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COUNCIL BUDGET MESSAGE The Anthem Community Council (ACC) is pleased to present the 2021 Operating Fund Budget, with NO increase to ACC assessments. Separate and apart from ACC assessments, the per-unit benefited assessment for Paseo Townhomes will increase $2.50/month, as noted in the 2020 budget analysis, in order to fund reserves. This document serves as a brief overview of the 2021 budget, which was presented and discussed at two open Board meetings. The 2021 Operating Budget reflects the Board’s strategic priorities by providing for: the continuation of high-quality services and facilities; continuation of involvement with community partners; advocacy for Anthem on public safety and other issues impacting the community; implementation of Facilities Master Plan projects; and strengthening and stabilizing staffing to position the organization for future success. While budgeting for 2021, staff took into consideration both 2020 and 2019 actuals, because there were so many 2020 variables resulting from COVID-19 impacts. We anticipate a full recovery in 2021; but from experience, we know that we are capable of making required adjustments if needed or mandated by public health guidelines. The following major cost factors impacted the 2021 budget: the fifth consecutive year of mandatory minimum wage increases; an increase in major service contracts; operating costs associated with new amenities; executive staff restructuring; ongoing proposed water rate increases; and other inflationary costs. Even with these cost factors, the total operating costs will decrease 3% or $324,000, as staff has trimmed numerous line items. The 2021 Budget includes a transfer of $1,904,800 to the Reserve Fund to maintain its fully funded status. An estimated $943,500 will be transferred to the Enhancement Fund from new enhancement fees (1/4-of-1% of the price of each resold home) received in 2021. The last ACC assessment increase was $6/month, effective in January 2014, which means that 2021 will be the seventh budget year that the ACC has operated under that assessment rate. Although the 2021 budget shows a deficit of $685,000, the deficit will be covered by carry-forward operating surplus. However, with cumulative cost pressures, it will be prudent and necessary for the ACC to evaluate the need for an assessment increase after 2021, in order to maintain the high-quality facilities, programs and services in our award-winning community. Respectfully,


Paul Conley, Community Financial Officer

ACC Executive Team Terry Mullarkey, CEO Paul Conley, CFO Michele DeMichele, COO

ACC Board of Directors Bob McKenzie, President Darrin Francom, Vice President Carolynn Hiron, Secretary Doug Sutherland, Treasurer Barb Patterson, Director Gina Richard, Director

ACC Fiscal and Resource Management Committee William Bobbitt Tim Donnelly Mark Senn Doug Sutherland Board Liaison, Treasurer


Anthem Community Council Operating Budget



2020 YTD


Final Budget

Final Budget


Final Actual

Revenues: Assessments Programs Events Other Revenue

Total Revenues

Enhancement Enhancement Transfer Reserve Transfer

Net Revenues

9,167,814 775,511 124,400 1,028,704

9,113,997 803,095 124,900 1,014,219

6,848,262 254,127 1,325 694,818

9,056,875 716,312 143,641 1,157,108





943,500 (943,500) (1,904,800)

749,860 (749,860) (1,800,000)

755,777 (755,777) (1,350,000)

964,453 (964,453) (2,220,000)





1,292,083 108,135 1,028,100 364,800 530,686 1,760,180 118,560 269,963 1,828,137 2,624,230

1,281,920 171,535 1,110,800 358,900 438,065 1,675,601 113,035 239,669 1,806,803 3,052,882

680,295 52,117 465,441 254,257 322,542 898,984 62,480 172,679 1,294,093 1,599,036

1,195,785 163,661 980,566 363,427 335,929 1,609,781 81,206 208,187 1,624,326 2,053,060





Expenses: Programs Community Involvement Utilities Professional Services Financial Repairs and Maintenance Human Resources Security and Infrastructure Contract Services General and Admin

Total Expenses

Other <Income>/Expense: <Interest Income> Income Taxes

Net Surplus <Deficit> Depreciation

(66,000) 18,000

(68,000) 23,000

(52,705) 17,374

(77,135) 24,733












Reserve Funding 1,904,800 Reserve Spend per 2018 Reserve Study / Actual (1,822,545) Enhancement Funding 943,500 Master Plan Enhancement Spend / Actual $375,000 - $750,000

1,800,000 (1,977,530) 749,860 -

1,350,000 (787,791) 755,777 (34,687)

2,220,000 (1,640,596) 964,453 (1,609,515)

Adj Book Surplus <Deficit>


Fund activity

Fund Balances Reserve Enhancement

17,368,940 728,812

16,852,585 260,211

2021 ASSESSMENT FEES Parkside Owners Quarterly Assessments to the Anthem Community Council Semi-Annual Assessment to the Anthem Community Council Quarterly Assessment to YOUR Homeowners' Association

Parkside Paseo Owners


Country Club Owners









$139.50 $393.45 NEW RATE

$48.45 $71.28 $325.23


Quarterly Benefited Assessment to Parkside Association Quarterly Benefited Assessment to the Anthem Community Council

Parkside Landing Owners

Village Commercial & Condominium Non-Residential Owners Owners $139.50 No Change $861.15 $1,000.65

No Change

ASSESSMENT INCREASE FOR PASEO While there will be no additional increase of the benefited assessment for the operating expenses, the benefited assessment for Paseo will increase by $2.50/month or $7.50/quarter beginning in January 2021, in order to properly fund the Paseo Reserve Fund. We anticipate following the current Reserve Study’s recommendation of increasing the Reserve Fund assessment by $2.50/month or $7.50/quarter in each of the next four budget years (2021–2024). This changes your total quarterly assessment amount. Homeowners who pay by check or online must update their payment amount. If you are enrolled in the ACC’s Direct Debit (ACH) program, we will automatically update your payment amount. Contact your HOA with questions. Paseo: or 623-742-4563

ASSESSMENT DUE DATES Residential payments are due on the first day of January (first quarter), April (second quarter), July (third quarter), and October (fourth quarter). Commercial and Non-residential payments are due on the first of January and July. The above budget represents your required contributions to the Anthem Community Council’s operating expenses. When you make quarterly payments, your total payment includes your obligations for the HOA community in which you live (Parkside, Parkside Paseo, Parkside Landing, Country Club or The Village). Your total payment is combined into one quarterly statement that is mailed or emailed to you approximately 30 days prior to due date. OPT-IN FOR ELECTRONIC INVOICING Email to update electronic invoicing preferences. Include your Anthem property address and indicate the preference to either OPT IN or OPT OUT.

ASSESSMENT PAYMENT OPTIONS Direct Debit (ACH) To sign up for monthly direct debit, you must complete the direct debit form online. Completed forms can be emailed to or dropped off at the ACC offices on the second floor of the Civic Building. A voided check must be included with the form. ACH is the only authorized way to pay your assessments monthly. Personal Check Include your payment coupon and write your unique 10-digit account number on the check. Mail payments to: Anthem Community Council PO Box 65464 Phoenix, AZ 85082-5464 Pay Online Single and recurring online payments are made directly through the Alliance Bank website (eCheck, EFT or credit card).

$429,641 4%

Special Community Events $124,400 1%

ACC 2021 BUDGET Community Center Programs $775,511 6%

Assessments Apartments $331,500 3%


Assessments - Commercial $447,732 4%

Assessments Residential $8,388,582 69%



Resale and Disclosure Fees $372,300 3%

Enhancement Fees $943,500 8%

Enhancement Fund $943,500 7%

Other sources of Income $292,763 2%

Parks, Facilities, Maintenance & Infrastructure $1,760,180 14%

Reserve Funding $1,904,800 15%

Faiclity and Park Rentals $429,641 4%

Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance $1,243,780 10%

Special Community Events $124,400 1%

Financial Costs $189,335 1%

Community Center Programs $775,511 6%

Community Programs & Activities $1,292,083 10%

Other Contracted Services $584,357 5%

Resident Activities $108,135 1%

Assessments Apartments $331,500 3% Assessments Residential $8,388,582 69%

Assessments - Commercial $447,732 4%

Community Insurances $359,351 3%

Enhancement Fund $943,500 7%

Parks, Facilities, Maintenance & Infrastructure $1,760,180 14%

Reserve Funding $1,904,800 15%

Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance $1,243,780 10% Financial Costs $189,335 1%

Utilities $1,028,100 8%

Administrative Payroll, Taxes & Benefits $2,449,870 19%

Security & Safety $269,963 2% Professional Fees $364,800 3%

Administrative Costs $292,920 2%

Parks, Facilities, Maintenance & Infrastructure Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance Community Programs & Activities Resident Activities Utilities Security & Safety Administrative Costs Professional Fees Community Insurances Administrative Payroll, Taxes & Benefits


Other Contracted Services $584,357 5%

Community Programs & Activities $1,292,083 10%

Other Contracted Services Financial Costs Reserve Funding Enhancement Fund

The ACC has three major funds: the Enhancement Fund, Reserve Fund and Operating Fund. Resident Activities $108,135 1%

Operating Fund

Utilities $1,028,100 8%

Administrative Payroll, Taxes & Benefits $2,449,870 19%

The Operating Fund is funded through assessments and program fee revenues. The fund supports the services and operations provided by the ACC. Community Insurances $359,351 3%

Security & Safety $269,963 2%

Professional Fees $364,800 3%

Administrative Costs $292,920 2%

Reserve Fund The Reserve Fund covers maintenance and upkeep of Anthemâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s amenities. Every year, a set amount is transferred from the Operating Fund to the Reserve Fund. Enhancement Fund The Enhancement Fund is based on Âź-of-1% of the sale price of each resold property. These funds are used for community enhancement initiatives such as the approved master plan projects. Please note that the ACC Board will consider an ACC assessment increase for 2022. >>

APCA BUDGET 2021 Budget Message The Anthem Parkside Community Association (APCA) Board of Directors, at its regular monthly meeting on Oct. 15, 2020, approved the 2021 Budgets. APCA remains in excellent financial condition and is pleased to report there will be no increase in assessments. APCA assessments will remain the same per household at $48.45 per quarter. The total quarterly assessment amount, which includes the amount paid to the Anthem Community Council, is $253.95. Paseo homeownersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; total quarterly assessment is increasing by $7.50/quarter, making the new total quarterly assessment $393.45. This budget brings many benefits to the Parkside community including maintaining neighborhood parks, landscaping, and compliance. It provides for continued high-quality services for the Parkside community, which makes Parkside a desirable place to live. Landing Benefited Assessment The Landing benefitted assessment will remain the same at $71.28 per quarter. The total quarterly assessment amount, which includes the amount paid to the Anthem Community Council, is $325.23. This assessment will continue to cover the regular maintenance of the Landing gates and streets, as well as future street improvements

APCA Board of Directors Tim Fyke, President/Treasurer Shari Miller, Vice President Brad Sundquist, Secretary Alex Abess, Director Robert Omer, Director

APCA Finance Committee Bill Bobbitt, Chair Doug Sutherland Jocelyn Rochman Tim Fyke Cathy Michelfelder

APCA Community Manager Mary Beth Zahn 623-742-4563

APCA homeowners are encouraged to contact staff with any questions; 2021 budgets are available online in the Parkside document center.



VACCC BUDGET 2021 Budget Message

Village Board of Directors

The Village at Anthem Condominium Council of Co-Owners Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the 2021 Operating Budget is approved with no assessment increase. Please see the income and expense breakdown below.

Jason Richard, President Ada Donovan, Vice President Jan Hutton, Treasurer Kathleen Shemanek, Secretary Steve Neuman, Director

Each year, businesses and individuals alike must deal with increases in their expenses. The VACCC Board and management company continue to try to mitigate increases in costs whenever possible, while striving to keep a high standard throughout the community.

ACCCA Community Manager Sarah Kielblock, Community Manager Brown Community Management 480-539-1396

Brown Community Management has provided the complete budget and a descriptive letter to Village homeowners. VACCC homeowners are encouraged to view the 2021 budget posted online.


2021 Annual Income Assessment Income: Interest/Key Income: Total

$723,366 $2,400 $725,766

Pool Water/Feature $13,500

Maintenance $25,150

Contracted Services $71,980

General & Adminisrative $78,672

2021 Annual Expenses by Category General and Adm. Expenses: $78,672 Pool Water/Feature: $13,500 Utilities: $423,880 Maintenance: $25,150 Contracted Services: $71,980 Reserve Contribution: $112,584 Total $725,766

Reserve Contribution $112,584

Utilities $423,880

ACCCA BUDGET 2021 Budget Message The Anthem Country Club Community Association (ACCCA) Board or Directors approved the 2021 Annual Budget at its Oct. 22, 2020 meeting. There is no change in the quarterly assessment amount over the previous year. Beginning Jan. 1, 2021, ACCCA homeowners will continue to pay $288.00 per quarter for ACCCA assessments, which supports the operation and maintenance of the Country Club community infrastructure. The total quarterly assessment amount, which includes the amount paid to the Anthem Community Council, is $493.50. Printed copies of the ACCCA budget may be obtained upon request at the HOA office, located on the second floor of the Civic Building at 3701 W. Anthem Way. For additional information regarding the Anthem Golf & Country Club social dues, call 623-742-6200.

ACCCA Board of Directors Carl Benner, President Barbara Birdseye, Vice President Henry Barrie, Secretary Greg Strand, Treasurer Steve Champion, Director

ACCCA Community Manager Margaret Troyer 623-742-6030

Budget Item Anthem Country Club: Total Expenses $3,770,868 ANTHEM COUNTRY UtilitiesCLUB: TOTAL$EXPENSES $3,770,868 509,752 Repair and Maintenance Contract Services Reserves Administrative

$ $ $ $



150,838 1,715,284 1,169,276 225,718

Anthem Country Club: Total Expenses $3,770,868 Administrative $225,718

Reserves $1,169,276

Repair & Maintenance $150,838

Budget Item Utilities Repair and Maintenance Contract Services Reserves Administrative Total


Utilities $509,752

$509,752 $150,838 $1,715,284 $1,169,276 $225,718 $3,770,868

Contract Services $1,715,284

Profile for Anthem Community Council

2021 Budget in Brief  

2021 Budget in Brief  

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