oakland, he was living with those dudes, his girl had moved up there, and by that time they had pitched in and got him a tattoo gun, he was giving everyone tattoos, and he would just like do fucking sketches of Steve in five minutes and it looked super badass. I hate fonts. I hate titles. I hate trying to tell people what I want, like this dude is obviously fucking talented at that, but i was still kind of nervous cause like I was saying, he’s kind of a fucking smart ass and shit, so I thought he’d be like fuck that shit, but he was down. He’s like their good friend so he was really motivated to make it good, make their shit look cool, and whatever. That was that. I think he eventually moved back to Florida, but I would just keep in contact with him, and he would send me, like everything was hand drawn, everything was drawn with pen on paper, so he would kind of send me updates, or Erik would tell me oh he sent me this one, it looks sick. cool. Austin just did it, and when he sent them to me, either you or Lonnie or me or Jc also helped to, would work with the hand drawn images turning them around as graphics. Lonnie helped me with the 3D shit, you helped me with the intro and DVD menus and isolating the titles and shit like that, it was a real group effort when it came to shit like that, but it all started with his

What’s next? Xsjado video. Maybe getting a job, paying some... making some money would be sick....

What about Jeff’s double part? The pools was kinda like... the first one we filmed at was the Trabucho one, which is like... oh yeah its the pocket air he does, the really crazy pocket air, and the only trick done on that before is a fucking makio stall, so that should tell you how hard those are to skate. But even that, that day Liz came out with me, we go out to Orange County, hike up this fucking like mile trail up to some house that got burnt down, and the pools there, which set a cool tone, cause we were bbqing there, having a good time got a bunch of tricks, its like we should do more of this, you know? Even a couple times they got to go to the pink pool, the Pink Motel pool, we tried to go the next week but it didn’t work out, but they got some footage there. For every pool we did skate, there is probably at least four we couldn’t skate, cause it either got filled in with dirt, or had so much water, green with rats in it that you couldn’t get them out, you know? And even when we were in Barcelona we were thinking alright we still want to make this pool shit happen and like we met up with fucking Drew Bachrach one day. I swear he took us to twenty pools and none of them were skateable, like we were just hating life. So we went to Spain, and me and Jeff both knew we gotta figure out something, try Palo pool cause we knew that was sort of a sure thing, hopefully. and heard some stuff about some other pools, but we weren’t too sure. So got back, organized it, like fucking Amir (Amadi), carpooled with Amir, and some of the homies, brought Nick with a pump, and went to Palo, and thats the one where its six foot deep of green water with dead animals in it and shit. Was not going to happen. it was looking to be real bad, like it wasn’t going to work out and Brandon Cambell had told me, a long time ago, about some pool bikers used to skate, and Marcus knew about it, and Jeff brought it up to like “I think there is one in Murrieta,” this and that. We were already screwed at that point, drove out to Murrieta, Jeff found it on his phone or whatever, got off, it was the same exit that bcam used to live off of, when I used to go pick him up, and we pulled up to this clearing, and the fucking pool was amazing. Its the one where he did the roll over the loveseat and shit, like didn’t even need to be swept, like fucking perfect. I guess like skateboarders had dug it out and it took like five

years to dig it out and shit. but they kept it clean and there was a local dude there who shredded pretty hard, but he was down with us or whatever, you know, like if you give respect you’re gonna get it back, you know? He was like, “has anyone done the love seat yet?” That was actually the last trick, cause Jeff had gotten a line and done some other shit, and then that dude was like “oh you done that yet?” and we were like nah, has anyone done it? “Yeah, I think a biker did it,” and Jeff put his skates back on and fucking did it. You know what I mean? Now you can say, “oh a rollerblader did it too.” But yeah, the street part wasn’t as hard just cause, he’s really good, so usually it’s like picking the stuff you want to use, cause he’s gonna get a lot of footage, but the pool one was a little bit more of a trip. It’s cool though I don’t think anyone has really done that yet in a blading video, all backyard pools, there were no skatepark pools in there ya know, so it’s fun. What about the friends part? The friends part was just a five minute mash up of all the homies from like Roadhouse to you to Lee (Martin) to... I wanted to get everybody that’s ever been in my videos, you know? but couldn’t get everyone. Micah’s in there, that*s actually the last trick I got for the video, cause like he hit me up, “wish I could of gotten a trick.” and he’s like “hit up this guy Anthony Medina he’s probably got one or two,” fucking hit him up, sent them the next day, I was like hell yeah. I just wanted that to be... especially cause Chris’s part like its not serious, but it kind of gets your attention, and it was kind of always in my mind to do it in reverse. So kind of put the weight of his part onto thirty people. Yeah exactly, or start it off with Chris and you’re just like “fuck...” then you just have, that was one style, maybe even the best, maybe even like someone who is holding it down, and then there is all this other shit going on. And it shows it right away, you know and after that there isn’t not even a montage after that, but hopefully that showed enough shit, where you’re just like woah theres so many people. It goes from Roadhouse to all the homies.

I just got back from barcelona being with, and fucking bossman JC ending it off, and I like that cause it kind of makes fun of slow mo cause it has like the dropping leaves and then its Jon Jon just fucking around with it. But yeah that was like try to pack all your friends into one song. ...Oh we haven’t talked about Kruise Oh sorry... I think him and Obe were both trying to like cause its kind of what happened with 2faded like Obe and JC were like oh lets just film a double part then secretly they were like, “let’s just keep filming and we’ll have so much footage they’re gonna have to give us a part” and I think Kruise was sort of like the same way cause he had gotten like really cool shit with me, and it kind of cooled off, or maybe he got hurt or maybe he was going to school and stuff, but it was always kind of lingering there like oh, ok I know you got some shit. Slowly he would just add on and add on but he’s just one of those dudes that are really fun to be around, like you kind of forget we gotta go skating, you know? Like yeah, we’ll go get a trick but lets go do something before or after, he’s just a cool ass dude so I liked having him get a part cause its just sort of a random thing too, he doesn’t fit into any, you know? He’s not like a scumster and like whatever, he’s fucking from Chicago and lives out here now like everyone else, idk, he’s a weird dude to peg down, but I wouldn’t hold any of that against him. I think he’s cooler because of it. So pretty much he just weaseled his way in there, but it worked out nicely. The music in the video...

gunning beers on the turnpike and shit like out of control. Thats how that shit was too, like Daffick picked his own song, Stokely picked his own song, Jon Jon gave me a broad thing of who he maybe wanted to use, but he was just begging me not to use a gay song cause he had gotten fucked over so many times. ..., like he didn’t have one in mind, but then I found that Pentagram song... that is probably like my favorite part right now. It’s fucking cool and metal, but not too metal, but just metal enough. I wanted to use stuff with a little distortion too, cause I either wanted to use some badass shit like if people pick something, its cool, I’ll go with that and try and make it work. If not, I wanted to use some stuff that’s maybe a little more recent, like not all 60s, throwback, psychedelic or whatever, not all the Nuggets compilations and shit, but maybe something people might go out and see like No Age or something, like oh that’s fucking cool, like I didn’t see them 40 years after they were cool, I saw them when it was going on and people were excited. Or even, I didn’t want to use The Growlers but I had to use the Growlers cause that was like, I kind of had that song in my back pocket like oh whatever, I liked the way it turned out for Keaton’s stuff, but I don’t know. I tried to use some newer bands and if someone had something they liked, try to work with them too. But I didn’t want to make it one thing, like oh this guy is going for the psychedelic stuff or this guy is indie or something. It’s like fuck that, I’m just trying to use cool shit that fits and makes you want to skate or makes you like oh man, cool. Haffey’s song, Annihilation Time Blast Off, the name alone says it all; straight up to Pentagram Dying World for the last one worked out nicely. Crank that motherfucker up!

Yeah. It’s harder. Yeah Faster. Yeah! Thats what I wanted. I know thats a byproduct of hanging out with all the Oakland dudes cause they are listening to that shit nonstop. From that time from when Daffick picked me up in his car and it was just like Motohead and shot-


photo: Luke Strickland

photo: Luke Strickland

photo: Luke Strickland














Hipsterdom: Originality’s Worst Enemy

I am writing this in a coffee shop with a diverse crowd; all age groups, races, styles, and attitudes present and prevalent. Everyone here seems original, except for me, right? I am a so called hipster. Well, that’s what my own kind assume thanks to the mustache, the Valos, and all that self defining stuff. Now shouldn’t I be denying Hipsterism? “I’m not a hipster dude, I am different.”

No, I don’t and won’t.

Generally, most people think personal style is based on an outfit. Everything from brand to cost, new to old, whoops, I err mean... modern to vintage, and how it’s all coordinated or cliche. Unfortunately, for some ignoramuses, personal style can only be compared and contrasted with Chris Farmer’s trousers. For most, its a lot more than that. The idea of establishing an original style has a lot to do with one’s character; understanding who they are, their varying degrees of comfort and then applying that to their daily decisions. Their personality directly reflects their taste, and can be seen. Cool can be marginal, as long as they are cool with that. It’s just like any other belief system. The choices of what you can do with your fashion, self and outlook is all up to what you believe looks cool. The closer one gets to being comfortable with themselves as a person, the closer they will become to looking original, or natural; on and off the blades. My best example would be Jon, Jon Julio, you may have heard of him, either way he is one of the most natural appearing people I have ever encountered. I can easily compare his appearance with Andrew Reynolds, an icon in his own right. He, like Jon, can wear any article of clothing in any fashion and appear natural; from t-shirt to button up, beanie to fitted, hoodie to crew neck, they can wear any and all as though they own that look and always had. The idea of “natural” is the most important key to personal style.

Most bladers are quick to compare a persons personal style with other bladers. Only a select group have evolved outside of that realm. Someone once asked me, “what blader would you show to a skateboarder or a BMX’er?” To be honest, it was pretty difficult, so many bladers are ridiculously good, and professional. I could show them any one of a million bladers; yet, I found myself thinking, everyone looks so minutely different that it’ll be hard for this person to see a difference between a blader and anything else. I said Farmer. To me, Chris has come into his own. He stepped outside of his blading comfort zone, and went with it and works it well. In our consumer culture, the big brands ad campaigns are constantly shoved down our throats with no sign of letting up, and it can be hard not to get lost in the crowd. It seems as though when someone finds something they enjoy, and establish it as their own, it is soon mass marketed only to become raped and repeated by a twelve to twenty-nine year old cult, and to be lost forever in the empty void of last seasons trend. In no way does this mean try to do the most outrageous thing just to be different. What it means is, get more familiar with yourself, and let your intuition take over. If it feels right, it’ll look right, and you’ll be the first to know. An example is Matthias St. John. If you don’t know who this is, you probably saw him at BCSD easing himself in and out of the crowd. He’s an overdose of individualism, and if you have met him, you’d know the kooky look comes completely natural. His appearance and self are one in the same. It’s funny to think that some bladers are so quick to sacrifice fashion for function (i.e. skates); yet, are quick to get sweaty in a wedding vest with a shoelace belt and sagging skinnies, or wearing “that” hat when it falls off every time they try a trick. Most of us want that designer collar shirt, but instead cookie cut up another dingy t-shirt instead of playing our part. There are countless silly examples, nevertheless, blading has come a long way in terms of an image. Personal style and development of interests are a big part of that change. With so many inspiring artists, musicians there is no reason bladers can’t be influential in their own right. Look to and learn from your idols, whether they blade or not, certainly don’t mimic them, but try to find out what you like about them and how you can make it work for yourself. -Luda Sent from my iPhone

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DEAR DAVID Dear David, Hey, I know this is weird, but I got this question. What’s the protocol on jerking off before a session?  I only seem to skate good if I do.  Idk.  Thanks, Harold Bergman Boston, MA I’m glad you brought up this topic. This is a situation that many men haven’t even realized is an issue. You’re dealing with a self inflicted mental cockblock. This issue plagues men whether they realize it or not. The sooner you recognize the problem the easier it is to deal with. I myself had to heed my own advice with this conundrum as I am a week behind writing this response. I found myself stuck in a semen induced writers block. That’s when my girlfriend bailed me out. It was her birthday so I took her out to somewhere fancy; destination Outback Steakhouse. After the obligatory date related payback I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders (or balls). The end result was a clear head and new found motivation to finish the task at hand. It’s not just a coincidence it is just the way the male mind/body works. To fully harness this new found knowledge you need to apply it to all things in life to grasp the relevance of my words. Hope this helps. -David

MISINFORMED Taig Kris failed to land his second multi-million dollar stunt. It’s not all bad though, in the process he has gained copyrights to the coffin landing. He’s one hell of a sports agent and not much of an athlete. It’d be nice if he spread the shine to other skilled rollerbladers capable of aerial stunts, but hell nice guys finish last, and we are all now subject to Taig time. Kris now plans to fall off the first floor of the Rockerfeller building in New York, NY... In other news, Chris Haffey is launching a website. The website will feature video content, giveaways, and a whole slew of updates. Hopefully, Rollernews will stop invading his personal privacy, stop posting his Facebook information, and stick to relevant news. Beau Cottington has been chosen to film and edit the new Remz team video. I am expecting helmet cams, POV, and drum ‘n bass. Didn’t Remz team member Connor O’Brien go to film school? Hmm. The Xsjado team video is well underway. It will be edited by Brandon Negrete and will feature a revamped Xsjado team. The working release date is Christmas 2011. JC Rowe, both the Xsjado team manager and pro, has taken on more responsibility leasing a warehouse in Long Beach, CA. This will be the distrubition center for both Xsjado and USD in North America. Chris Farmer has made the move to the LBC to film for his section. Aj’s 20/20 tour has been darting up and down California filling up on gas and twenty tricks for each of the twenty riders on the video. In other news, Jon Julio has moved Themgoods distribution back to Encinitas in Northern California. No place like home. It’ll be refreshing to see the team shredding both new and classic spots in their next

video project. It should also be noted that the Valo Lights have sold out globally so be sure and get them while you can. A tremedous feat for Valo and a sure sign of hard work paying off. Bill O’Niel has organized a Pro/Am Invitational in the heart of hip, Williamsburg, NY. O’Niel has taken care of the insurance, permits, and obstacles so there will be no reason for the top pro’s not to throw down for the $10,000 dollar purse. Talk about DIY, Bill did it, and done did it well. Steve, the Shredweiser dog has turned pro and will receive a pro Shredweiser wheel through Fester wheels. Mark Moreno is being flewn to Cali to film for SSM. Mark has a pro skate in the work. Canada tour around the corner. FIlming is underway. Chris Farmer is off Create Originals after breaking and bacon weekly. He’s been seen riding Kizer Slimlines unofficially. Get dat check dag. Speaking of the conference, Don Bambrick has been seen riding a prototype of his new Carboner, it features new stitching, a gold cuff bolt, and some red liner technology. Marshall Mathers. The X-games mini ramp demo ended up being a micro mini demo. A lot of spectators and participants left without a chip on their shoulder. Meanwhile, on the street course mainstream xtreme sport professionals attempted, and eventually landed core tricks. No big deal. Jon Julio’s Blading Cup went off this past weekend without a hitch. Brian Aragon spun into first and took home a gnarly Crocodile Dundee knife; a Sayer Danforth creation. Alex Broskow and Erik Bailey rounded out the top three trailed by Chris Haffey, and Jeff Stockwell. Best top five I’ve seen to date... The event was seen as a huge success and there are plans of future events.




Behind the scens iPhone photography by Liz Casablancas during the filming for Regardless and covering the Xsjado team in Spain.





, Barcelona



Casino, Las Vegas


u, CA

Los An


Los An


cool trick numb nuts

photo: jeff stockwell

photo: jeff stockwell

photo: jeff stockwell

photo: jeff stockwell

photo: Brandon Smith

photo: jeff stockwell

photo: jero

8up: Are you a Nazi? Quintin: Fuck No

Quintin Lamb is not a Nazi

8up: Are you a Wizard? Brian Bina: Yes

Gary is a Wizard

photo: Richard Manning



photos: Sam Currie

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Naked Lunch

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The industry, young, old, and misled converged in Santa Ana one year ago for an unofficial meet and greet bar hop deal. The excuse, Randy “Roadhouse” Spizer’s 30th birthday. Arlo, Brian Konoske, Jess D, Dave Paine, and a slew of others were avoided as I huted the bar for half finished drinks and stale conversation. An overabundance of both brought Bfree and myself outside to fill the fresh air with second hand smoke. There I bummed cigs to Louie Zamora, a legend, and a habitual bummer; feeding him smokes would be the only consistent thing that night. Bfree spotted a crowd a few blocks down converging in front of a street wear shop. It looked new and inviting unlike the crowd we were surrounded by. We weighed our options and half a second later we were walking through the crowd. Instantaneously Bfree was accosted by the store owner who asked if he rapped. It could have been racial profiling, more likely that Bfree looks and breaths like some sort of shooting star. Anyway about it within a moments notice Bfree was on stage with some Blackicans freestyling about rollerblading. It was well received. He passed the mic and they passed us a bottle of Bacardi. There we were on stage of a improv rap battle taking pulls of rum when I noticed the store was plastered with Arlo artwork. Cool. Without much notice I put the bottle down and Bfree the mic and we walked off stage and out the front door like nothing special had happened. Outside we laughed our way down the street in and out of art gallerys - sipping the free box wine and acting like we fit in. It was easier said than done, and we were soon back at the birthday bar bumming Zamora more stoges. I went in for a piss; some starlet was exiting the mens bathroom (single stall) as I was entering we made eye contact and all that hullabaloo, I invited her back in. Our conversation was brief as it was drowned out by the hollow splash of a seal that had longed to be broken. Her hand was on my shoulder as we watched the bar tab disappear. She could have been a part time freak, full time scenester, neither mattered much, we were back outside. Apparently, most of the bladers had migrated to the local haunt a few blocks down. The same bar I’d made an ass

out of myself numerous times earlier in the week. She said she couldn’t get in there anyways, I nodded blankly as all I wanted was to get in her. She said she just used the facilities at the birthday bar to piss and sniff around. I was picking up her clues, and we were going through the motions on the way to her bar around the way. She asked what I drank, said whiskey, she said what kind, I said Makers Mark, she said it was her favorite. I knew better, but should have known better. This starlet knew all the right people, the doorman and the bartender. I bought us Makers Mark pours with a shaky hand and an overdrafted card. It was a hipster club, flashing lights and pretenious smokey air, well dressed hipsters were dancing to chill wave and electro all while judging one another; talk about multi tasking. We made our way to the back patio to blow and snort smoke over false empathy. We grasped for solidarity then each other for a party photographer, say cheese. She said she was living in or off an artist co-op, something like nine other roommates. Getting down to business seemed unlikely as we shared a drag leaning against a brick wall. I’d been carshing at the Themgoods loft on an airmattress all week, our outlook felt futile. With the glaring prospect of feeding her whiskey until our deflated dead end I suggest the other bar, the blader bar. It was then she said she was underage. I said I could get her in. She said she’d been thrown out before. I said let’s give it a go. Outside the hipster haunt we fell in with her slinky blonde accomplice, and oddly enough, the Rock Killers who were on route to the same bar. Now this bar had a line around the corner made up hands in deep pockets, everyone was dressed for success, and we looked like the Bad News Bears. I walked with the girls arm in arm up tot he door, RK folllowing suit for some reason. Inside it was packed, the bouncer called for IDS, and everyone in line grumbled that they hadn’t done the same strut ahead. The big black dread head bouncer said, “what up St. Louis.” He’d thrown me out a few times earlier in the week, we then talked shit over cigs, and became fast friends. Every time I’d go, he’d throw me out, and we’d end up hanging out ‘til he let me back in. “I got seven.” I said. “Can’t do seven.” I looked back at the RK dudes and shrugged. “I got two.” “Can’t do two.” He said.

I looked at the scene queen and her slinky, shrugged, and he opened the red rope and I walked in. This time I did not look back. Inside it was all 80’s hip hop with future yuppies posing with well drinks and cold rigid shoulders. Looking around it was clear, this was not the blader bar of previous nights. Not a soul grind was scene. I hit the head to kill some time. Eventually I found Bfree sitting like some sort of Bukowski at the end of the bar nursing an overpriced Pabst. Some local betty was making eyes our way. Bfree made his move and was back in under two minutes. I gave it a shot, offered to buy her a shot. My card was in trouble, but desperate measures being what they were I’d pay any fee that night for a firm bed and a warm body. She was waiting on a guy, not her boyfriend, but a soon to be. I’d call her a slag, but she turned down the free drink, and that’s real tourist class in my book. A little worse for wear, I figured the girlies and RK would have dispersed, and I could sneak back to the birthday bar. All responsible adults went home due to the career curfew, so I headed for the Themgoods loft and the plethora of liquor above the fridge. There all the fish stood around the kitchen island with mixed drinks. There I stood out of place, an outsider among old friends - Roadhouse, his girl, Haffey, Broskow, etc. There I stood imitating a wallflower ignoring their conversing and staring at Roadhouses girlfriends legs. I contemplated cannibalism, where the night went wrong,a nd why did those legs belong to bucky and the highlights. There surrounded by my peers I felt completely alone. It was then that Roadhouse might have noticed my trance, my lack of a shit for his aging, or maybe he was just one of those insecure kooks, but when I did chime in Mr. Spizer went on a rant, alluding to me being a homosexual. Cock and asshole talk from the biggest and oldest prick in the room. Well that just wouldn’t do, not that night, not from the guy who made Second Regime, Deshi cardboard, and the second most skipped Noir section next to Mike Leaf; no, that just wouldn’t do at all. Without another second guess or word I took a step back, regained my balance and kicked Randy right in the balls. His designer faded blue jeans absorbed no impact, all was received by Herman and the humperdinks. The room was sucked silent as Randy keeled over, gasping, and repeating “Oh god, why!? Why’d you kick me in the nuts!” Suddenly I was overwhelmed with unwelcome. “Get

out of here, just go! Go to the porch.” Nobody made eye contact, and no one else said a word, it was as if I hadn’t chimed in at all, it was a bit too normal. But the tone of Randy’s voice made it clear, I was grounded, it was as if I’d been reprimanded for passing a note in class and given detention. If I were to guess what the note would have said it’d be something along the lines of “Mr. Spizer sucks.” I grabbed my iPod and walked out to the porch to serve my time. My head was held high, I was convinced I’d done the right thing. Yes, the right thing for then and there was to kick rollerblade legend in the ballsack on his 30th birthday. He did use the Spice Girls in Day of the Rope after all. Outside I sat like a steaming pile of shit, chain smoking and flipping through the shuffle trying to appropriately score the self destruction. This was cut short as I received prisonesque visits from partygoers who offered insight and offhand lectures. The most memorable was an inebriated Chris Haffey, world champion, who told me that Randy was his childhood hero and continued in great detail how it is not socially acceptable to kick hero’s in the balls, on his 30th birthday on top of that. Chris also informed me that I’d slapped him earlier in the night, which made more sense as he’d punched me pretty good and hard. It was then that Chris informed me that; although, I was still on time out there was a good chance of me getting back into the after party. I tried to make my case that I was from St. Louis, the murder city capital of America, and that people like Randy were killed for less. Chris remained firm with his decision and that I would remain on time out. Thirty minutes and half a pack of smokes later I still skipped forward on the shuffle in hopes of finally finding that perfect post ball kick tune. No dice, instead the birthday boy paid me a visit on the porch and allowed me to re-enter the loft. We mumbled meek apologies to our own annoyances, shook hands, and it was all over. Drunk talk ran its course, the sun still rose, even with an empty pack of smokes and a pair of bruised balls. The next morning I started with a heavy head at my pool of spilt coffee and swam in anti nostalgia. Was there a lesson learned? Sure, kick harder.

late8 with John Bolino

What is Probability?


#1 | Introduction Probability is the branch of math which is interested in calculating the likelihood of events occurring. In math, probability refers to a value ranging from 0 to 1, which indicates how likely an event is likely to occur, with 0 indicating “impossible” and 1 indicating “certain”. We only deal with the probability of events in finite sample spaces.

SETS A set is a collection of objects known as the “elements” or “members” of the set. We give names to sets to be able to identify them, typically using letters of the alphabet. For example, we might call one set “A“ and another set “B”. Like virtually all names we give to variables in math, there is nothing sacrosanct about our choices of names here; “A” and “B” are just used by convention.


The notation n(A)=Petty is to be read as, “The number of elements in set A equals Petty”. Sometimes this is written as “|A|=Petty”. In this case, the brackets should not be confused with an absolute value brackets. In probability, the elements of interest will usually be outcomes, and the sets we are interested in will be events. When we later ask about the probability of two or more events happening, the language of sets will be used to delineate (include and exclude) the events of interest. The terms union and intersection apply to sets, to indicate which form of inclusiveness we are interested in. The union of sets A and B(A∪B), is the set of all elements that belong to either set A or B, which includes obviously, any elements belonging to both.


A and B:

The union of sets

A and B:

HORRORSCOPES Wheels of Fortune by Madaam Mongoloid aries 3/21-4/19 Cowabunga dude, surfs up, and you suck. Better stock up on supplies, cause your welcome is well spent. Best to hunker down in the barf basement and not go towards the light.

leo 7/23-8/22 So it turns out the kids not yours. You were in love with her? Well congratulations, now go and write a song about it. Oh, and cut off that awful goatee. You know the one I’m talking about.

sagittarius 11/22-12/21 Leftover spaghetti is in your near future. Don’t let time spoil the past any further. You got a great dish just waiting to be scooped on a plate and reheated, be sure to add a bit more sauce this time, and a little parmesan Presto, instant back fat.

taurus 4/20-5/20 Don’t panic. Duck and cover will be your motto today. Duck cause you’re a quack, cover cause you’re an indecent S.O.B. and duck and cover cause you’re a total freak show and your ratings are poor. Face it, you’re life’s poor sport.

virgo 8/23-9/22

gemini 5/21-6/21 Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum. Drink up, double down, and don’t look back. But be sure to look down, you’re goody two shoes could be tied together.

libra 9/23-10/22 What a cunt you can be. You got bad breath - it’s no secret. Try to work on your hygiene today. You never know when that special someone is looking the other way, and if you’re not careful stinky, that just might be the case today.

aquarius 1/20-2/18 Watch the road, a fatal car accident could be avoided if you keep your eyes on the ride, and not the prize. Life ain’t all the fast lane today, try cruise control, don’t run any yellows, and remember the horn. Oh, and an air freshener wouldn’t hurt.

cancer 6/22-7/22 Don’t be such a wiener about everything. It’s gonna be a mixed bag, bad and worse. Turn off your phone, lock the door, turn the music up, and tie a noose. You’re better off dead.

scorpio 10/23-11/21

What a sorry sack of shit you are Virgo. No one really likes you and you’re favorite pet just passed away; by choice. Shave you’re mustache, and grow a pair you kook.

How much do you want? Just keep pigging out and being selfish and things will wash out for everyone else. Remember just use the credit card, cause you’re about to overdraft. Your balance = your ballsack.



12/22-1/19 What is it you like about Sublime? Well whatever it is, their music will be in heavy rotation today... if you know what I mean. If not, I mean you’re deaf, you don’t see things the way others do. Be a bit more pessimistic, and for christssakes, use a Qtip.

2/19-3/20 So it was just an ingrown hair, what a relief! However, what will you be nine months from now? Kid you not. Get the pill; you can live with worry warts, but not with offspring of your own. The world doesn’t deserve that and neither does the child.

What up Dawg contribute








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